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7 Best 4 Inch Lift Kit For Dodge Ram 1500 4WD Reviews in 2023

Improving the off-road riding experience or improving the carefree manner is why you are searching for the ideal lift kits for the Ram 1500, then the post is right for you. There are lift kits that would aid you in numerous ways. However, they come with a few issues too. Without adequate knowledge, you should always refrain from buying one. The market is filled with the best 4-inch lift kit for dodge ram 1500 4WD; however, not all would suit your cars and purposes.

We will start to discuss the best leveling kits made specifically for the Ram 1500, and the main difference between the lift kit and the requirement for one of them in the first place is the thing to consider. There is always a better probability that after a couple of times when you get behind the vehicle’s wheel, you should note the suspension from the start when it becomes saggy for irrespective reasons.

When brought out of the box, a good number of vehicles have a few unequal suspensions in them. The leveling kit is the only thing you would require as it fails to fit well as you wish to adjust the suspension. The leveling kit offers identical functions to a lesser extent. In contrast, the lift kits start elevating out the cabin of the vehicle to enhance their appearance, increasing the clearance on the ground while accommodating the bigger wheels.

Either way, if you aim to make an addition to the height of the dodge ram 1500 without any notable alterations while the suspension comes with a 4-inch lift kit which is perfect. However, the issue is that choosing the improper lift kit will increase the wear and tear of the tires while damaging the other parts of the vehicle.

Best 4 Inch Lift Kit For Dodge Ram 1500 4WD (Top Picks)

#1. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit

#2. Superlift Suspension K119 4 inch Lift Kit

#3. Rough Country Lift Kit With N3 Shocks

#4. ReadyLift 4.0” Front with 2.0” Rear SST Lift Kit

#5. Zone Offroad Suspension Lift Kit

#6. KSP Leveling Lift Kit Fit With Coil Spring & Air Supension

#7. Street Dirt Track Leveling Lift Kit

Best 4 Inch Lift Kit For Dodge Ram 1500 4WD (Reviews & Buying Guide)

When picking the right vehicle lift kit, everyone has their own preferences. Here, we will discuss the different types of 4-inch lift kits available on the market today and what you should look for when choosing one. After that, we will provide a buying guide to make things easier!

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#1. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit

best 4 inch lift kit for dodge ram 1500 4wd

The three-inch system offered by the Supreme Suspensions is on top of our selection for the ideal leveling kits made specifically for RAM 1500. When looking for the best 4-inch lift kit for ram 1500, this model comes with the Active-Level-Four Corner Air Suspensions, as the kit fits almost all 2 WD ram models from the year 1994 to 2018, operating without any errors.

The kit arrives with a couple of spacers that would help lift the front end of the RAM 1500 by almost three inches. You should ensure taking the appropriate measurements and determining the amount of lift one should need before making this purchase decision. 

The reports note that the installations are easier and quicker since it would never require the challenging equipment while it would begin by renting one. You can depend easily on this type of equipment for the trucks, like the Supreme Suspension as the most dependable lift and the supplier made for the leveling kit.

It is the leveling kit that will aid you in getting the most out of the purchases, whatever the need might be. You can take this carbon built for better understanding. The carbon will empower the kit to withstand complex situations apart from preventing corrosion and rusting to ensure the kit’s durability.

Apart from this, the lift would boost the installation of the user-friendly bolt, which you can easily complete in just a couple of hours. It will start maintaining the truck’s weight, distributing evenly, so you can easily count on the unit to prevent them from sagging.

It will help safeguard the health of your money that works while they are not in its place, along with the factory shock absorbers. However, you will never check out the features while compromising on it, considering that it does not in any manner reduce the efficiency of the kit additionally, as it will never restrict to the distinctive size of the tire. In contrast, you can easily match them well with the bigger ones.

