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7 Best Shock Absorbers for Cars (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

The suspension system is considered one of your vehicle’s highly essential parts. The shock absorbers are omnipresent for driving your car through rugged terrains. The best shock absorber for the car can absorb all kinds of shocks, mainly transferred through the wheel during driving. The device can help control your vehicle and safeguard it from damaging the chassis.

The shock absorber is mainly the appropriate assembly of all the mechanical parts absorbing all forms of vibrations and having a dampening effect. Eventually, it would lead to highly comfortable ride quality and enhanced tires’ lifespan. As they undergo innumerable loading conditions and sudden shocks, you should understand a couple of factors before purchasing the shock absorber for your car.

Type of shock absorber: The recent shock absorbers are no longer just the assembly of the springs and the metallic parts. Numerous configurations for shock absorbers are developed to offer a varied quality ride and comfort levels. These are the forms that differ from one another based on the designs, usage of shock-dampening fluids, along with several other factors.

Compatibility with the car: The other essential factor depends on the compatibility offered by the shock absorber with your car. The shock absorber mountings may differ from the mounting arrangement of the vehicle. To avoid such situations, several brands offer technical specifications to the shock absorbers to offer an idea regarding the unit’s compatibility.

Kind of driving: The driving conditions would change based on the region. There are suspensions designed for a few specific terrains that offer better comfort and controllability. A few shock absorbers adapt to the transforming terrains without needing any replacement. You can keep the application of the vehicle in mind while selecting heavy or light-duty shock absorbers easily.

The entire setup of the stock suspension of a vehicle gets tuned to its factory setting. Automotive sports fanatics and general users have started to upgrade their suspension systems based on their riding style. Therefore, there are varied types of shock absorbers for cars offering a huge range of options for customization. These options are discussed in detail in our post today that would help you pick the best shock absorber for your car.

Best Shock Absorbers for Your Car (Top Picks)

#1. Monroe Max-Air Air Shock Absorber MA822

#2. KYB 349105 Excel-G Gas Shock Absorber

#3. Gabriel 43162 Rear Load Carrier Shock Absorber

#4. ACDelco GM Original Equipment 580-435 Shock Absorber

#5. Broscone A0308 2 Pieces 1 Pair Suspension Rear Shock Absorber

#6. AUTOSAVER88 Front Left & Right Complete Strut Shock Absorber

#7. Belltech 9145 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber Set

Best Shock Absorbers for Cars (Reviews & Buying Guide)

As promised, we have made the selection of the best shock absorber brands simpler for you. Therefore, we have brought the list of the main shock absorbers from reputed brands in the market today. Every brand arrives with its own set of different features; however, these would ensure your ride is smoother and highly comfortable. Several shock absorbers continue operating for around 100,000 miles depending on the manufacturers.

If you need to replace your shock absorbers or upgrade them, then these are a couple of brands you can use. The following are the ones we would understand about the top brands in the market. However, numerous models are made for every brand while we are connecting with one of the top-selling applications for different brands.

#1. Monroe Max-Air Air Shock Absorber MA822

best shock absorber for your car

The first one to rank out on the list of the best shock absorbers for classic cars is from a prominent brand in the automotive industry. The suspension solutions from Monroe are relied on by numerous customers due to their premium quality. The brand is backed by 100+ years of innovation and experience, visible through its range of products.

Monroe is generally well-known among vehicle manufacturers through their efficient struts and shocks. It is the primary choice if you are in search of a shock absorber of top quality. Being a reliable manufacturer in the industry of automobiles, you can hugely depend on their aftermarket solutions. Monroe is even known for their innovative options for original equipment. They are considered one of the topmost suppliers of struts, suspension, and steering parts.

Monroe originated in 1919 and has finished an entire century by making a mark as the best shock absorbers brands. The manufacturer offers a huge range of innovative products for heavy vehicles, passenger cars, and SUVs. The firm even enjoys a good reputation for its great car parts. Therefore, if you are searching for a replacement for the worn-out shock absorbers, then it is the brand you should go ahead with.

