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10 Best Shocks for F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4 Reviews in 2023

In this article, you will know some of the best off-road shocks for the ford f350 Super Duty series. So let’s get to know the best shocks for the Ford F350 super-duty diesel.

The ford super duty was firstly introduced in the year 1999. The new range of heavy-duty trucks includes F-350, F-250, and F-550. For making trucks more capable this was launched. These models are more larger and compatible than the F-250 and F-150.

You will know the best picks of shocks for the f350 and you can choose any of them which is perfect for you.

What are the best shocks for a F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4?

If you are looking for changing the shocks for the f350 super-duty diesel then you need to look at what you are looking for. Various types of shocks are available for various models of trucks.

If you are in search of a comfortable ride, using telescopic struts is the best option. But if you are looking for light performance for racing, buying a fully upgraded spring seat type will be the best. But telescopic struct is not a replacement for your suspensions.

#1Pair Set of 2 Front KYB Shock Absorbers By NewpartsCheck Latest Price
#2Bilstein 4600 Monotube Gas Shock SetCheck Latest Price
#3Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock SetCheck Latest Price
#4BuyAutoParts Set of 4 KYB MonoMax Shocks StrutsCheck Latest Price
#5Gabriel G63810 Ultra Truck ShockCheck Latest Price
#6AUTOSAVER88 Hood Lift Support ShocksCheck Latest Price
#7Detroit Axle – 4WD Rear Shock Absorber Assembly Replacement for Ford F-250/350Check Latest Price
#8Bilstein F4-SE5-C765-H0 Suspension Leveling KitCheck Latest Price
#9Bilstein High-Performance Front & Rear Shocks SetCheck Latest Price
#10Monroe 34687 Gas-Magnum Shock AbsorberCheck Latest Price

What to look for before buying the best shocks for an f350 super duty diesel 4×4

When you are going to buy a shock then you should look for some of the factors before buying them that are given below. These factors will help you in choosing the perfect product for you.


Warranty is the main factor you should check before buying any products. If you get a good warranty, you can save a lot of money on maintaining that product. Most of the products provide one year of warranty, but some offer more than it, so you should look at that.


When you are going to buy a product then you should compare the price and features of that selected product with the price and features of another product. There are some products which have high prices but provide the same features as others.

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The quality of the product before buying it. If you are buying a quality product then you don’t need to buy that product for a longer time. That product may be for a longer time and will be money-saving.


Before buying a product you should do the installation process which should not be very complex and time taking. It should be simple and can be installed in less time. If you have purchased a product that takes a lot of time in installing and operating then that product is not worth buying.

Best Shocks For Ford F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4 (2023 Reviews)

This guide article is made up for the ford f350 which is based on thousands of miles running these shocks ourselves, and so many customer reviews. Here are different types of budgets, different needs and uses, and identifying what these shocks mean for your ford.

These shocks are based on the customer’s feedback and on research based on data available on the internet. Below are the best shocks for the ford f350 super duty so you can choose any of them which is good for you.

#1. Pair Set of 2 Front KYB Shock Absorbers By Newparts

best shocks for f350 super duty diesel 4x4

KYB’s Gas-a-just shock is a utilising, upgrading a monotube high-pressure gas design that increases the performance and handling factors of the vehicle.

The shocks have a better lifespan as compared to most of the factory-replacement shocks, and deliver noticeable ride quality enhancement. It has a longer life period which will save you money on investing it again and again on that product.

  • 90 days guarantee
  • The body contributes to performing longevity
  • 2 x Rear KYB Gas-a-Just Shock Absorber
  • Easy to use


  • It is reliable twin-tube technology
  • Good price for a 2” gas shock
  • Large oil volume, and thick body, contribute to performing longevity
  • 90 days ride guarantee is provided by rancho


  • Ride quality is not that good

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#2. Bilstein 4600 Monotube Gas Shock Set

best shocks for f350 super duty diesel 4x4

Bilstein 4600 monotube is designed with these shocks for improving riding and handling control. It maintains relative comfort compared to a softer factory-like shock.

