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Top 7 Best Cam for 454 Big Block (2024 Review & Buying Guide)

Last updated on January 1st, 2024 at 12:39 am

There will be times when you are required to purchase a new best cam for 454 big block, and there will be other times when you merely want to purchase one to improve performance. You can give your Chevrolet the best possible treatment no matter what situation you find yourself in by installing the finest valve for standard 454 engines. We conduct an extensive analysis of the collection of  best towing cam for 454 big blocks that are made accessible to you so that you can find the best possible alternative.

The Numerous Advantages of Employing the Use Camshaft On The 454

The advantages of using a cam include improved performance, which is made possible by the camshaft, which plays a crucial role in the process of making the engine more efficient. It controls the intake valve as well as the exhaust valve, which results in an increase in horsepower.

  • High-speed: It broadens the range of performance that can be achieved by high-speed engines.
  • Power Engine: Combustion of the air-fuel mixture is made possible by the camshaft, which lifts the intake valve and the exhaust valve. This allows the air-fuel mixture to be burned, which in turn powers the engine.
  • Air and fuel mixture acceleration: while the engine is turning, it allows the pistons to carry out air and fuel intake strokes as the valve lifts. Because of this lift, the cylinder is able to ignite the fuel-air mixture and get the engine started.
  • Valve opening: The overhead camshafts are responsible for keeping the valves lifted for a predetermined period of time. The process of taking in air and expelling exhaust gases happens at precisely the right moment to prevent the engine from getting too hot.

What exactly is a camshaft, then?

The camshaft can be found either close to the head of the engine or in the middle of the engine. It is an integral component of the valve train and regulates the flow of air and fuel into the combustion chamber. After the gasoline has been burned, it also vents the combustion fumes to the outside. Camshafts can range in number from one to four in modern engines.

The blades rise and fall in response to the rotation of the camshaft. When used in DOHC engines, each revolution is responsible for causing the valve to press down, which unlocks the cylinder. In engines that use pushrods or SOHC, the cam lobe (or pushrods) is the component that opens the valve by applying pressure to the rocker’s arms. When the lobe revolves even further, the valve will begin to close again because of the spring that is attached to it.

The 454 Chevrolet camshaft works in a manner that is very similar to that of contemporary versions, but because it is not an overhead camshaft, it is not classified as DOHC or SOHC. Camshafts for the 454 are more difficult to replace than those for some later versions because of their distinctive construction.

A timing belt or chain can be used to make the connection between the camshaft and the driveshaft in your motor vehicle. Timing gears are typically utilized in pushrod engines. When compared to crankshaft gears, camshaft gears have twice as many blades, which enables them to revolve at only one-half the speed.

It should be brought to your attention that there are four camshaft movements. These components are referred to as the intake, compression, power, and emission, respectively.

What Kind Of Engine Comes Standard In The 454?

The Chevrolet Big Block came in a variety of displacements, but the 454 was widely regarded as the superior option. That is really saying something considering how many engines Chevy has produced over the years. Initially, the 454 engine was a choice for those interested in purchasing one of these vehicles.

It is best known for its implementation in muscle cars produced in the 1970s, but it also has a respectable standing in the pickup market. Some Chevrolet 1-ton pickup trucks were offered with the 454 engine option. Despite the fact that Chevrolet does not install these engines as standard equipment on any of its vehicles anymore, aficionados frequently buy them as replacements for their existing engines. It is also possible to find a variety of parts that are compatible with the 454 engine, making it a top choice for anyone who wants to increase their vehicle’s performance.

The Advantages of Changing Out the Camshaft On The 454

After you have improved both your exhaust and your cool air intake, it is time to think about purchasing a new 454 cam upgrade valve assembly for your engine. You have the ability to increase the cadence of the valve opening as well as its endurance with this inclusion.

When this takes place, the efficiency of your engine will be significantly improved. After the work is finished, you may find that you have more horsepower, greater acceleration, enhanced fuel efficiency, and a general increase in torque.

