Top 5 Best Exhaust Systems for Chevy Silverado 1500 Trucks

Are you looking for the finest exhaust for your Chevy Silverado 1500? We’ve got you covered. We’ve outlined all the details you need to know about the best Chevy Silverado 1500 exhaust systems and provided a list of our top picks.

A vehicle’s exhaust system is crucial. The vehicle’s exhaust system ensures that the exhaust gases are vented outside of the vehicle, away from the passengers.

In certain jurisdictions, a properly functioning exhaust system is mandated for driver safety, yet, most people get one for their vehicle because they think it sounds cool.

The best exhaust system for silverado 1500 system is seen in automobiles; it consists of a pipe with a silencer at the end.

The benefits of these exhausts may seem a little mysterious at first. They’re designed to maximize performance while enhancing fuel economy and decreasing pollution levels.

Several designs are available, such as mufflers, heads, and cat-backs. Check out the options we’ve provided below and choose the one that’s just right for you!

5 Of The Best Chevy Silverado 1500 Exhaust Systems

Chevy Silverado 1500 exhaust systems are not just for show. They are needed to help your engine run smoothly and deliver the power you need. If you’re looking for information about exhaust systems. Check out our list below of some of the best Chevy Silverado 1500 exhaust systems on the market today!

#1Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-back Exhaust System with Aggressive SoundCheck Latest Price
#2Borla ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System with TipsCheck Latest Price
#3MagnaFlow Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust SystemCheck Latest Price
#4The Dual Rear/Side Exit Cat-back System by FlowmasterCheck Latest Price
#5Dynomax Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust SystemCheck Latest Price

How to Choose best Exhaust for Chevy Silverado 1500

If you own a Silverado 1500, here is a comprehensive shopping guide to finding your vehicle’s ideal engine exhaust system.


Any loud exhaust for chevy silverado 1500 will sound powerful. The most notable quality of this exhaust is its ability to make you easily identifiable everywhere you go. However, it would help if you guaranteed that the music is crisp and unmistakable without disturbing anybody.


Several factors contribute to the premium quality of 5.3 exhausts. It has nothing to do with the material they’re crafted from alone. It’s also important to think about how well it works with the engine you already have. A good exhaust system, for instance, a daman manifold, can improve the engine’s performance, enhancing the overall driving experience. That depends on how large or tiny the motor is. Low-quality exhaust is not something that can be purchased for a large machine.

Pipe for Exhaust Gases

Indeed, this is the one often referred to as the header. It is made of cast or stainless steel to provide a secure grip on the engine block. This component links the exhaust system to the rest of your engine. Here’s where your engine’s exhaust fumes will pass through as they heat the air. In other words, the object has to have a very high resistance level.

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Audiophile says to choose cast or stainless steel over other materials since it can withstand high temperatures. Stainless steel makes up the bulk of Silverado 5.3 goods on the market.

Size of Muffler

You’re probably on the hunt for a 5.3 exhaust system for one reason: you like how it sounds. For this reason, figuring out the exact proportions of the muffler is crucial. Don’t get one with too much size since the exhaust volume won’t be enough. Those deafening roars aren’t coming from massive sound suppressors. As an alternative, they are produced by more diminutive muzzles.

Exhaust Tip

The best exhaust for your 5.3 Silverado won’t have a tailpipe that extends beyond the rear bumper. It would help if you didn’t get an extremely lengthy exhaust tip. The excessive length might be a security risk.

Bent Mandrel

Don’t try to figure it out by looking for other twisted explanations. Your best bet is to find an escapement that has been mandrel-bent. They pair nicely with a Silverado 5.3 exhaust system. This function aids in preserving optimal ventilation conditions by removing any potential obstructions. This is true so long as the flow is steady.

Components for Setup

Installability is crucial, so make sure your items are simple to set up. Verify that you have access to the exhaust system’s software and installation instructions. These are not often included, so if you want to save money, look for an escape kit with everything you need to set it up.

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There must be some quality assurance on the thing you purchase. Doing so will safeguard you against potential issues.

Best Exhaust System For Chevy Silverado 1500 Reviews

Find the five best exhaust systems for chevy silverado 1500 again right here. You can avoid having to stare at these things with open eyes if you examine the fine print. You’ll be astounded by their efficiency and high quality. You may locate the pros and disadvantages to assist you in deciding how much they’re worth.

#1. Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-back Exhaust System with Aggressive Sound

best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500

Flowmaster’s American Thunder 409S Cat-Back System is a gorgeous and reliable addition to any vehicle. This tailpipe delivers on the audio front and sounds as good as you’d imagine. It has a classic tone, thanks to American Thunder. This means your audio will be crisp and clear. However, it will not offend anybody in your immediate vicinity.

