5 Checklist Items During Car Inspections

Last updated on May 22nd, 2023 at 09:35 pm

Every responsible automobile owner understands the importance of car inspections. Regular inspections are crucial to ensuring that your vehicle remains in fit working condition for as long as possible. Since not everyone is an expert in vehicle inspections, there are specialized services that will conduct these inspections for you. However, to derive the most value from your experience, there are some basics that you need to comprehend. Let us cover a few checklist items that must undergo examination during an inspection. Before that, let us briefly discuss the relevance of car inspections and why you may need them.

Will You Ever Need a Car Inspection?

There are many instances wherein you will need a car inspection. Suppose you want to purchase a used car. In addition to checking the paperwork and ensuring that you get a good deal, you will also need to ensure that there are no faults with any of the active components of the car. Apart from the functional elements, vehicle inspections also highlight any cosmetic damages. These inspections enable you to get peace of mind from knowing that the vehicle is in good shape. If you come across any faults, you can use them to negotiate a better deal since you may need to spend on repairs down the line.

Similarly, car inspections are crucial for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) because they help them ensure safety and efficient performance. Subjecting your vehicle to an examination will drastically improve the safety standards. Furthermore, insurance companies rely on vehicle inspections to generate a condition report that will help determine the set premiums. Not only that, even while claiming car insurance after an accident, your vehicle will be examined to verify the integrity of the claim. These vehicle inspections are vital, so you must be familiar with the fundamentals.

What are the Items That Should Be on Your Checklist?

You need to check off a few things when inspecting your car. These are lights, batteries, tires, fluids, and brakes. Each of these is important and can make a massive difference in the life of your vehicle. Let us review the checklist for car inspections.

Item 1: Brakes and Suspension

The vehicle’s suspension and brakes are essential for safety and performance. Checking them can help prevent significant problems. A vehicle’s suspension comprises struts and shocks. These items take a beating when you drive and will start to wear out over time. Wear and tear on these items can cause a bouncy ride and even result in excessive tire wear. If your tires are uneven or your car pulls to one side, you may need to check the suspension.

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During a vehicle inspection, the technician checks for leaks in brake hoses and master cylinders. This part is critical because air can get into the lines if worn. He will also inspect the tires for wear and tear.

Item 2: Lights

You’ll want to ensure all the lights are working during a vehicle inspection. This factor is essential because the proper lighting can improve your visibility while driving, which is especially important when it’s dark.

While a vehicle’s headlights are the obvious choice, you might not have noticed other things like the taillights or side markers. These little gems may also help you spot other vehicles on the road. If your car has them, you’ll need to keep a close eye on them to avoid a collision.

You’ll want to take a few minutes to see if your car’s dashboard indicator lights are working. If you have the right tools, you can test the warning lights in your vehicle’s instrument panel to get an idea of what’s wrong.

Item 3: Fluids

Any responsible car owner knows how vital fluid maintenance is. You want to maintain fluids that keep your engine operating safely and efficiently. These fluids include coolant, brake fluid, and transmission oil.

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The best way to check the optimal fluid level is by checking the vehicle’s owner’s manual. The manual should give you the name of the fluids to look for and a list of their functions.

Some cars come with a dipstick to aid in this task. A dipstick is a great way to test the transmission’s fluid level. However, a dipstick isn’t a substitute for checking the proper levels. Also, it’s a good idea to ensure the tube is clean and free of debris.

Item 4: Tires

If you own vehicles, it is vital to inspect them regularly. This factor can include checking the tires to see if they are in good condition. Worn tires can reduce the life span, increase fuel consumption, and pose safety hazards.

Tires are integral to your car because they constantly connect with the road. A tire’s loss of air pressure can cause handling problems and blowouts. In addition, low tire pressure can also increase the amount of fuel used, making your car less efficient.

There are several ways to check your tires to see if any defects may affect your car’s safety. A few simple steps can make this task quick and easy.

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Item 5: Battery

You should have a car battery inspection at least twice annually and more often if you drive a car over three years old. Taking care of your car’s battery can prevent expensive car electrical repairs.

When a car technician performs a car inspection, they check the connections. They will ensure that the battery is connected correctly to the charging system. The technician may also take the battery out to check its integrity.

If you notice a clicking sound when the engine turns on, this may indicate a problem with the battery. This factor could also mean that the alternator isn’t working correctly.

Another warning sign is if the battery drops to zero. It’s also a good idea to check for a swollen casing. These are serious trouble signals.

Are Car Inspections Effective in Checking These Parameters?

The car inspection industry has transformed from manual, paper-based labor to digital processes. Platforms like Autoflow have been instrumental in streamlining this digital transition, making car inspections quicker, more accessible, and highly accurate. As a result, innovative companies like Inspektlabs are emerging, and vehicle logistics are evolving. AI can change the inspection process and make it more reliable and efficient. In addition, AI can help insurance companies avoid fraudulent payouts. Automated car insurance inspections can also speed up the claims process. Due to these recent evolutions, car inspections are highly effective. If you subject your car to a vehicle inspection, please ensure that the factors above are covered.


The car inspection cost can vary depending on the region. Some States require annual safety inspections, while others may only need emissions testing. If the body shop you visit conducts digital inspections, your cost will likely be on the lower end of the spectrum. Please understand an assessment’s costs before signing up, regardless of where you are. 

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