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The MA822 Shock Absorber for Monroe is the unit for the rear side. Its shock absorber, charged by the air, can bear a greater load of around 1200 lbs. The air chambers within this model are designed to consist of compressed air to about 150 PSI. It would help to adjust the height of this shock absorber according to the required amount of applications.

It uses the sintered iron piston paired with the stronger piston rod for greater durability. These units use all-weather fluid that helps lubricate the movable part during the extremities in temperature. The unit also has a unique air valve allowing this compressed air to enter the shock absorber, and the valve even avoids all kinds of air leakages.

Main Features
  • Shock absorbers for the rear end charged through gas
  • Higher load-bearing ability and can carry around 1200 lbs
  • The capacity for the compressed air is around 150 PSI
  • Hardened piston rod and sintered iron piston
  • Lubricated sleeve valve to prevent wearing out
  • Lubricated with all-weather fluid


  • Easy, adjustable shock absorber 
  • It dampens the sudden shocks with the help of a complete valve displacement process
  • Offers better comfort to the users
  • It is best for heavy-duty applications
  • Enhanced performance
  • Better ride quality


  • No additional retainer bolts and nuts
  • Not good for vehicles without any rear ABS
  • It might lower the height of the ride
  • Hard in nature
  • Issues with quality control

#2. KYB 349105 Excel-G Gas Shock Absorber

best shock absorber for your car

KYB is the best shock absorber for lowered cars with electronic and hydraulic equipment. It manufactures units for aircraft and automobiles. It offers consumers better quality products since it can capture a huge share of the worldwide market.

The unit is designed mainly for minivans and is charged through the nitrogen gas that comes with twin-tube construction. The tubes are mainly housed within the pressure cylinder, which handles gas compression. The sintered iron rod guide would help position the piston rod better while retaining better vehicle control.

The piston road has chrome plating of around three layers to help bear heavier loads. It also has an oil seal of several leaps offering wear resistance to keep the dust off.

The KYB shocks are prominent enough for older vehicles since they make massive performance improvements at highly competitive prices. If you work on any classic car, choosing these shocks is well worth your time and effort, while this specific set matches several other popular classic models. They are stronger, which is why most of these cars can help the vehicle glued onto the road and aid in correcting the stance.

Along with these shocks, they are highly affordable compared to the other shocks and are also in line with numerous original shocks.

Main Features

  • It is the shock absorber for the rear end.
  • The pressure cylinder comes with compressed nitrogen gas
  • Piston band coated with Teflon
  • Best-suited for minivans
  • Guideway and a piston road that is chrome-plated


  • No gas leakages as it creates a good seal
  • It is a light weighted unit
  • Reduces the complete weight of the suspension system
  • It functions alongside the electronic stability of the control system
  • Reduces the wear out of tires and enhances stability


  • Not compatible with all vehicles
  • Visibly harsh than the stock
  • Restricted demographically
  • Issues with quality control

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#3. Gabriel 43162 Rear Load Carrier Shock Absorber

best shock absorber for your car

If you are searching for the best shock absorbers, this brand is a reputed aftermarket manufacturer. You can easily find this product on e-commerce and physical stores. The company began manufacturing in the 1900s when the founder launched an automobile horn. In 1907, they even started to make the first automotive shocks.

They operate independently, leading to the launch of the world’s first adjustable and hydraulic shocks. Additionally, Gabriel even dabbled into photo-sensitive technology.

Gabriel even offers a well-lubricated seal that prevents the unit from rusting, wearing, and tearing. Therefore, you need not rethink making a buying decision.

The front-mounted kit combines regular piston-cylinder and spring orchestration designed specifically for heavy-duty vehicles, increasing their load-bearing capacities. These shock absorbers offer greater stability since the springs would help maintain the entire ride height.

The rod is chrome-plated and constructed within the pressurised cylinder.

