The base price for the 2022 Kona Electric Hyundai starts at $35,245 and varies with its trim level.

The different trim levels of Hyundai Kona are SE, SEL, N Line, Limited and Electric.

The fuel mileage of the Kona Electric is 132 mpg in the city, 108 mpg on the highway, and 120 mpg combined.

The Kona Electric is expected to hit 0-60 mph for the 2022 model in about 7.6 seconds.

New front and rear bumpers, wheel designs, and an updated cabin, which incorporates a 10.3-inch digital meter display as standard, are all part of the 2022 style updates for the Kona Electric.

The overall rating of 120 MPGe has been shown to Kona Electric by the EPA.

Compared to the previous generation, the 2022 Kona Electric is more energetic and aggressive.

Kona Electric's interior is similar to its gas-powered predecessor in terms of quality, comfort, and amenities.

The EPA estimates that the Kona Electric's combined range and MPGe is 258 miles and 120 miles per gallon, respectively.

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