Main Features
  • It comes with astonishing performance with greater quality for using them with precision CNC machined component
  • Coated exclusively for the prevention of rusting and oxidation
  • Designed to offer an instant and simple method for lifting the spring rates
  • Installation of the plus-sized rims and the tires to increase the clearance of the ground
  • Simple and easy installation in just one to two hours without any special tools required
  • Lifting the front end of the vehicle to maintain the quality of the factory ride


  • Fits well with almost all models
  • Easier to install
  • Ideal performance rate
  • Cost-effective and affordable solution


  • It reduces the comfort of the ride
  • It will make the entire vehicle unstable

#2. Superlift Suspension K119 4 inch Lift Kit

best 4 inch lift kit for dodge ram 1500 4wd

It is yet another contender in our guide today for the best 4 inches lift kits for your RAM 1500 Superlift K119. It is compatible with the eco-diesel and the gas varieties of the RAM 1500 4wd with the lift kit, which is the ideal choice for your vehicle. Once you know how to install a leveling kit on a Dodge Ram 1500 4WD, Superlift is extremely popular among the best pickups for top-quality products as it comes with a lifetime warranty that works as the ideal testament to offer quality products. The cost is extremely high, offering the quality lift kit that contains all types of goodies required for lifting your truck through the stock ride of the height.

If it is a bit shorter than the SuperLift, it would wish to add additional height to your vehicle, making it the best option. The lift kit will offer the right kind of lift that would offer your Dodge Ram 1500 the most aggressive appearance that is sure to turn several heads around. However, it does not just regard the appearance; the additional lift and height will also offer greater clearance on the ground, making your vehicle off-roading abilities.

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The Dodge Ram 1500 4wd will allow you to maintain similar angles to the geometry earlier with the lift kit installed thoroughly. It is vital to continue the predictability of handling the vehicle sager. Additionally, it arrives with the precise-engineering with greater clearance across the extended lengths and the members with the fabricated steel offering control to the upper arms that results in premium on and off-road driving capabilities along with maintaining a comfortable ride. 

We would recommend that you should hire professionals for the installation. It is not since there are a couple of steps included in the assembly process that you cannot perform. Just since you have completed the installation of this kit, the alignment is no longer necessary here.

There is a huge range of factors covered by the warranty, which is superbly impressive for the model that fails to cost you, creating a hole in your pocket. You can easily activate this warranty across every part while they are missing the package where the kit failed to fit while you are feeling the vibrations since you have successfully installed it.

Main Features
  • It offers the front suspension being lifted to about two inches
  • It improves the appearance of the vehicle promoting balance during the ride
  • No greater load would compress or even bend the billet aluminum built
  • The coatings are anodized to increase their durability over time.


  • It improves the aesthetics
  • Easier for installation
  • The earlier customers highly recommend them


  • It is an expensive kit
  • Uses a greater amount of fuel

#3. Rough Country Lift Kit With N3 Shocks

best 4 inch lift kit for dodge ram 1500 4wd

The Rough Country is the best leveling kit for Dodge RAM and remains unmatched, considering the functionality, efficiency, and quality. It offers the perfect additional lift with the truck’s front and back end levels that are professionally manufactured to fit with the varied Chevrolet and GMC cars. The product aids cars, including the Suburban, Silverado, Yukon CL, Yukon, Tahoe, Sierra, and others.

The vehicle’s ground clearance is enhanced to their preferred levels while they would retain comfortable and OEM-like rides. It arrives with the entire set of lower front strut mount extensions compatible with the vehicles and the larger vehicles with tires around 32 inches in diameter.

The kits are designed specifically for bolt-on installations and offer three distinctive benefits. Initially, the straightforwardness of the whole process would mean that you are done in just a couple of hours. The second is that there is no need for any kind of welding, and lastly, the benefit arrives out of the first, where you can install them in almost any garage.

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So, would you mean that you are installing them on your own? We get scared that it will not. It includes unique equipment like spring compressors that need an expert hand for the performance of the installation and the other kind of installation apart from the need for the unique mechanical skills that most drivers do not possess.