It is my hope that you are replacing the camshaft in your 454 because you want to. Having said that, a cam replacement may at times be required in certain circumstances.

Warning Symptoms Of A Broken Shutter On A 454 Large Block

The camshaft in your Chevy  454 cam kit engine is an important component that must not be missing. These symptoms may present themselves when the 454 cam begins to show signs of failing.

  • Backfiring or bursting sounds.
  • A failure in one or more of the cylinders that can occur at low or high RPMs.
  • Tap-tap-tap arriving from the valves in the engine.

Why do BBC camshafts go bad? 

There are instances when the cam breaks because of faulty bearings, deteriorated lifters, or blades that have worn out. In the event that the camshaft breaks, the top of the engine is at risk of being harmed as a result. You would prefer to avoid spending money on new connecting rods, pistons, valves, or cylinder blocks.

If there is a problem, it should be looked into as soon as possible, just like there should be any significant engine problem. If you let any essential component fail, it will only lead to more extensive and expensive repairs for the engine.

Best Cam For Stock 454 Big Block (Our Top Picks)

#1. JEGS Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft

#2. COMP Cams K11-242-3 Xtreme Energy 224/230 Hydraulic Flat Cam

#3. COMP Cams CL11-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam

#4. Howards Hydraulic Roller Camshaft and Lifter Kit

#5. Lunati 10110703LK Hydraulic Flat Cam and Lifter Kit

#6. COMP Cams 54-454-11 Camshaft

#7. Elgin E-1840-P Hydraulic Performance Camshaft

Best Cam for 454 Big Block (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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#1. JEGS Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft

best towing cam for 454 big block

Your vehicle’s power and performance can both benefit from the installation of a JEGS Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft, which measures 5.4 inches in length, 2.8 inches in width, and 31.2 inches in height. This camshaft has the best poppet valve operation because it was designed specifically for small-block Chevy engines.

The fact that this product does not come by itself but rather as part of a complete set is something that is greatly appreciated by customers. Everything is included, beginning with the instructions for the installation all the way through the set of lifters.

When used in conjunction with high-performance street stock converters, this camshaft kit performs exceptionally well. In addition, the camshaft is responsible for the engine’s commendable optimal performance even when it is used in conjunction with other converters such as the year 2000.

In addition, the operating range for this product is between 3000 and 6500 revolutions per minute (RPM), which is considered to be excessively high. The fact that the RPM criteria are so stringent grants you the most possible functionality and guarantees that there will be no failures.

This hydraulic camshaft features optimal interlocking structures in its design, which results in increased power as well as an exhaust tone that is more aggressive. In addition to these benefits, it will also increase your horsepower and give you access to a wider spectrum of velocity. It is simple to put together and weighs only 13 pounds, making it extremely lightweight.

Your vehicle’s performance will be significantly improved while the cost of the upgrade is kept to a minimum thanks to its many impressive features.

  • This Camshaft is constructed from high-quality material and is designed to work perfectly in small-block Chevy engines manufactured between 1957 and 1985.
  • It does this by increasing the cadence and duration of the valve apertures during the movements of the engine, which results in a significant increase in horsepower.
  • Pneumatic flat-tappet camshafts work well and have a wider power window.
  • This high-quality camshaft is an ideal choice for engines with displacements of 400, 350, 327, 307, 262, and 283.
  • It is capable of lifting up to 0.488 inches or 0.510 inches and has a lobe difference of 114 degrees.
  • Camshaft power brand RPM can range anywhere from about 3000 to 6500, depending on the application.
  • Due to the fact that it weighs very little, it is simple to transport and can be put together without the assistance of any mechanical devices.
  • The camshaft has a duration of @0.050″:234°/302° and was designed in the United States of America.


  • Excellent return on investment.
  • Item of the highest possible quality.
  • Installation is not difficult at all.


  • Needs regular upkeep and occasional repair.

