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7 Best Cat Carrier for Long Distance Car Travel with Litter Box

Travelling with your furry mate can become a nightmare from a normal walk in the park. The cats can turn out very nervous when it comes to travelling outside their normal general surroundings compared to the dogs, which is why you can now pick the best cat carrier for long-distance car travel with a litter box to have a trouble-free journey with your pet. 

Although the dogs might have an easier time heading out to the bathroom wherever they are, cats also value their privacy a lot. Additionally, some cats might get used to using their litter box and not know how to handle their business outdoors.

Being cat owners, the only thing that we aim at is to stress out our little kittens. The ideal way to avoid undue stress is to ensure that your furry buddy has a safer space for excreting.

So, today we have brought the complete guide to help you travel with the litter boxes, including how to use the one you select.

If you are prepared to select the ideal carrier for your furry friend, you should check out our recommendations today!

Best Cat Carrier for Long Distance Car Travel with Litter Box

#1. Necoichi Portable Stress Free Cage Carrier and Litter Box

#2. PetLuv Happy Cat Premium Cat Carrier Foldable Pet Crate With Zippers

#3. Pawhut 39 inch Soft-Sided Portable Dual Compartment Pet Carrier

#4. IRIS USA Medium Deluxe Pet Travel Carrier

#5. Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier

#6. Prutapet Large Cat Carrier Soft-Sided Portable Pet Crate

#7. SPORT PET Portable Cat Cage Kennel

Best Cat Carriers with Litter Boxes for Traveling (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you are preparing to travel with your cat, then one of the initial things you should head out to is buying the right cat carrier. The sooner you introduce your cat to its carrier, the more likely it will become comfortable before starting the trip.

If you plan on travelling a longer distance, you should bring the litter box for your cat to use as you require. Buying them together is an ideal way to save money and time. So, without further delay, let us scroll through the cat carrier with a litter box that can meet your needs.

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#1. Necoichi Portable Stress Free Cage Carrier and Litter Box

best cat carrier for long distance car travel with litter box

Necoichi Portable Stress-free cat cage and litter box set are one of our best picks for an overall car carrier with the litter box. The carriers have custom-made litter boxes, making them the ideal temporary living area for your furry friend. The carrier is entirely collapsible whenever they are not in use and even arrives with a carrying bag that helps in storage. It is bigger enough to accommodate two smaller cats and the litter box.

However, beyond being just the safe carrier, it is the cat car carrier with a litter box featuring durable construction and easier top-entry designs. The exterior is made of luggage-grade nylon, making it easier to clean and maintain.

With the removable, secure, and mesh dome, your pet will feel comfortable without losing a mark on ventilation. You can zip the domed covering off at home, helping your car acclimate to the carrier before making a lengthier trip. It is one such bad carrier which is leaving out every year.

The interior features plush bedding machine washable and removed, allowing you to offer your cat the comfort spot at home or on the move. It features a water-repellant cover in cases there are travel-related accidents.

Main Features
  • The side with two mesh panels offers better visibility and ventilation
  • Waterproof linear for easier cleaning and preventing leakage
  • Foldable litter box snapping shut for better portability
  • Zipper locks for greater safety
  • Including the removable fleece mat and the storage bag


  • It has greater spaciousness
  • Proper-ventilated with opened mesh sides
  • Completely collapsible
  • It arrives with the fleece mat with the custom litter trays
  • Comprises of the seatbelt straps attaching themselves to the car seat


  • Can become unstable at times
  • Mesh is not scratch proof
  • Not adequate for carrying by hand

#2. PetLuv Happy Cat Premium Cat Carrier Foldable Pet Crate With Zippers

best cat carrier for long distance car travel with litter box

This large cat cage with a litter box is one of the ideal choices since it includes seat belt loops for securing the carrier right in the car. The carrier has a handle right on the top, which is padded, making it easier to carry and transport the car. The carrier has an adjustable length of straps, as you can make this carrier easier in terms of being carried.

The windows on the carrier will allow better ventilation for the cat’s comfort. The carrier has a larger pocket for storing the cat supplies you should bring. The window doubles as the access panel, and the top with an opening to help access your cat easily. They come in two different colours, namely navy blue and red. The carrier often tears easily due to the softer side as your kitty tends to scratch or panic, which is not the ideal option.

However, with all mentioned here, we would often consider it the best car carrier available for you this year. It is the most lightweight option that retains the complete structure. The design comes with a spring wire frame, making the whole body of the carrier highly pliable and stronger. While holding this carrier, you will not feel the shape will start collapsing, even with the size of the car of the Maine Coons.

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The car can even enter right from the side or get dropped in from its top. For better security, these zippers will be placed right at the lock. However, the cat remains closer to you in the larger space, with the well-ventilated mesh windows offering better visibility.

