The Different Parties That Can Be Held Liable for an Uber Accident

Rideshare services such as Uber are a great way to move around. But, as a passenger, the onus is on you to take precautions in case of an accident. While in most cases, the Uber driver is going to be held accountable for the costs of an accident, other parties may also be responsible for an Uber accident.

Liability of the Uber Driver

Regardless of whether you were the driver in the other vehicle or the Uber passenger, the rideshare driver can be considered liable for an Uber accident. That’s because an Uber driver is just like any other driver on the road. However, it is important to note that the Uber driver is not actually employed by the company, which can make things complicated when claiming compensation after a passenger has been in an Uber accident. That being said, the claim that is filed against the Uber driver is normally forwarded to the Uber driver’s insurance provider and not the company itself. If all this has you confused, don’t worry because there are reliable and competent Uber accident lawyers who can help you.

Other Parties Responsible for an Uber Accident

The Uber driver is not always going to be responsible for the Uber accident. Sometimes, the accident may also be the fault of the third-party driver. So, what are the different parties that can be held responsible for an Uber accident? Let’s find out.

To make sure the person who is responsible gets the blame, the entire incident needs to be investigated soon after the accident occurs. A thorough investigation will be carried out by the police as well as the insurance company. However, it is wise for the passenger to document the incident by gathering evidence of the damage that’s been done to the vehicles as well as passersby and passengers in the third-party vehicle.

This is especially important if the Uber car was rear-ended while parked or at the stoplight, which will mean that the other driver is at fault for the accident or any injuries to the passenger in the Uber car.

Can You Hold Uber Responsible for an Uber Accident?

Considering that Uber is a popular ridesharing company that facilitates consumers at both ends, namely, drivers looking for a part-time or full-time job, as well as passengers, it is unlikely that the company will take responsibility in case of an Uber accident. That being said, Uber does offer insurance for its drivers, provided they are signed up on the app. The type and amount of insurance that the company provides its riders depends on several factors.

Regardless of who’s at fault for an Uber accident, having professional and licensed Uber accident attorneys by your side every step of the way will ease the process of claiming compensation for your injuries.

Like any other accident on the road, an Uber accident also involves another motorist, the Uber driver, and may also involve pedestrians. Since the accident will result in either minor or severe injuries, it is important to hire an Uber accident lawyer who can ensure that the person responsible pays for their negligence.

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