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7 Best Cold Air Intake For 5.9 Cummins Reviews in 2023

The air intake is a tried-and-true method for raising your truck’s performance bar. To optimize combustion, it increases airflow to improve performance.

Nevertheless, finding the ideal air intake might be difficult if you are not an expert. There are several types of air intakes available on the market. Unfortunately, not every intake will live up to its potential. The top 7 cold air intakes for 5.9L Cummins are discussed in this post.

Today, internal combustion is the basis for all engines, whether they are in a scooter or a ship, or any other type of large machinery. The cylinders or chambers of an internal combustion engine are where the power is produced.

The previous external combustion variations, where the power was produced externally, are not the same as this. In that kind of engine, the fuel must burn outside in order to transform water into a stem. High pressure from the steam produced the necessary force to drive the pistons.

Internal combustion engines, on the other hand, use a volatile fuel like gasoline or diesel and a combination of air to directly carry out the same operation. It implies that two components, namely fuel and air/oxygen, are essential. But you can’t just throw fuel and oxygen together and expect it to happen.

Best Cold Air Intake for 5.9L Cummins (Our Top Picks)

#1. S&B Filters 75-5094D Cold Air Intake (Best Overall)

#2. K&N 57-1532 High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit (Highly Preferable)

#3. Spectre High Performance Air Intake Kit (Recommendable by Users)

#4. aFe Stage 2 Pro-5R Cold Air Intake System (Great Performance)

#5. Banks 42225 RAM Air intake System (Durable Performance)

#6. Banks 42145 Ram Air Intake System (Long lasting)

#7. High Flow Raw Intake 3 inch Kit (Excellent and highly recommended)

Best Cold Air Intake for 5.9L Cummins (Reviews & Buying Guide)

To carry out the full combustion process, a specific air intake system is required. To route the fuel and oxygen into the cylinder, the system will have tubes and valves. The mixture will then be compressed by a piston before being ignited later by the ignition system.

The air intake system is essential for an engine’s operation since it collects air and then distributes it to certain cylinders.

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The cold-air intake tube is situated in the air intake system so that it may draw air from the outside. Consequently, it can be found close to the grille, fender, or hood scoop. We may assume that the air travels through the entire system via a cold-air intake tube. The only entrance that allows air to enter is this one.

#1. S&B Filters 75-5094D Cold Air Intake

5.9 cummins cold air intake

The S & B Filters Cold Air Intake System is an excellent air intake system that will significantly improve your truck’s performance. It will improve your truck’s turbo and throttle responsiveness, giving you a feeling of more readily available power. When used in conjunction with different engine tuners, this method is improved even more.

It is simple to set up, run, and maintain, and it’s also quick and easy to check the filter to make sure it’s still functioning properly. It expands the filter’s surface area and shields it from different kinds of particles. It is well-fitting and will endure a very long period on your truck.

With the S & B Filters cold air intake for 5.9L Cummins, there isn’t much to complain about. An excellent air intake system that will enhance many functional features of your truck is the S & B Filters cold air intake system. When you are installing, bear in mind that the air pipe is situated very near to the exhaust.

  • Provides 42 percent more airflow
  • Has oiled and dry filter options
  • Is 99.51-percent efficient
  • Uses premium silicone parts
  • Has a custom heat shield
  • Designed to avoid check engine light


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • S & B provides good customer service


  • The air pipe is positioned very near the exhaust.

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#2. K&N 57-1532 High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit

5.9 cummins cold air intake

The K&N 57-1532 is an excellent system from a reputable manufacturer. This dyno-tested cold air intake is guaranteed to boost horsepower by offering 50% greater airflow than the original system that was installed at the factory. It has a big conical filter and a high-density polyethylene tube. The crosslink nylon intake tube improves engine performance by keeping air temps lower than metal tubes.

The 57-1532 CAI installs within an hour using only common hand tools and doesn’t require maintenance for up to 100,000 miles. You may be confident that K&N’s product will look beautiful on your vehicle and perform well if it is the Official Air Filter of NASCAR.

