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Top 7 Best Cam for 350 With Vortec Heads Reviews in 2023

Last updated on October 17th, 2023 at 01:52 am

You must be sick of your automobile consistently giving you mediocre performance. Even worse, your automobile could have caused you unending concern and embarrassment. You’ve undoubtedly been looking for ways to enhance your car’s overall performance and get it closer to perfection. You’d reach your objective if you read this post on the top 7 cams for 350 engines with Vortec heads. A camshaft transmits energy from one engine component to another, functioning nearly like the engine’s brain. It aids in regulating the operation of the intake and exhaust valves of automobiles. If the camshaft in your car isn’t working correctly, it might impact other vital components, lowering performance.

You must locate a camshaft that is both affordable and appropriate for your requirements. You require a camshaft from a reputable company with a lengthy track record of providing high-quality items for your 350 engine with Vortec heads. For this reason, this page lists the top goods available along with their specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. Are you trying to choose the ideal camshaft for yourself? Explore this page to your knees to find some hidden best cam for 350 with Vortec heads.

As you are already aware, the camshaft is the “brain” of the engine and is in charge of regulating how an automobile’s intake and exhaust valves operate. Selecting the ideal camshaft for your model and engine directly influences several factors, including horsepower, torque, and idle quality.

It’s also important to understand the hierarchy of elements if you want to design a proficient and potent engine. Even if you choose the best components available, if the cam you choose is the wrong one, all of your other choices will be worthless and unusable. As the engine’s “brain,” the camshaft coordinates correct connectivity between numerous other components.

Best Cam For Chevy 350 With Vortec Heads (Our Top Picks)

#1. CANZILLA Camshaft for Briggs & Stratton Replacement Kit (Best Performance)

#2. Elgin E-1840-P Camshaft (Performance) (Highly Durable)

#3. COMP HRT Series Stage 1 Camshaft (Most Recommended)

#4. Lunati Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Cam/Lifter Kit (Must Buy in this Price)

#5. COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Roller Cam and Lifter Kit (Preferable)

#6. Edelbrock 2102 Performer-Plus Camshaft and Lifter Kit (recommendable)

#7. DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head (Excellent product)

Best Cam For 350 With Vortec Heads Reviews & Buying Guide

We compiled a list of the best roller cam for 350 with Vortec heads available after examining the various models for a 350 engine. They provide remarkable functions that would improve the efficiency of your automobile. The cam for 350 with Vortec heads consists of the following;

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#1. CANZILLA Camshaft for Briggs & Stratton Replacement Kit

best cam for 350 with vortec heads

This is the finest option if you’re searching for the best cam for 350 with Vortec heads to replace your outdated engine. It functions well for the majority of 215000 Briggs and Stratton engines, so you can buy with confidence that it will fit well. Additionally, it works well with various engine types, including Intek model engines.

When you buy this camshaft, you also get a gasket, two connecting rods, two oil seal rings, and one cleaning tool set. Everything needed to keep your Canzilla 84005207 Camshaft in top condition is included in this comprehensive set. Additionally, you must let specialists install the cam if you want to get the best performance out of the camshaft. You take pleasure in it and get it installed properly on your engine.

  • Has a good rough sound
  • Provides a good HP
  • Comes with all the necessary tools


  • Affordable price
  • Free and easy shipping
  • Suitable for a wide range of models
  • Great design
  • High quality


  • It has a pin that fails to rotate to a flat position.

#2. Elgin E-1840-P Camshaft (Performance)

best cam for 350 with vortec heads

Elgin is a reliable option if you’re looking for a producer with a track record of creating the best cam for 350 Vortec. The fact that this company has been around since 1919 demonstrates their extensive knowledge of the unique requirements of your car. They know the most effective ways to support your 350’s good health.

It efficiently supports your power brakes and provides rapid valve timing. By applying predetermined timing, this Elgin device aids in managing the opening and shutting of the vehicle valves. Your engine is adequately shielded from any potential camshaft-related issues. Additionally, this camshaft provides top performance by ensuring that the valves are kept open properly.

  • Powerful sounding system
  • Lube-style design
  • Easy to install
  • A warranty can be issued


  • Long track record
  • Accurate Valve Timing
  • Affordable Price
  • Works effectively for a Nitrous and turbo
  • Great design


  • The front-bearing journal is below the limit for size.

