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7 Best Cold Air Intake For Dodge Charger V6 Reviews in 2023

A favorite muscle vehicle of the adventure lover is the Dodge Charger. It features a wicked V6 engine and is large, bad, and even. There’s always space for development, and because Dodge will end production of the Charger and Challenger models in 2023, no more muscle vehicles will be introduced.

Therefore, a cold air intake is a wonderful place to start if you want to spice up your V6 Charger (who doesn’t?!) before speed items get more pricey. Due to noise constraints, the OEM air box is infamous for being extremely constrictive and is a significant power bottleneck for future modifications.

The Dodge Charger is a powerful vehicle with an engine capable of 0 to 60 mph acceleration in less than 4 seconds. However, by making a few improvements, you may extend the capabilities of your Charger even further. Installing the cold air intake for dodge charger v6, for instance, will allow more cool air to enter the engine’s combustion chamber. You can benefit from increased engine power, efficiency, and mileage. Of course, you must buy a premium best cold air intake for dodge charger V6 from a reputable vendor to optimize the advantages of a new cold air intake.

Best Cold Air Intake For Dodge Charger V6 (Our Top Picks)

#1. K&N High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 57-1564 (Most Recommended)

#2. Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake System with Heat Shield Kit (Preferable)

#3. K&N High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 57-1543 (Affordable)

#4. Airaid 350-171 Cold Air Intake System (Must Have)

#5. BBK 1785 Cold Air Induction Intake System (Perfect Fit)

#6. K&N High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 71-2545 (Excellent Finish)

#7. Airaid 350-210 Cold Air Intake System (Durable)

Best Cold Air Intake For Dodge Charger V6 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Numerous elements, including the position of the modified air intake, are responsible for this shift that causes issues in the vehicle. By moving the system from its original position, so it breathes in denser, colder air near the fender well instead of lighter, hotter air above the engine, cold air intakes often improve combustion. Charger V6 air intakes use a large air duct in the engine bay’s front most area to feed air into the system before the engine heats. Let’s move on and have a look at the best cold air intake for dodge charger V6:

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#1. K&N High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 57-1564

best cold air intake for dodge charger v6

The 3.6 Pentastar V6 will be discussed first. With their dodge charger cold air intake v6 for the 3.6 V6, K&N truly outdid themselves, and we firmly feel that their cold air intake is the greatest option for that engine. Its price is the sole downside, but don’t worry; we’ll discuss a less expensive option soon.

Let’s now discuss power, which is the main topic. We felt that the 57-1564 increased airflow by 50%, as claimed. We noticed an improvement in the throttle response at low RPMs after a few miles of driving for the ECU to adjust to the extra airflow. It’s a huge adjustment.

We’ve also observed a modest improvement in MPG. However, it was only supposed to go up by 2-3 mpg after updating the intake. You must also replace the exhaust and have a tune-up if you want up to 10% more horsepower and even better gas efficiency.

The sound it generates, however, is the main factor in our opinion that this is the best cold air intake for the 3.6 V6. You’ll adore the throaty variation in the exhaust sound caused by the thunderous WHOOSH under the hood.

The 10-year (or million-mile) limited guarantee included with this cold air intake system proves how well-manufactured it is. Again, one should anticipate that from K&N.

  • Dyno tested
  • Better engine sound
  • No filter cleaning is required
  • Easy to install in less than 30 minutes


  • Ultimate longevity
  • 50% more airflow
  • Improved towing
  • High-level engine protection


  • The heat shield is not seated properly.

#2. Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake System with Heat Shield Kit

best cold air intake for dodge charger v6

If the K&N dodge charger cold air intake v6  mentioned above is out of your price range, you might be interested in the Cold air intake system cold air intake, which has a very similar appearance. Although it costs almost twice as much, it offers comparable performance and sound as the K&N above.

The Cold air intake system cold air intake is made to provide 10% more horsepower. While we didn’t put it through a dyno test, we feel it does make a difference. Like with the more costly K&N intake, the enhanced airflow is instantly apparent in improved throttle response.

