4 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Roof-Mounted Tent for Your Vehicle

The rooftop tent market is growing by the year, with more and more campers and outdoor enthusiasts seeing the value in a tent they don’t have to pack away into a small bag after every trip. Instead, they can set up camp, enjoy spectacular views at height and a comfortable night’s sleep, then fold it down onto its own roof rack once the camping trip is over. However, there are many quality roof rack tents to choose from, so consider asking these questions before making your purchasing decision.

Will It Suit My Vehicle?

Leading rooftop tent stockists like iKamper do their best to accommodate as many vehicles and campers as possible. They want everyone to enjoy a fun and convenient camping experience, no matter the car they drive.

However, it’s important to ask whether a particular rooftop tent you’re looking at is compatible with your car since not all will be. Some are ideal for sedans and wagons, while others are best suited for crossover SUVs. You can also purchase rooftop tents for SUVs and trucks with low, medium, or high bed racks and canopies.

How Many People Will Sleep?

Just as you would question how many people a hotel room or traditional tent would sleep, you’ll need to do the same for rooftop tents since they come in all different sizes to suit different camper needs.

Some of the more compact models are designed for one person, or you can purchase slightly larger models for one to two people. There are also family rooftop tents for sale, which can comfortably sleep three to four people on top of your SUV or truck.

Does It Come With Accessories?

Most campers purchase tents and accessories separately, but you might be curious whether you receive any accessories with your rooftop tent made explicitly for it. Some rooftop tents come with mattresses as standard, and they’re typically made of insulated polyfoam. You also generally receive a ladder for easy access into your tent.

However, you can purchase many compatible accessories separately, such as awnings, annexes, rain canopies, storage facilities, and padded stair frames. You can also purchase additional mounting brackets if you need them, bracket locks for security, wind deflectors while driving, and ladder extensions for tall vehicles like pick-up trucks.

How Do I Set It Up?

Traditional tents come with many different poles and pegs and complex setup instructions that often cause a great deal of stress and frustration. Most people find it much easier to set up a rooftop tent.

Read through the instructions provided with the average roof rack tent, and you’ll see most describing the setup process as between one and 10 minutes. How you set it up can depend on whether you have a fold-out soft-shell tent or a pop-up hard-shell tent. Fold-out tents typically require you to pull off the travel cover and unfold the tent, while you’ll only generally have to unclip the latches to pop up a hard-shell tent. Attach the ladder to your truck, SUV, or car, and enjoy your camping adventure.

Purchasing a rooftop tent can be a significant investment, but many avid campers say it’s a worthwhile one. Ask these questions above, and you might stand the best chance of purchasing a new tent that serves you well for years to come.

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