How Selling Your Junk Motorhome in South Dakota Can Benefit You Financially

Unfortunately, all motorhomes will one day hit the unkind category of junk. Some will become junk sooner than others, but eventually, it will happen to all of them. All it takes is one costly but necessary repair that far outweighs a rig’s value to turn it into a troublesome trailer. Junk RVs aren’t just those with hundreds of thousands of miles and decades of wear and tear. Even a shiny and good-looking RV could be considered undesirable.

From the Badlands to Mount Rushmore, you can trade your junk motorhome for cash in South Dakota. Just because it’s called junk doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value. The trick is knowing how to sell them.

What Makes a Motorhome Junk?

Some RVers may believe that they own a vintage, older trailer and don’t realize that it’s considered junk until they attempt to sell it. Others may have a good-looking one that requires a costly repair. But what makes a junk motorhome a junk motorhome? Several factors affect the depreciation of a rig. Here’s a look at the most common factors that affect resale values for all types of RVs.

  • Age – The older a motorhome is, the less it’ll be worth. It becomes more difficult to sell once they hit a decade old. This is due to the likelihood of more frequent repairs and the dreaded RV campground’s 10-Year Rule.
  • Mileage – Although motorhomes are meant to be used, they may be considered junk once their odometers hit six digits. Once they get close to the 200k mile mark, they’re considered a junk RV.
  • Cost of repairs – Even relatively new rigs can become junk if their cost of repairs is equal to half or more of their resale value. To determine an RV’s value, use an online RV value calculator. Once you know its resale value, it’s easier to determine if you should fix it or junk it.

How To Sell a Junk Motorhome

It could be a tough pill to swallow when RVers learn that their beloved motorhome is considered junk. Fortunately, they still do have some value, although selling them can tend to be a bit more difficult. Owners of junk motorhomes can still benefit financially if they know which avenues to pursue. The best ways to profit from selling a junk motorhome include:

  • Sell it to a private buyer – This method of selling a junk motorhome could be time-consuming; however, it’s still possible. You’ll have full control over the selling price, but finding the right buyer could take time. Consider posting it on popular selling platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Offer it to a scrapyard – Most junk and scrap yards will buy old rigs, but you may have to haul it to them on your dime. They’ll pay you for its worth in scrap metal and usable components. You won’t get top dollar, but you will be able to unload it quickly and walk away with some cash.
  • Junk it to a specialized dealer – The easiest and most profitable method for disposing of a junk RV is to sell it to a specialized junk RV dealer. They purchase all motorhomes regardless of age, mileage, condition, or the cost of needed repairs. They’ll come to you, tow it away, and leave you with cash, a check, or a Venmo payment. You’ll get more than a scrapyard will offer.
  • Donate it to charity – Many non-profit organizations will happily accept your junk motorhome. The benefits of donation are twofold. First, you’ll get the satisfaction of helping those less fortunate than you, and once the organization sells it, you’ll receive a document that you can use as a tax write-off.
  • Scrap it yourself – Long-time RVers are generally good with their hands. If you’re one of them, consider removing any working components and selling them yourself. Air conditioning units, refrigerators, and catalytic converters can bring in a pretty penny. Once stripped, you can sell the rig’s scrap metal to a recycling center.

Despite your motorhome being considered junk, it still has some value. Trading it in at an RV dealership will most likely result in turned noses, but using any of the above selling methods will put some money in your pocket.

How To Sell Your Junk Motorhome in South Dakota: Final Thoughts

Why hold on to your junk rig? If it requires costly repairs or has simply outlived its usefulness, you can unburden yourself of that hole in the wallet or eyesore. Housing an unusable motorhome on your property increases your liability and could also create problems with neighbors who aren’t too keen on looking at your rig.

Selling a junk motorhome to a specialized dealer is by far the easiest way to eliminate a problem profitably. They buy them all, regardless of condition, running or not. Unload yours today and gain peace of mind while putting some extra cash in your wallet.

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