The apps every petrolhead needs in 2024

We live in a modern environment where people can gain immediate access to a plethora of apps at the touch of a button. For car lovers, the offering in this area is particularly strong. Some drivers use apps to find car accessories, while others require certain apps when they need to locate a nearby mechanic in an emergency situation. The options certainly don’t end there, though.

Given the popularity of cars around the world, apps in this category are diverse and cater to a wide variety of petrolheads. Even sports lovers who enjoy motor racing and need to find the best betting odds have options here, while some apps can come in handy during a long road trip driving around Europe. Ultimately, there is something for everyone in an app genre that is filled with a comprehensive selection of must-have products.

Like other app categories, though, there are also some options that aren’t necessarily worth downloading. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best apps that every petrolhead needs in 2024.

Waze is the best navigation app around

An app that has built up a large community of drivers over the years, Waze is the best navigation app around. Google Maps is another popular option in this area, although it doesn’t boast the same type of information as Waze does. With drivers sharing various pieces of information during their journeys, such as updates on delays or any accidents, Waze relies on its community to produce one of the most accurate and up-to-date navigation products you can possibly download. Featuring minute-to-minute information that enables drivers to find the very best routes possible, Waze is a much-loved app that is used by millions of drivers.

Audible is perfect for podcasts

As we’ve already touched on, sometimes entertainment is required during a long car journey. As such, options like Audible represent an enticing opportunity for many car lovers. An app that is packed full of podcasts and audiobooks, you can listen to virtually anything while enjoying the open road. Owned by Amazon, the app also comes with a range of useful features that mean you’ll never miss a story or an opinion. For many, Audible has replaced their car radio thanks to the huge amount of material the platform houses.

The official app is excellent

For car fanatics with a passion for motor racing and other popular car-based sports like Formula 1, the official app is well worth downloading. Also featuring news around Formula E, NASCAR, IndyCar, WEC, WRC, F2, F3, WRX, DTM, WSBK, Moto2, and Moto3, this neat and tidy app is the perfect resource for fans of motor racing as it contains everything they need.

Android Auto provides useful shortcuts to essential apps

An easy-to-use product that takes the hassle out of searching while waiting in traffic, Android Auto gives drivers quick access to a plethora of essential apps that are typically explored by smartphone and tablet users. From Google Maps to Spotify, the app is housed on your chosen device and can even be connected to your car’s touch screen, making it an even more useful app in the process. Android Auto doesn’t cost anything either, although it’s something drivers of classic cars and older vehicles can’t really use. Still, if you have a car with modern-day features, then Android Auto is a wonderful product to have at your disposal.

Find the cheapest gas stations through Fuelio

Gas prices aren’t exactly cheap around the world these days. For many, there is a distinct need to find the best prices when they have to fill up their cars. If you’re similar and want to track down the cheapest places to stop off for a refill, then Fuelio is an app you should definitely consider downloading, particularly if you’re used to driving long distances. Collecting gas station data from a variety of online resources, this slick app will make sure you’re paying the best price at the pump every single time.

Avoid parking tickets with SpotAngels

Source: SpotAngels

At the time of writing, SpotAngels helps drivers in 20 cities around the world keep track of where they park and avoid any parking tickets. Similar to Waze in the way that it relies on its community of users to update the app with any important details, drivers can find places to park from the app’s community of users, send various pieces of information, and make use of a range of other notable features that make parking a great deal easier.

RepairPal is ideal should your vehicle experience any issues on the road

Cars are wonderful, but they can let us down on occasions. As such, apps like RepairPal are great products to use. Not only does RepairPal keep track of your car repair history and even create estimates in terms of price for certain issues to be fixed, but it will also help you locate any nearby repair shops should you find yourself stuck on the side of a road somewhere. As well as containing online stores to buy parts and accessories, this US-based app saves drivers from having huge headaches should their vehicles let them down.

Other apps that every petrolhead needs in 2024 include Find My Car, Google Maps, IOnRoad, My Max Speed 2.0,, Openbay, ShowFinder, and CarBuzz. 

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