Tips to sell your car in the UAE

The UAE car market is extremely competitive because whenever new car models are released, most car owners in the region often want to trade up. This can make it extremely tricky to find a buyer, especially if you are in a hurry. Luckily, there are a few key pointers that can help you make a quick sale and good profit without much stress.

For starters, it is important to carry out some market research. This is an important first step because it will allow you to get a good idea of what price your car model is selling for. With this baseline, you will at least be able to guarantee that you aren’t overselling or underselling your car’s value.

You will also need to collect all the necessary documentation needed to conduct a proper sale. This means putting together the car’s title, service stamps, and any receipts that break down your car’s full history. You will also need to head to the RTA for a vehicle pass report to legally prove that your car has been inspected and is fully roadworthy.

On top of that, you must ensure that any outstanding loans on your vehicle are cleared. The RTA will also be monitoring this, as car ownership transfers can’t be legally approved if there are still any unpaid loans. You must also take the time to deal with any visible issues on the car beforehand because buyer impressions often make a huge difference.

If there are any minor scratches, tears, dents, or even worn-out parts that can be easily replaced, then do so. This also means preparing maintenance reports that indicate recent oil changes, brake checks, etc. Once all these steps have been cleared, then you can proceed to sell your vehicle.

There are two main ways to go about this in the UAE and these include:

 Local Online Listings

There are several local platforms like Dubizzle that you can use to put up an advertisement and get a buyer quickly. A good tip is to clean the car and take professional interior and exterior photos. The more car details you provide, the more likely you will hear from interested buyers. So, don’t hide any flaws, either. Also, highlight your willingness to accommodate test drives and place a competitive price that can draw people’s attention.

Local Car Market

If you don’t have the time to find a private buyer, you can always sell your vehicle at one of UAE’s local car markets such as the the Al Awir Car Market or the Ras Al Khor Auto Market. They host a ton of dealerships that can purchase your vehicle with minimal hassle. Dealers want to pack their showrooms with quality cars, so you should be able to get a reasonable price for it. You can even trade your old car for a new one, right there.

Transferring The Vehicle Ownership

Once a deal is finalized both buyer and seller need to go to any authorized RTA center to perform the transfer transaction. It is a must to do a transfer safety test and the buyer also needs to take insurance before proceeding to the ownership transfer. vehicle transfer can also be done through authorized transfer companies like Renew My Car Registration. Once the transfer is completed. All vehicles are registered only for one year and it is a must for all the car owners to renew their vehicle registration once a year.

Ensure Your Safety

The safety and security of both buyer and seller is very important and UAE has strict laws for vehicle transfer.  Ideally, a money transaction should take place at the RTA counter, The RTA officer always asks the buyer and seller to complete the payment, and once payment is completed, the officer will proceed with the transfer after confirmation from the seller. Payment can be made in cash or account transfer.

Things to do after transferring the car

If you are a seller you must know that you can still get a refund on insurance once the vehicle is successfully transferred to another owner. The insurance company will require a new registration card with the new owner’s name on it to release the funds. It is also important for the seller to cancel the Salik tag associated with the vehicle.

The new owner (Buyer) must buy and activate a new salik (Toll-Gate) Tag after registering the vehicle in his name.


Selling a car in the UAE can be tricky but the tips we’ve listed above should make the process far easier to handle. The key thing with any car sale in the UAE is to be as accommodating as possible. Be willing to negotiate and provide any information on the car whenever it is requested. The more open and prepared you are, the faster you are likely to get someone to take that car off your hands!

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