  • The 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty offers protection for the entire life of your car.
  • GUARANTEED POWER IMPROVEMENT: Up to 50% greater airflow than the constrictive stock box air filter and intake tube were dyno-tested.
  • BETTER TOWING: By enhancing throttle response, towing results in better acceleration and uphill performance.
  • Improved engine sound lets you hear the force at work.
  • Pushing the boundaries of engine safety by shielding your engine from damaging pollutants.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: For up to 100,000 kilometers, filter cleaning is not necessary.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Use common hand tools to bolt on power in less than an hour.


  • Better throttle response
  • 10-Year/Million Mile Warranty
  • No ECU tuning required
  • 50 State legal


  • Heat shield quality is less than perfect
  • Not as loud as you would hope

#3. Spectre High Performance Air Intake Kit

5.9 cummins cold air intake

Another business that has been operational for more than 30 years is Spectre Performance. They lack some of the experience of some of the other brands we evaluated, though. Nevertheless, they continue to focus on air and intake systems. As a result, you should not be concerned about their making bad design decisions. Nevertheless, this is unquestionably a less expensive cold air intake. Design-wise, Spectre Performance has a few areas that may be strengthened. You probably won’t find a finer cold air intake than the Spectre Performance for the money, though.

The materials used in the Spectre Performance cold air intake set it apart from the other choices on our list. This is not a problem for some of the components, but it can cause problems for other components. For instance, powder-coated stainless steel was used to create the heat shield. This 5.9 Cummins cold air intake guarantees that it is strong and inherently water-resistant. But you’ll probably still want to take care to keep it tidy. On top of that, they used polished metal to create the tubes. Next to your engine bay, this appears to be really sleek. Nevertheless, aluminum does have the propensity to heat up more quickly than plastic. This may raise the air entering your engine’s intake manifold’s temperature.

  • Boost the efficiency of the cold air intake system in your automobile.
  • Increase force and speed while keeping the engine of the car safe.
  • Anodized aluminum pipes provide additional durability by resisting wear.
  • Installing air intakes requires no special tools and is fairly simple.
  • NOTICE: Please enter the model of your vehicle in “Your Garage” to check if it fits.


  • It is a less expensive cold air intake
  • Has a powder-coated steel heat shield
  • Polished aluminum tubes
  • Have a washable air filter
  • Has a superior air filter that Provides a modest power boost


  • Not the coldest air
  • Not the easiest to install

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#4. aFe Stage 2 Pro-5R Cold Air Intake System

best cold air intake for 5.9 cummins

One of the best cold air intake systems on the market is the aFe Stage 2. It not only gives your 5.9L engine more power, but it also makes your turbo scream with power. This device reportedly increases airflow by a staggering 105% and is made entirely of high-temperature silicone connections. The engine is well protected from harmful pollutants entering it thanks to the filter’s 98.6% efficiency rating. The system fits flawlessly and is simple to install.

One of the more recent businesses on our list, aFe, just celebrated its 20th anniversary after being established in 1999. Additionally, they are one of the few businesses we investigated that is not a specialist in air and input goods. But aFe focuses on a very different market: performance. This firm manufactures a variety of aftermarket kits and parts. Instead, they designed every one of their items to increase the efficiency and power of your car.

But aFe focuses on a very different market: performance. This firm manufactures a variety of aftermarket kits and parts. Instead, they designed every one of their items to increase the efficiency and power of your car. For instance, this intake of cold air will result in a healthy 14 HP increase. What’s even more amazing is that it also adds an extra 27 pounds per foot of torque. The enormous 105 percent increase in airflow over the stock intake is one of the main causes of this. The aFe Stage 2 offers a power gain that is unmatched by any of the other intakes we have tested.

  • Can increase power by 14 HP
  • Can add 27 lbs of torque
  • Increases airflow 105-percent
  • Has high-temp silicone couplings
  • It has a solid heat shield
  • Has a Pro 5R filter


  • Reported a 105% improvement in airflow
  • Gains of up to 12HP
  • Lightweight aluminum, black powder-coated heat shield
  • Quality clamps and couplings included


  • Not CARB exempt
  • More expensive

#5. Banks 42225 RAM Air intake System

best cold air intake for 5.9 cummins

Because Banks Power is a subsidiary brand rather than its own business, it is unquestionably unique. Nevertheless, the renowned Orange County Diesel, Inc. is the brand’s owner. With less of an emphasis than other on-air and intake items alone, this is the newest firm. However, they are aware of their reputation for top-notch quality. The hefty price of this self-awareness serves as an example.

