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An Ultimate Guide On Setting Equalizer For Best Sound Car

In addition to fancy car decorations like car seat cover or car sun shade, car audio is also a concern for many people. You want your car sound system to sound better when playing your favorite song. 

We will show you many fantastic guides on tips on setting Equalizer for the best sound car. This post has all the EQ picture presets you can easily apply, and there are many more tutorials for those who want to dig deeper into EQ. All you need are below.

The Basics For Beginners

These are the essential things to start adjusting EQ according to your preferences: EQ, frequency in music, bass, mid, and treble. For best results setting Equalizer for best sound car, for car sound system to get better, we should not ignore it.


Straight to the point, the Equalizer is to help you adjust the frequency to your ears and the color of music. 

By adjusting the frequencies in the song, adjusting the EQ helps you tailor the music to your style.

However, understanding EQ adjustment is not easy.

Frequency Ranges

In any sound, there are frequencies. However, humans can only hear frequencies from 20 to 20,000 hertz.

There are many frequency bands, but we only need to consider the frequency range from 20 to 20,000 hertz in music.

Based on the frequency bands, we will determine the audio tones that need to be adjusted.

Bass, Mid, Treble In Music

You probably already know the bass, but there are also mids and trebles. These are the three basic tones in a song.

The different frequency ranges in music are usually from 60 Hz to 20 kHz.

1-Car Audio
1-Car Audio

Bass is the sound most people favorite. It is also the sound with the lowest frequency ranges and the most rounded. This tone of sound brings emotion to listeners.

When you hear the chest sound in harmony with the beat, it signifies a quality bass sound.

The most suitable car bass speaker is a subwoofer or woofer.

Bass sounds with different frequencies:

  • Low bass or deep bass: ~ 18Hz – 78Hz
  • Mid-bass: ~ 78Hz – 300 Hz
  • Upper bass or high bass: ~ 300 Hz – 450Hz

The lower the frequency, the deeper and heavier the bass will sound.

Some people like to listen to the mid-bass sound but do not like to listen to the deep one.

2-Bass Booster EQ Setting
2-Bass Booster EQ Setting

Not as popular as bass, but mid is the sound that people encounter the most.

That is the traffic, television, voices, and sounds in life.

Because of the familiarity of the mid sound, we can easily hear a person with a good voice.

The mid sound will take up most of the time of the song. Usually, the mid-tone will be the premise for the treble sound.

Mid sounds with different frequencies:

  • Low mid: ~450Hz – 950Hz
  • Mid: ~950Hz – 1.8kHz
  • High mid: ~1.8kHz – 5.8kHz

When you hear each note, the words in the song are clear; feel the warmth and sweetness, which is a sign of quality mid-tones.

3-Voice EQ Setting
3-Voice EQ Setting

Treble is the highest sound and has the highest frequency among the bass, mid, and treble tones.

The treble plays the climax role in a song, helping music lovers thoroughly enjoy the song. When the song reaches the pitch range, we often get goosebumps.

When the frequency is above 5.8kHz, then the treble will appear.

4-Treble EQ Setting
4-Treble EQ Setting

Setting Equalizer For Best Sound Car By Music Genre

Below we have compiled all the EQ presets according to each music theme you love.

Note that this is a general preset for each music genre. You can take these presets as the base and customize presets according to your music taste.

5-Setting Equalizer For Best Sound
5-Setting Equalizer For Best Sound

Hip-Hop is a genre that young people often love. This genre has a fast tempo. Each beat is rapid, suitable for increasing a little bass and treble to increase the experience.

6-Hip-Hop EQ Setting
6-Hip-Hop EQ Setting

Electronic music is mainly mixed sounds from musical instruments, especially electronic drums, so it is appropriate to increase treble and bass to add excitement.

7-Electronic EQ Setting
7-Electronic EQ Setting

When it comes to modern rock, you must remember the electric guitar and add a little bass guitar. All of the above factors make a great rock song.

8-Rock EQ Setting
8-Rock EQ Setting

Dance music has much in common with Experimental Rock and adds a bit of sound, requiring a catchy rhythm. Here is the available EQ setting for this genre.

9-Dance EQ Setting
9-Dance EQ Setting

Most Pop genres will talk about love and emotions, so the producer must optimize the singer’s voice. It’s great when we add a little mid-sound.

10-Pop EQ Setting
10-Pop EQ Setting

Gentleness and softly are adjectives to describe R&B music. This genre is a combination of Blue and Jazz music. The catchy, repetitive rhythm makes this also a popular genre.

11-R&B EQ Setting
11-R&B EQ Setting

Acoustic is the appropriate music genre to cover the song because of the simplicity of this genre.

12-Acoustic EQ Setting
12-Acoustic EQ Setting

Classical music has simple rhythms, short melodies, precise rhythms, and contrasts. Usually, this type uses many instruments and often has few lyrics.

13-Classical EQ Setting
13-Classical EQ Setting

Jazz music will express beats, beats, and rhythms, all of which will blend into the catchy jazz song.

14-Jazz EQ Setting
14-Jazz EQ Setting

The lyrics and piano sound create harmony, pleasantness, and relaxation. That’s why piano often has this EQ setting.

15-Piano EQ Setting
15-Piano EQ Setting

How To Use An EQ Effectively?

To adjust EQ settings appropriately and effectively, you must consider factors such as using the correct presets, advanced connections, and car speaker functions.

Use The Preset Equalizer Settings

You must identify your music genre to get the most out of the presets. 

If you can’t identify the genre, google the source of the song.

Identifying the right genre will help you choose the correct preset. Choose a bass preset for music like hip-hop or electronic.

Understand The Use Of Each Car Speaker

Each type of car speaker and each brand will have different musical characteristics.

For example, subwoofers and woofers were born for the bass. The tweeter will give the high tones.

Some brands specialize in producing bass speakers, such as JBL and Kicker.

And always upgrade the system to give the best audio quality.

16-Adjust EQ Effectively
16-Adjust EQ Effectively
Trust Your Ears

Sometimes you have a distinct musical taste. Just trust your ears.

Maybe your taste in music differs from most people’s, which shouldn’t be a problem. Feel free to adjust it to your liking.

DSP Equalizer

DSP car audio will be a great tool if you want to learn and tune deeply into music like a real producer.

This device will help you deeply intervene in each type of speaker, opening a new world of music for you. Watch the video below for more details:

You’re using DSP wrong! Top 5 DSP Misconceptions


That’s all valuable information for setting the Equalizer for the best sound car. There are many ways to fine-tune EQ, but a setting equalizer for the best sound car is the EQ that suits you best.

Hopefully, through the image presets, the basic knowledge in the post will help you get your EQ settings. Thank you for reading!

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