Exceptional dependability and long life, this is not good for a daily driver, but it is also capable of hauling loads, towing, and easy offroad trails. It provides good quality and is durable but it is more expensive than other comparative products.

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But this also has some issues like it is expensive for those who have a tight budget.

  • All relevant bushings, washers, and nuts were concluded
  • Monotube gas is charged for durability, longevity, and performance
  • Shock boots are included with all shocks except in case of special fitness
  • Compatible with 2WD vehicles


  • Top quality
  • Very durable, and long-lasting
  • Easy 4*4 traits, and capable for heavy duty


  • Higher price

#3. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set

best shocks for f350 super duty diesel 4x4

Rancho is the best option when you are looking for a thick bored twin-tube gas shock. It is meant for increasing the performance in a budget package.

The thick body ensures that it can handle loads and situations without any problem. The budget price means it is good for a large application base.

Below are the features, pros, and cons that you need to look at once.

  • It is compatible with the 2005-2016 f250 super duty 4WD.
  • Includes RS5000X gas shock set
  • Smoother ride
  • Simple bolt-on replacement
  • Easy to install


  • 90 days guarantee
  • It is Reliable twin-tube technology
  • Large oil volume, and thick body, contribute to performance longevity


  • None

#4. BuyAutoParts Set of 4 KYB MonoMax Shocks Struts

best shocks for ford f350 super duty

MonoMax is meant for off road vehicles and workhorse trucks that see tough terrain. These shocks have increased rebound damping and compression to account for heavy loads, tires and wheels or aggressive terrain.

It is easy to install and easy to operate so anyone can easily use it. It has durability and long life so you can choose this product. But before choosing it you should read its features, pros, and cons also.

  • Easy installation
  • 100% brand new and quality tested
  • backed by one year of unlimited mileage warranty
  • Engineered for superior durability


  • Increases performance and handling significantly
  • Great longevity, monotube high gas pressure design
  • Best heavy-duty shock for this price


  • Maybe red does not match your vehicle

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#5. Gabriel G63810 Ultra Truck Shock

best shocks for f350 super duty 4x4 diesel towing

You can use these shocks on ford-350 super duty (1999-2004). This is one of the amazing shocks that provides handling and dumping. G-force technology is designed to provide faster responses.

The StableSteer valving allows the tires to stay in contact with the road all the time which is important for constant safety. The OE is a designed single lip oil seal that minimises friction for optimal sealing. It has a leak-proof piston which increases the shocks life.

  • G-force technology for improved product life, quick response, and consistent, controlled, and reliable ride.
  • It has an orifice disk with variable nine-stage valving that provides consistent oil flow.
  • It is not for sale on Catalina island.
  • Safe ride, and stable


  • Reliable and controlled ride
  • Stable
  • Durable and long life


  • Some users are unhappy

#6. AUTOSAVER88 Hood Lift Support Shocks

best shocks for f350 super duty diesel 4x4

This hood lift support has uniformity and bright colour. The struts provide great balance and lift it well. This is easy to install with the help of simple hand tools. The weight of this item is 1.1 pounds.

It does not require a lot of time to install it. These struts are a perfect fit for the above-mentioned models and come at a good price, that is it is not that expensive so anyone can easily afford them. The dimension of this product is 35.5 x 5 x 5.5 inches.

  • Fashion look
  • Durable steel construction
  • No special tools required
  • Compatible with Ford F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to install
  • Great replacement
  • Good quality


  • None

#7. Detroit Axle – 4WD Rear Shock Absorber Assembly Replacement for Ford F-250/350

best shocks for ford f350 super duty

The Detroit axle has piston seals that adjust themselves accordingly. It wears to maintain a tight seal between the pressure tube and the piston. It minimises leak path for the lasting period and it is also a consistent product life.

It has o-rings that provide pressure to the inner tube and builds a tighter seal for keeping the valveless susceptible to wear, dirt, and fatigue.