As a result, there is no need for you to worry about replacing it any time soon. This has been helped in part by the enclosure being totally covered. This helps keep the air temps safe from the heat of your engine while also protecting the filter. Additionally, there is another cold air intake system that complies with CARB regulations. However, that only makes sense, given their location in California.

  • Your engine can draw extra cold air with the aid of the air intake kit, which will improve throttle response and increase the engine’s bursty horsepower output.
  • All necessary mounting hardware, vacuum hoses, and reducers will be provided.
  • After purchasing this kit, no extra components will be required for installation.
  • High-quality, washable, and reusable air filter


  • It is easy to install
  • Provides 33 percent more airflow
  • Has a great heat shield
  • Is CARB compliant
  • Features an optimized profile
  • Has oiled and dry filter options


  • Not as cold as some
  • Is a more expensive cold air intake

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#6. Banks 42145 Ram Air Intake System

best cold air intake for 5.9 cummins

With this Banks 42145 cold air intake and pretty much all of their products, there is one thing to keep in mind. They were made by  Banks 42145 5.9 Cummins cold air intake to work with standard engines. Otherwise,  Banks 42145 cannot guarantee the same level of quality or functionality for their cold air intake. This means that the  Banks 42145 cold air intake is not compatible with many aftermarket kits. If you decide to continue with your OEM engine settings, the  Banks 42145 will satisfy you. The  Banks 42145 ranks second on our list with a respectable 10.96 HP increase. The usage of HDPE for the tubing is most likely a contributing factor to this. This helps to retain high durability while keeping the air cold.

  • Mandrel-bent tube with complete TIG welds and pressure testing
  • Intake Elbow and all installation-related components are included in the kit.
  • The 4 1/8 NPT fitting on this intake elbow is for a boost gauge.


  • Can increase power by 10.96 HP
  • Has a 100k-mile lifespan
  • It has a washable air filter
  • Has HDPE tubing
  • Is CARB compliant
  • Has a solid heat shield


  • Is loud
  • Expensive

#7. High Flow Raw Intake 3 inch Kit

cold air intake for 5.9L cummins

The High flow of raw cold air intake offers lots of airflows, albeit not necessarily more than any other device we’ve examined. Compared to your regular air intake, this cold air inlet offers a 42 percent increase in airflow. This qualifies as the second-best option on our list. In fact, this cold air intake is one of the few in its class to include a secondary air input. In the event that you require even more airflow than usual, use the second intake. Of course, the High flow raw Filters cold air intake comes with a plug if you want a more regulated airflow. This is another benefit of the customized enclosure. It covers the intake totally from engine heat.

  • 1 set of silicon hoses and T-bolt clamps for the intake elbow
  • High-quality CNC-machined billet aluminum and stainless steel are used to create this sturdy product.
  • A professional installation is strongly advised ( No instruction included )
  • Note: Before placing your purchase, carefully review all the product details to make sure this is the one you want.


  • Ten Years/Million Miles Your car is covered for the duration of the limited warranty.
  • Up to 50% greater airflow than the constrictive stock box air filter and intake tube was dyno-tested.
  • Enhances throttle responsiveness, which increases towing performance when accelerating and going uphill.
  • Hear the strength that’s hidden inside.
  • By shielding your engine from damaging pollutants, you are pushing the boundaries of engine protection.
  • For up to 100,000 miles, there is no need to clean the filters.


  • Expensive
  • Loud than others

What are cold air intake systems?

Advanced versions of the fundamental air intake system are the cold air intake systems. The CAIS’s primary job is to supply cool air to the intake manifold. Compared to normal air, which is mild to hot, cold air is denser.

The molecules move closer together as a result of the colder air. Therefore, chilly air will contain more oxygen. In other words, cold air contains more oxygen per unit volume than hot air. By producing greater power, a cold air intake system improves the engine’s performance. The car’s mileage will increase. With a metallic tube connecting to an engine air filter, the cold air intakes are different from the typical airbox.

