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Top 7 Best Roof Rack for Lexus GX 460 in 2023

Are you searching for the top roof racks that suit your Lexus Gx 460? We have included an exclusive review listing the top seven roof racks you can ever find for your Lexus car. The suggestions are created especially for those searching for the best roof rack for Lexus Gx 460. After selecting the roof rack to go for, you can check their pricing and the product availability on Amazon. You can even check out their ratings based on customer feedback.

So, let us start reviewing the ideal roof racks made to fit your Lexus car better!


You will find a few things to consider as you pick the best gx460 roof rack. The initial thing here is the car’s weight, the other is the kind of rack you need for the roof of your vehicle, and the last is the size of the rack you are picking.

The entire weight of the vehicle is of great importance since it will help determine the total weight the rack can support. You will require a rack that can help in carrying greater weight if you have a sturdier and heavier vehicle.

The kind of roof rack that you will require will entirely depend on the kind of car you have. If you are a sedan owner, the rack you need is entirely different from the SUV you own.

The size of the entire rack is also of great importance as you need to ensure that the rack is bigger enough to help support the weight of your vehicle.

Best Roof Rack For Lexus GX 460 (Our Top Picks)

#1. Rhino Rack MountainTrail Bike Carrier (RBC035)

#2. Rightline Gear Range Jr Weatherproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier

#3. Thule Wingbar Edge Roof Bar

#4. ARKSEN Heavy Duty Cargo Rack Carrier

#5. YAKIMA HighSpeed Fork Mount Bike Carrier for Roof Racks

#6. Genuine Toyota Lexus Roof Rack

#7. LEXUS OEM Factory ROOF Rack Cross BAR Set

The Best Roof Rack for Lexus GX 460 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

You will come across several things you should consider upon picking the ideal roof rack for your Lexus vehicle. The initial consideration is the total capacity of the weight it can carry. Ensure that you select the Lexus GX 460 roof cargo box to help support your vehicle’s weight and any gear you plan to carry along. The other factor of consideration is the kind of rack, as there are mainly two kinds – The hitch mounted, and the roof mounted.

Each of them comes with its own set of pros and cons. The roof-mounted ones appear to be on the expensive end and become complex in terms of installation; however, they would offer more secure holding for the gear you are carrying. The hitch-mounted ones are on the cheaper end, highly easier in terms of their installations, and will not fit as snugly as the vehicles you have.

Generally, the best roof rack for your Lexus vehicle is the one that suits your requirements and meets your budget ends.

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#1. Rhino Rack MountainTrail Bike Carrier (RBC035)

best roof rack for lexus gx 460

The quality of the build and the uneven looks that this roof rack brings to the Lexus GX 460 is remarkable. We have received numerous compliments on the uneven aesthetics the roof rack brings to the Lexus vehicle in our initial research period.

Along with appearing at its best when they get mounted on this factory rack for the SUV vehicle, it is highly operational too. We tested this rack in a couple of months, and we easily secured it for transporting our kayak, hunting equipment, camping gear, and spare tire. All these were highly feasible in terms of tying down and loading.

A couple of main design aspects we would like to point out are the higher rails that would make this load highly secured, mainly during the turns. The lighter or, the sturdier steel tubular constructions arrive with a wind deflector that aids in keeping the dirt, bugs, and grime off from the initial impact the cargo is loading.

Overall, the GX 460 crossbars can hold a lot of cargo along with its amazing design with the only drawback that we have faced here was the performance during the snowy and rainy conditions. It became a bit useless in hauling the cargo to allow it to keep them at the dried part.

Unlike any other cargo racks we handled in the past, the assembly is easily executed once in a short while. The instructions here are easier to follow with all the tools and the hardware included with the kit. You need not become a DIY wizard just for slapping this kit together.

Main Features
  • It comes with two pieces of steel construction
  • Powdered coated finish to prevent rusting or corrosion
  • Best fit for every aero bar
  • Comes with a front wind deflector


  • Carries some great cargo weights
  • Stronger steel body
  • Attractive design


  • Hex-key is mainly used for assembly or installation, which is clumsier
  • No added protection from snow or rain

The roof rack we bring for you here is the perfect one to work as the cargo basket specially made for storing food for adventure seekers and hikers. If you aim at travelling on the lighter side, then this steel frame cargo basket is the ideal option is what we consider. Overall, this kit left us somewhat impressed!

