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2022 Acura RDX Specs, Prices, MPG & Features

“Budget luxury” and “luxury at an affordable price” are often used interchangeably in automobiles. Yet, the 2022 Acura RDX manages to bridge the gap. Though it has a few shortcomings, the RDX is an excellent alternative to more costly SUVs like Audi and BMW.

Acura has redesigned the RDX for 2022. A new wireless charging station and wireless connection for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration have been added to the interior. In addition to the additional sound-deadening material and the new active sound-reducing technology. There are no significant mechanical changes to the RDX. Still, Acura has improved the optional adaptive suspension to provide more distinct settings for comfort and performance.

The 2022 Acura RDX delivers and doesn’t cost as much as the Porsche Macan or Mercedes-Benz GLC when it comes to small SUVs with premium badges and agile chassis. There’s no denying that the RDX’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine is more lively and tech-heavy than those German nameplates. Still, it doesn’t have the same cachet among the one percent. There are a lot of gripes about the RDX’s less-than-luxurious interior and a 10-speed automatic transmission that may be frustratingly sluggish to downshift so that the turbo can reach full boost pressure. Despite the RDX’s flaws, it is a spacious, practical, enjoyable to drive, and well-equipped compact SUV.

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What’s New for the Acura RDX in 2022?

The RDX will undergo a minor makeover for 2022, which will feature minor changes to the SUV’s grille, wider air intakes on the front bumper, and a reworked rear bumper with rectangular exhaust tips, among other things. With the addition of two new exterior colors—Liquid Carbon Metallic and Phantom Violet Pearl—and new standard and optional technology options, the RDX’s interior has been upgraded. In addition, all models now have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and Amazon Alexa integration; a wireless smartphone charging pad is now available, and Technology versions also include an interior ambient-lighting system that can be customized to one of 27 hues. Even though just 200 units of the PMC Edition will be produced this year, the car will still be available in its original Long Beach Blue Pearl paint scheme with an Orchid inside the color scheme.

2022 Acura RDX Specs

  • MSRP: $ 41,145
  • Drive Train: All-Wheel Drive
  • Engine: 2.0 L Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4
  • Horsepower: 272@6500
  • Torque: 280@1600
  • Transmission: 10-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Fuel Mileage: 21 mpg in the city, 27 mpg on the highway, and 23 mpg combined
  • Length: 108.3 inches
  • Width: 74.8 inches
  • Height: 71.5 inches
  • Wheelbase: 65.7 inches

Engine, Transmission, and Performance are all critical considerations for the 2022 Acura RDX

Every RDX is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 272 horsepower and works in conjunction with a 10-speed automated gearbox and either front- or all-wheel drive (or “SH-AWD” in Acura-speak). It featured a quick gas pedal at low speeds, and it drew away from stoplights with authority in the A-Spec model we tested. When the driver employs the paddle shifters positioned on the steering wheel, the gearbox might be more responsive while downshifting. A high-pitched roar can be heard during heavy acceleration from the RDX’s turbocharged engine, which sounds similar to the NSX’s engine. However, most of the noise produced is fake and fed into the cabin via the audio system’s speakers. The RDX we tested was equipped with massive 20-inch wheels, included with the A-Spec package and the primary suspension configuration. Models equipped with the Advance package are equipped with adjustable dampers that enable you to customize the ride comfort. Even though our test car failed to protect the interior from heavy impacts on the worst roads, it was never punitive or loud. The torque-vectoring SH-AWD technology also assisted the RDX in changing directions fast, and the steering was accurate and precise-feeling in its response. The RDX tilted slightly to one side; otherwise, the vehicle was perfectly balanced. Unfortunately, the brake pedal detracted from the whole experience because of its variable hardness and reactivity.

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Acura RDX Exterior Design for 2022

2022 Acura RDX Exterior
2022 Acura RDX

Even though it is not a supercar, it is a little more unique than the ordinary SUV. There are a few external adjustments, but they’re difficult to see from the outside. In addition to bigger air intakes on the front bumper and a redesigned rear bumper with rectangular tailpipes. The standard Jewel Eye LED headlights, including LED daytime running lights, are stunning. This may be the most delicate integration of DRLs on a modern vehicle. In addition, all versions are equipped with a panoramic roof with a tilt-and-slide feature.

Changing certain individual items to get the desired color combination is also an option. The basic white or grey combination with the standard 19-inch alloy wheels creates an appealing appearance. Adding a dash of red and a set of 19-inch black wheels transforms this sporty-looking SUV into something with a little more personality. Its bigger 20-inch wheels distinguish the A-Spec.

The PMC, exclusively available in Long Beach Blue Pearl paint, is unquestionably the most beautiful piece in the collection. Acura took inspiration for this hue from the NSX, and it looks very stunning when combined with the black alloy wheels.

Colors for the Exterior

Acura’s color pallet for the RDX offers a sufficient number of options for most buyers. Fathom Blue Pearl and Lunar Silver Metallic are the only two paint colors available on the RDX’s basic model, making them the only two no-cost options. The Majestic Black Pearl, Liquid Carbon Metallic, Performance Red Pearl, and Platinum White Pearl paint colors are available for an additional $500. Phantom Violet Pearl, which is also available for $500 as part of the Technology package, becomes accessible. The Phantom Violet Pearl on the A-Spec is replaced with Apex Blue Pearl. According to the preceding paragraph, the PMC Edition is completed solely in Long Beach Blue Pearl.

