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2022 Porsche Taycan Specs, Prices, MPG & Features

All-electric Porsche Taycan is the company’s first vehicle. As a luxury electric sedan with sports car performance, it competes directly with the Tesla Model S. The Taycan’s 227-mile maximum range may not seem impressive. Still, Porsche designed it with performance in mind. A sporty, high-tech luxury automobile of this size has a surprisingly rapid acceleration and agile handling.

The Taycan’s attractiveness will be bolstered even more in 2022 by Porsche. As a starting point, we’ve added a new GTS model. Amid the 4S & Turbo trims in terms of pricing point, the GTS comes equipped with Turbo-like power, sporty style, and other performance-enhancing features. This year, Android Auto will be available on the Taycan. Both smartphones may now enjoy an enhanced experience thanks to the USB-C connector.

Porsche’s electric four-door lives up to its high price tag with a beautiful exterior and a fully customizable high-tech interior. This Porsche also performs an outstanding job of informing its driver that they are driving a Porsche because of the quick handling and serene ride. Accelerating is similar to launching a rocket, except it is possible to do it again. There is no regenerative braking, and the foot has an inert feel to it, making it difficult to control the vehicle’s speed.

2022 Porsche Taycan Specs

  • MSRP: $84,050
  • Seating Capacity: four Seater
  • Drive Train: All-Wheel Drive
  • Engine: Electric
  • Horsepower: 429
  • Transmission: 2-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Fuel Mileage: 79 mpg in the city, 80 mpg on the highway, and 79 mpg combined
  • Length: 195.4 inches
  • Width: 77.5 inches
  • Height: 54.3 inches
  • Wheelbase: 114.2 inches

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What’s New for Porsche Taycan

Porsche will make various changes to the Taycan line in 2022. The latest addition to the range is a 590-hp GTS variant with trim-specific embellishments inside out. It borrows a unit system from the Turbo S model. Unique chassis and powertrain calibrations are also included in the GTS for a different driving experience

Improved voice commands, a new operating system, plus Android Auto are all part of the upgraded infotainment system. You no longer have to be in the driver’s seat of the Taycan to park it remotely. Because Porsche’s service lets consumers choose their colors, including those from the 1990s, the paint palette has expanded.

Improved heat management and charging features are also included in the ’22 Taycan, which Porsche claims would shorten charging times.

Comfort & Cargo of the 2022 Porsche Taycan

In 2022, Porsche plans to introduce several improvements to the Taycan model range. A GTS model with 590 horsepower and trim-specific interior accents, and a unified system borrowed from the Turbo Standard model is new to the lineup. The GTS also offers unique chassis and powerplant calibrations for a different driving experience.

The new infotainment system includes features like Android Auto, improved voice commands, and a new operating system. To park the Taycan remotely, you no longer need to be in the driver’s seat. Thanks to a Porsche service, customers may now pick their own paint colours, including those popular in the 1990s.

Porsche promises that the ’22 Taycan’s charge time will be reduced thanks to the car’s enhanced heat management & charging technologies.

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Performance and Power of an Electric Vehicle’s Motor

A handful of Taycan variants have twin electric motors, which are used to power the front and rear wheels, respectively. Contingent on the different trim levels, they create different outputs. The 4S produces 522 horsepower with the lesser battery, while the larger battery generates 562 horses. The 670-hp & 750-hp Turbocharged S comes with the final as regular equipment. Although the basic model can produce up to 469 horsepower, it only has rear-wheel-drive capabilities.

The unique two-speed gearbox on all Taycan models delivers an exhilarating shift when pushed hard. While researchers have¬†driven the Taycan, its rapid acceleration and precise handling have impressed us. Because Porsche decided on one-pedal driving, we’d like a more subtle brake pedal. It is the Turbo S’s booster takeoffs that will wow anybody with a strong demand for speed. For the quarter-mile, the car we tested took 10.5 seconds at 130 mph to cover the distance at 60 miles per hour in 2.4 ticks!

This burst was equaled by a Model S Performance equipped with Cheetah mode. In addition to the car’s relatively low position and accurate handling, its fierce acceleration sets the Porsche apart in the electric vehicle market. It’s also really cozy. Additional Taycan S we rode, despite its 21-inch rims and tight sidewalls, never seemed stiff or harsh.

The interior of the Porsche Taycan 2022

2022 porsche taycan interior

A high-tech, elevated luxury car, the Porsche Taycan’s interior is all you’d expect. The materials are of the highest quality, as expected from Porsche, and the general fit and finish are among the best.

The front chairs are supportive without being too so, making them ideal for more aggressive driving. There is an aura of Porsche heritage in the cockpit, but curving digital displays for the driver make it contemporary.

Two cushioned seats in the rear of the Taycan’s conventional are standard in the 4-seat layout. For 5-passenger seating, there is an option for a small center seat. Seating two average-sized persons in comfort are possible.

The trunk’s size varies depending on the type of the car. The rear trunk volume of the basic Taycan and Taycan 4S is 14.3 cubic feet. In contrast, the Turbo & Turbo S variants only have 12.9 cubic feet due to the larger battery. For a sedan of its size, this trunk is about average in terms of volume. There’s also a “frunk,” or front trunk, of 2.8 cubic feet in capacity.

While we like Taycan’s high-tech cabin, several components need some adjustment. Touch-sensitive controls, rather than the more conventional knobs and buttons, may seem like a step too far for Porsche. If you’re not accustomed to using these kinds of controls, you’ll have to become employed.

