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2022 Mazda CX-5 Specs, Prices, MPG & Features

In Mazda’s series of crossovers, the CX-5 sits above the CX-30 but below the three-row CX-9. Others in this class provide more excellent interior rooms, but performance-oriented buyers will choose the Mazda CX-5 in 2022. For the 2017 model year, the suspension and gearbox have been updated to improve the driving experience even more.

The titles of the trim levels have changed, but the equipment groups haven’t. Front and rear bumpers have been reworked, taillights have been updated, and the wheels have been given a new look. All versions now come standard with all-wheel drive.

The 2022 Mazda CX-5 small SUV/crossover has a lot to offer in terms of both its appearance and its performance. We all have different preferences for fashion and driving, but there are certain things on which everyone agrees. The CX-5 is an excellent example of this.

Mazda has tweaked the CX-5’s exterior for 2022 by adding smoother surfaces to the front and back. The new three-dimensional mesh pattern and wings that protrude outwards toward the redesigned LED headlights make the grille even more striking.

The SUV’s driving behavior can now be fine-tuned more easily with additional drive modes. Inside, new, more supportive chairs have been installed. Mazda claims to have improved the responsiveness and smoothness of the gearbox. Suspension upgrades, meanwhile, are supposed to make the CX-5 even more maneuverable and comfortable to drive.

This year, the Grand Touring Reserve trim has been renamed turbo, and the top-of-the-line Signature trim is now finished in body color rather than black. When utilizing premium gasoline, the turbo four’s motor horsepower rises by six to 256.

2022 Mazda CX 5 Specs

  • MSRP: $27,125
  • Seating Capacity: five Seater
  • Drive Train: All-Wheel Drive
  • Engine: 2.5 L Regular Unleaded I-4
  • Horsepower: 187@6000
  • Torque: 186@4000
  • Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Fuel Mileage: 24 mpg in the city, 30 mpg on the highway, and 26 mpg combined
  • Length: 180.1 inches
  • Width: 72.6 inches
  • Height: 65.3 inches
  • Wheelbase: 106.2 inches

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2022 Mazda CX 5 Interior

2022 mazda cx-5 interior

There is a focus on the driver in the interior, with all the controls conveniently located. Even for tall people, the CX-5’s interior is roomy and comfortable. Because of the contoured outboard seats, rear passengers may feel tight, and an adult may have difficulty sitting in the center. The legroom in the back is somewhat limited.

The high driving position, large windows, and small pillars make this a simple vehicle to view from. The rear windows are the only exception, narrower than those of rivals but allow an excellent vision to reduce blind spots. The backup camera’s resolution is quite clear.

It has been modified for enhanced ergonomics and comfort this year. Not anything was wrong with them before this time. Red stitching and accents have been added to the new Turbo trim. The beautiful Nappa leather and genuine wood trim of the Signature model remain.

The inside of the 2022 CX-5 is made up of high-quality materials complemented by an expensive design. It has 39.6 inches of back legroom, but it also has a little more headroom than the Honda CR-V, which has 39.7 inches.

Because of the 40/20/40 split/folding back seats, the cargo room is a little lacking. The maximum luggage capacity is 59.6 cubic feet. However, the well-designed Honda CR-V rises from 37.6 cubic feet to 75.8 cubic feet.

2022 Mazda CX 5 Exterior

2022 mazda cx-5

The CX-5’s design exudes an air of simple assurance. Mazda doesn’t use a strong grille or aggressive angles to distinguish this competitive segment. Still, its cuts and contours appear just as attractive as when revamped for 2017. For an overall score of 8, it gets two points for its exterior and one for its inside.

The CX-5 is a sophisticated and stylish vehicle, even if you can’t see the difference without comparing it to a previous model. It has a sporty look thanks to the tall nose and short tail and the rounded wheel arches. Sleeker LED headlights with lighted wings protrude from a grill recessed under the hood thanks to styling changes at the ends.

The occupants of the cabin maintain a cautious sense of optimism. The hood and dash are lowered to provide the driver with better eyes on the road. Even with a regular 10.3-inch touchscreen, there is no unnecessary decoration or hassle to keep your attention on the road. Temperature controls are located on the dash in horizontal vents that resemble wings. The use makes the interior cozier with rich wood trim and plush Nappa leather instead of pure black. There is a lot of wasted space in the center console because of the manual shifter and infotainment dial.

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Mazda CX 5 of 2022’s Power, Transmission & Engine

It feels faster than when the CX-5’s 187-horsepower four-cylinder engine accelerates from a stoplight or is sprinting through a city. It’s underpowered at faster speeds, such as passing/merging onto the motorway.

The 250-horsepower turbocharged model that we drove was noticeably faster off the line. An automatic six-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive are standard equipment for both engines. Even if you’re not a thrill-pursuer, the all-new Mazda CX-5 is a delight to drive and an excellent vehicle. That being said, its accurate handling and quiet corners make for an incredible Sunday drive. “

On the other hand, it rides as well as crossovers costing twice, even on rougher routes. Its opponents can’t compete with this harmonic interplay of dynamic forces. The suspension is neither stiff nor floaty, and the flaws in the pavement are well-separated.

Curvy roads also bring out the best in the Mazda. The responsiveness of the electric-powered steering is outstanding. It offered a smooth, non-delaying response when you applied the brakes. The brake-pedal feel was assured and not too sensitive in the Premium model we tried.