#2. COMP Cams K11-242-3 Xtreme Energy 224/230 Hydraulic Flat Cam

best cam for 454 big block

This specific cam kit was developed with racing vehicles in mind from the ground up. It has a range of operations from 1,600 to 5,800 RPM and performs at its optimum level with a stall speed of 1800 RPM or higher. You are able to achieve more responsiveness and therefore a higher level of performance thanks to the quick opening lobe profile.

This kit generates a greater amount of vacuum, which is beneficial for use with accessories that require vacuum assistance. The length provides an increase in horsepower. If you have already installed headers and an intake manifold, you should definitely consider adding this component. The camshaft, lifts, retainers, valve springs, valve gaskets, lube, a timing set, and comprehensive directions are all included in this cam package for the Chevrolet 396-454 Mark IV Big Block.

The United States of America Is the country of origin for this kit. Although we are big fans of it, we do not believe that this is the best option for people who commute to work every day. If you commute to work by vehicle every day, you might want to think about getting something a little less wild.

  • Flat tappet that is operated by hydraulic fluid.
  • The range of fundamental functioning RPM is 1,600-5,800.
  • A lobe difference of 110 degrees, including lifters in the equation.


  • Designed specifically for use in racing applications.
  • Works wonderfully with manifolds purchased separately.
  • Long-lasting design features.
  • Increases receptivity to input.


  • Not designed to be driven on a regular basis.
  • The factory valve springs are not a good match for this product.

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#3. COMP Cams CL11-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam

best cam for 454 big block

Consider this excellent choice from COMP Cams, which was developed with the powerful vehicle in mind while we are talking about their available alternatives. This package comes with three different camshaft choices, each of which provides a significant increase in horsepower, extended emission duration, and a flatter torque profile. What you are left with is an exhaust sound that is louder, more forceful, and draws attention to itself.

This valve assembly is a great choice for your 1967-1995 Chevrolet 396-454 engines because it is a precise match for those engines. In addition to its impressive playability, its distinctive tones have won the praise of many fans. In point of fact, the name Thumpr has developed into something of a household term among Chevy 454 owners.

This package comes complete with the installation lubricant, lifters, and a comprehensive instruction booklet. You should be ready to do additional work, such as upgrading the valve hinges, if you want optimal efficiency.

  • Pneumatic smooth tappet.
  • 1,800–5,600 is the range of Speed for fundamental functioning.
  • An angle of 107 degrees separates the lobes.
  • The price includes lifters.


  • Boosts performance of any engine with a 454.
  • Increases the intensity of the exhaust note.
  • Comprises all of the essential parts and components.
  • Opening of the intake valves early on.


  • It’s possible that some additional alterations will be required

#4. Howards Hydraulic Roller Camshaft and Lifter Kit

best cam for 454 big block

Your 454 Chevrolet engine will benefit greatly from the addition of this hydraulic roller valve. You can achieve the level of social performance you desire by using the superior Best roller cam for 454 big blocks. Once you have completed the implementation, you should get ready for an increase in strength as well as an increase in performance that will blast away the competitors.

The 396 and 454 large block engines manufactured between 1965 and 1996 are compatible with this upgrade. The fact that it was designed to be used in competition means that its longevity can be relied upon. Get ready for improved acceleration, a longer duration for the valves, and a more responsive throttle. You will not only see an increase in horsepower, but you will also see a reduction in the amount of friction.

Despite the fact that this is still a popular option among 454, there are some customers who are dissatisfied with the price. On the other hand, you get what you pay for, and that adage certainly holds true with regard to this remarkable aftermarket upgrade.

  • Water-powered roller-type tappet hydraulics.
  • 1,800–5,400 is the range of Revolutions for the fundamental procedure.
  • Its lobes are separated by 112 degrees.
  • The price includes lifters.


  • A comfortable fit.
  • Crafted with functionality as a primary consideration.
  • Long-lasting and highly effective.
  • Boosts the engine’s horsepower.


  • Costly.