Main Features

  • The shock absorbers are front-mounted
  • The spring coils arrive with the rod-piston arrangement
  • Around 1000 lbs
  •  loading capacity
  • Piston road with anti-corrosion chrome finish
  • The piston rod comes with a chrome finish to prevent corrosion or rust


  • Riding height remains the same during driving across different terrains
  • A minimal amount of leakage is expected due to appropriate seals
  • Suited for the heavy-duty vehicles


  • Fluid might require replacement after a few specific miles

#4. ACDelco GM Original Equipment 580-435 Shock Absorber

best shock absorber for your car

ACDelco also offers different types of shock absorbers for cars, being the sub-brand for General Motors, which is considered the giant of the automotive industry. Earlier, it was the division manufacturing the genuine parts for General Motors, which later transformed into a well-reputed brand. Innovative testing and engineering aid in offering products with top quality.

The shock absorber comes in a robustly built suit for the front wheels. It has a chrome-finished piston rod, offering a better corrosion resistance pressure cylinder made from the process mainly “drawn over a mandrel.” It would help the cylinder to withstand the higher pressures of the compressed nitrogen gas.

The unit is more compatible with automobiles using the parts from General Motors. The mounting arrangement is very easy-fit, helping to quickly install the suspension built. These are generally designed for enhanced stability in sync with the vehicle’s ABS.

ACDelco comes from the top-quality, reliable brand General Motors and budget-friendly price tag, making them the best shock absorbers for classic cars. It is trusted as the top-quality OEM parts supplier, making it the brand you would search for any time while performing general maintenance. The shock directly matches the original equipment designed to restore the quality of factory rides and performances, and it can even endure almost everything that your shocks would do.

However, it often comes with a couple of issues. The application guide attached to this specific shock often misleads for a few vehicles. There are missing parts like the bushings and hardware, which is common as you might need to reuse the older hardware.

Main Features
  • The shock absorbers are for the front wheel.
  • Piston comes with a chrome finish to prevent rusting
  • High-pressurised cylinder filled with compressed nitrogen gas
  • Genuine and original parts for the vehicles from GM


  • The shock absorber can avoid sudden shocks 
  • The model offers unmatched reliability and durability
  • The stability of the vehicle increases across the uneven surfaces


  • The unit comes with an expensive cost
  • The listings of the applications are misleading
  • The common issue is with the missing hardware

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#5. Broscone A0308 2 Pieces 1 Pair Suspension Rear Shock Absorber

best shock absorber for your car

Whenever the unit involves better performance, Broscone comes with cost-effective price ranges. The sub-brand of the JINBO group manufactures aftermarket automobile accessories. It follows the ISO standards for maintaining a better quality of products.

It is the shock absorber for the rear side. It comprises the tube-into-tube built, which retracts or extends according to the conditions of the road surfaces. The compressed nitrogen gas is mainly used as the unit’s shock-dampening fluid, and the top-quality piston would compress the gas due to the vibration absorptions and tire shocks.

The chrome-plated piston rod is located within the pressure tube, sliding easily while offering a smoother movement. The piston rod is designed to retain heavier loading considering the vehicle type.

It is the specific option for replacing all four shocks. However, it cannot be denied that quality often comes at higher prices. Additionally, these shocks make visible changes to the characteristics of the ride, which is well worth reading before buying. However, quality issues might pop up.

Main Features
  • It comes with 2 rear-mounted shock absorbers.
  • Consists of compressed nitrogen gas fluid to absorb shocks
  • Top-quality piston rod with chrome finishes
  • No leaks due to sealing between the cylinder and piston rod


  • The dampening shocks are smoother to help improve the vehicle’s stability
  • The piston rod has the anti-corrosive property to prevent oxidation
  • The unit is pre-assembled and does not involve the assembly of any type


  • Spare parts are not available
  • Comes in premium price ranges
  • Changes in performance are not adequate

#6. AUTOSAVER88 Front Left & Right Complete Strut Shock Absorber

best shock absorber for your car

Autosaver88 is also one of the best shock absorbers for lowered cars manufactured by this reputed brand in the market for OEM replacement. It aims to offer reliable products to consumers at better price ranges. The brand promises to deliver better and safer ride experiences to its users.