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Benefits of cold air intakes

Increasing Your Cold Air Intake Has Many Advantages. You should replace your standard intake system with an improved one for a number of reasons. The largest are listed below:

Motor Fit

This is more of a refutation of one of the primary arguments against replacing your air intake, which is that they are already a snug fit, and an upgrade could be too large for your engine. However, the best intake manifold for 5.9 Cummins systems available today will fit easily into your engine, and you will start to experience advantages right away.

Better-Quality Material

The quality of stock air intakes is simply not that great. Invest in a product that is specially made to increase the capabilities and power of your engine to take your truck to the next level.

Effective Way to Prevent Breaching Your Warranty

Cold air intake enhancements are a secure choice if you want to modify your vehicle but are concerned about doing so since it could void your warranty. These modifications won’t affect any dealership warranties but will boost the overall economy of your engine.

What drawbacks does a cold air intake have?

Cold air intake is frequently thought to be the panacea by many. Cold air intakes could be a smart idea for certain people, but not everyone should use them. Veteran auto enthusiasts have been aware of the negatives of cold air intake systems for years due to their potential complications. I’ll go over how to determine whether your engine requires a cold air intake system in this blog article, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of installing one in your car.

  • In warmer conditions, cold air intakes are less effective.
  • They could result in less fuel economy.
  • As a result of the cooler air intake temperature, they can need more frequent oil changes.
  • On chilly mornings, the engine will have to work harder to warm up, which might result in more engine component wear and tear.
  • There is no assurance that a cold air intake will increase power or fuel economy.

Considerations Before Purchasing a Cold Air Intake

When choosing a cold air intake, you should consider the following features:

Improved fuel efficiency

You would not expect that increasing the flow of cold air to your engine would directly boost miles per gallon, but you’d be pleasantly surprised! Yes, a new cold air intake will probably help you get more mileage out of each gallon of petrol you buy in addition to increased power improvements.

Installation simplicity

High-quality cold air intakes can fit inside your engine, as we indicated previously. However, they could not fit inside your engine very easily.

Speed Sound

Okay, although this part of your truck’s operation may not be as critical, it is still quite significant. You need a great cold air intake system to give your truck a vibrant voice if having a cool rev sound is vital to you.

FAQs About 5.9 Cummins Cold Air Intake

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a 5.9 Cummins?

A cold air intake may boost your engine’s performance by 0 to 20 horsepower, depending on the car type and engine. Large, turbocharged engines are typically best fitted with a cold air intake.

Is it worth putting a cold air intake on a diesel?

A cold air intake, a set of adjusted length extractors, and sports mufflers can all improve performance, but they are not recommended for a young driver’s vehicle since they draw the wrong attention (the long arm of the law). Do keep in mind that many modern cars come equipped with cold air systems.

How much boost does a 5.9 Cummins make?

The general rule of thumb is 40–50 psi of boost. However, this is primarily due to the higher driving pressures brought on by additional boost. A 5.9 Cummins should provide how much boost? To increase the turbo boost on 5.9L Cummins manufactured between 1998 and 2004, your wastegate will need to be physically modified.

Which is the best year 5.9 Cummins Engine?

1994–1998 2500 & 3500 – The mechanical P7100 equipped variants of the 12-valve 5.9L Cummins provide the most performance potential. They are easy to use, incredibly dependable, and, with regular maintenance, may easily clock up to half a million kilometers.

Does Diesel run better with cold air intake?

Another benefit of installing a cold air intake on a diesel vehicle is the increased gas mileage. An internal combustion engine produces power by burning fuel. For this procedure to be effective, the right amount of oxygen must be present in your engine.


The fundamentals of a cold air intake are straightforward: by allowing colder, denser air into the engine, you improve combustion. This results in better performance, less fuel waste, and, most significantly, your truck will operate more closely to its ideal specifications. The improvements from an intake system upgrade may be significant when combined with other aftermarket items and require less time than other modifications.

It must be made clear that the items indicated below are for swapping out stock parts before we let you make your choice. It makes sense to ask the manufacturer about the appropriate product if your truck already has a lot of enhancements installed.

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