Additionally, being ergonomic, the carrier is easier to move around with the aid of the non-slip to carry out the strap, which will remain nicely right at the shoulder. You can start reaching out to the little storage pockets right at the side for grabbing the cat documents or with the gear on the other hand.

Finally, you should start pulling out the interior faux-lambskin liner and popping it right into the washing machine. It arrives in numerous tasteful colours in small, medium, and large in their sizes.

Main Features
  • You can move anywhere with the pet carrier making your transporting simpler
  • Spacious design and built-in with its premium features
  • The right type of ventilation offers greater sightseeing opportunity
  • The adjustable seat belt loops, including the lock zippers and reinforced seams for greater safety
  • Washable and removable plush bed


  • The top comes padded, making it easier in terms of transportation and carry
  • Adjustable lengthier straps for better comfort
  • Windows are constructed out of rubber mesh heavy-duty ones with closable flaps
  • The seat belt loops for added security to the carrier
  • Four top opening and access panels
  • Comes in two colours navy blue and red


  • It is never tear-resistant
  • Odors might linger on this material

#3. Pawhut 39 inch Soft-Sided Portable Dual Compartment Pet Carrier

best cat carrier for long distance car travel with litter box

The cat carrier is one of the ideal choices since it is made of top-quality materials. It is used as a dual carrier with two different separate compartments. It is the ideal one for better transportation of more than one cat. You can start unzipping the dual carrier creating both individual carriers.

It is a cat carrier with a litter box made out of waterproof Oxford cloth, which is highly durable as it consists of a heavy-duty coating right on the material for its longer-lasting usage. The carrier is lighter, making it portable and easier to carry.

It consists of two zippered pockets for storing the supplies correctly. The carrier consists of the carrying handle and strap, so you can start transporting them easily. It consists of two mesh screens made for easier ventilation and visibility.

Since it consists of a two-in-one design as the carrier is a costlier one. There are no additional straps or loops to secure them with the vehicle’s seat belt.

Main Features
  • The seat belt loops offer added security for the crate in the car
  • Zip lockers for the additional safety
  • Safety straps start attaching right at the harness of the car
  • There are three access points for you to carry your cat
  • Mesh windows offer added ventilation on all the four sides
  • Washable upholsteries for easy cleaning and better comfort


  • It is a collapsible carrier zipped together for one of the larger dual carriers or two independent ones
  • The top-quality and highly durable waterproof material of the cloth
  • Portable, lightweight, and carried easily
  • Comes with two zippered pockets
  • Strap and handles for feasible carrying strength


  • A costlier option
  • There are no loops for securing the seat belt of the car

#4. IRIS USA Medium Deluxe Pet Travel Carrier

best cat carrier for long distance car travel with litter box

It is the ideal hard-cat car carrier with a litter box, offering a top-notch experience in greater detail. It ranks in our list today because it is ideal for carrying in lengthier car trips since it can never be in stock or on sale.

For a start, the red or navy blue colour offers a stylish look while venting right on the sides of a similar material. A couple of carriers come with steel mesh, which appears highly stylish. You can easily like this upgraded spaciousness.

The carrier consists of doors and latches that help you open, close, and secure it. You can get it single-handedly, which does not matter since the metal wire door would open up in two ways.

The top handle is mainly fat and appears more secure than any other carrier. The carrier is highly vented right at the sides compared to the others, with wider slats in almost every direction instead of the top one.

The carrier often arrives with built-in food and water dishes available in the proper size. The other bigger bonus of this cat carrier is that the top and the door are removed easily, leaving you with the cuter cat bed to be used at the destination.

Main Features
  • It is a durable gate entry on both sides.
  • The panel sides of the mesh offer added visibility and ventilation
  • Adjustable security leash for an added clipping right at the harness
  • Comes with headrest straps the seat belt loops for a secure transportation


  • Stronger and sturdier quality of build
  • Steel wires that come in both ways open doors
  • Easier to open latches
  • Arrives with the water and food dishes
  • Offers adequate ventilation
  • Added comfort in terms of handling


  • They are never in the stock
  • It requires an added blanket and even mat for the harder floor

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#5. Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier

cat car carrier with litter box

The carrier is perfect for transporting both cats, which would help reduce stress while travelling. The carrier consists of the steel support structuring, offering the carrier added support; however, the entire thing will collapse for an easier storage option.

It comprises mesh windows on all sides rolling out for better ventilation. The carrier consists of seat belt loops and zippers that even the wisest cats will not open up for the added secured option.

The divided, connected compartments come with the carrier, each with an individualised door. You can use them as the dual carrier as you use them for keeping the cat and your litter box separated, as you can open up the divide for the added spaciousness in the carrier.