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#3. COMP HRT Series Stage 1 Camshaft

best cam for 350 with vortec heads

The Comp Cams 112-300-11 is a camshaft that produces the most power without the need for springs. This is the market’s top option if you drive a heavier car. It sets itself apart from rivals with a remarkable mid-range torque and throttle responsiveness. Given that it provides the most air compared to rivals, the exhaust length makes it appropriate for modern HEMI engines.

Additionally, it has the most powerful lifter, which ensures high-end performance for its 350 with Vortec heads. It is the first company to employ a novel camshaft finish process that provides superior performance and durability than conventional polishing. Additionally, this item takes advantage of Micro Surface Performance (MSE), which guarantees an improvement.

  • Great idle sound
  • Great performance
  • Up to three different grinds for different applications
  • Suitable for aftermarket converters
  • Early intake valve opening and long exhaust duration
  • High rpm range
  • Massive horsepower and torque


  • Effective load bearing
  • Suitable for higher loads
  • Improves durability
  • No springs required
  • Reduces localized stress


  • It might be too big for some trucks.

#4. Lunati Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Cam/Lifter Kit

best cam for 350 with vortec heads

A cost-effective camshaft for street extremely hot/bracket racing applications is the Lunati 10120102LK. For maximum performance, it needs a 3500 RPM converter, 4.11 gears, and a minimum compression ratio of 10.5:1. The flat tappet camshafts that came with the Chevrolet 262, 265, 302, 305, 327, 350, 383, and 400 Small Block Engines are compatible with this made-in-the-USA camshaft.

The Lunati 10120102LK provides you with the biggest horsepower improvements and a wide torque curve without sacrificing the engine’s dependability and longevity. Better throttle response, quicker accelerations, more vacuum, and greater economy are all benefits.

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The Lunati 10120102LK camshaft is an excellent option for a variety of high-performance applications because of its benefits and improvements. It also increases the area under the curve so that more power is delivered where required.

Only on the tiny block engines that it fits into does this barebone camshaft allow for a visible idle and increased power across a wide range of RPM. Since these models are not supported, you should avoid purchasing them for LT1 and LT4 vehicles manufactured in 1985 and after.

The Lunati 10120102LK cam and lifter kit include installation instructions, assembly lubricant, a camshaft, and a pair of lifters. It can operate with up to 250 HP and pull over 6500 rpm when linked with the suggested parts.

  • Provides better throttle response and acceleration
  • Fits most Chevrolet Gen 1 engines
  • Modern design


  • Great sound
  • Quality camshaft for street rods
  • Affordable option


  • No hardened ring
  • May need new valve springs

#5. COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Roller Cam and Lifter Kit

best cam for 350 with vortec heads

COMP Cams manufactures the COMP Cams CL08-408-8 brand in the USA. This company has more than 30 years of expertise and is a recognized producer of OE replacement parts. The camshaft is compatible with GEN 1 Chevrolet 305/350 Small Blocks that come with roller camshafts. Lower gear ratios, aftermarket intake manifolds, and headers are the ideal combinations for it.

Additionally, you have additional space under the lift curve and improved throttle response. With the COMP Cams CL08-408-8 camshaft, your engine vacuum is increased. You gain from this feature in two ways: performance enhancement and power brake support.

The COMP Cams CL08-408-8 cam for tbi 350 with Vortec heads performs admirably in street and track applications. With its aggressive lobe shape, you receive better throttle response and higher engine power without sacrificing dependability and longevity.

  • String torque
  • Largest cam for stock converter
  • Good mileage
  • Noticeable idle


  • Excellent performance
  • Quicker opening lobe profiles
  • Increases throttle responsiveness


  • Relatively more expensive than most products on this list

#6. Edelbrock 2102 Performer-Plus Camshaft and Lifter Kit

best cam for 350 with vortec heads

The Edelbrock 2102 Performer-Plus Camshaft Kit is a must-have item if you enjoy tuning and customizing your automobile. These camshafts may torque the lower and middle wheels, which puts adequate strain on the engine (tier). The best vehicles for this support this level of torque and setup. You’ll save time and money since you won’t need to replace the valve caps. Additionally, these camshafts are perfect for everyday driving, both on and off the road, due to their smoother and more refined reaction to pressure. This camshaft comes bundled with all the installation-related gear, just like the other two.

