Understanding Bike Laws in Your State to Act as Necessary

Road accidents can happen anytime – sometimes due to someone or something else’s fault, and sometimes it can be your mistakes. No matter what, you can control the extent of damage or injury if you are careful about how you ride your bike, whether in Louisville or other places. That’s why let’s first learn about what an ordinary biker should remember when riding his two-wheeler.

Rules for bicycles in Kentucky

As per state law, you can run your vehicle on the highway’s right side and move to the left while maintaining the permissible speed. You should see that another car is also driving slowly when veering toward the left, avoiding all hazards. There has to be enough preparation for a movement to the left side. Make sure your bike’s sound systems and horns work fine. You can use flashlights and other safety features to avoid incidents like head-ons with trucks or cars during the night when the visibility is poor. Because bikes are also vehicles, as per the state’s regulations, you should be as careful as you remain when driving a car. The traffic laws and signals require complete obedience. And you also have to ensure pedestrians’ safety.

The comparative law system in Kentucky

This American state believes in Pure Comparative Fault legal procedures. If you suffer from an injury in a bike accident, you will also be accountable for the mishap; hence, your settlement will depend on your contribution to the scene. In straight terms, if a lawsuit involves USD $100,000 and you are 25% at fault, you will likely receive USD $75,000. Since only an experienced lawyer knows these complexities well, you must seek their help if you get injured while riding a bike. They know all the types of damages you can claim and how.

Types of damage claim

Like most other accident cases, you can claim money for medical treatment and lost wages. These are some of the easy costs to recover. At the same time, you can also look for compensation for all your physical and emotional stress. For example, some victims develop PTSD or anxiety because of the shock from the accident and may never want to ride their vehicle. It would affect your quality of life even if the injury were not severe. Hence, it’s your right to ask for compensation in this area. Similarly, you can file for money for the damaged phone in the accident.

Types of injuries caused by a bike accident

You can suffer so many injuries. Your cheekbone and nose may break, or your teeth can get knocked out, disfiguring your smile. Then, arms and legs can get fractured and require months of rest for healing. The risk of brain damage is there.

As said, it doesn’t have to be entirely your fault. Still, one should not do anything that puts a life at risk of an accident. Road conditions or other drivers can be the main contributor. Nevertheless, if you or your dear person faces a bike accident, you should not hesitate to approach a lawyer for support and guidance. Their extensive knowledge of the legal system can help you lower your financial burden caused by accidents.

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