We’ve also observed a very little increase in MPG, but nothing major. Similar to the K&N, you’ll also need to modify the exhaust and tune up to fully benefit from this cold air intake. The audio is also excellent. The difference is audible, especially when starting from a stop in sport mode. Although not as much as with the K&N, the exhaust tone also somewhat alters.

This cold air intake is quite nicely manufactured and washable in terms of quality. The installation might be a little challenging, especially if you have large hands, which is a disadvantage. Overall, it’s not a major issue, but you may need to bend the metal hangers slightly to get everything to fit.

  • Affordable
  • Excellent quality
  • Heat shield kit helps protect the engine from overheating
  • Improve driving performance and fuel economy


  • Sleek design
  • Provides better air flow and performance for your car
  • Well manageable in a decent budget


  • None

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#3. K&N High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 57-1543

best cold air intake for dodge charger v6

Let’s talk about the 3.5 V6 employed in the dodge charger cold air intake v6 from the sixth generation. Since this engine is slightly different, you cannot just use the same cold air intake as you would for the 3.6. If you want premium quality and performance, the K&N 57-1543 is an excellent option because it is made exclusively for the 3.5 V6.

Additionally, the K&N 57-1543 is intended to improve throttle response and enhance airflow by 50%. The sound, though, is the best component. You can certainly hear the change in the exhaust sound, and it’s simply wonderful. It somewhat softens the factory exhaust sound, but you should notice a big change if you use an aftermarket exhaust.

Similar to what you would expect from K&N, the quality is excellent. It’s a little tricky to instal, but nothing needs to be bent or anything of the kind to make everything fit. The only downside is the price, which is rather high. However, this cold air intake will easily endure for another 100,000 miles and then some, so if you can afford it, we think it’s worth the money.

The finest feature of this dodge charger cold air intake v6 is that since the filter will be changed after about 100,000 miles, there is no need to clean it. So there is no need to be concerned about dirt accumulation on the filter as long as you continue to use this component.

Although the cone air filter is the kit’s primary component, the other filter will also help your car run better. This entails removing the factory-installed baffles and soundproofing elements. So that they might increase the engine of your car’s sound efficiency because it increases horsepower and torque; this intake kit improves the performance of your engine. Therefore you should think about getting one for your automobile.

  • High-quality material filters
  • Removes stock baffles
  • Decrease soundproofing components from the engine


  • Sleek aesthetic design
  • Bolt-on power in less than an hour
  • Cone air filters
  • Unnecessary filter cleaning up to 100,000 miles


  • None

#4. Airaid 350-171 Cold Air Intake System

best cold air intake for dodge charger v6

Not least among them is the 2.7 V6. The Airaid best cold air intake for 3.6 chargers from the well-known Airaid brand is among the finest choices for the 2.7 V6, as it flows almost as much air as the more costly K&N. Furthermore, if K&N is not your thing, it even fits the 3.5 V6.

This cool air intake system has excellent quality, especially considering the cost. It’s interesting that, unlike other cold air intakes, it doesn’t replace the standard intake pipe, which is a benefit. However, some individuals appreciate how an aftermarket intake pipe looks, so it truly comes down to personal opinion. The cold air intake could be a better option if that’s the case.

A large portion of the hot air from the engine bay should be kept out by the heat shield, which is also nicely built. In terms of sound, the oversized filter element drastically alters the 2.7’s intake noise, which is amazing. Although not as much as with the other cold air intakes on this list, the exhaust tone also varies slightly. Considering the price, the Airaid 350-171, the cold air intake for a 3.6 charger, is a fantastic one. It sounds excellent, is solidly constructed, and flows a lot of air.