Real-World Mileage and Fuel Economy

The CX-5 has two different fuel efficiency estimates because of its two engine choices. City fuel economy is 24 mpg, and highway fuel economy is 30. The turbocharged engine is more efficient at 22mpg in the city and 27mpg on the highway. This is part of our thorough testing program, and the regular engine returned 32 mpg on our 75-mph highway route, while the turbo four returned 30 mpg. Visit the EPA’s website to learn more about the CX-5’s fuel efficiency.

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Connectivity and Entertainment

Every model has an in-car entertainment system with a 10.3-inch touchscreen and a rotary control and volume knob in the center console. Audio signals and buttons on the steering wheel may also control the interface. Automakers across the board have adopted Apple CarPlay & Android Auto as standard features in their vehicles. Mazda Connected Services, which includes a smartphone app and just a subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot, are included in the CX-5.

Convenience and Transport

The 2022 Mazda CX-5 is well-suited to crossover duties thanks to its supportive front seats and flexible luggage compartment. Still, the rear seats fall short of those found in competitors. 

Mazda’s CX-5s are all elevated and feature a wide, tall windscreen like Subaru’s to provide a wide field of vision. The five-seat CX-5 has cushioned bucket seats that serve double duty by gripping the occupants when the crossover seeks to hug the road and giving ample support over extended periods to alleviate tiredness. Adding features like motorized lumbar support, seat warmers, and seat coolers raises the cost.

Expanding cargo capacity from 31 to 60 cubic feet is easy with the 60/40-split backseats that flatten out. Tiny door openings and narrow breadth compress hips and shoulders, while a bench seat flattens passengers’ backs. Despite having approximately 40 inches of leg space in the rear, only 2.5 people can sit comfortably.

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2022 Mazda CX 5 Trim Levels

-S Variant- MSRP from $27,125

The CX-5 comes standard with a cloth interior, leather-wrapped steering and shift knobs, push-button ignition, a 4.6-inch driver information display, LED headlights, headlight washers, and 17-inch wheels. The S, or any other CX-5 grade, does not come with any pre-installed extras.

-Select Variant- MSRP from $29,125

There is a heated front seat, a six-way power driver’s seat, automatic temperature control, and proximity entry in the Select model—passengers in the back benefit from a glass partition and individual air conditioning vents.

-Preferred Variant- MSRP from $30,825

The Preferred model’s standard features include eight-way power seats for drivers and passengers, an automatic liftgate, a sunroof, and a leather interior.

-Carbon Edition Variant- MSRP from $31,945

The Preferred makes use of the rest of the facility’s resources. The 19-inch wheels on the Carbon Edition are finished in a special Polymetal Gray paint with black body trim. The inside has red stitching and a black accent.

-Primium Variant- MSRP from $34,130

The Premium adds a seven-inch user display, paddle shifters, and complete LED exterior illumination. As with the other trim levels, the Bose system comes standard.

-Premium Plus Variant- MSRP from $35,175

Additionally, the Premium Plus is equipped with a head-up display, heated rear seats, motorized folding side mirrors, and wiper de-icers.

-Turbo Variant- MSRP from $37,625

The turbocharged 2.5-liter gives the turbo a performance bump. It has a black grille and black trim on the exterior. Otherwise, the turbo has the same features as the Premium Plus model.

-Turbo Signature Variant- MSRP from $39,875

Luxury materials, including Nappa leather interior, a black fabric roof, and genuine wood trim, adorn the Turbo Signature. The Signature has a brilliant grille and body-color external trim. In addition, buyers will get GPS and the previously stated safety technology enhancements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know what sort of vehicle it is? Compared to what else?

The Mazda CX-5 is a five-passenger small crossover SUV that goes head-to-head with the Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen Tiguan, & Subaru Forester in terms of handling and dimensions.

Is the Mazda CX-5 for 2022 a decent vehicle?

Clean lines & confident curves prevail over flashy, over-the-top styling cues in the CX-5. The infotainment system is difficult to use, and the back seats are too tiny, but the car drives smoothly and is well-equipped.

Do you have enough space?

The cabin has a lot of small-item storage space. Although the cargo space in the CX-5 isn’t as spacious as some of its rivals, we could put two large pieces of luggage inside without compromising our ability to see around the back. The loading portal is narrower than the Honda CR- V’s because the cargo floor is higher and the liftgate’s maximum open height is lower.

How much space do you have?

Despite the CX-5’s limited cargo compartment, we could store two big pieces of luggage without obstructing our view of the road. The loading portal is narrower than the Honda CR- V’s because the cargo floor is higher and the liftgate’s maximum open height is lower. There is a lot of room in the cabin for minor goods.

The Mazda CX-5’s top speed is what?

The 2.5-liter inline-4’s 0-60 mph time is less than nine seconds, and it comes standard on all models. It makes 187 horsepower and 186 lb-ft of torque. Compared to its competitors, the 6-speed automatic gearbox is nearly ancient in terms of efficiency and response. It’s not quick, and the engine becomes buzzy as the revs rise. It’s better to remain in the power band more frequently since that allows for more eager and ready passing movements.


There is a luxurious sense to the materials, from the leather trim to the buttons and controls. The CX-5 doesn’t have a single piece of trim that feels cheap. It’s simply the flimsy side bolsters that chafe against the center console that let this car down.

It’s everything else that’s outstanding. The CX-5 maybe a little less costly than some of its rivals when it’s fully outfitted. The warranty coverage is standard for the class, as is the lack of free maintenance.

This year, all-wheel drive is standard. However, the system prefers the front wheel. Half of the torque may be delivered to the back when the front wheels slide. In terms of off-road capabilities, it’s secondary to all-weather grip. The New Off-road mode has a ground clearance of just 7.5 inches. Subarus, on the other hand, is at least an inch shorter.

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