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Gen Z and Car Shipping- What Do You Need to Know?

Whatever may be the reasons you are interested in gaining attention and visibility among Generation Z, there is no denying that doing business in 2022 means that you will need to become very familiar with the generation which came about post-1996.

Born with the internet, Generation Z is quite different from its generational predecessors. The most significant difference in user and customer behavior is the fact that this generation did not need to familiarize themselves with the digital world; they have been part of it since the very start.

Generational characteristics

In 2020, when what is now known as the Great Resignation in the United States began, Generation Z made unconventional lifestyle choices. Many of the members of this generation decided to move back in with their parents, and quite many left their jobs in order to pursue meaningful employment going forward. With over 60 million in the United States, there are currently more Gen Ziers than millennials

When compared to the sharing economy mindset of millennials, Generation Z is returning to traditional values of ownership. However, although the economic context does not work in their favor, Generation Z does express the need to own a home, a car, and other significant valuables. Since this generation might still be very young and new to car ownership and shipping, let us look into some of their pivotal needs and thus learn more about the up-and-coming generation of first-time auto transport customers.

Generation Z as customers

If you are leading a business today in the United States, here is some insight into Generation Z’s ways of thinking.


The number one thing to consider is that your business needs to be fluent in digital. Whichever channel your company chooses to use, it needs to be updated and curated according to the user habits of Generation Z. 

This means investing in content creation, and digital marketing is a must-have in terms of communication strategy. For example, generation Z uses social media platforms as primary sources of information. Whether this means searching for customer reviews or seeking advice on a car purchase, or choosing a car shipping partner, if you want to be visible to Generation Z, your company needs to be social media savvy. Another thing to consider is that your communication needs to be transparent. For example, in car shipping terms, you may start by communicating openly about the actual cost of shipping a car.


However, being just present on social media is not enough. Customer services get an entirely new meaning when you consider Generation Z is using Tik Tok to review services and goods.

This might mean an opportunity to contact them directly and communicate your values more holistically. Generation Z expects personalization as a fundamental trait of the customer relationship. If you want to do business with it, you must learn how to voice their opinions and needs. This also means that working to offer specific options, like open car shipping, needs to become a norm.

Environmentally friendly

“Green is the new gold” is not just the proverbial saying but a perfect articulation of Generation Z’s attitude towards environmental issues. Therefore, how environmentally friendly your goods, services, and business is is of great concern for Generation Z customers.

Vehicle Haul Is Your Trustworthy Shipping Partner!

For young people entering the world of car driving and shipping, every piece of information is crucial. In Vehicle Haul, customers are at the highest priority, and they put their needs first. So when a customer needs a piece of information about their precious vehicle, they can get it anytime. 

Whether you’re reading this article because you’re thinking about shipping a car from your college to a hometown, or recommend it to your family, know that Vehicle Haul is one of the best shipping companies in the US, with over 15 years of experience. To start the booking process, first, you need to ask for a free price quote and fill out the form on the website, and after that, you’ll get all the required information. Good luck with your first auto shipping experience Gen Ziers. 

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