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The 2022 Porsche Taycan’s exterior

2022 porsche taycan interior

The appearance of the Porsche Taycan, like the interior, finds a perfect mix between historic Porsche design and a thoroughly contemporary appearance. Even from a distance, you can tell that this car is a Porsche.

There’s a new Taycan tool called Paint to Sample if you’re particular about the color of your paint. These iconic Porsche paint colors like Riviera Blue and Acid Green are included in this Porsche’s vast range of paint choices.

The Taycan can be painted in whatever color you like using Paint to Sample Plus. Porsche can customize Taycan’s exterior paint to match your preferred accessories and outfits to a tee.

The optional SportDesign Package in carbon fibre alters the front and rear fascias for a more aggressive and athletic appearance. Wheel options are many, including a unique “Aeroblades” design for the Taycan. It’s also available in the front for around $2,000 less.

Compared to Tesla’s Model S and Audi’s e-Tron GT, Porsche’s Taycan is around the same size. Like the Porsche Panamera, it’s a little smaller, but the dimensions are the same.

Aspects of Battery Life, Charging, and Range

Compared to Tesla’s Model S, the Taycan’s car has little to write home about. Battery size & electric motors affect Porsche’s 199- to 227-mile range. A 270-kilowatt peak charging rate is possible on every model, thanks to an 800-volt system. The bigger battery, which Porsche calls 93.4 kWh, but just 83.7 kWh are usable, can be charged from 5% to 80% in a claimed 23 minutes on models with this battery configuration. As we found out in a side-by-side test, 800-volt DC fast chargers are uncommon, and peak charging rates don’t tell us anything about how much power a charger can generate. Porsche says it takes 93 minutes to charge a 50-kW DC fast charger. In addition to the standard 270 and 50 kW rapid charging options, 150 kW charging is now available. Charger factors in the real world were tested by our 11-car rally covering 1,000 km in electric vehicles (EVs).

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Real-World MPGe & Fuel Efficiency

The most fuel-efficient Taycan has an equivalent combined mileage rating of 79 miles per gallon. The Model S Long Range, on the other hand, gets up to 120 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe). The Porsche can go up to 84 MPGe on the highway, while the Tesla can get 115 MPGe. Our 75 mph highway route yielded an MPGe of 65 MPGe when testing the Taycan 4S with the big battery. While driving around town in a 2018 Model S 100D, we had the same results: 91 MPGe. We also witnessed a 2020 Taycan 4S attain a real-world range of 180 miles on the highway test stated before.

Connectivity and Infotainment

The Taycan has a lot of displays, but it lacks traditional buttons and knobs. Essential features may be accessed with this feature. The infotainment system and the gauges are controlled via a curved 16.8-inch screen with two centrally situated touchscreens. The 10.9-inch screen in the centre of the dash is the most prominent. Below it is an 8.4-inch touchscreen that can control temperatures and get information about the car’s battery and charging status, enter navigation information, and connect with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto functions. Additionally, an optional 5.9-inch screen in the back seat regulates the rear HVAC and seat heaters, and another 10.9-inch touchscreen is available for the driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How cozy is the Taycan’s interior?

For dynamic driving, the sports seats are the only ones that give enough lateral support. The back seats, with their excessive lumbar support, limited toe space, and somewhat higher floor height, aren’t quite as comfortable. We made it through 9.5 hours of driving in a day without feeling exhausted, which says a lot.

On the other side, the vehicle’s ride quality is excellent. The Taycan’s ride quality is astounding, especially considering how heavy it is and how nice it handles. As a bonus, it’s located in a peaceful cabin. Moreover, the car’s soundproofing from the outside world is excellent, not merely because of the lack of engine noise.

How is the 2022 Porsche Taycan’s storage?

Because of the Taycan’s tiny trunk capacity, you’ll have to shove boxes in farther than you expect to clear the lid’s slope. Small rolling bags may fit in the front trunk’s extra 2.8 cubic feet of storage space. If you’re short on space, there’s an underfloor storage area and 60/40-split back seats that fold flat.

Is the new Porsche Taycan 2022 a good car or a terrible one?

I highly recommend the Porsche Taycan. It has agile handling and a broad selection of electric drivetrains, providing an exciting surge of forwarding momentum. On the other hand, high-end trims have an impressive amount of power.

There are two rows of roomy, comfy seats within the cabin, furnished with high-quality materials. Taycans come in sedan & hatchback body designs, with the latter offering more luggage space than the former.

What’s the difference between the 2021 and 2022 Porsche Taycan?

Even though the 2021 & 2022 models are almost identical, there is a significant difference for Android users. For the first time, Android Auto will be included in the Taycan in 2022, and it will be standard. Remote Park Assist, an optional feature that allows you to park the Taycan remotely, is also available.


Porsche’s first electric vehicle, the Taycan, is a sporty premium car. As soon as the Taycan was out, it became one of our favorite electric vehicles on the road. Porsche’s ability to be a comfortable everyday driver while delivering supercar-like performance at the push of a button has wowed our editors. The EPA believes that the foundation Taycan can go around 200 miles. In comparison, the larger-battery variant can travel up to 227 miles.

All-electric Porsche Taycan is the brand’s first attempt at a model. It’s a slam dunk in most respects. As stunning to look at as it is to drive, it offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of high-performance automobiles. Taycan’s disadvantages include its range and economy, which are not up to par with Tesla Model S competition. In 2022, Porsche GTS-badged Taycan sedans and Sport Turismos will be offered for the first vehicle.

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