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7 Best Cold Air Intake for Dodge Challenger V6 Reviews in 2023

One of the finest methods to increase the performance of your Dodge Challenger is with a cold air intake. It won’t just increase your car’s acceleration but also help it run more smoothly and sound better. Your unique requirements and preferences will determine which cool air intake is ideal for your Dodge Challenger because several varieties are available. You should select a cold air intake specially made for the engine in your Dodge Challenger if you want to get the maximum power out of it.

A cold air intake can enhance engine performance by supplying your Dodge Challenger V6 engine with a denser, cooler airflow. This may result in more power and torque, better fuel efficiency, and lower pollutants. Suppose you want to increase the performance of your Challenger. In that case, cold air intakes are a reasonably easy and affordable modification that may significantly impact how your engine operates. Look at the best cold air intake for the Dodge Challenger V6.

Best Cold Air Intake for Dodge Challenger V6 (Our Top Picks)

#1. Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake System with Heat Shield Kit And Filter Combo (Preferable)

#2. K&N 63-1564 Performance Cold Air Intake Kit (Recommendable)

#3. K&N 57-1543 High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit (Highly Recommended)

#4. aFe Power 54-72203 Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System (Excellent Performance)

#5. Spectre 9028 High Performance Air Intake Kit (Affordable)

#6. AF Dynamic Black Air Filter Intake Systems with Heat Shield (Well Built)

#7. Airaid 353-210 Cold Air Intake System (Must Have)

Best Cold Air Intake for Dodge Challenger V6 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Some devoted muscle car fans still prefer to modify vehicles like the Dodge Challenger in an era where JDMs and svelte performance cars are the main choices for tuners. Contrary to common belief, this strong and domineering beast may also provide a fantastic base for customization. Similar to other vehicles, you may use it as a project car and add a tonne of aftermarket upgrades to make it more comfortable and great.

Air intake systems intended to keep the engine supplied with cool, clean air are among such improvements. Because, let’s face it, who likes hot, smoky air? For strong vehicles like the Dodge Challenger, aftermarket exhaust systems are fantastic. It must have something fitted to spice up its performance output, such as intake systems, to further magnify its performance ratings and provide its driver a much-desired urge for speed. Most cars may gain up to 15 horsepower from these modifications, and for the Dodge Challenger, every additional Horsepower is beneficial. Let’s move on and have a look at the best cold air intake for the Dodge Challenger V6:

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#1. Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake System with Heat Shield Kit And Filter Combo

cold air intake for dodge challenger v6

There is one thing to bear in mind with this exclusive brand’s cold air intake and pretty much all of its products is the durability and excellent performance. They are compatible with ordinary engines since they were produced by the exclusive brand Dodge Challenger V6 cold air intake. If not, this exclusive brand can guarantee the same standard of performance or quality for their cold air intake. This implies that many aftermarket kits are incompatible with the best cold air intake for Dodge Challenger V6. The exclusive brand will meet your needs if you prefer to keep using your OEM engine settings. Our second-place finisher on the list, the exclusive brand, had a nice 10.96 HP gain. Most likely, one of the contributing factors to this is the use of HDPE for the tubing.

  • Full TIG welds and pressure testing on a mandrel-bent tube
  • The package comes with the intake elbow and other installation-related parts
  • This intake elbow has a 4 1/8 NPT fitting for a boost gauge


  • It has a washable air filter 
  • Has HDPE tubing 
  • Is CARB compliant 
  • Has a solid heat shield


  • Is loud
  • Expensive

#2. K&N 63-1564 Performance Cold Air Intake Kit

cold air intake for dodge challenger v6

One of the brands recognized for its well-made and useful air intake systems is K&N cold air intake for Dodge Challenger V6. Better engine performance is indeed the key focus. Therefore, it has been demonstrated that K&N intakes boost both Horsepower and fuel efficiency. Aside from that, depending on the driving circumstances, the systems are designed to last as long as feasible. There is simply one piece of advice: clean the filter at least every 100K miles.

