Pests in Your Car: How Much Damage Can They Do?

An overwhelming majority or 92% of auto owners defer car care tasks and maintenance. Whether it’s lack of time, money, or mechanic trust, putting off maintenance and repairs can cost you unusual car problems. If you fail to clean up your car and keep it dirty, you are likely to attract a horde of pests that will invade your ride. At worst, these pests will destroy your electrical wiring, tamper with parts, or simply offer an unhygienic environment that can make you sick.

Sources and Causes of Infestations

Your vehicle offers a shelter for pests as well as food and water that they need to live. Hence, if you eat and practically live in your car, you are likely to invite pesky neighbors and unwanted guests. While the occasional spider and fly might come in when windows are open, ants and bed bugs can invade your automobile by the hundreds. Ants can smell leftover food or a spill. Cockroaches are also attracted by food such as leftover crumbs and water. Unfortunately, they are known carriers of bacteria and salmonella. A roach infestation, if uncontained, can grow very quickly.

Likewise, bed bugs are not only confined to beds or sofas.  They suck off your blood and feed day or night. Because they are so tiny and nearly invisible to the naked eye, you are not likely to sense their presence. However, you can unwittingly bring them to your car, if they are attached to your clothing or personal belongings such as bags or shoes. On the other hand, rodents are likely to nest in unused vehicles, but have no problem getting inside any car. Telltale signs of rodents invading your car include fecal droppings, chewed on wires, and nests. Look out as well for holes and tears in your upholstery which are indications that creatures are residing in your clunker.

Getting Rid of the Infestation

Fumigating your car is one drastic solution to target critters living in hard to reach places of your car if natural remedies and traps fail. It is also a fast way to get rid of pests in your vehicle. You can pay professionals to do it for you or do it yourself provided you know what to do and can handle toxic gases safely. In addition to fumigation, removing the sources of food and water is the most logical step to eradicate pest infestations in your vehicle. Evidently, you must vacuum and clean your car on a regular basis. Wipe down upholstery with a damp cloth to remove dust. Shake off dirt from your mats, vacuum, and wash them as well to prevent insects and carpet beetles from staying.

Do not eat or drink in your car, make sure to wipe up spills, and remove leftovers and crumbs that may land on the carpet, seats, and dashboard. Inspect your vehicle regularly, peeking under the hood and crevices where webs may be spun. For beg bugs, you might need to bring in the professionals to get rid of your nasty visitors. As always, strive to keep your upholstery clean and remove clutter in your car to reduce or remove hiding places where pests can thrive.

Pest infestation in your car is a problem that can be remedied instantly. Fumigation, cleaning and keeping your car free from food debris can keep pests and rodents away.

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