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3 Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Colorado Springs

Auto accidents occur for multiple reasons. There are certain drivers who drive negligently or recklessly, causing harm to others. Car crashes occur because of various reasons. And it is necessary to understand these causes so that you can seek compensation for the losses you experience after a fatal crash.

Colorado Springs has its share of car accidents that create havoc. In February 2024, reported of a downtown restaurant remaining closed after a car collided through the front. According to investigators, the driver attempted to break into a neighbor’s home, which made him get shot by the homeowner.

Right after that, he got inside his car and ran downtown. It is here that the officers reported that the driver completely lost control and collided with the restaurant, which caused property damage. The restaurant owner has stated his loss and that it will take time to mend the same. The driver has been hospitalized and will have to face the charges when he gets released.

Rash driving seems to be the major cause of this car accident other than forcefully barging into someone else’s house. However, there are other reasons for car collisions in Colorado Springs that lead to fatal injuries and massive losses. In this article, we will discuss a few causes of auto accidents and how a lawyer can help the victims recover their losses.

Causes of Auto Accidents in Colorado Springs

Almost every day, there is a car accident in Colorado Springs for multiple reasons. Thankfully, you have the option to choose an auto accident attorney in Colorado Springs who can help you get fair compensation to recover all your damages and pay the medical bills.

The three major causes include:


Engineers design specific roads to travel at a certain speed limit. Your and others’ safety depends on maintaining this speed limit. When drivers drive at an excessive speed, they aren’t able to navigate the roads securely and might lose control of their car.

Speeding results in more accidents and leads to injuries ranging from bone fractures to spinal cord injuries. Therefore, drivers must be aware of the speeding limits on specific streets and highways and maintain that for safety.

Drugged Driving

This happens when the driver drives while they are under the influence of illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, or prescription drugs like marijuana. When someone consumes alcohol and drives, they can’t identify their impairment. It becomes tough for them to realize that they aren’t able to drive a car safely anymore.

Therefore, drivers who consume prescription medicines and drugs should know its side effects. It is advised not to use these drugs before driving to avoid accidents or any other unwarranted situations.

Every region has a certain limit on THC that is permissible while driving. It is necessary to know the limit applicable in Colorado Springs to avoid any danger.

Reckless and Inexperienced Driving

Some drivers don’t care about the people on the street and violate traffic laws. Colorado Springs has its share of drivers who are into reckless driving, and that leads to fatal accidents causing harm both to pedestrians and even the driver.

Often reckless drivers give into drag racing and weave in and out of traffic, thereby cutting other drivers. All these can result in accidents which can lead to adverse physical wounds, car damage, and even death.

That aside, there are teen drivers who, in the thrill of driving a car, don’t follow traffic rules. Some of them don’t have a license and make basic driving errors that lead to a dangerous crash. Most teen drivers drink and drive, which causes collisions. They also are guilty of distracted driving, which often leads to fatal crashes.

Navigating the Legal Path

No one can predict a car accident. However, when you are in Colorado Springs and experience a fatal car crash, you can seek the help of an expert lawyer who can obtain monetary compensation for you. With this settlement payout, you can cover all your medical bills, car repairs, and other losses you’ve endured. However, for this, you need to file a lawsuit.

Springs Law Group states that only a lawyer can help you determine whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit or not. Once you qualify, make sure you share all the necessary evidence with them so that they can prepare a solid case that will ensure the verdict is in your favor. You must listen to your lawyer, as they can provide the necessary guidance that will increase your chances of receiving timely compensation.

In conclusion, when you are in Colorado Springs, you should drive carefully and follow traffic rules. That way, you will fulfill your part in trying your best to avoid any auto accident. However, if you unfortunately face any accident, it is best to seek both medical and legal aid.

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