It is reasonable to state that a K&N production system offers twice as much air as a stock system compared to the latter. More air entering the engine may give the impression that more pollutants are entering. However, the system’s built-in filter guarantees that no dangerous substances reach the engine. It can be claimed that the cost is average and neither the lowest nor the most.

  • Increased production of Horsepower and torque is certain
  • Oversized air filter made of waxed cotton
  • Washable air filters that require little upkeep
  • The air filter promotes high airflow and excellent filtration
  • Replaces the OEM intake tube and filters


  • Simplified installation and general maintenance
  • Highly satisfying engine sound
  • Improved contaminant filtering
  • Increased item longevity


  • None found

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#3. K&N 57-1543 High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit

cold air intake for dodge challenger v6

Since 1959, some of the best automotive performance, exterior, and aftermarket products have been created by K&N, a renowned American auto component manufacturer with a global reputation. K&N cold air intake for Dodge Challenger continues to influence vehicle manufacturers worldwide with one of the broadest and most long-lasting selections of filters, intros, and other crucial items. K&N Air Intake Kits combine certain high-quality components with a unique design to make an automobile’s engine work more effectively and survive longer.

Air can be dispersed more uniformly, increasing efficiency, and there is no need for smothering or reducing oil usage. For high-performance autos, K&N has created a cold air intake kit. It is not unexpected that turning a regular engine into a turbo engine has become popular. After all, it regularly delivers the performance that a conventional engine lacks, with a power of 305 horsepower. A turbocharged engine provides the piston with the immediate gas flow at high pressure, allowing it to produce the most force possible during each combustion event.

  • A notable boost in Horsepower
  • Dyno-tested to help increase the acceleration of your vehicle
  • An impressive engine sound
  • Aluminum tube with reduced resistance for increased airflow
  • Dryflow air filter with a 100,000-mile lifespan before needing replacement


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • The air pipe is positioned very near the exhaust.

#4. aFe Power 54-72203 Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System

best cold air intake for dodge challenger v6

Prices for cold air intakes from different manufacturers vary for a reason. They are created to do pretty comparable duties if you think about it. However, k&n cold air intake for Dodge Challenger V6, when you contrast attributes like Horsepower and torque growth, the discrepancies become apparent. For instance, the difference between an ordinary intake system, designed to provide up to 10 horsepower, and systems like aFe, which can increase it to 18, is more noticeable. The same is true of torque increases. You might anticipate a torque increase of up to 22 in this situation.

In addition, the system is constructed of high-quality components to guarantee its endurance and lifespan. The filter that comes with the device is a 5-layer reusable filter that can be cleaned and used again. In addition, a peculiar sight window makes it possible for you to periodically check on the condition of the filter with no effort.

  • provides power increases without extra tweaking being required.
  • SuperNano-Web dry air filter is made of the 6061-T6 aluminum tube (fully serviceable)
  • a choice of hydro shield
  • aggressive engine noise, especially while running at full power


  • Premium quality item
  • Sturdy build
  • Reliable and reusable filter
  • User-oriented installation.


  • Not legal in California

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#5. Spectre 9028 High Performance Air Intake Kit

cold air intake for dodge challenger v6

This cold air intake offers one of the most straightforward yet well-liked performance intakes. A 3.6L V6 engine may receive adequate cold air through a simple yet efficient Spectre Performance air intake system. You may get an appropriate performance intake for a reasonable price that includes additional required components like rubber boots, stainless steel clamps, a velocity stack, and other hardware required for an OE fit.

  • Air filter made by Red Spectre Performance
  • Boosts your car’s Horsepower and torque Powder-coated heat shield
  • Air filter placed close to the driver
  • Aluminum intake tube with polish


  • Better throttle response
  • 10-Year/Million Mile Warranty
  • No ECU tuning required
  • 50 State legal


  • Heat shield quality is less than perfect

#6. AF Dynamic Black Air Filter Intake Systems with Heat Shield

best cold air intake for dodge challenger v6

Even though the AF cold air intake system is one of the more affordable options, its quality is in no way diminished by this. The system was created to increase the amount of air entering the engine, but as a result, other helpful qualities also surfaced. The manufacturer initially commits to a gain of up to 10 horsepower and an increase in torque responsiveness of up to 8. That combination should not be taken lightly.