#5. Lunati 10110703LK Hydraulic Flat Cam and Lifter Kit

best cam for 454 big block

Why would a business choose to call their cams Voodoo? It’s possible that everyone is hypnotized by this set for some reason. Because it is widely regarded as being among the most efficient and optimal flat tappet cams currently available, it is deserving of the utmost respect. This high street cam comes with all the necessary components, including a dual plane intake and headers.

You can anticipate improved acceleration, increased accelerator reaction, and increased torque and horsepower as a result of the greater amount of territory that is covered under the curvature. In addition, the business is well-known for the quality of its construction, which means that you won’t have to be concerned about upgrading the lens in the near future.

There are valve springs, lifters, and other accouterments included in this package that you will receive. Despite this, it will not function properly unless the valve springs are replaced. If you were hoping for a more straightforward assembly, you might want to look elsewhere for a kit to meet your needs.

  • The mechanism uses hydraulic fluid to operate a rectangular tappet.
  • RPM range for fundamental operations between 1,800 and 6,200.
  • Splitting the lobes by 110 degrees.
  • The price includes lifters.


  • Enhanced levels of performance.
  • Robust building techniques.
  • Adaptable to any make or model of automobile.
  • Comprises all of the required components.


  • Valve hinges are essential for operation.

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#6. COMP Cams 54-454-11 Camshaft

best cam for 454 big block

If we didn’t include one more cam from this market-leading manufacturer on our list of the best cams for stock 454 engines, the list just wouldn’t be complete. Because of its versatility, this particular model was developed to perform exceptionally well in both drag racing and street racing. Additionally, the long duration of the exhaust has a beneficial effect on the performance of the engine.

You can anticipate more valve lift from this cam, in addition to a wide lobe separation from it. This kit won’t let you down if you were hoping to get more horsepower out of your Chevy and it comes highly recommended. Even though it functions just like one of the high-end cams, the price is still affordable enough for the average modder to purchase it.

It is compatible with a wide range of engines, but you need to double-check that yours has an LS3 or L92 port head with a rectangular opening. If that is not the case, this cam won’t function properly. However, the upgrade will be of significant benefit to engines that are capable of utilizing this kit in some capacity.

  • Tappets that are smooth and hydraulically operated.
  • RPM range for fundamental operations goes from 1,900 to 7,000.
  • The angle between the lobes is 113 degrees.
  • The price includes lifters.


  • Boosts the engine’s horsepower.
  • Exemplary levels of performance.
  • Strong and long-lasting build quality.
  • Company with a solid track record of reliability.


  • This function can only be used with port heads that are trapezoidal.

#7. Elgin E-1840-P Hydraulic Performance Camshaft

best towing cam for 454 big block

The Elgin E-1840-P camshaft was developed for great performance, so it is best suited for use in more potent engines. It will deliver the finest results in those applications. Because of this, the engine in your vehicle will be able to perform at its best while still providing you with a secure journey on any route you take thanks to the installation of these precision-engineered components.

It is a Strongly Recommended Cylinder for Standard 454 that can give your engine an additional degree of strength. When compared to conventional valves, this helps with higher RPMs and increased horsepower at lower velocities, which contributes to racier driving characteristics and increased fuel efficiency.

Could you please explain what you mean by the term ‘performance’? Everything hinges on the lobes’ ability to open their respective valves quickly and easily while still generating a sufficient amount of lift without putting undue strain on the valvetrain or the intake plenum, two factors that contribute to a more fluid operation of the gears.

Because of its extremely broad variety of valve movements, it is one of the camshafts that are most commonly used in high-horsepower engines. When correctly installed by an experienced technician, it won’t cause excessive damage or commotion on your engine because it is available in both 0.585 and 0.586-inch thicknesses. These thicknesses offer exceptional valve clearance while also being light enough that they don’t weigh too much.

  • Fuel Effectiveness
  • Changes in Speed That Are Seamless
  • Exceptional Valve Clearance


  • Greatest Outcomes in Powerful Machines
  • Maximum Power Units.
  • Functionality
  • Faster RPMs while Traveling at a Slower Speed


  • Doesn’t go well with the valve springs that come on the standard engine.