  • Enhances general performance
  • Simple installation using bolts
  • Made by hand in the USA
  • Disposable air filters that may be washed
  • Medium for dry filters
  • Keep the right air-to-fuel ratios.
  • Removing the requirement for calibration


  • The aerodynamically engineered intake tube
  • Increases horsepower
  • Injecting more oxygen-rich air
  • Easy to install


  • Average gas mileage

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#5. BBK 1785 Cold Air Induction Intake System

best cold air intake for dodge charger v6

Have a limited budget? No issue! This cool air intake is now our favourite for the 3.5 V6 and is still quite easy to get for less than $100. The pieces that arrived with this cold air intake appear to be of pretty high quality for the price. The lack of rubber weather stripping around the edges of the heatshield, which would stop hot air beneath the hood from entering the intake, is one item we don’t like. Although the pipe is well-made, we think the chrome finish is subpar. It’s pretty nice in terms of sound. Even at idle, you’ll notice a noticeable change that sounds quite close to the K&N, which is considerably more costly.

A little additional throatiness is added to the exhaust tone as well. We’re unsure about the filter element’s durability and don’t think it will last as long as the K&N. The BBK Power Momentum Intake System is a premium item with many cutting-edge features and excellent performance.

The dodge charger V6 engine would otherwise get contaminated by 99.9% of the dust, pollen, particulate matter, and debris captured by this system, consisting of five layers of high-quality filters. These filters will maintain the cleanliness of your engine and keep it free of any issues that can impede you from gaining greater power. Additionally, the intake features a pre-oiled cotton gauze filter on the exterior that keeps the filter clean and prepared for usage. The filter is made of a single piece with a steel bolt to keep it inside the housing.

  • large 9” round 360-degree radial flow design
  • Steel T-bolt clamps
  • urethane hump coupler
  • Produces 14 horsepower and 19 lb-ft torque


  • Five layers of filters
  • Washable Cotton gauze material
  • One-piece sealed housing
  • Auxiliary air scoop


  • Expensive

#6. K&N High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 71-2545

best cold air intake for dodge charger v6

A potent performance package that provides much more airflow than your original air filter is included with the K&N Intake Kit. It incorporates a polished aluminum tube to provide optimum airflow and engine cooling. It has an awesome appearance and is strong.

This kit contains a K&N Air filter, which keeps your engine clean and provides high-quality airflow by filtering out undesirable particles from the air before it enters your engine. The steel heat shield is made of powder-coated steel and is designed to insulate the engine from heat buildup brought on by the large volume of air entering the intake system.

Additionally, it facilitates weight loss and boosts ventilation. Thus, it ensures that the temperature inside your Dodge charger V6 never drops below ideal. The K&N Intake Kit is relatively lightweight, which is another factor contributing to its effectiveness in boosting horsepower.

Heavy-duty plastic makes the throttle body cover for further durability and protection. These components are perfect for increasing performance because they are all dependable to boost your vehicle’s operation. However, the tube will just slip out, which is the sole drawback. To hold the tube in place, you might thus need to use a silicone sealant.

  • The polished aluminum air intake tube
  • 50% more airflow
  • Powerful performance
  • Affordable


  • Powder-coated steel heat shield
  • Improve throttle response
  • Lightweight


  • The tube would slide out

#7. Airaid 350-210 Cold Air Intake System

best cold air intake for dodge charger v6

The Airaid cold Air Intake System is a dependable air intake system for your Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep. The high-quality components that make up this air intake system will help your car run better.

This system is a fantastic addition to your car since it will make the engine run more efficiently. These are ideal if your engine is giving you any problems. A one-year guarantee and free lifetime technical assistance are also included. As a result, you can rely on this air intake system to function well and provide you with the energy you need.

You will gain 5 to 8 horsepower with these Airaid cold Air Intakes, enabling you to restart your Dodge Challenger more quickly than ever. Your next race will have greater power. The sleek and appealing appearance of this system enhances the overall aesthetic of your Charger. The technology is also dependable and effective. There are no issues with driving in the rain, snow, or even in the heat. Although the cold air intake system is fairly simple to install, you will need assistance from a professional to set it up correctly.

The air intake tube for these goods is 6 feet long, and it connects to the air cleaner housing you currently have. The tube improves fuel economy and makes it easier for fresh air to enter the engine. The Airaid Cold Air Intake System is a fantastic purchase for people serious about enhancing their vehicle’s performance.