Although hiring a professional installer is always recommended, the installation procedure is relatively user-friendly and can be completed in under an hour. There is already all the necessary hardware, so neither drilling nor cutting is necessary. The system’s filter is reusable and hence long-lasting. Other than that, paper filers are 95% less effective.

  • Deep and athletic engine noise
  • improved air filtering by 95% compared to OEM filters
  • components crafted from premium stainless steel
  • improved fuel efficiency
  • Suitable for OEM computer systems


  • Excellent quality for the price
  • The deep and satisfying sound
  • Reliable airflow
  • Enhanced horsepower and throttle response


  • Professional installation is often advised

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#7. Airaid 353-210 Cold Air Intake System

best cold air intake for dodge challenger v6

Consider an AIRAID cold air intake system if you’re seeking a solution to boost your car’s performance. These systems are made to assist your engine’s airflow, which will increase power and improve fuel efficiency. Additionally, they have a high-performance, reusable air filter that offers superior pollutant defense. There is no need to recalibrate after installation, and it is simple to do so. Additionally, AIRAID intake systems are proudly manufactured in the USA using the finest components. You can be sure that they will function as promised since a hassle-free lifetime warranty covers them.


  • Built with a cold air dam to keep hot air from the engine bay out
  • Reusable and washable air filters
  • Increases your car’s production of Horsepower and torque
  • Replaces the constricting factory intake system with ease of installation


  • It is a less expensive cold air intake
  • Has a powder-coated steel heat shield
  • Polished aluminum tubes Have a washable air filter
  • Has a superior air filter that Provides a modest power boost


  • Not the coldest air 
  • Not the easiest to install

What are cold air intakes?

To appreciate its advantages, you should be familiar with what cold air intake is and how it works. The aftermarket components known as cold air intake systems provide cold air directly to your engine. OEM air intakes often draw air directly from your engine bay into your engine. Unfortunately, the air within the engine compartment is frequently rather warm, which limits your power and performance potential. Dodge Challenger’s cold air intake systems redirect your car’s airflow, drawing cool, dense air from outside the engine area. More oxygen is present in cooler air, allowing your engine to “breathe” more easily and function at its best.

The high-performance cold air intake system for the Dodge Challenger does more than just lower the air’s temperature. Additionally, it boosts ventilation for improved performance. Intake tubes for cold air intake systems are often substantially wider than those used by OEM systems and have bigger, smoother diameters and fewer bends. The engine receives more air volume and continuous airflow due to designing the intake to better consume cold air and applying performance filtering in combination with large-diameter air duct tubing.

An enhanced induction system’s two most vital parts are colder air and better airflow. They combine their efforts to provide you with the advantages of the cold air intake, which boost your vehicle’s performance.

A Dodge Challenger’s aftermarket intake system has several advantages.

Dodge strongly emphasized keeping the Challenger SRT Demon light and allowing as much air as possible into the engine while building it. All Dodge Challenger models fall under this similar principle (although none can outmatch the Demon). For other Challengers, installing a cold-air intake system would be necessary to enhance the air quality entering the HEMI. A Dodge Challenger can gain from adding an aftermarket intake system by getting more condensed air into the engine, greater Horsepower, and, most importantly, better fuel efficiency.

A Dodge Challenger V6’s Cold Air Intake’s Advantages

Your vehicle’s performance may be enhanced in several ways with the finest cold air intake for dodge challenger v6. It can assist in boosting torque and Horsepower while also enhancing fuel economy. Additionally, it helps lessen engine noise and improve the interior style of your automobile. A cold air intake is absolutely something to think about if you’re searching for methods to maximize the performance of your Challenger.