The front struts come with mounting holes that help in easier installation on the vehicle’s front end. The rear-end shock absorber comes with a coil spring for heavy-duty performance. The oil seals are located to avoid leakages while the vehicle is moving.

It has rubber dust boosts on the piston rod that prevents the entry of any dirt into the cylinder. The shock absorbers are extremely smoother since it involves hydraulic oil. It would offer a comfortable ride that handles the vehicle well. The unit is tested for impact, fatigue, and performance to ensure a safer and better experience. The unit’s surface is normally covered with paint to avoid corrosion.

Main Features
  • Two pairs of rear and front strut shock absorbers
  • Coil spring for heavy-duty performances
  • Upper-mounted strut with a hole for easier installation
  • Rubber boots to prevent specks of dust
  • Oil seals for restricting leakages


  • Better durability due to the fatigue testing done
  • Compatible with mid-size passenger vehicles and sedan
  • Easier to install and fits onto the factory-specific strut structure


  • Not suited for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Premium-grade price points

#7. Belltech 9145 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber Set

best shock absorber for your car

Belltech has been one of the best shock absorber brands involved in suspension production and development for a long time. It invented the lowering shock absorbers for bigger vehicles during its initial days. It informs us regarding their innovative approaches toward offering better suspension solutions.

The kit is designed specifically for SUVs and trucks with lower friction pistons that do not disrupt the process of low-speed compression, offering a smoother ride quality. The shock absorber is suited for the lowered suspension build. The piston is generally 30mm in diameter and enclosed within a cylinder of 45mm in diameter. It would allow for an enclosed surrounding for the shock absorbers to start working.

The brand initiated to reduce the pickup truck’s suspension to boost its performance as the best shock absorber. The brand arrives with the Nitro Drop 2 shock line for your trucks and SUVs with the distinctive fusion of shock tuning. The blend would improve the performance of the suspension system, offering a better road and grip feel.

The valve is mainly free from any cavitation installed to avoid the air build-up hampering the potential of the shock absorbers. The dust boots and rubber bushings most effectively remove the dust from entering this unit.

Main Features
  • No dust build-up
  • The shock absorbers are positioned at the rear end
  • The piston comes with low friction with a diameter of 30mm in size
  • The valve remains free from any cavitation


  • It is best for the low-ride height for the suspension
  • The model is well-suited for the trucks and SUVs
  • Shock-dampening offers a smoother effect improving the ride comfort for the user.


  • Reduced ground clearance for the vehicle

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Buying Guide For The Best Shock Absorbers

There are varied types of shock absorbers in the market, and not all have similar applications and characteristics. Not all vehicle owners would demand the same feature. Therefore, our buying guide today will help you better understand the basics of shock absorbers to help you buy the one that matches your requirements.

Types of Shock Absorbers 

There are mainly three basic variants of shock absorbers. Each can be categorised according to the sub-categories to help you hone your required characteristics. However, you must understand the typical differences to ensure you are in the appropriate domain.

Traditional shock absorber 

The traditional shock absorbers are generally the most basic kind offered as they are no more than the telescopic body with hydraulic fluid and valving to control the damping. You can locate them across every four corners of the older vehicle specifically reserved for the modern rear vehicles.

The shocks are mainly highly affordable, but they would not appear to be basic. They feature twin-tube or monotube configurations, external reservoirs, gas charging, and even adjustable damping, making them major improvements for better control and quality ride.


Several contemporary vehicles use the strut at the front end. These shock absorbers on the aged vehicles were a bit easier since the springs supporting the vehicle and the shock absorbers are two different elements. The strut mainly combines them, making them suitable for massive gains through better control.

You can check out the difference between the strut and the shock since the strut features the coil spring that wraps on top of the shock absorber. The coil overs are specifically viewed as the other step, as you can locate the strut featuring the identical aftermarket upgrades this conventional shock would arrive with. It is vital to understand where the shock absorber and the coil spring would get replaced individually from each other.


The struts and the coil overs are presently viewed as the step-up process. We even mention that the coil overs are designed to offer complete control over the shock absorber and spring.