This kit comes with hydraulic lifters, oil, and an instruction booklet. To utilize this cam, you need to have an incompatible engine and low compression. The sound effects are worth the expenditure since the car’s wheels will accelerate and have more torque, giving it enough of a boost on the road. It’s a terrific spot to have fun, and you receive a lot. This 14.15-pound cam, which weighs 25.5x8x3.8 inches and has an easy-to-follow instruction manual, may be easily installed. It’s a great cam for your engine, too.

  • Improves torque and throttle responsiveness
  • The gap between the lobes is 112 degrees.
  • for daily drivers, trucks, vans, RVs, and 4x4s; has smooth idling cams
  • The factory rocker arm ratio for the intake valve lift is 0. 448, while the stock rocker ratio for the exhaust valve lift is 0. 472.


  • Setup is a breeze.
  • Affordable
  • For engines with smaller power output, light-duty tasks
  • Designed primarily for everyday use rather than high power


  • None

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#7. DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

best cam for 350 with vortec heads

The DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head functions in a way that not only improves your engine’s performance but also enhances your vehicle’s performance. The cylinder head of this one is produced with a modern design port, which aids in the airflow processing differently and with high velocity. This is something special and distinctive about it.

It features an extremely resistant internal and external aluminum coating that provides a long-lasting and durable guarantee. The robust inside components of the camshaft and the bronze-coated valves, which give sturdiness and another long-lasting characteristic, are another distinctive aspect of this product.

Additionally, it is made of robust and lightweight materials, all of which were employed to design and completely produce this one. Weighing 22 pounds and measuring 22.25 by 10.25 by 7.5 inches, You can watch them at work because the outside is likewise empty. The combustion engine also has a 68cc chamber that offers top-notch performance.

Many people in the feedback stated that the port needs to be cleaned because it slightly impacts the chamber. By replacing your old camshaft with these, you will notice a significant difference that may or may not be better or worse, depending on your engine’s operating conditions.

  • High performance
  • Reasonable design
  • Durable
  • Precise dimension


  • The weight is super light as per all the materials used
  • Very much durable and long-lasting
  • Also compatible with all Vortec


  • Won’t notice a huge difference if the previously used camshaft were more advanced
  • The ports need to be cleaned even though it does not affect the chamber.

Various types of Camshafts

There are four primary types of the cam for chevy 350 with Vortec heads solid roller, hydraulic flat tappet, and solid flat tappet. Each specification is typically placed in the cam card that comes with the camshaft bundle. The summary of each camshaft standard may be found below.

Standard RPM Range

This is the range of the engines’ maximum output. Find a camshaft with an RPM range that precisely complements the other components of your automobile and its intended use when making your selection.


This is the reference to the valve’s separation from the cylinder, and it is expressed in inches. It essentially implies the height of the cam lobes.


The duration is the length of time the valve is open, expressed in degrees by the crankshaft’s revolution. It influences the cam lobes’ width. A “larger cam” is just a cam with a longer duration.

The distance between the centerline points of the intake and exhaust lobes, expressed in degrees of camshaft rotation, is known as the lobe separation angle (LSA). The lobe separation angle determines how the lobes on the cylinder relate. After considering all these things and selecting the right camshaft, correctly installing it is the next important step.

Buying Advice for best cam for 350 with Vortec heads

Before making a purchase, you must carefully evaluate several important criteria. Your engine and vehicle’s overall performance depend on the camshaft. For this reason, you should think about the following.

Camshaft design

There are four main varieties of camshafts, and each one performs a particular job. Before making a decision, be cautious about recognizing it. You may select between a solid roller, solid flat tappet, hydraulic roller, and hydraulic flat tappet. Flat lifters are used in the flat varieties; they are often lightweight and more durable than the others. The lobes of the roller cams are flat, yet they have a wheel. Roller camshafts generally open the valves more quickly and improve oil and airflow.

