2023 Nissan Z test mule spied with sporty seats

Even though the Nissan Z is still in its infancy, a mysterious test mule wearing amazingly minimal camouflage has been sighted on a winding mountain road. The prototype, which is only partially revealed, is believed to be a performance version of the 2023 Nissan Z with a revised nose that may solve one of the most contentious aspects of the sports car’s style.

A shot that was uploaded on the website forum clearly depicts a 2023 Z with a covered front end. We can still see that the grille is split horizontally despite the mask. It is similar to a concept Nissan displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January.

Since the concept’s introduction, the huge rectangular opening has been a divisive feature of the Z’s look. While it closely resembles the grille of the original 1969 Fairlady Z, or 240Z in the United States, a chrome bumper physically divided the aperture on that vehicle. Nissan used a lighter finish to the inset to help lessen the visual impact of the grille between the introduction of the Z Proto and the production Z because the 2023 Z lacked a separate bumper.

Members of the forum were quick to point out that the test mule’s Recaro seats further set it apart from the production Z. One characteristic that distinguishes the 370Z Nismo from the standard 370Z is the racing buckets, which causes considerable that the prototype is a Nismo variant of the new 2023 Nissan Z.

In the past, Nismo Z-cars have improved performance through a combination of enhanced suspension, more aggressive wheels, higher power, and chassis stiffening.

Even while the addition of new sport seats and a new nose does not guarantee the Nismo Z’s comeback, it is encouraging because whatever is being tested looks to be in left-hand drive and on a U.S. road.

A forum user also called attention to a wonderful detail, albeit considering the image quality, we’re not sure how they managed it. Recaro seats from the previous 370Z are reportedly used in this test vehicle. Given that the new Z and the previous vehicle have the same architecture, it wouldn’t surprise us if the seats fit perfectly.

The Instagram video is another option. Only that it was up testing with a fleet of other Z models is what we can see of the vehicle. These might be a few of the Z cars from last week that were driven off the boat. Whatever the case, it’s odd to see the NISMO Z here as opposed to a more appropriate location, like the Nurburgring. While driving our loaner Audi S3 up in the LA canyons, we’ll keep an eye out for it.

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