#2. Rightline Gear Range Jr Weatherproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier

best roof rack for lexus gx 460

You can handle your next adventure trip by picking these Lexus GX460 roof racks, which also serve best as the roof rack cargo carrier. It is mainly designed for being used with or without any roof rack as you can easily get the straps attached to the roof cargo bag to that of the roof rack of the vehicle, or you can use them, including the clips present in the car for attaching these straps right at the door frame of the vehicle. 

It is weatherproof; therefore, it can help safeguard you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It has hook and loop close zipper flaps that offer dual protection from external components. It features around 10 cubic feet of storage on the rooftop. It is a compact car luggage carrier bag on the roof that enables you to transport your cargo with your passengers without compromising comfort, safety, and convenience.

Main Features
  • The design comes as 100% water and weather proofs with welded seams
  • Constructed out of the UV-protected PVC of semi-coated mesh
  • The front end comes enclosed to help you fit the gear to any carrier size preventing overfills of any kind
  • The design is entirely aerodynamic, made for the compact cars


  • The small size of the bags fits well with the sedans
  • You get them in the options of four size
  • They are used with the roof rails, naked roof, roof basket, or crossbars


  • The bag would often shift a bit when not fitted properly
  • Arrives with only two straps; therefore, you need to add more security by buying a ratchet strap

We recommend this kit as it is best made for camping purposes. It was a massive investment for the thing that you would require to use at least a couple of times a year. However, you might need an additional storage option. It is easier in terms of installation and is recommended, especially if you are considering a weather protection factor.

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#3. Thule Wingbar Edge Roof Bar

best roof rack for lexus gx 460

It is the best gx460 roof rack you would ever find in the market as the black aesthetics offers the load bar as premium aerodynamic designed for quieter routes. The installation and removal of the accessories are very simple and easier. The pair of these roof bars can get combined with the Foot Pack, and in a couple of cases, you can buy the entire fit kit to create the secured, stronger, quieter crossbar systems.

The feature of this model is its design, as it aims to reduce drag by enabling the separation of the cleaner air between the air flowing through the bars. For more reduction to the wind noise, Thule often uses their WindDiffuser technology which disturbs the flow of air through the bar, restricts the noise, and enhances the fuel economy compared to any other crossbar style.

The maximum load capacity that it comes with is 220 lbs as you can check out the weight ratings on the specific kind of vehicle to know the exact capacity of the weight.

This Wingbar is specifically designed so that you are attaching the accessories with their universal mounting hardware or even the T-track compatible accessories. The mounting accessories would use the T-track to pivot the SwingBlade at the end caps, offering you a better ability to slide the T-bolt into this QuickAccess track. This WingBar is easily compatible with various types of foot packs here.

Main Features
  • It comes with a load bar.
  • Comes with the technology of WindDiffuser that would disturb airflow for reduced noise and dragging the enhanced economy for fuel
  • The design is in TrailEdge, which reduces the aerodynamic dragging by enabling the clean air to get separated through the bar.
  • The SmartSlides are often slidable length that would scale the doubles under-bar aerodynamic cover offering quick and easier installation.
  • The stronger hold is offered to the load bar through the BoxBeam


  • The capacity storage is waterproof
  • The compartment to hold the cargo is oversized
  • Do not need roof rails as they come with four-door hooks to hold the naked roofs


  • It is not very subtle and larger and comes with a brighter logo
  • Do not match with the cross bars

Generally, this is a good product, and it is easier to install as you just have to follow the steps mentioned in the instruction manual with this kit. It is very quiet while you are on the road and is considered well-suited for the Lexus GX 460 roof cargo box.

#4. ARKSEN Heavy Duty Cargo Rack Carrier

best roof rack for lexus gx 460

You can now easily check out a few heavy-duty products as this is specifically designed to simplify the recreational and hiker mode. These accessories would help you in having a perfect road trip by delivering some astonishing functionality that comes with the best value in terms of safety and durability, mainly when you hop onto your Lexus vehicle for a camping vacation, moving across the state borders, or going on a cross country road trip. The entire experience of this would create the most astonishing life experiences for you.

The entirely new roof rack comes with a cargo net that you can use to haul additional luggage, camping equipment, bags, and other things. It is structured mainly to meet your adventurous outdoor lifestyle, and you will find it simple to follow instructions and do not need to buy any additional accessories or hardware. It is constructed to carry bigger loads and mount the accessories directly at the crossbars or straight bars.

Main Features
  • Ideal for transporting extra luggage bags, camping gear, baggage, and other items.
  • Metal wind fairing is provided to reduce aerodynamic drag and noise on lengthy road trips with a significant number of passengers or companions.
  • Bottom metal bars plus side rails aid in the retention of your items.
  • Wind resistance, as well as noise, are reduced by using steel wind fairing.
  • It uses your car’s cross bars, installing effortlessly with four common U-bolts and accepting square cross bars.


