A Short and Helpful Guide to Ceramic Coating

The surfaces of cars are prone to damage from UV rays, bird droppings, corrosion, fading, environmental contaminants, and harsh chemicals. Unless you have adequate coating protection, your surface will be permanently damaged, ruining its appearance and lessening its overall value.

Ceramic coating is the most effective protection for the surfaces of cars, construction equipment, sailboats and aeroplanes. Unlike regular factory paint, it produces better results and protects the surface from external hazards.

For instance, standard paints tend to peel and come off at the slightest disturbance or lose their shine after a few days. That is not the case with this powerful substance, which permanently binds itself to the surface. 

If you have never used this kind of coating before, it is worth trying it once. You will enjoy its various benefits and notice the results pretty quickly. But before you find an applicator for the purpose, here are some things worth knowing. 

What is ceramic coating?

It is a super-strong colourless liquid that protects your car from bird droppings, abrasions, fading etc. It binds itself permanently to the vehicle’s paintwork, preventing any object or dirt from directly contacting it.

Although you cannot see the coating with the naked eyes, it plays its role impressively. It uses superior nanotechnology to make the surface resistant to chemical, water, thermal and UV, besides ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing and protected. 

Some of the benefits of car paint protection

If it’s your first time using car paint protection, here are some of its benefits you must be aware of.

No reapplication required

Once an applicator applies the coating, it forms a permanent adhesion to the existing paintwork, thus eliminating the need for reapplications. 

Make your car shiny

Everybody likes a shiny car, and what better way of getting that than using a ceramic solution. It enhances the appearance of your vehicle by making it glossy, polished, and recognisable from a distance.

Easy to clean and maintain

Nanoceramics have a superhydrophobic effect, which prevents any liquid from sticking to the surface. It if rains while you drive, the water rolls off your windscreen, avoiding the need for windscreen wipers. You will also find cleaning and maintaining the car easier since it prevents dust from settling. 

Protects against contaminants

The paint protector protects your vehicles from environmental fallouts like bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap, and tar. 

Who can apply the coating?

Only experienced professionals can apply the coating from a network of approved applicators. It is better to avoid applying the substance by yourself because it’s a delicate process and fails to have the desired effects with improper application. 

The experienced applicators ensure they evenly distribute the coating on the vehicle’s exteriors, including the glass and wheels.

How much does it cost?

It is better to contact the applicator company directly to know the exact cost since it depends on your car’s size, type, and level of protection you want for the exterior.

Does it last forever?

A ceramic application usually lasts for a lifetime, which is why companies offer a lifetime warranty. It does not wash or fade away, and abrasion is the only way to remove it. 

How to choose a company?

You must choose a service that offers nano-ceramic coating because of the several advantages. Before getting the product, asking them if their product is SGS tested and remains unaffected by acid, alkali, and salt is better.  

The ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s surfaces from bird droppings, chemicals, and other environmental fallouts. It lends your car a shiny appearance, makes it easy to clean and has several other advantages.

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