The kit package comprises shock absorbers to enhance the truck’s on- and off-the-road performance. It can help level the front with the rear end to eliminate misalignments. The rear end would lift the block that is mainly fabricated, last longer, and are more durable than the blocks included for casting.

Rough Country offers a lot of proof which we have failed to include in the earlier paragraphs. It is thoroughly supplied through this model with lifetime replacement warranties. Apart from this, you will gain a three-year warranty on the struts and the shocks.

Main Features
  • Easier bolt-on installations right at the home
  • No requirement to take the struts apart
  • Maximising the clearance on the ground for hurdles of any kind, both off and on the roads
  • It helps maintain the OEM standards and smoother rides
  • Well-suited for the tires for about 32 inches
  • Stronger fibreglass, which reinforces the nylon parts


  • Enhanced tire clearances
  • Improved stabilities
  • Enhanced performances


  • Increased type of maintenance needed
  • Increased insulations involved

#4. ReadyLift 4.0” Front with 2.0” Rear SST Lift Kit

best 4 inch lift kit for dodge ram 1500 4wd

If you want to know what is the best 4-inch lift kit for ram 1500, then the kit is the ideal one in terms of leveling. The quickest and cheapest way to lift the front and rear of the vehicle is possible using the Readylift Leveling Kit. It is the most detailed one raising the system, including the unique features that include keeping the factory by changing the radius for the preservation of the alignment needs with the important ability for using the factory spares, even the stock wheels that are ever to take place. It will offer the right-mentioned lift height.

While none can ever ignore the significant price tag of this vehicle as there are several reasons behind why the model is charging the way it is. For beginners, you will never have to spend the entire day under the truck’s underbody to install them, and Readylift can easily be assembled in as much as one hour.

As clearly stated by the name, it is mainly the rear kit. What would happen when it fails to communicate that the unit will never interfere with the truck’s factory ride? It will lift the vehicle by about 4 inches. Therefore, you should dig deeper and never depend on this model’s name to acquaint yourself with its different benefits.

One of the major benefits of the model offering comes with stronger construction. It consists of the steel used in the bolt construction, while the blocks are mainly created out of cast iron. Combined with all, both of these materials will help the rear kit to think about facing the issues related to the build.

On top of all, the ReadyLift kit will never restrict their uses for the 4WD vehicle. It offers you the Dodge RAM 1500 4WD parked in the garage, although the model is handier enough. It is emphasised that the feature does not come with the lift kits compatible with the 4WD and 2WD trucks.

Main Features
  • The truck’s front is raised by two inches
  • It is easier to install in just one to two hours
  • You do not have to remove the coil and the strut
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is made in the USA


  • Enhanced rate of performance
  • Right kind of stability
  • Easier to install


  • It is costly compared to any other brands
  • The vehicles start to consume a greater amount of fuel

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#5. Zone Offroad Suspension Lift Kit

best 4 inch lift kit for dodge ram 1500 4wd

This kit is ideal for those searching for the best lift kits for Dodge Ram 1500 of their topmost caliber with greater tensile strength. The kit has numerous elements which are made for enduring for numerous miles and continue to make the vehicle ride smoothly. They will easily lift the cars by two inches and are made of aircraft-grade aluminum billet for longer-lasting performances.

These 12.9 grades of sold bolts come with black powder coating, offering to rust and preventing corrosion. These trucks and the other cars have enhanced looks, especially due to the leveling kit. It is generally used with larger tires offering higher and better clearance to the ground. You can even manage the tough riding conditions when you gain the gear. 

KSP offers this stronger lift kit in case you need to raise the car’s front side by around four inches. They are mainly used for the 2006 and 2021 models of the Dodge Ram. 

The construction made out of the 6061 T6 aluminum billet consists of the 12.9 grade of solid bolts that have made the kit highly durable and stronger. The black powder coating with the entire surface highly ensures durability and will help safeguard the kit from corrosion or rusting.

