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Top 10 Cheap Cars With Blind Spot Detection in 2022

As automotive technology has progressed, so too has the availability of a variety of safety measures that make today’s roads far safer than those of yesteryear. How often do you hear the instruction “check your blind spot” while you’re in driver’s ed?

As blind spot detection becomes a more popular and desirable safety feature in many vehicles, it might be more challenging for many of us to select the ideal vehicle. Below are the list of best cars with blind spot detection 2022:

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#1. 2022 GENESIS G70

best car with blind spot detection

The G70, the smallest car in the Genesis family, is loaded with safety equipment as standard or as an option. These cars with blind spot detection are an option on all of the packages. When you switch on the turn signal, a live feed of your blind area is shown on the dashboard. It will sound an alarm if it detects a vehicle in your blind area.

  • Deluxe interior.
  • a lighthearted approach to managing.
  • The most high-priced versions are still a good buy.
  • Limited space for back passengers’ legs.
  • weak foundational mechanism.
  • lacking the opulence of the bigger Genesis vehicles.

#2. 2021 GENESIS G80

car with blind spot detection

There are two powerful engine choices available for this premium midsize car, and the inside is both plush and spacious enough to seat five adults comfortably. Best cars with blind spot detection is one of several optional safety features offered across all trim levels. The G80’s instrument cluster serves as the screen for the video rather than the infotainment system. The blind-spot collision-avoidance system in the G80 is meant to detect an approaching accident and automatically applies the brakes to prevent an improper lane change, much to the system found in the smaller G70.

  • Excellent decoration within.
  • discount pricing.
  • Not everyone is like cars with very flashy grilles.
  • Compared to competing sedans, it lacks the agility to be a top pick.
  • Inquiring minds want to know whether it’s a Hyundai.

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#3. 2022 KIA SOUL S

cheap car with blind spot detection

There’s a good reason why Kia’s boxy SUV/car is the best-selling model in its segment. It’s a fantastic option because of how well it’s equipped and how easy it is to use. It’s great that the cars with blind spot detection and other lifesaving features are included on even the base model. The S is the sole trim level above the entry-level L. If you’re looking for this function in a brand-new Soul, you won’t have to empty your financial account to get it.

  • Unique and recognizable external design.
  • considerable cabin space.
  • a lot of functionality for the price.
  • Not as economical on gas as some rival SUVs.
  • There’s no flat-folding option for the back seats.
  • Vehicle aids are optional extras for the driver.


best car with blind spot detection

The Hyundai Veloster, as its name suggests, provides a lively ride. There is a plethora of speed available. When it comes to basic safety, the Veloster I was already a top selection. Fortunately, the Premium trim level already has a lot of the safety technology you’d need built in, so there’s no need to go out and pay more for it.

  • Performer’s ability to keep the audience interested was impressive.
  • large number of useful functions included in by default.
  • satisfactory quality for the cost.
  • The fuel efficiency of competing vehicles is inferior.
  • When pushed to its limits, the basic engine makes a lot of noise.
  • Low-quality interior design.


car with blind spot detection

The new 2022 Toyota Corolla are the best cars with blind spot detection technology and a 7-inch infotainment system that is 2.4 times quicker than their previous models’. It has real-time traffic and parking updates, data on nearby speed traps and a voice command interface.

Pre-collision systems, lane departure alarms, automatic high lights, lane tracing, and road sign help are just some of the features that make Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 such a popular option.

  • energy-saving engines.
  • the spaciousness of the backseat of a car.
  • several common aids for motorists.
  • Mechanical noises that have not been polished.
  • hatchbacks often have smaller living quarters.
  • freight capacity; lack of amusement value.

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#6. 2022 FORD F-150

new car with blind spot detection

The 2022 Ford F-150 comes in a wide range of configurations to meet the demands of every buyer, but one particularly useful option is blind-spot monitoring, which uses sensors to keep track of traffic on both sides and behind the truck and provide audible, visual, and vibratory alerts.

The blind spot monitor may be found in the sync 4 navigation system’s Drivers Assistance Features menu.

The blind spot monitor is only available on the Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, XLT, and Limited models as part of the Ford Co-Pilot 360 2.0 package. Although standard on higher trim levels, blind-spot monitoring is not included with the LX base model.

  • EV motor provides swift acceleration.
  • high maximal pulling power that really stands out.
  • helpful trunk area up front
  • The cost of the extended-range battery is an additional $10,000.
  • The bare minimum is rather basic.
  • The range of a car is reduced while pulling a trailer.


cheap car with blind spot detection

Standard on all Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid sedans is Honda’s innovative LaneWatch system. When the right turn signal is engaged, this camera begins streaming live video to the center display. Due to Honda’s planned discontinuation of LaneWatch, the feature is now only offered on a select few models.