  • Improved HEMI
  • Better acceleration
  • Quickly set up
  • Smooth sound


  • 5 to 8 HP of power
  • Stylish design
  • Reliable
  • Efficient working


  • Expensive

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What functions does cold air intake have?

In other words, a cold air intake will lower the intake air temperature and raise the oxygen density of air entering the engine. A higher oxygen density allows the ECU to inject more fuel, increasing power.

Nowadays, most consumers purchase cold air intakes to improve the sound of their V6 Charger. Many people are unaware that a V6 Dodge Charger’s factory air box is rather constrained owing to noise laws. In reality, the majority of automobiles produced after 2005 or so are like that.

You can practically hear air flowing into the intake since the cold air intake eliminates the original air box. Most folks purchase cold air intakes for their V6 Charger mostly because of the incredibly awesome sound they produce. Additionally, a cold air intake will give your exhaust a deeper tone. We adore it despite how subtly it is evident.

The Best Cold Air Intake for Your V6 Dodge Charger: Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen some of the finest cold air intakes on the market for the six and 7-generation V6 Charger, let’s quickly go over everything you need to know to choose the best one for YOU.

Expensive vs. Affordable Cold Air Intake

One of the major problems you’ll encounter while looking for a cold air intake is the cost, or more specifically, the choice between well-known brands and generics. Now that the economy is struggling, not everyone can afford to invest $400 or more on an air intake. Budget constraints will force you to make trade-offs.

Several well-made cold air intakes for the V6 Charger cost less than $100, but they probably won’t survive as long as those from reputable companies, which often last 100,000 miles. Additionally, well-known brands typically provide consumers with a lifetime or 100,000-mile warranty, whereas generic products do not.

Piping Materials: Carbon Fiber, Metal, and Plastic

A cold air intake with plastic piping or carbon fibre is what you should choose if you want to be choosy and get the greatest value for your money. Plastic is a considerably better insulator than metal, even though this appears counter-intuitive (plastic is fragile).

The goal of installing a cold air intake is to lower the intake air temperature, and the best option for avoiding heat absorption through the intake pipe is plastic or carbon fibre. Even better if you can find an intake with a heat reflector or a plastic heat shield.

FAQs About Cold Air Intake For Dodge Charger V6

How much HP does a cold air intake add to a V6?

As there is more oxygen in cold air, there will be greater combustion in the engine. Power increases with combustion volume. According to some estimates, cold air intakes may increase your car’s horsepower by 5 to 20.

What does cold air intake do on V6 Charger?

Supplying cold, dense air improves oxygen flow into your combustion chamber. Installing one will enhance your horsepower, make your acceleration more responsive, and improve fuel efficiency.

Do you lose horsepower with cold air intake?

It makes such a significant impact that simply rerouting the filter to take cooler air may increase horsepower in most automobiles by 5 to 20. Your fuel economy could even increase, and your engine will probably sound nicer as a result.

Can I drive in the rain with a cold air intake?

Your engine won’t let hydro lock if you use a cold-air intake while driving in the rain. You’ll have issues driving with a coil-air intake without splash shields and fender lines. Cold air probably isn’t for you if you can’t avoid driving through the water more than 6–8 inches deep.

Does cold air intake increase BHP?

A cold air intake device added to your car can average performance by about 5%. The reaction will produce more horsepower because the combustion process becomes considerably more powerful with the addition of additional oxygen molecules.


There are many things to consider when choosing the optimum cold air intake for a charger V6. They should be made of high-quality materials, able to filter out all airborne contaminants, simple to install, reasonably priced, and have strong bolt-on power. The ease of installation and usage is the other consideration.

As a result, we have provided this concise essay with all of these crucial details so that you don’t need to go elsewhere. We would thus suggest K&N Intake Kit after testing each cold air intake for a charger V6. It is reasonably priced and effective in removing all dangerous airborne contaminants, and it is simple to set up and operate. We hope that this guide will assist you in choosing the ideal cold air intake for your car.

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