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Interior of the Acura RDX in 2022

2022 Acura RDX Interior

However, the RDX has retained its bizarre center console arrangement. It seems to be one of the initial ideas for Darth Vader’s helmet that was rejected, although that isn’t our leading issue. The fact that Acura refuses to accept the existence of touchscreens means that you’ll have to interact with the infotainment system using a touchpad placed right below the gear selector, which we’ll go into more detail about later in this article. The overall quality is high, and the car has a sturdy feel. It is slightly behind the big German rivals, but the price is also a tiny step below them. Also in favor of the RDX are the large standard specifications and the many storage compartments in the front of the vehicle. All models are equipped with power-adjustable and heated front seats and dual-zone temperature control and adaptive cruise control as standard equipment. Acura has also increased the cabin quietness across the board, albeit we’re unsure what caused this improvement. Although it wasn’t a noticeable problem in earlier model years, we appreciate the update.

Colors and materials for the inside

Acura does not provide you with as many alternatives as other automobile manufacturers offer. The color of the outer walls determines the color of the internal walls. Based on the most common color combinations, it seems probable that this is a cost-savings approach. Leatherette seats in either Ebony or Parchment are standard equipment on the basic model. Full-grain Milano leather is used for the Technology and Advanced trimmings. It is available in various colors, including Graystone, Ebony, Parchment, and Espresso. One distinction between these two trims is that the Advance’s seats are additionally accented with bright red piping. Ebony or Ebony coupled with Red leather and Ultrasuede combo seats is standard on A-Spec and A-Spec Advance variants. The interior Orchid option is included with the A-Spec Advance.

The basic model and Technology feature brushed aluminum trim. According to Ford, the A-Spec has Y-pattern dark brushed aluminium trim, and the Advance has accurate open-pore wood trim. The PMC Edition has a custom Orchid Milano leather inside with blue contrast stitching exclusive to this model.

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Fuel economy and real-world miles per gallon (MPG)

The RDX achieves competitive EPA fuel-economy ratings in the mid-20s. The front-drive model achieves better estimates in the city and on the highway than the all-wheel-drive variant. The former is rated at 22 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the interstate; these figures decrease by one mpg when all-wheel drive is used. Choosing the A-Spec option will drop both highway estimates by one mile per gallon, resulting in 27 miles per gallon with the front driver and 26 miles per gallon with the SH-AWD vehicle. We put an RDX A-Spec SH-AWD through its paces on our 75-mph highway fuel-economy route, part of our thorough testing routine. It returned 25 miles per gallon, one mile per gallon less than the EPA figure. Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website for additional information on the RDX’s fuel efficiency.

Information and communication technology (ICT)

Every RDX is equipped with a 10.2-inch touchscreen mounted high on the dashboard. Additionally, a touchpad in the center console may control the system. However, it took us some time to get used to the controller, which Acura describes as “intuitive.” In addition to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. Built-in navigation, rear-seat USB connections, a 12-speaker ELS Studio audio system, and other features are included with the optional Technology package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Acura RDX get a revamp in 2022?

The Acura RDX, which has been Acura’s best-selling SUV since 2006, will be revamped for the new year with a sharper appearance, more technology, and a more luxurious interior. The Acura RDX in 2022 will come loaded with cutting-edge standard technology, including the newest addition of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, among other things.

Will the Acura RDX be equipped with wireless charging in 2022?

Acura intends to construct just 200 models, each of which will be completed by hand at the company’s Performance Manufacturing Center in Columbus, Ohio. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity are now standard on all 2022 RDX models, while Amazon Alexa and an optional induction charging pad are now available as options.

Is there a spare tyre on the Acura RDX in 2022?

The Advance Package includes adaptive damping shocks, a head-up warning display, a suitable spare tyre (FWD and A-Spec versions get tyre sealant and an inflator), a surround-view camera, and a set of 19-inch interlaced silver alloy wheels that are exclusive to the Advance Package.

What will the price of the RDX be in 2022?

With a starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $39,300 plus a $1,045 destination fee, the 2022 Acura RDX is an excellent value. All-wheel drive is an additional $2,200 if it is offered. The PMC Edition is the most expensive model in the RDX lineup for 2022.

What is the expected release date for the Acura RDX in 2022?

Because of its refined appearance, much quieter interior, more standard technology, and retuned suspension, the 2022 Acura RDX is the most dynamic, comfortable, and refined 5-passenger SUV in Acura history, according to the automaker. The Acura RDX will begin arriving at Acura dealerships on November 2, and pre-orders may be placed at


In 2022, there are several options for a premium and small athletic crossover, including the recently revised Acura RDX. Because of its reputation for dependability and low price, the RDX has an advantage over its German competitors like the BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. Although the RDX is reasonably priced, this does not imply a low-quality car. Premium materials and craftsmanship are used throughout, and the vehicle has a luxurious cabin and a comfortable ride. A little over $40k, the Acura RDX sounds like a value with a rock-solid 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, Acura’s refined Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system, and engaging driving characteristics.

For the 2022 model year, the RDX got several minor modifications. New bumpers and grilles have been added to the front and back of the vehicle. Sport mode is tailored for a livelier ride, while Comfort mode is geared for a more comfortable ride. There has been more sound deadening material installed throughout each RDX and tuning to each of the driving modes. Standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now available on Amazon Alexa. A USB-C charging connector has been added. Wireless charging and programmable ambient lighting are now known as additional features. The 200-unit PMC Edition has a vivid blue color option for the inside and outside of the vehicle (pictured above right). Other safety features include automated emergency braking with pedestrian recognition and blind-spot warning as standard equipment.

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