The carrier is costlier; however, it arrives with some added features which make you value the money.

It consists of the built-in seatbelts straps that come with the removable pad covering that makes the washing machine safer and the interior hooks to hang the cat hammock. Numerous entrances would make placing your cat in and out easier with the case that folds into a flat in seconds.

Main Features
  • They are highly durable and come with the waterproof coating
  • They comprise the removable interior hammock as the hooks
  • The external pockets are ideal for the cat accessories
  • They are double larger size zippers for the safer and better access
  • They are transparent cat cart that comes with a display window suitable for travel


  • They are larger enough for transporting both cats together
  • The sides have steel supports that are stronger but are collapsible
  • The mesh windows at the sides start rolling up
  • It features the loops for the seatbelts and the zippers that your cat is unable to access


  • They are larger for one of the cats
  • They are more expensive
  • The bottom side is not stronger

#6. Prutapet Large Cat Carrier Soft-Sided Portable Pet Crate

cat car carrier with litter box

If you plan to travel more distances in your car with a cat, this large cat cage with the litter box is the ideal accessory for exploring more. It is larger enough for the cat, which is comfortable in the car while holding the pets, weighing around 55 pounds. Along with the cat carrier, the bundle comes with the travel litter box and the collapsible bowl for better travel.

It comes with a spacious design that offers your cat a lot of space for moving around while heading out for long road trips, and the roof of the carrier is removable as it starts doubling as the outdoor playpen. Tent pegs are included, as you can start staking down the carriers at the exterior end. 

To head out on car trips, the carrier has straps for the seatbelts and is larger enough to comprise both adult cats. The meshed sides come with roll-up closures as you can start blocking out the sunlight if required. It is the one that cannot get carried by your hand, as with most litter box carriers. It never fits adequately on the seat of the smaller cars, which would lead to tipping as your cat is highly active, especially on your trips which are larger too.

The carrier has no additional pocket to meet the supplies storage and is smaller. You should make sure to measure the cat before you buy it. The carrier is not strong and does not hold its shape whenever you use the handle or even the shoulder strap, as it becomes highly uncomfortable for the cat. The mesh at the fold-out ends is not durable enough and tears off easily.

Main Features
  • The loops for the seatbelts can help secure the crate right at the car
  • Locks the zippers for more safety
  • The safety straps attach right to the harness of the cat
  • There are three access points to help get your cat in
  • The mesh windows offer added ventilation at the four corners
  • The upholster is washable for easier cleaning and better comfort


  • They are highly durable, can get cleaned easily, and comes with a litter box
  • Can fold easily to the convenient compact in sizes
  • It comes with the waterproof and claw-resistant liner
  • The zippers can never get opened from the interior of the carrier


  • The¬†floor does not offer much stability
  • No seat belt loops are present
  • Tough to carry

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#7. SPORT PET Portable Cat Cage Kennel

Best Cat Carriers with Litter Boxes for Traveling

When you opt for long road trips, it is bad to squeeze two or more cats into a single carrier. The issue here can be regarding the space, as it would lead to mental distress since cats are not many social animals at all times.

Fortunately, we have distinctive options such as this double-pet model, one of the best cat carriers that can hold both cats on longer road trips. It will ensure that your cats become the most out of the little company while on the road without feeling the claustrophobia.

Unlike any other cat carrier, it is more than the carrier; it is the entire transportation system while transporting your cats out of your home to the car using this top handle. You can start securing them through the built-in straps for the seatbelts as you are prepared to head out.

Operationally, the best cat carrier is well-ventilated, offering numerous entrances, including washable mats, as your cats offer adequate comfort and visibility through the breathable, well-ventilated mesh.

While on this trip, you can turn both compartments into a larger area for a few cat social times by unzipping the main zipper. You can allow them to stay with each other for some time and, if required, start zipping them back up again for this alone time.

After this trip, the cat carrier can start folding up in this carrier case. While you are leaving it up and out, cats prefer to stay in it as it works as a spacious cat condo.

Main Features
  • It consists of built-in straps for connecting right at the seatbelt
  • It consists of a washable and removable covering for the pad
  • It connects right for the divided compartments, with a single bigger space with two single kennels
  • The right time of lightweight dress and spaciousness comes with zippered mesh doors for better ventilation.


  • Security of the length of this backseat
  • It comes with removable divider walls for more private and social times
  • It is lightweight
  • It offers the best cat condos
  • It arrives with the removable pads


  • Expensive

Picking The Ideal Car Carrier

You should search for numerous features while shopping for the ideal cat carrier for your car trips. Since there are numerous other options for the carriers in the market, we have created a buying guide to determine the vital thing one should consider.