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It varies on how long it takes a valve to open, therefore this is a further vital factor to be aware of. It is measured in degrees in accordance with the rotation of the crankshaft. The duration is influenced by the cam lobe width; when the lobes are wider, the duration is slower. Your choice might be considerably impacted by this.

Basic RPM range

The RPM range of a camshaft is determined by the duration. When the duration is increased, the camshaft produces the maximum power and operates at peak efficiency. Make sure the RPM range fits other parts of your car, including the carburetor, exhaust system, cylinder heads, and even the headers. If you keep them in mind, a lot of issues may be avoided.

The angle of Lobe Separation

This is related to the separation between the intake and exhaust lobes. You may make an educated guess by counting the degrees of camshaft rotation. The lobe separation angle manages the relationship between the lobes on the cylinder.


A lifter is an important component that needs sufficient consideration. When expressed in inches, the distance between the valve and cylinder may also be considered. It has to do with the length of the cam lobes. This may help you choose the ideal option for your 350 with Vortec heads.

Maintenance for best cam for 350 with Vortec heads

Your engine’s camshafts are an essential component that needs to be maintained regularly to keep them operating efficiently. Here are some pointers for maintaining your camshafts’ peak performance:

Keep Cam Gears Clean: 

Over time, cam gears can fill up with debris, making the camshafts run irregularly. To thoroughly clean them, use a brush or a liquid solvent to eliminate all the dirt.

Measure the valve lash

This is the separation between the cam lobe and the valve stem. Every time you maintain your engine, it should be changed since it might impact performance. If it’s too tight, the valve will shut off too soon, making noise and reducing fuel efficiency.

Replace when needed

The engine’s performance may be impacted if cams need to be replaced when worn out or damaged. When they start to sound strange or show wear symptoms, replace them.

How Should A Roller Cam Be Selected For Vortec Heads?

You must make a good decision and consider the finest cam for Vortec heads since roller cams are crucial to the effective operation of the exhaust system, which results in the appropriate operation of your vehicle’s engine. You will need to consider several criteria to make sure the item you intend to purchase satisfies all of your requirements and properly fits your engine. The following are some crucial considerations when selecting the finest roller cam for 350 with Vortec heads:

Type of engine and cam:

Knowing your engine type is the most important consideration when buying a roller cam for your car. To identify the sort of engine your automobile has, you could even want expert assistance. Additionally, various car models need various camshaft types, and some even need more than one. Therefore, carefully examine the merchandise to determine whether or not it will suit your vehicle.

The camshafts are available in a variety of designs, just like engines. Some examples are hydraulic roller cams, hydraulic flat tappet cams, sold flat tappet cams, and many more. The big engines will never work with a camshaft designed for a small-block engine.


Different camshaft types need various levels of upkeep and attention. While some of them are simple to maintain, others need a lot of work and meticulous upkeep. Choose a camshaft from the options available based on how much work you are prepared to put into keeping your camshaft in good working order. Any vehicle item needs maintenance, or else it would just start to wear out. Select a camshaft that you can readily maintain to ensure that it lasts as long as feasible.

FAQs About Best Cam for 350 With Vortec Heads

How much horsepower can a Vortec 350 make?

There is no precise technique to determine this and provide a precise figure. There are just a lot of engine parts to consider, including the exhaust system, the compression ratio, porting, carburetor size, etc. With a standard engine, a reasonable estimate would be 10%.

How do I know if I have a Vortec 350?

Compared to conventional 350 heads, the bowl area is larger around the guide. The intake uses an eight-bolt attachment and has a distinct bolt pattern.

Can you put Vortec heads on a non-Vortec block?

This question cannot be answered with certainty because it is dependent on the particular Vortec head you are using. While certain Vortec heads could be compatible with others, some might not.

Do Vortec heads require special headers?

No, the majority of Vortec heads don’t need unique headers. Anyone seeking an engine with greater performance should consider the Vortec heads. They are an excellent technique to get more power out of your engine since they boost airflow and fuel efficiency.


There are a variety of factors to consider while choosing a new camshaft. Matching the camshaft to your car’s engine is crucial if you want good results. Making a wise choice of the camshaft also requires having a thorough grasp of the camshaft system. Although initially understanding every component of a cam may not be simple, the information you get will help you select the optimum cam for your engine.

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