  • 10-year warranty
  • Kit includes: 2x rear shock absorbers and 2x front shock absorbers
  • Undergo wear, impact, and fatigue testing to help ensure durability and quality


  • Great replacement
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Some users have bad experiences

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#8. Bilstein F4-SE5-C765-H0 Suspension Leveling Kit

best shocks for f350 super duty diesel 4x4

If you are not budget conscious and only want a quality product then this one is perfect for you. This is perfect for heavy-duty and improves road handling and manners.

It is also known for its incredibly long life and moderate off road handling. It provides a good comfort improvement so you can go for this product. It is easy to install so you don’t need to invest a lot of time in installing it.

  • Perfect fit
  • Looks great
  • Installation is simple and can be done in about an hour.
  • It is made of high-quality materials and construction and features a silver/black finish.


  • Springs and shocks are perfectly matched
  • Improved handling and Easy levelling kit
  • Off-road capability and improved road manner


  • Expensive

#9. Bilstein High-Performance Front & Rear Shocks Set

best shocks for ford f350 super duty

This one comes with a set of four shocks, which include front and rear shocks. Bilstein shocks will make your ride comfortable and smooth. It provides common and spectacular control over the wheels of your jeep, truck, and SUV.

It reduces the swaying over bumpy roads and also keeps your cargo safe in the truck or jeep. The shock allows riders to travel through all kinds of terrain no matter what the conditions are. The dimensions of this product are 30 x 10 x 10 in.

  • They are high gas-pressure monotube shocks that are designed for lifted pickups, jeeps, and SUVs.
  • These shocks are designed to provide superior handling and a smoother ride.
  • Installation is relatively easy, and Bilstein offers detailed instructions.


  • Easy installation
  • Great replacement
  • Smooth and comfortable ride


  • None

#10. Monroe 34687 Gas-Magnum Shock Absorber

best shocks for f350 super duty 4x4 diesel towing

Monroe is designed for all types of ranges of ford 350 super duty trucks. The shocks are perfect for off-road purposes. This shock is easy to install and has a lowering operating system i.e. standard 1-inch bore unit. It has a reserve tube that is made up to store more fluid for permanent driving performance.

It contains all-weather fluid that contains a special modifier. For both extension and compression cycles of the unit for a smooth ride. It also helps in maintaining tires for road contact.

  • It features a larger bore than most shocks for increased fluid capacity and a heavier-duty mounting system for added strength.
  • A unique valving system is tuned specifically for each application to provide optimal performance.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Provides superior handling, comfort, and control


  • Improved performance
  • Longer service life
  • Easy installation
  • Good price


  • None

FAQs About Best Shocks for F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4

What brand of shocks is best for a smooth ride?

A few brands of shocks are known for providing a smooth ride, and they vary in price and features. Monroe OESpectrum, Bilstein, and KYB.

How long do shocks last on f350?

50,000-100,000 miles shocks last on f350. If you regularly drive on rough roads or in extreme weather conditions, your shocks may only stay for a while. You may also need to replace your shocks sooner if you frequently haul heavy loads or tow trailers.

How long does it take to replace shocks and struts?

It takes anywhere from 1 to 4 hours to replace shocks and struts, depending on the make and model of your car. The average cost for shocks and struts replacement is around $300-$400.

Are shock upgrades worth it?

If you want to go off-road with your vehicle then it is better to consider an upgraded shock.

What brand of shocks does Ford use?

Ford uses a variety of shocks on its vehicles. The most common are Monroe, Bilstein, and KYBMonroe is a budget-friendly option that offers decent ride quality, Bilstein is a premium option that offers excellent ride quality and durability, and KYB is a middle-of-the-road option that offers good ride quality and reliability.


Selecting the best shock according to your truck model will help it stay on the ground. This also ensures that the chances of accidents will be reduced.

Shock absorbers are designed for helping to reduce the jerking and swaying that cars will have when going over irregular surfaces. When your tire leaves the surface of the road, you lose everything, including braking, steering, and acceleration. After reading the reviews we are sure that you have chosen the best shock for you.

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