The Best Cold Air Intake for a Dodge Challenger V6 Buying Guide

Consider a few things if you’re shopping for a cold air intake (CAI) for your Dodge Challenger V6. First, check sure the CAI you choose is compatible with the sort of engine you have. Second, you must choose whether or not you want a CAI with a filter. Filters can provide additional protection, although some choose not to use them. Thirdly, consider how much you’re willing to shell out for a CAI. Establishing a budget before looking around for cold air intakes is crucial because their cost might range from around $100 to $600.

Helps in adding Horsepower

The air utilized throughout the combustion cycle is one of the most important components affecting an engine’s power production, as we briefly mentioned above. Because there is more oxygen in cold air compared to hot air in your engine compartment, gasoline burns more effectively. More oxygen in the system allows for more efficient combustion, which might increase Horsepower. Understanding that aftermarket Challenger cold air intake upgrades don’t increase your system’s Horsepower is crucial. It’s merely letting your engine operate at its maximum capacity, which was always present but partially realized.

The type of your vehicle, its design, the maker of your cold air intake kit, the quality of the gas in your tank, and several external elements all affect how much Horsepower a Dodge Challenger high-performance cold air intake system offers.

Offers better acceleration

You’ll be able to feel the advantages of your aftermarket air intake at work each time you depress the accelerator pedal. Due to the increased amount of cold air fed to your engine, a cold air intake for your Dodge Challenger might increase responsiveness. You can achieve your target speed much more quickly when your automobile can “breathe” properly. Your Challenger accelerates faster by improving fuel combustion, allowing you to be the speed monster we all know you to be.

Engine Fit

This is more of a debunking of the common justification for not updating your air intake, namely that it is a tight fit and an upgrade could be too big for your engine. The greatest intake manifold for dodge challenger V6 systems on the market will, however, readily fit into your engine, and you will begin to benefit immediately.

Material of Higher Quality

Stock air intakes are just not of very high quality. Invest in a product designed specifically to boost the functionality and power of your engine to advance your truck.

Prevent Breaching Your Warranty Effectively

Cold air intake upgrades are a safe option if you want to alter your car but are worried that doing so would breach your warranty. These adjustments will impact no dealership warranties, which will improve your engine’s overall fuel efficiency.

What negative effects do cold air intakes have?

Many people commonly believe that cold air intakes are the magic fix. For some people, cold air intakes could be a good idea, but not everyone should utilize them. Due to the potential for problems, seasoned auto enthusiasts have been aware of the drawbacks of cold air intake systems for years. 

  • Cold air intakes are less effective in hotter weather.
  • They could reduce fuel efficiency.
  • They may require more regular oil changes because of the reduced air intake temperature.
  • The engine will have to work harder to warm up on chilly mornings, which might lead to increased component wear and tear.
  • A cold air intake does not guarantee an increase in power or fuel efficiency.

FAQs About Dodge Challenger V6 Cold Air Intake

How much HP does a cold air intake add to a V6 Challenger?

The engine can move more air thanks to the air channel being made wider by the cold air intakes. The air intakes on NEWER automobiles are excellent. Consequently, you don’t gain much. However, the extra noise is worth 500 horsepower.

Do I need a better exhaust if I get a cold air intake?

In reality, cold air intakes perform better in colder climates because the air is denser and has a higher oxygen content per unit of volume. As a result, the air-fuel mixture burns with more power, producing more Horsepower, better fuel efficiency, and fewer pollutants.

Do cold air intakes cause problems?

The engine performance loss is one of the most prevalent signs of a faulty or malfunctioning cold air intake. A filthy or clogged engine air filter used in the cold air intake can reduce power, acceleration, and fuel economy.


The basic idea behind a cold air intake is simple: better combustion results from allowing cooler, denser air into the engine. Consequently, your truck will perform better, spend less fuel, and, most importantly, function more precisely to its optimal specs. When paired with additional aftermarket components, the gains from an intake system upgrade may be considerable and take less time than those from other changes. Before we allow you to decide, it must be clear that the goods listed below are for exchanging stock components. If your truck has many upgrades installed, it makes sense to consult the manufacturer about the best product.

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