Therefore, the kit continues to survive even during extreme riding conditions. The CNC machined construction will ensure the precise fit where you can start installing the kit easily. But, professional installation is a requisite here since the lift kit’s installation comprises several things. You just need three to four hours, sufficient for the installation, as you do not need special tools.

The stronger lift kit will ensure about two inches of ground clearance for the front of the Ram 1500, making sure of this aggressive appearance as you should try this out.

Main Features
  • Two inches are added to the front end.
  • Elements of the kits are made out of the aircraft-grade aluminum metal
  • The reviews state that they are best for the Ford F-150 and Ford Expedition model
  • They are backed by the warranty of a lifetime
  • The front end consists of two inches of a lift


  • The accuracy is manufactured for the smoother operations
  • The ability to handle the extremities of the riding conditions
  • Offering the Ram the most aggressive appearance
  • The easier installation process


  • The weight is too much
  • Lesser fuel economy
  • The instructions for the installations in never required

#6. KSP Leveling Lift Kit Fit With Coil Spring & Air Supension

best 4 inch lift kit for dodge ram 1500 4wd

You can easily fall in love with this leveling kit if you aim to raise the vehicle by about 1.5 to 2 inches. The car gets the lift by 2.5 inches which is extremely astonishing. It is crafted for rugged roads and larger vehicles, making them suitable for every model of the best leveling lift kit as you need to know how to install a leveling kit on a dodge ram 1500 4wd before anything else.

Once it would hit on the shelves for the initial time through the years earlier with the KSP 3 inches lift kit, it would prevent the numerous efficiency headaches for the drivers of the Dodge Ram. After these are installed on the vehicle, the gadget will enhance the ground looks as it will positively affect the entire and even distribution of the weight.

Additionally, the vehicle lifts for around 3 inches up the ground with the number of particles on the ground that will generally hit every underbody that significantly drops. It will hugely lower the wear and tear while saving a considerable amount of costs on maintenance.

Although there is no more requirement for hiring any professional for the installations as we would start recommending while you are taking these costlier decisions. It will act on the advice that will save you from taking the expensive decision after installing this model while the vehicle would involve the alignment as it would damage the tires.

Main Features
  • The vehicle is lifted by 2.5 inches
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Compatible with the 2006 to 2021 models


  • Compatible with almost every model
  • Brake pressures are reduced
  • No effect on the economy of the fuel


  • Cannot be used with certain suspensions

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#7. Street Dirt Track Leveling Lift Kit

best 4 inch lift kit for dodge ram 1500 4wd

The yet other complete lift kit assists you in lifting both the front and rear ends of the vehicles. The model offers the kit at the most affordable prices. Therefore, selecting the set that offers your RAM 1500 model a more distinctive look will not become the costlier option.

The construction of the kit is made out of aircraft-grade material. Therefore, you can easily expect the strength to have the ability to withstand every driving condition. Additionally, the top-quality black powder coating is applied to it, preventing corrosion.

The package even arrives with two three-inch front lift spaces, two inches of rear lift spacers, six stainless steel hardiness, and six precision gaskets made from the CNC machined element. The kit does not come with any installation guides, as the installation is done in just a couple of hours. 

The unit’s components are made of CNC machined from the aluminum billet and coated with black powder to prevent rusting and corrosion. The error-free will greatly complement the real suspension of the Ram. The entire set of the billet aluminum lift spacers with all the required parts is included in the packages, making the installation process amazingly easier.

Main features
  • It is made out of a similar material to the aircraft ones
  • They are installed without the removal of the frame
  • Two inches of leveling is required here
  • Offers the appropriate spacers that come in one inch of the thickness


  • Have the ability to withstand every driving situation
  • The ability to handle an excessive amount of pressure
  • Top-quality materials and accurate engineering process


  • It lacks the necessary installation instructions

Top Lift Kit For Dodge Ram 1500 Buying Guide

It is what you should look for while picking the ideal type of lift kit for your Dodge Ram 1500:

1. The kind of lift kit

Why should you check out the kind of lift kit and not pick the first one that meets the specification of the vehicle? It is because the kind would determine whether or not the lift kit is handy enough on the rugged terrains you are driving. The following are the most commonly used ones:

Suspension Lift Kit

The suspension lift kit comes in handy in both cases, whether you wish to replace the whole built-in suspension of the kit or check out the proper spacing for added clearances. These suspension lift kits are never the same, although varied types of suspension kits are used following the varied methods offering the perfect lift.