The Best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500 is designed specifically for Silverado pickups. Anyone interested in creating the most spectacular sound possible will be fascinated by this idea. As a result of your hard work, you will reap the rewards of success. The exhaust is comprised of stainless steel, making it last longer. Overall, it allows you to mandrel bend the tube. The tools and instructions it provides will allow you to make precise and efficient modifications. The clamps will be pre-tightened and linked for optimal functionality.

  • Building Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Outstanding Ambience for a Performance.
  • Technology with the Delta Flow patent.
  • Warranty Coverage for the Rest of Your Life.


  • It is built to last with a sturdy stainless steel frame.
  • After the installation is complete, you can ensure that everything is secure.
  • The audio quality is excellent, both full and distinct.
  • A lifetime warranty from the manufacturer backs the product.


  • The quality of most tweezers is rather low.
  • Depending on your skill level, the installation might be difficult.

#2. Borla ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System with Tips

best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500

It’s simple to get your hands on a Borla Exhaust system, one of the highest quality and most performance-focused loud exhaust for chevy silverado 1500 available at any number of popular retailers or online marketplaces like Amazon.

The best exhaust system for silverado 1500 capacity to produce 7-10% more torque guarantees an unparalleled power boost and leaves you wanting nothing. We have also discovered that equipment assures great fuel efficiency, particularly when driven quickly.

The T30 stainless steel used in its manufacture makes the item resistant to corrosion and suitable for use in damp environments.

  • The Universal Format of a Gift Sum up to 54.2 ounces.
  • The overall proportions of the box are 152.908 inches long, 34.291 inches high, and 41.656 inches wide (centimeters).
  • All-American Origin


  • Longevity improvements
  • Quick and simple setup
  • Optimal gas exchange
  • Insulation against the effects of corrosion
  • The Guarantee of the Maker


  • Problems with Welded Tailpipes

#3. MagnaFlow Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500

Are you wondering what’s the best exhaust system for a silverado? The MagnaFlow Street Series might be an excellent addition to your Silverado’s exhaust system.

Their Street Series performance exhausts improve your vehicle’s power and sound from the outside without disturbing your peace inside.

Mandrel-bent pipes allow for more exhaust flow, and bigger or multiple straight-through mufflers quiet the exhaust, so your vehicle doesn’t sound like a racetrack inside.

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This exhaust system is the way to go if you want to give your vehicle a little extra oomph. Extensive testing has shown that it can increase horsepower beyond possible with factory tuning for various cars.

While still meeting the emissions criteria of different states, this exhaust system is ideal for drivers who have had their engine calibrated by the manufacturer and have subsequently added an aftermarket performance tune-up that improves fuel economy.

  • Street Series/Moderate Sound
  • This exhaust was built for drivers because of its high performance and extensive testing on a dyno.
  • To guarantee that this exhaust system fits perfectly and performs better than the factory one, MagnaFlow uses cutting-edge 3D scanning technology in the design phase.


  • Low to Average Noise Level High Efficiency
  • Quality Fabrication
  • Consistently High-Quality Results


  • The chrome on end can flake off.

#4. The Dual Rear/Side Exit Cat-back System by Flowmaster

best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500

If you’re looking for what’s the best exhaust system for a silverado? Go no further than the Flowmaster 817482 Cat-back. You have the most options with this model, making it the ideal choice for you. It also includes a Flowmaster muffler, unique to this set, and works well with the various tip designs.

This product has three power outlets: two on the back and one on the side. The stainless steel tubing construction further increases its already impressive longevity. In addition, the performance is enhanced with 16-gauge mandrels that have been bent.

The noise from the tailpipe is around average. You’ll be able to be heard no matter where you travel, but you won’t bother others in the immediate area. You’ll make such a wonderful noise that others will be able to pinpoint exactly where you are. The Dyno and the best performance muffler for silverado 1500 they provide are perfectly calibrated so that you may experience your vehicle at its peak performance. Overall, the product is light at just 69.2 pounds. You can obtain anything you need if the manufacturer doesn’t quit selling it.

  • The 16-gauge stainless steel tube mandrel-bent
  • Noise from the exhaust system is rather loud when heard from the outside.
  • With the included hooks and screws, mounting is a breeze.
  • Optimized Through Dyno Testing


  • The ease of setup is a major plus.
  • With this tailpipe, you’ll instantly experience a surge of power.
  • There is a remarkable value for the money.


  • If you apply too much pressure, the clamps might break.

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#5. Dynomax Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System

best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500

Also made of stainless steel and hence resistant to corrosion is the Dynomax Exhaust System, which appears with other high-quality products in the catalog as, for example, a muffler. Therefore, it is superior to similar products in terms of rust prevention in humid environments and is a good choice for such settings overall.

