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2022 Acura ILX Features, Performance & More

How does it work; Performance

Overall, driving the ILX is a letdown. Acceleration is sluggish, and you have to really push on the throttle to get it moving. Passing on the highway and accelerating on an on-ramp is ok, but they’re a step or two below what the class leaders do. Braking and steering performance are both disappointing. Braking distances in an emergency are also longer than typical.

When driven at a faster speed and with more nimble handling, the ILX improves. Although there is some body roll, the ILX manages it well and seems generally composed. Because the basic all-season rubber doesn’t match what the ILX feels like it can produce, better tyres may go a long way. The dual-clutch transmission is a highlight, with quick, smooth changes and no low-speed lurching that less refined transmissions suffer from.

Does the ILX provide a comfortable ride?

The ILX falls short of our expectations for how luxurious a car should be. The driver’s seat is adequate in terms of comfort, with adequate bolstering and soft cushions, although it lacks the same level of adjustment as competitors. The cushions only go so far in smoothing down the ILX’s choppy ride. It always feels a little too hard. While this feature makes the car feel quick and nimble, it also causes the ILX to crash when it hits a bump.
The cabin is also excessively noisy. The engine’s exhaust note is constantly buzzing, and the idle is harsh. Wind and road noise are also present, particularly at highway speeds. You just don’t get the same level of isolation in this class as you do in other cars.

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The interior and the technology

2022 Acura ILX

The two-screen infotainment system offered by Acura is unimpressive. Without taking out the menu, it’s unclear what information is conveyed to which display, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay appear on the top non-touchscreen display. It’s difficult to navigate the choices, and it’s several steps behind the class leaders. Controls that aren’t connected to the infotainment system are far superior. They’re simple to see and use, with designated buttons on most main systems.

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In terms of technology, the ILX is decades behind the present. The infotainment system hasn’t been upgraded since it was first introduced in Honda and Acura vehicles five years ago. It’s challenging to use the two-screen arrangement. The audio quality is sufficient for audiobooks and podcasts but lacks oomph when playing music.

Ratings & Research

This ranking is based on the 2022 Acura ILX’s performance within the Luxury Small Cars category. According to our evaluation of 57 pieces of research and data elements, the Acura ILX currently scores 6.7 out of 10.

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