7 Ways to Tackle Increasing Energy Costs of Your Car Wash

The cost of energy is on the rise and this can be especially true for businesses that use a lot of electricity or natural gas. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat this trend and save yourself thousands of pounds by investing in energy-efficient equipment and technologies.

In this article, find out more on how to reduce your carbon footprint while also saving money on your business’s monthly utility bill.

1. Invest in Solar Panels

Solar panels are a cost-effective way to reduce your energy costs, but they’re not the only option. Before adding solar panels to your business, be sure you have enough space on the roof and in your budget to accommodate them.

Solar panels typically cost more than other energy-saving options, such as efficient lighting or water heaters. This is because they require expensive equipment and skilled installation technicians. However, they are effective in lowering costs without sacrificing quality or efficiency and are a worthwhile investment for years to come.

2. Install Led Lights on the Tunnel and Vacuums

LED lights are more energy-efficient than standard lightbulbs because they last longer, don’t need to be replaced as often, and aren’t fragile like traditional light bulbs. They’re also environmentally friendly and cheaper to run because they use less energy than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs while providing the same amount of light.

3. Switch to a More Efficient Air Compressor

If you’re looking to cut down on your energy costs, you might be surprised to find that the biggest electricity users in a car wash aren’t the washers and vacuums. Rather, it’s the air compressors. 

These machines are used to dry cars and apply waxes and polishes, so they run for longer periods than other machines. And because they require so much power (up to 30% of total energy cost), it’s worth replacing them with more efficient models such as those with variable speed motors and automatic temperature controls, if possible.

Energy-efficient compressors use less than 5% of the energy used by an average compressor!

4. Install a New Car Wash Controller

You can use a car wash controller to regulate the flow of water and soap. Car wash controllers can be controlled automatically or manually. 

A car wash controller can save up to 30% in water and soap usage, which will reduce energy costs, increase productivity, and improve your customers’ experiences at your business. A new car wash controller is one way you can tackle increasing energy costs for your business.

5. Replace Old Equipment With Energy-star-Rated Devices

If you don’t already have a car wash, or if your existing one is more than 10 years old and has not been upgraded since installation, consider replacing it with an energy-star-rated device. 

Energy star-rated devices use 10-30% less energy than non-rated devices and can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your car wash.

In addition to increasing energy efficiency, upgrading your equipment can help reduce water usage by up to 33%, which will help save money on wastewater treatment bills as well.

6. Turn off Equipment When Not in Use

The first thing to consider when you’re trying to decrease your energy usage is what kind of equipment you’re using and whether or not it’s going to be able to help reduce your overall costs in any way at all.

You can save money by turning off equipment when not in use. Don’t leave compressors running overnight and make sure that you have a way to turn off any lights or other electrical appliances during non-business hours. In addition to saving energy, this also helps prevent fires and injuries as well as wear on the machines.

7. Enlist the Help of Your Colleagues

Much of the advice you’ve received is even more helpful when the entire team participates. So, now that you’re an expert at conserving energy for your car wash business, make sure everyone follows your lead, from the receptionist to the troops cleaning the cars.

Posters are sometimes displayed in offices to remind staff about energy-saving tips and the value of doing so for the company. A smart approach to save costs is to do routine walkthroughs of your business to check on your equipment and find waste.

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