In addition, it builds upon its skills. It stands out from the competition thanks to its outstanding durability and lifetime guarantee.

The enhanced gas flow and reduced back pressure are both results of the system’s well-designed and wonderfully welded construction. High acceleration is also enabled by the model’s single intake and output vents.

The Dyno-proven best performance muffler for silverado 1500 significantly boosts torque, which helps explain the phenomenal exhaust flow.

The Dynomax Exhaust System includes a muffler that has been tested in a dynamometer and is designed to leave the outside of the vehicle looking flawless. The stainless steel build also makes it more robust in wet climates and safeguards it against corrosion.

  • The all-stainless steel structure ensures durability and safety for years to come.
  • Completely welded construction ensures years of use.
  • The elimination of any potential for a back pressure buildup thanks to the exhaust system’s straight-through design.
  • To maintain a low-pitched performance tone, CRF Technology dampens excess internal resonance.
  • It was proven on a dyno to handle 2,000 scfm of airflow and 2,000 hp.


  • The benefits of a stainless steel build
  • CRF technology, tested on a dyno, ensures a constant gas flow from the muffler.
  • Tone reverberation without constraint


  • Potentially high decibel levels

Benefits of a Cat-Back Exhaust System

Many people install a cat-back exhaust system to increase gas mileage and performance. This elaborate piping and tubing system is all the way from the exhaust’s end to its catalytic converter. The cat-back system includes the exhaust system, an exhaust pipe, and the muffler. The mid-pipe, X-pipe, H-pipe, and Y-pipe are only a few variations offered by certain manufacturers.

So, how exactly can a cat-back system improve your ride?

Power Boost

A car’s maximum capacity may be limited by a 10-20% power loss due to the exhaust system. The cat-back exhaust system greatly improves the vehicle’s performance, which allows it to generate more power and torque.

The cat-back system’s wider diameter allows for more airflow than a conventional muffler. The airflow is improved by the high-quality shaft used in the cat-back pipe.

It’s important to remember that the cat-back system can only improve performance if the stock exhaust and catalytic converter are well-designed.

On the other hand, a cat-back system won’t do much good for a factory exhaust that limits airflow.

Higher Efficiency Fuel Consumption

Installing a cat-back system on a car also improves gas mileage. Thanks to the cat-back system, the engine doesn’t have to exert as much effort to get rid of exhaust gases.

Lessening the engine’s workload reduces fuel consumption. However, a vehicle’s MPG (fuel efficiency) improves on highways and city streets.

Specialized Tone

A cat-back system enhances a car’s ability to make noise. Various exhaust systems are available, so you may choose one that complements your vehicle’s design. It’s important to be sure the sound of a cat-back system is something you’re comfortable with before making a purchase.

FAQs About Best Exhaust Upgrades for Silverado 1500

What is the best Borla exhaust for a Chevy Silverado?

The ATAK exhaust systems are the loudest in the Borla family and are the best for Chevy Silverado. The S-Type is available with a more subdued, race-bred sound. Borla Touring Sound is a good option for drivers who want a bit more aggressive than the default roar.

What is the best exhaust kit for a GMC Sierra?

Flowmaster Cat-back exhausts are the best exhaust kit for a GMC Sierra.

How big is the exhaust pipe on a Chevy Silverado?

This system’s massive front 3.5-inch and rear split 2.75-inch outer-diameter 304 stainless-steel pipes may enhance horsepower by up to 13 at 5,600 rpm and torque by up to 8 at 4,100 rpm compared to the factory exhaust.

What kind of muffler does a Chevy Silverado have?

A Chevy Silverado has a dual-walled muffler.

Does changing the exhaust damage engine?

The typical one will increase efficiency by aiding the exhaust flow, but at the cost of being louder, which many people find an advantage. It would help if you got a tune since increasing the exhaust flow will make your engine somewhat leaner.

Does an aftermarket exhaust improve gas mileage?

The standard exhaust system may increase a car’s power by 2–5%. Let’s assume your car gets around 16 mpg on the highway, and a new exhaust system improves fuel efficiency by about 3 percent.


There are a lot of people who share our preference for a more athletic sound in our Chevrolets. It’s simple to get your hands on most of the time, but sometimes it comes with an unappealing timbre. The best exhaust for a Silverado 1500 is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective option. With this system, you can count on a strong but refined exhaust note. The sound coming from the tailpipes is powerful and unmistakable. They’ll provide a fantastic, top-tier showing. An exhaust system like this might lessen the strain on the vehicle’s brakes while releasing harmful gases.

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