What to Do When Your Air Bag Warning Light is On: Troubleshooting and Safety Measures

Modern vehicles alert drivers to possible issues via warning lights. If there is a problem with your air bag impact sensor, you may see a light illuminated on your dashboard.

If this occurs, you must investigate the problem further to ensure timely repairs. This guide goes over the most important basics of airbags and warning lights to ensure you take the right steps.

Reasons Why the Warning Light Is On

Warning lights alert you to a problem with your vehicle, but they don’t provide insight into what is actually wrong. In this case, you’ll need a diagnostic device to read the codes on your vehicle’s computer to gain more information.

In general, an airbag warning light can mean all sorts of things, including:

  • Problems with Sensors: When sensors get exposed to water, they can fall victim to corrosion. This prevents them from functioning correctly. 
  • Faulty Wiring: Wiring can also become loose. In this case, the airbag may not deploy as expected during a car crash. 
  • Issues with the Seatbelts: Seatbelts also have sensors, and issues with these sensors may inadvertently cause the airbag light to come on. 

The warning light may also come on after a crash, even if the airbag never deployed. In this case, you’ll need to reset the airbag to ensure it functions correctly in the event of another collision.

Importance of Not Ignoring the Warning Light

Airbags use all sorts of components and technology to function such as Dorman 590-204 impact sensors. Defective parts affect function and can prevent the safety feature from operating in the correct manner.

For instance, a defective airbag may fail to deploy during a crash, which can greatly increase the severity of injuries. A defective airbag may also deploy at the wrong time, which can lead to serious injuries depending on the situation. Both of these situations illustrate why timely service is crucial when the light comes on.

Legal and Safety Considerations

In the event you drive with a defective airbag and get involved in a crash with a passenger, you could face major legal repercussions. For example, the passenger could sue you for not properly maintaining your vehicle and ultimately causing them injuries. While it depends on the specific circumstances, failing to repair airbags could cause significant legal issues.

Safety concerns are even more relevant, as airbags are one of a vehicle’s most vital safety features. Without them, you and your passengers can experience devastating injuries during a car crash.

What to Do If the Light Comes on While Driving

If the airbag warning light comes on, don’t panic, and follow these steps:

  • Operate your vehicle carefully and at the correct speed to avoid collisions
  • Avoid possible hazards on the road and steer clear of aggressive drivers
  • Stop your vehicle when it is safe to do so and have it towed to a safe location
  • Determine the underlying cause of the warning light using diagnostic tools
  • Don’t drive again until you repair the problem

Remember that swift action is crucial to repair this essential safety feature. In many cases, the fix may be as simple as replacing the 525039 airbag clock spring. However, even minor issues can put you at risk during a crash, so you should never ignore the airbag warning light.

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