In short, you can easily adjust the ride’s height with its dampening abilities for assembly across infinite configurations. It is great regarding performance applications and is typically not what you would require on the street car.

Key Features of the shock absorbers

The reality is that selecting the shock absorber is mainly influenced by the demands of the applications. These applications depend on parts unless you select the custom-built one where you can replace the shocks with identical kinds of shocks used in the factory. Fortunately, it is made easier with the searches based on year/model/make. In several cases, the shock features are what you should focus on.

Hydraulic vs. Gas Charged 

The shock absorbers come filled with hydraulic fluid. It would work with the internal valving slowing down the motion of the shock absorber. The fluid would heat up, aeration would occur, and performance would often shake with the different shock cycles. It is the ideal way to reduce the issue of charging the shock with nitrogen gas.

The shocks filled with gas mainly offer better stability but are typically linked with the performance vehicles since they would stiffen up the ride, while the smoother hydraulics are the best thing. 


You will often find shocks that have twin-tube or monotube designs. So, what would this mean? It is how the shock would work since you have a tube filled with compressed hydraulic fluid and a piston that controls the motion of the valves to the interiors while it slides up and down through the tube. The monotube shock would often feature the wider piston within the larger tube, although the twin tube consists of the smaller piston in smaller tubes with the secondary tube filled with the hydraulic fluid.

The benefit of this twin-tube design is that it helps create a smoother ride with its low-pressure system. The bigger piston within the monotube would often stiffen up the things, improving the performance. 


As mentioned, the shock absorber piston often features valving. The valve’s orientation often determines how the piston passes through the hydraulic fluid that moves across every direction without impacting the ride quality and performance. For the greater part, it is not something that most car owners should worry about.

The manufacturers often arrive with a combination mainly intended to suit the driving style and the keywords involving performance and comfort, which you should know about. But, the shocks arrive with adjustable valves, the best options for those wishing to dial up their vehicle’s suspension. But, one should stay careful before making purchases since you would need to spend more time handling the adjustments to get them for your application.

Build Quality

When a shock is cheaper but comes with adjustable valving and uses flashy keywords, it will surely raise a few red flags and fail quickly. You should always go through whatever they mentioned, ensuring that the springs would not leak or break and fit appropriately.

FAQs About Best Shock Absorbers for Cars

What shocks give the smoothest ride?

The soft and smooth riding shocks are almost identical to factory tuning as present in the Monroe, KYB, or Bilstein shock absorbers. For road control and comfort, this entire bike offers the most forgiving valving.

Should I replace all 4 shocks at the same time?

Shocks and struts should be constantly changed in pairs (front or rear axle), and it’s much better if all four wheels are replaced simultaneously. It contributes to uniform handling and reaction on all vehicle sides.

Which are better, gas or oil-filled shocks?

Gas-filled shock absorbers are generally better and more advanced than oil-filled ones because they provide higher performance, comfort, and driving safety.

The shock absorbers filled with gas are typically highly advanced and a better option than the oil-filled counterparts since they offer better performance, driving safety, and comfort.

Will upgrading shocks improve ride quality?

The struts and the shocks would aid in stabilising the car during turning, accelerating, braking, and riding through the bumpy terrains. Availability of the latest, improved shocks and struts are the easier way to enhance the entire comfort to improve your driving experience.

How many miles do shocks usually last?

Typically, the struts and the shocks would wear out every 50,000-100,000 miles. If you are more of an aggressive driver or frequently drive across rough terrains as they wear out rapidly. The struts and the shocks would not travel out and deteriorate with time.


Varied stages of development were involved in transforming from a stiff suspension system to a more comfortable one. The existing suspension system promises the option to customise them, although the market is flooded with varied alternatives. Therefore, our guide today has enlisted the best shock absorbers for cars you can get at affordable prices.

The shock absorbers are a highly essential part that would ensure that you drive a smoother and safer one. Therefore, when replacing them, you should get them with top-quality shocks. Understanding a thing or two regarding these shock absorbers is always better to ensure a better quality ride. We hope our post today will help clear your idea regarding choosing the best shock absorber for your car!

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