Spring-Over-Axle (SOA)

Are you the most over-enthusiastic crawler on the rock? You would then perform adequately with the spring-over-axle suspension lift kits. These are the primary units that would help offer your vehicle the additional traction to keep the tires on the ground. Simultaneously, they would precisely raise the vehicle, offering varied benefits that we have already mentioned in the introduction. However, they are a bit on the expensive side.

Shackle Reverse

Are you regularly venturing out for driving on milder terrains like the scenic ones? Are you passionate about discovering the type of forests and deserts in their offerings? You can try out the shackle reverse kits. Your response is a yes to these queries. On the other side, although these shackle reverse kits are cheaper than the SOA kits, they do not offer the right kind of articulation.

Lifted Spring

For beginners out there who are not experienced enough in the world of off-roading, the lifted spring suspensions are the must-buy option. They are easier to install even when you cannot arrange a helping hand. So, do you have something that can be done here? Sadly the clearance offered by them is unmatched by any other present in the market.

2. Leveling Lift Kits

Although the suspension kits offer an added clearance allowing the vehicle to accommodate the larger tires, the kits start leveling out the stances of the Dodge ram 1500 front to the rear end. Several drivers have grown tired enough of their truck’s uneven appearance, so they picked this kit.

The kit suits well with the models used on streets extensively, either as the tow or a hauling truck. However, as the kits offer lesser additional tire clearance ground, they fail at enhancing the off-roading performances of the Dodge Ram. So, the following are the kind of leveling kits you can get for your vehicle:

Coil Spring Spacers

You can start to attach the spacers right on top of the spring buckets or at the bottom, as it depends completely on the vehicle’s make and model. A few costlier spacers arrive with the bump stock relocation to aid you in hauling them in their stride, giving an additional lift.

Torsion Bar Keys

As they fail at adding the factory parts that come as mere replacements, installing the torsion bar keys will take additional effort and time as you can easily count on them to outsmart the factory parts in terms of the strongly built.

Strut Extension

As implied through the name, these strut extensions are easily located on the underbody of the vehicle. Therefore it is the reason why they are easier in terms of the installation processes.

3. Body Lift Kits

The body lift kits may raise your car between 2 and 7cm off the ground. Installing them on the underbody of your Dodge Ram will lift the truck’s main wheel, allowing you to install larger tires. As a result, body lift kits are quite prevalent among off-road enthusiasts.

These elevation kits are the most affordable and allow you to fit tires up to 33 inches in diameter. You can also rely on them not to influence your car’s handling, passenger comfort, or steering contour. However, their lift range (tire size flexibility) is restricted.

FAQS About 4 Inch Lift Kit For Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Does a 4-inch lift affect towing?

Towing performance should be comparable to before modification. Please keep in mind that this only pertains if you elevate the body of your truck by 4 inches or less. If you exceed that limit, the extra space between your body and the suspension will exacerbate your instability, making towing bigger weights dangerous.

How much does a 4-inch lift kit cost to put on a truck?

Lower-scale lift systems may elevate a vehicle by two to five inches and generally cost between $400 and $12,000.

Does lifting a truck decrease fuel mileage?

A raised kit may reduce fuel mileage in several ways. The first is additional weight; if your car weighs heavier after adding a raise package, your mileage will suffer. The second benefit is improved wind resistance.


The list we have brought for you today for the best 4-inch lift kit for dodge ram 1500 4wd will help narrow down your choices. However, numerous brands are offering the kits, and you should be assured of compatibility and features before pressing that purchase. We would even aim at the buying guide to aid you here in grabbing the ideal options for the perfect analysis.

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