What is a good cam for a 454 big block?

There is a massive selection of high-quality camshafts for stock 454 engines that can be found on the internet. But if we could only recommend one cam and lift kit for your standard 454, it would be the Edelbrock 7162 Performer Cam and Lift System. We are confident that it will improve the performance of your engine. They have established themselves as a leading and well-known brand in this industry, particularly in the market for Chevy performance parts. As a result, selecting this component for a 454 cam fit should be the best possible option. This specific methodology was built to work in conjunction with the power band of the intake manifold. Therefore, the Edelbrock 7162 Performer Cam and Lift Kit is without a doubt an excellent choice for the camshaft in your stock 454 engine.

The Replacement of the 454 Camshaft and Its Installation

After you have located the particular 454 cams that you are looking for, installing it won’t be too difficult. Having a basic understanding of mechanics is helpful. In that case, you might find it more convenient to have a professional work on your vehicle. The following are some fundamental directions:

  1. Remove the cover for the timing mechanism.
  2. Remove the used camshaft from the engine. It may be necessary on occasion to take the entire engine out of the vehicle.
  3. Put your new components into the solvent first.
  4. Apply some lubricant to the new cam.
  5. Find Top Dead Center by rotating your monitor (TDC).
  6. Adjust the timing chain as necessary.
  7. Prepare the lifters with lubricant.
  8. Bring the assembly to a close.
  9. Make sure the cadence is right and modify it as necessary.
  10. The vehicle should be started while maintaining a close watch on the oil pressure.

FAQs About Best Cam for 454 Big Block

Which engine, a 350 or 454 cubic inches, is superior? 

The 350 will perform better than the 250 in the vast majority of passenger vehicles. This is a small-block Chevy engine that is both efficient and powerful. On the other hand, if you drive a high-performance car or truck, you will find that the additional power that a 454 engine offers are more to your liking.

Is the Best cam for a 454 big block an effective motor?

The 454 engine’s superior strength and efficiency have made it a fan favorite among car enthusiasts. Due to the abundance of suitable replacement components available, it is a choice among restorers. Furthermore, it can be found in a lot of muscle cars that are popular among collectors.

What are some ways I can increase the power output of a 454?

To begin, you should upgrade your vehicle’s gasoline system and air intake. The large block engine generates more force when it is supplied with a greater quantity of both gasoline and oxygen. Think about replacing the standard muffler with one that has a higher discharge rate instead.

In addition, aftermarket timing components made specifically for racing can be used in favor of the standard pieces that control the timing. If nothing else works, try installing a turbocharger.

What is the going rate for the replacement of a 454 camshaft?

If you choose to complete the task on your own, you will not need to spend any additional money on labor and will instead be responsible for purchasing the necessary components. The cam itself will typically cost around $500, and the lifters will add another $500 to that total. It is imperative that you do not overlook the fact that in addition to gaskets, oil, a filter, cleaners, sealer, and other assorted items are required.

Is It safe for me to drive if my camshaft is broken?

Damage to the camshaft can cause significant problems for the engine. It is in your best interest to pull over as soon as possible and have the cams inspected in order to prevent damage that will require more expensive repairs.

If that doesn’t work, you might have to repair the engine, cylinder block, pistons, valves, and/or the head and/or the pistons. It’s possible that your vehicle has reached the end of its useful life, but that depends on how much it’s worth.

How much additional horsepower does a valve give a 454 engine?

Because it responds so well to cam upgrades, a 454 can gain approximately 52 additional horsepower from installing a cam.


Our guidance assists you in making the best decisions, whether you are considering purchasing a new Best cam for a 454 big block or you are interested in improving the performance of your 454 Vortec engine. Locate the cam that works best with standard 454 engines, and then determine how much more performance your vehicle is capable of producing by using that cam.

The 454 engines require sufficient camshaft performance in order to improve their own capabilities. The finest valve for a standard 454 will allow the engine to deliver high-end performance over a lengthy engine lifespan while also preventing you from incurring any unnecessary additional costs.

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