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Top 10 Best Jeep Grand Cherokee Mods for Improved Performance and Style

You’re done with the hard part of negotiating, you’ve won the war, and the spoils of your victory are sitting in your driveway. They look exactly like you thought they would. It’s a big deal, and first-time owners of a new or used 2-door Sport Wrangler or 4-door Rubicon may find a single question too much for them to handle.

If you’re looking for a popular Jeep model, the XJ Cherokee is your best bet. Almost 2,800,000 XJs were made during the 18 years the car was made. Because of this, you can find them everywhere, on the road and in scrapyards. This makes them a great base for a new car because their parts are easy to find.

Most Jeep Grand Cherokee Mods are powered by the classic AMC 242 I6 engine, known for its great performance and rock-solid dependability. It works so well that Jeep barely changed it from when it came out in 1987 until it was taken off the market in 2006. But you should be careful because the previous generation’s 2.8L V6 engine only had 10 more horsepower than the standard 2.5L four-cylinder engine. This motor is even less common than the more common straight four- and six-cylinder motors in Jeeps, so it’s best to avoid it.

The XJ was another change for Jeep. It was the company’s first car without a traditional frame. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of the unibody in a bit.

To sum up, the Jeep Cherokee is a great car with a smooth ride and good handling. Jeep eventually fixed some of the problems with the XJ, and XJ owners found ways to deal with other problems. Here is a quick list of some Jeep Grand Cherokee mods that can make it run better.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Upgrades: The Top 10 Mods for Improved Off-Road Capability and More

Here is a list of the top 10 Jeep Grand Cherokee mods to help you take your off-roading experience to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or a newcomer to the hobby, these mods can help you get the most out of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

#1. Bumpers

jeep grand cherokee mods

Bumpers My Jeep must already have bumpers in front and back, right? Yes, in a word. Manufacturer-made plastic bumpers are about as helpful in a crash as a gallon of gasoline in a fire. One of the first things people change on a car is the front and back bumpers. These safety features must be used both on and off the road.

Whether you want to be ready for the most extreme off-road trips, make your Jeep more useful, or keep your things safe, there are the best quality, most creative, and most affordable parts available in the market for Jeep Grand Cherokee modification ideas.

There are many different aftermarket Jeep Grand Cherokee mods rear bumpers to choose from, but for most first-time Jeep owners, a solid, full-length “rock” or “super duty” bumper, or even a modular one, will do the job without breaking the bank. Some back bumpers even have a place to put a spare tire for people who want to get bigger tires in the future.

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#2. Tires

mods for jeep grand cherokee

If you want people to look over and say, “A Jeep’s coming,” you need big, knobby tires that make noise as you drive. Still, these Jeep Grand Cherokee modification ideas sometimes require more expensive changes, like re-gearing or letting the engine slow down. The regular JK, the Wrangler with four doors from 2007 to 2017, can come with 33-inch tires already. We think this was done on purpose because it is so great.

 Jeep thought we wouldn’t drive around on our 235s. You could try to put 33-inch tires on a Jeep Wrangler TJ made between 1996 and 2006, but they might hit the plastic fender flares. This won’t ruin the ride or cause any big problems. You should go ahead if you know this and can deal with the catch.

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3. Entry Guards

jeep grand cherokee mods

That’s pretty silly, wouldn’t you say? One of the most used parts of your Jeep doesn’t have anything to keep the paint from getting scuffed and scratched. Skid plates protect the gas tank and transfer case, but what about the door frame? Nothing.

If you want to protect the lower part of your door from damage, you might not need a skid plate as the best Jeep Grand Cherokee modification ideas. Instead, you could use some low-tech and cheap door entrance guards. Most types of entry guards are installed quickly and securely with 3M adhesive, and the guards’ thermoplastic, aluminum, or stainless steel construction protects the frame. Jeep entrance guards are a simple and inexpensive upgrade that you should think about whether you plan to use your vehicle mostly on paved roads or for more adventurous off-road trips.