Unlike the system used by Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis, in which the video feed is shown on the instrument cluster, Lane Watch places the stream on the infotainment screen, where driver attention must be diverted more often.

  • Powertrain that is both quiet and effective.
  • Inexpensive luxury is achieved via the use of high-end finishes.
  • abundant regular facilities.
  • Modifications to the aesthetic are too subtle.
  • engine noise that is loud and droning when the accelerator is fully depressed.
  • Only approximately a mile may be traveled in EV mode.


car with blind spot detection

The Sonata is the only four-door sedan in Hyundai’s range that provide a blind-spot view monitor, and even then, it’s not standard on all trim levels. As a standard feature, it is only available on the highest-tier Limited model. When you use your left or right turn signal, a live video stream will appear in your dashboard gauges. The Sonata Hybrid Limited also has this function.

  • Value town, doesn’t look like a Chevy Malibu,
  • the N Line model’s 290 horsepower delivers great fuel efficiency.
  • High seating position, harsh suspension on the N variant, and the absence of sticky summer tires are all drawbacks.

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car with blind spot detection

The Nissan Sentra is one of the more reasonably priced ways to obtain commonplace blind spot monitoring, with a starting price of roughly $20,000. Such cutting-edge support for the driver is included in Sentra’s standard Nissan Safety Shield 360 package. There is a mandatory cheap cars with blind spot detection, as well as automated emergency braking, rear brake assist, rear pass alert, lane-departure indication, and autonomous high-beam.

  • attractive on the inside and exterior.
  • Infinitely relaxing front seats.
  • technologically significant commonplaces.
  • Slow acceleration is a hassle, the sportier SR variant has a rough ride, and the optional sunroof makes headroom a little tighter.

#10. 2022 HONDA ACCORD

car with blind spot detection

Full-size car buyers may choose between gas and hybrid versions of Honda’s Accord. Almost all of the models, even the hybrids, include cheap cars with blind spot detection and cross-traffic alerts. All bar the LX, Sport (excluding 2.0T), and Sport Special Edition models of the gas-powered Accord have this function standard. If you want a hybrid Accord, you may choose from many different trim levels, all of which come standard with this technology save the basic Hybrid.

  • A slim body and quick acceleration.
  • easy-to-use and understand media player.
  • Poor cargo capacity, decreased cabin quietness in base versions compared to premium ones, and blind spots caused by the roof’s downward slope are all complaints.

Tips for Choosing a Blind Spot Monitoring Cars

Kelly Funkhouser, CR’s manager for automotive technology, explains that the greatest BSW systems install warning lights in the side mirrors of a car. She adds that you already know to check your mirrors, so that’s the most logical location to post a caution. Driving when distracted by warning lights or camera views on the dashboard or elsewhere is dangerous.

She also suggests solutions that give drivers the option to choose the level of caution they get. Some of the people who took our poll expressed a preference for a system that merely provides a visual warning, keeping the more audible signal for when a motorist is aggressively going to strike a car. According to Funkhouser’s research, having to constantly tune out loud alerts is a major distraction.

She suggests reading the instructions for an automobile’s BSW system before making a purchase. It is common practice for manufacturers to make these available online, often under a “owner’s” area of the company’s website.

Among the many suggested safety elements is BSW, as stated by CR. Models with it as standard on all trims get extra points from CR, and our members have also given it high marks. When driving a car with a large blind spot, this feature is very helpful for making lane changes safely. The testers at CR prefer systems that flash a strong warning light on the side mirror rather than the infotainment screen or the instrument cluster. However, we don’t believe customers will be disappointed if they pay a little more for this added convenience.

Which vehicles have blind spot assist?

Toyota Prius, Nissan Sentra and Honda Accord are the top three cars that have blind spot assist.

Do all new cars have blind spot warning?

Every car has blind spots the driver can’t see in the side or rearview mirrors, so it’s crucial to double-check your surroundings before switching lanes and install a reliable blind spot monitoring system.

What year did cars start having blind spot detection?

The 2005 Volva S80 was equipped with blind-spot monitoring technology, and its successors have continued to use variants of this system.

Which car has the most blind spots?

Toyota C-Hr has the most blind spots.

How much does it cost to add blind spot detection?

Depending on the kind of vehicle you drive and the features you want in a monitoring system, adding a BSD system might add an additional $250-$500 to your bill.

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