  • The bag comes in smaller sizes and fits well with the sedan models
  • It comes in four different size options
  • It matches the build for the naked roof, crossbars, roof rails, or the roof basket


  • The bag would often slide off
  • Arrives with only two straps, and an additional strap might be required here

These roof racks are designed distinctively for use with the roofs that come with the proper rails. They are easily installed and removed and arrive with highly secured hardware to safeguard your racks from getting stolen. So, it is a must-try option.

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#5. YAKIMA HighSpeed Fork Mount Bike Carrier for Roof Racks

best roof rack for lexus gx 460

When searching for the Lexus GX 460 roof racks, you will come across one of the two options for the addition of the crossbars onto the roof of your car. The brand takes you through availing whatever you require for your vehicle and preparing it to accept the rack. It brings a huge range of products and numerous options that are made available easily to get enlisted onto our brief today as the best roof rack for your car.

If you are buying the base bar elements, then it is the ideal option, and if you are planning on unmounting the rack daily, then it is the easiest one to go for. However, it comes with its specific challenge that the racks of all kinds would experience, though and with their mudguards and the fenders. If rising during rainy climates, you would understand the need for the fenders; however, it is tough to locate the ideal rack solution.

Main Features
  • It fits well with almost any mountain or road bikes
  • Comes in a low profile with a tray that reduces any interference with the hatch
  • Simple in terms of uses
  • The same key locks come with this kit


  • It comes with the right type of tightening option
  • Better compatibility with the fenders
  • Easier to mount, and the added lightweight would make the addition and the rack removal, not a huge deal


  • The rear strap would lack in terms of appropriate padding
  • The front thru axle should have a size consistency and fit well with the frame

It often does not match the cross bars from Yakima’s JetStream, especially for the general rooftop built. It comes in a sleek, lightweight construction with a tapered design as it restricts drag and reduces the wind sound, specifically during high speeds. They would also match well with the varied Yakima mounts as they arrive in distinctive colours with sizes that match well with your vehicle.

#6. Genuine Toyota Lexus Roof Rack

best roof rack for lexus gx 460

The rails of the rack’s framework appear like themselves, but they are often not, so you can easily strap something down using these rails, although they are not suggested as this; instead, these should become the ideal reason for this challenging rack system at work. 

It arrives with the side rails that normally track down on these SUVs, vans, and the conversions turn out as the ideal move, almost like the mattress across the town. However, they are not being used for strapping down anything important, especially for the lengthier drives.

They would work well by pulling these straps underneath and later through the load by clipping down them. They are extremely extraordinary whenever there is no other option but used in a better way for securing the better framework.

Main Features
  • Comes with two types of rail roof racks, which are either raised or fixed
  • The appropriate points linked normally
  • Ideally made for the bikes like any other outdoor gear


  • Robust built and used for high shipping quantities of things over short distances
  • Works as an anchor
  • Best for the bigger racks
  • Installation is cost-effective and able


  • Not designed for bearing greater loads
  • Raised and fixed rails

It is different from the other versions available in the market in their mode of better security as it uses the larger clamps for gripping the bike’s front tire that grips firmly onto the frame. The distinction from the GX 460 crossbars is vital for the chassis of the bikes made with carbon fibre that can get scratched easily.

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#7. LEXUS OEM Factory ROOF Rack Cross BAR Set

best roof rack for lexus gx 460

These easier and more flexible roof racks are made of aluminium, which will hold your things in place weighing around thirty-five pounds. The capacity of the weight is very less for accommodating the bigger camping gears. The designs on the carriers are slim, as you can fit about two or three of them onto the single set of roof racks as required.

One of the user’s major cons involves removing the top load each time they are mounting on the things on the roof of the car’s rack. The manufacturer even offers a restricted warranty with every purchase, a significant benefit you will gain during this cost.

Main Features
  • The cross bars come in the OEM style without any further modifications
  • Constructed out of aluminum steel
  • Constructed out of factory roof rails


  • They are highly cost-effective and affordable
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Restrictions with the weight-carrying capacity
  • Need to readjust according the cargo you carry

These crossbars are well-suited for larger vehicles, and the car should have side rails with better bottom clearances attached to the holder. Constructed out of aluminum, it is lightweight and stronger, and it is highly suitable for attaching the roof box, luggage carrier, and softer cargo bags if needed. The length gets reduced across almost every local aluminum fabrication area for fitting with the smaller cars.