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#4. Grab Handles

jeep grand cherokee mods

You probably used to drive a car that had a handle on the back of the door panel up high. You can easily tell who these people are. Something you held on to with all your might when the trip got too rough or the turns got too sharp. On the other hand, the protective roll bar on the Jeep makes it hard to use a grip at the very top of the car.

On the other hand, the A-pillars in the front of a Jeep or any other vehicle might work better than door handles. Why put a grab handle on the roof when you can bolt whatever you need to the Jeep’s roll cage or pillar? When you need it, you can grab the handle and use it to get in and out of the car.

There are many inexpensive Jeep Grand Cherokee mods options that all Velcro around the roll bar make it easy to grab when needed. These include plain nylon handles, deluxe nylon handles with a foam grip, and heavy-duty Paracord.

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#5. Lift Kit

jeep grand cherokee mods

It’s great that lift kits can be bought. But putting a 4-inch lift kit on a TJ without a slip-yoke eliminator could damage the drive shaft and speed up the wear on other parts, even though both are great. If you want to go this way, you should be ready to change many things. Again, if you plan to put a 4-inch lift kit on your JK, you should be ready for it to wear out quickly. This could get expensive fast!

The Jeeps already cost too much money but the best Jeep Grand Cherokee upgrades won’t. As both Jeeps’ front and rear suspensions are made of coil springs, installing 2-inch Coil Spring Spacers is a cheap customization option. This will give you enough clearance for up to 35-inch tires, and if you run 33-inch tires instead, as I advised, you’ll have plenty of space, no rubbing, and some breathing room while you decide on a raise.

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#6. Shocks

jeep grand cherokee mods

Adding shocks to a Jeep is a good way for Jeep Grand Cherokee mods. There are different kinds of shocks you can buy, but they all do the same thing: to reduce the vibrations and jolts the driver and passengers feel when driving on bumpy roads. A shock slows down the movement of the spring, which is the first step in making the impact less strong. If you want to buy shocks for mudding, you should know that extensions and shocks are great options for both on- and off-road use.

You should know there is a difference between shocks with two tubes and those with only one. Off-roading is best done with monotube shocks because they work better, so make sure you’re getting those. Also, if you bought a used Jeep or have been driving with the same shocks for a long time, watch for signs that the shocks will fail. When the shocks best Jeep Grand Cherokee upgrades are worn out, it takes longer for the car to get back to where it was before it hit a bump.

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#7. Recovery Gear

jeep grand cherokee mods

Buying recovery gear is a good idea for anyone who buys a new Jeep, even if they don’t plan to use it for off-roading. This doesn’t mean you must buy a new, high-tech, big hydraulic winch with an advanced synthetic line.

Buchter of Off-Road Consulting says that simple recovery tools and knowing how your car acts when you use them can be game-changers in everyday situations.

Several winch accessory packages already come with the “Essential” recovery gear that new Jeep owners would find useful, like gloves, D-rings, and recovery straps that can be stretched out to provide the kinetic energy needed to free a vehicle stuck in sand, mud, or snow.

Along with a heavy-duty jack like a Hi-Lift, it would be helpful to have a first-aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and a spare tire.

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#8. Seat Covers

jeep grand cherokee mods

The seats in the brand-new Jeep are great. Not so much, though, if they are used seats. Still, they all need the same thing: to be safe. Your Jeep is different from other cars, and that’s the point. You won’t keep the top down to dry the seats when the weather is nice. Simply put, you use a Jeep for these kinds of things. When this happens, the chairs will be left out in the open, where they will be exposed to sunlight, wind, and (maybe) rain. Something that doesn’t go well with the material of a seat.