It is vital to note that bigger is never the better here whenever it arrives at the car carriers. This carrier’s spaciousness will make your cat feel highly stressed since it allows them to slide around the interior and not on fun-filled, lengthier car trips.

Finding a carrier almost twice your cat’s size is always better. In this way, your cat has sufficient space for turning around and stretching; however, not much room is offered to help your cat in plunging around in the carrier. To head out to the trips to the vet, it is the best size for carrying your cat even after surgery. The cat should feel comfortable in their carrier, which is not confined.

Soft and Hard-Sided

The cat carriers are available in their softer, collapsible ones compared to the harder ones, as they are available in the two set options. There are soft carriers that are specifically easier and lighter in terms of storing as they would start collapsing. If you have a cat panicking in its carrier, the soft-sided ones come with further issues.

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Your furry friend can easily start scratching through the carrier or chewing it, allowing it room to escape. Hard-sided carriers offer your cats more stability and greater durability, and they are challenging in terms of storage. The hybrid of the two is the ideal option here, with the tops and the bottoms of the carriers harder, offering your cat a stronger surface for standing on it. 


You need not worry about your cat being inside a carrier that does not allow them to breathe, while these carriers will ensure sufficient airflow for this. The proper ventilation this carrier has, the better it becomes, and it will help your cat to feel cooler and more comfortable even during long car trips.

You should search for cat carriers with mesh ends with sufficient larger ventilation holes to make sure that your cat is not becoming overheated. It is highly important for aged cats or those with longer hair. A couple of carriers feature windows that can get rolled up, offering your cat much better airflow.

Access Points

One of the highly frustrating sections of this car carrier is when your cat specifically starts hating whatever is going around here. Your cat can have the knowledge it is taken to the vet and confined in the cat carrier for a lengthier time as it will not go out happily. Consequently, it is vital to search for carriers with multiple access points.

The access point at the carrier’s top is the most helpful since it would allow you to reach down and hold the cat. If you are fortunate enough, the car willingly goes right into the carrier without much of a struggle with the sufficient access point at the front.

Food and Water

If you are planning on using the cat carrier for the trips down to the vet as it is not much of a concern here. However, for longer trips, you need to have a way to ensure that your cat has sufficient water and food inside the carrier. There are numerous options for the travel water and food bowls; however, some carriers are included here. Others come with storage pockets for the supplies and collapsible bowls.


The cat carrier you pick should be transported easily as it should be lightweight enough to help you carry them easily. A couple of carriers have the strap and handles only offering both options. Select the one which is easier for you, as you need to have the strap and the handle for better comfort. The ergonomics, padded straps, and handles are perfect for a better grip.

Seat Belt Loops

Seat belt links are an excellent technique to keep your cat’s carrier safe in your vehicle. Several carriers have these and typically loop through your car’s seat belt, critical for safety and security during automobile travels.

Ease of Cleaning

Your cat container will require to be cleaned at some time. Hard-sided carriers are often more straightforward to maintain than soft-sided carriers. After all, removing cat vomit from hard plastic is far easier than using a soft cloth, making cleaning considerably easier.

Airplane-grade material Approved

Buying a carrier that operates for both might save you money if you go by airline and vehicle. Several automobile carriers are also permitted for use on airplanes. Choose a lightweight, collapsible cat carrier with excellent ventilation to keep your cat cool and comfortable.

FAQs About Best Cat Carrier for Long Distance Car Travel

Can you put a litter box in a cat carrier?

You can easily place a litter box inside your cat carrier. While you are on long road trips, your cat should find a place easily to relieve itself, and it would help if you had a litter box inside the carrier to keep you from stopping.

How do you travel long distances with a cat litter box?

Carry some of her favourite treats and wet and/or cat kibble for her to consume on the trip. Replace the box at your arrival with some of her regular kitty litter. The fewer things are unique from home, and the less stressed the kitten will be. If her beverage and food bowls are indestructible, consider taking them.

How big should a cat carrier be for long-distance travel?

Cats in carriers should be capable of standing, sitting, and turning around. A container must be two or one times the entire height of the cat.

Where is the best place to put a cat carrier in a car?

The best place to place the cat carrier in your car is the back seat or on the floor right behind the front seat for the passenger. You can place this carrier in the most secure location where it can get prevented from sliding around much.


You will easily come across the best cat carrier for long-distance car travel with litter boxes marketed now, and selecting the perfect one may be time-consuming and costly. Nonetheless, ensuring that you and your cat have all they require for any vacation is critical. 

Whether relocating across the nation or travelling with a friend, get your cat carrier beforehand and prepare for litter box breaks. Finally, don’t forget to carry or buy multiple travel essentials such as a litter box shovel, plastic bags, additional litter, and crisis cleaning materials.

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