The need for a roof rack for Lexus GX 460

The Lexus GX 460 roof racks are important for car owners who wish to take their vehicle towed for longer trips and travel off the road. It would offer the ideal place to store additional gear, keeping things well-organised and right out of the pathway.

The vehicle owners should bring along a roof rack, a must-have accessory. The larger size of the car and the ability to travel off the road would make them the ideal fit to start carrying a huge amount of gear. You can get them strapped down easily for carrying camping gear, bicycles, or your best friend in your next adventure, especially when it comes with a roof rack.

Besides being the practical choice, the roof rack offers an uneven and adventurous appearance. The roof rack is ideal for showing everything you are preparing for if you plan to take your vehicle off the road.

Therefore, if you are in search of a way to make your Lexus GX highly versatile, then the roof rack is the ideal way to pick. These roof racks are the ideal addition to the car whether you are a driver with great experience driving off the road or searching for ways to carry the gears on your next camping trip.

Choosing the ideal roof rack for your Lexus GX 460

You should consider some things while picking the ideal roof rack for your Lexus vehicle. Initially, it comes to the weight and the size of the rack. This rack should support the heavier items you would carry, and the other kind is the type of rack.

These racks are designed specifically for different vehicles, as you can select the one compatible with the Lexus GX 460. Finally, you should have the price under consideration. Various types of racks are available at various cost points as you need to find the one that meets your budget line.

Three types of roof racks for your Lexus GX 460

One should consider a few things while selecting the ideal roof rack for the Lexus vehicle. Initially, you must decide on the kind of rack you need. The popular kinds available are the cargo basket, crossbars, and hitch-mounted racks. Each set has its own pros and cons, which is why it is essential to pick the one that meets your requirements.

Crossbars are a well-known kind of roof rack for the ideal reason. They are installed easily and offer greater flexibility whenever it arrives to carry out the cargo. But, they are more expensive than any other racks as they are highly complex to remove whenever they are not in use.

There are cargo baskets which are the ideal option for the ones who need to carry a lot of gear. They are easily loaded and unloaded as they would hold the cargo securely in position. But they are more complex in terms of installation than any other racks as they would not offer greater flexibility whenever it arrives to carry cargo.

Hitch-mounted racks form the ideal option for those who would start carrying a significant amount of gear as you do not have much to deal with roof rack installation difficulty. They are installed easily and offer a better deal of versatility when carrying this cargo. But, they are costlier than any other racks as they are highly complex for removing the parts whenever not in use.

The Lexus GX 460 is the perfect vehicle for the roof rack for several reasons. Initially, the car has a stronger and more stable roof that can hold greater loads. Secondly, it comes with a wind deflector that aids in reducing wind noise and enhancing fuel economy. Thirdly, the real spoiler of the car’s rear will help reduce drag while enhancing handling efficiency. Lastly, the car’s body is designed significantly to reduce wind vibrations and noises, making them the ideal choice for the roof racks.

FAQs About Roof Rack for Lexus GX 460
How much can a Lexus GX 460 roof rack hold?

The total weight capacity that the Lexus GX 460 can hold is around 760 pounds in the static nature and 300 pounds while in motion.

What is the difference between roof racks and crossbars?

The cross bars or roof bars are mainly two bars running across the car’s top end. The roof rack features more than a couple of crossbars, which are modular in design. There are times when the racks would often notice the fixed format that comes with a set of different types of crossbars.

Do roof racks decrease mileage?

The type of accessory attached to the car would compromise its aerodynamics, which by its definition comprises the air’s motion while interacting with any other robust object. The greater aerodynamics in the car, the reduced the efforts made on the engine that helps your vehicle to move.

Do you need to tell car insurance about the roof rack?

The roof racks are generally considered with the customization and adding things to the car that would affect the eligibility for the insurance while altering the kind of insurance you would require. You need to get in touch with the insurance broker before imposing any type of modification.

What happens if you put too much weight on a roof rack?

The forces here would act upon the load, would get strapped onto the roof from across every direction and would not get ahead or backward. The load is heavier, which gets destabilised with the vehicle across the speed of the vehicle, mainly for vehicles taller than minivans and SUVs.


Most of the featured carriers also require a roof rack system. As much as they are relatively inexpensive, strictly adhere to compatibility with your Lexus and roof box for the perfect installation. Lastly, whichever product you pick, you can be guaranteed that it will fit perfectly on Lexus GX.

Most of the carriers featured here in our post offer the best roof rack for Lexus GX 460.

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