Protective seat covers mods for Jeep Grand Cherokee made of neoprene, polyester, or nylon can help your Jeep’s seats last longer and let you show off your style inside. Many covers come in a wide range of colors, so you can find one that matches your Jeep’s exterior, interior, or whatever else is happening. Some even have pockets built-in or the option to attach MOLLE bags, doubling the space they can hold. Still, this may be important when you realize how little stuff you can fit in a Jeep.

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#9. Interior Security & Storage

jeep grand cherokee mods

You probably already know that the Jeep’s inside is small and not safe. Even in the newest 4-door JK Wranglers, which have a little more space than their 2-door predecessors, you might not find enough space for your things. If you have a soft top or just want to take off the hard top for a few months, it will be harder to secure your load. The OEM console has a lock, but so does your screen door, and you probably wouldn’t feel safe leaving your house unlocked while you’re away. In this situation, would you?

If you just bought your first Jeep and are worried about the safety of your things, there are several lockable consoles  Jeep Grand Cherokee modifications between the front seats, under the front seats, in the ceiling, and in the trunk that you can choose from.

Putting bags or packs in strategic places in your Jeep, like the tailgate, the roll bar, the seats, and the sound bar, is another great way to increase your storage space.

People who are always on the go can benefit from dash organizers.

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#10. Winch

mods for jeep grand cherokee

Whether going off-roading with friends or alone, you should always be ready for everything. A car can be towed using a winch to escape a jam or other sticky circumstance. The most common problem that might arise during a journey is getting the car stuck. So, let’s assume this occurs. Winches are crucial in the Jeep, particularly if mudding is a frequent occurrence, because they may help you get out of a sticky position if you are prepared. Hence, the winch is among the most important Jeep Grand Cherokee modifications.

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How do I get more power out of my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep’s Grand Cherokee was designed with speed demons in mind. This Jeep is ready for the track right off the assembly line, with a powerful engine and plenty of aftermarket parts. Yet it hasn’t prevented Grand Cherokee fans from customizing their rides. We at KOW Performance have compiled three simple ways to increase your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s performance.


Installing a cold air inlet is a common initial Jeep Grand Cherokee Modifications among automobile enthusiasts. They improve the aesthetic value of your vehicle’s engine compartment for very little outlay of money and minimal effort. Moreover, they can free up some power and help you make more with supplementary modifications.


Not a single car guy or gal we know of doesn’t like a good rumble from their muffler. Jeep drivers typically don’t wait long to replace their stock exhaust with a more powerful aftermarket system. A performance exhaust changes your Jeep’s sound for the better and allows it to use more of its engine’s existing power, increasing its output and allowing you to pull more.


Last but not least, a performance throttle body may greatly improve your Grand Cherokee’s performance by enlarging the diameter of the opening through which air enters the engine’s intake manifold. Use it with a cold air intake to further boost performance is a great  Jeep Grand Cherokee modifications.

What can you upgrade on a Grand Cherokee?

There are many options for the best Jeep Grand Cherokee upgrades. Earlier in this blog, we listed the best upgrades for your Cherokees. Still, the best upgrades are:

  • Bumpers
  • Tires
  • Entry guards
  • Grab handles
  • Lift kit
  • Shocks
  • Recovery Gear
  • Seat Covers
  • Interior Security & Storage
  • Winch
Are there hidden Easter eggs on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

In 1997, Jeep began placing secret Easter eggs in the Wrangler TJ, and each year since then, the company has increased the number of vehicles on which the feature is present. We’ve seen and heard that the Wrangler JL, Renegade, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Compass, and Gladiator all include at least one hidden Easter egg.

Which model Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best?

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is the best option, according to Edmunds. The SUV-specific features and access to the model’s more desirable extras are included.


These mods for Grand Cherokee are only the tip of the iceberg but should serve as an excellent springboard. The Jeep Grand Cherokees is one of the only cars with such a devoted fan base that modifications are practically limitless. Spend some time with your Jeep, learn its ins and outs, and then start making best Jeep Grand Cherokee upgrades.

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