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Where Can I Sell My Car for the Most Money? Discover the Best Options

Last updated on October 30th, 2023 at 09:08 pm

You want to sell your car and make as much money as possible. Selling a car online is easy and could be a good way to make money. However, there are many ways to sell your car, so finding the best way to get the most money is important. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the most popular online places to sell your car and give tips on getting the most money for it. For additional tips and assistance, visit us.

You’ll have to make some changes at some point. For example, now that you’ve decided it’s a good idea to sell your car, you might think, “Where can I sell my car for the most money online?

Selling your car is a hard choice, but not as hard as getting one. You’ll have to work if you want to get the most money from the sale of your car. Don’t worry if how easy it is to do business is more important to you. There are a lot of people who feel the same way.

You can sell your car privately in several ways; the one that gets you the most money could be the one you choose. But first, you must decide if an easy sale is better than a harder one with a slightly higher cash value. Based on what we found, here is a list of the best internet markets to sell your car.

Where Can I Sell My Car For The Most Money Online

We compared several market-leading companies that specialize in purchasing automobiles. Several factors are considered, including industry reputation, platform, cost, support, and customer satisfaction. But first, look at each of our top choices in more detail.

#1. Offers Best Option

#2. Carvana: Most Convinient Website

#3. CarGurus: Strong Platform

#4. Autotrader: Offers Best Listings

#5. CarMax: Gives Top Value

#6. Vroom: Offers Easy Process

#7. Peddle: Best for Junk Cars

Best Places To Sell Your Car Quickly

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Best Features

  • When you need to know how much a car is worth or do any other kind of impartial research, is where you want to go.
  • The website’s “Compare” section allows you to instantly compare up to four vehicles from local dealerships, including their pricing and features.
  • If you’re thinking about selling your car, you can find out what the going rate is, and if you’re looking to buy a car, you can use the payment calculator to help you decide. is a well-known online store that matches people who want to sell cars with people who want to buy them. By putting your car on, you can show it to many people. In addition, you can use the best place to sell cars to draw buyers by adding specific captions, multiple pictures, and even videos. also has several tools and resources to help you set a fair price for your car.

If you want to sell your car,’s community is the best place to start. The company’s partner network will make you an offer for cash right away, or you can try to sell it on your own. also has several tools that can help you determine how much your car is worth in the current market.

You can find out how much your car is worth by typing its VIN, looking up its license plate number, or studying its maker and typing. When you send in your information, you’ll get an offer immediately that you can use at any store in your area. Going to the shop is the last step in selling or turning in your car.

#2. Carvana

Best Features

  • Website and mobile app that are both quick and simple to use.
  • Numerous automobiles to choose from 
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Refunds accepted within 7 days

Carvana is a one-of-a-kind online car company that makes selling cars easy. They offer to buy your car straight from you, so you don’t have to find a private buyer. Instead, Carvana gives you a quick quote, and if you accept their deal, they will pick up your car. This best place to sell cars is known for being easy to use and honest, so it’s a great option for people who want to sell their cars quickly.

Carvana was the easiest to use of all the online car shops we looked into. We found that Carvana’s customer service was helpful at every step. When you sell a car through Carvana, for example, the company will send an inspection to your home and, if everything looks good, will pick up the car for free. Carvana can pay off the rest of your loan fast and pay for your car. You can also drop your car off at a Carvana drop-off spot.

We compared Carvana’s offer to other websites and found that it was roughly in the center. However, even if you find a lower price for your used automobile on another site, the convenience and dependability of Carvana’s service make it difficult to pass up.

#3. CarGurus

Best Features

  • CarGurus offers a huge inventory of vehicles for sale, both new and used, from thousands of dealers and individual sellers.
  • It includes pictures, customer reviews, and prices for every vehicle it sells. 
  • Each vehicle’s fair market value on CarGurus is calculated using the company’s secret formula.

With the help of CarGurus, you can get online deals right away and in a matter of minutes. CarGurus has a network of sellers, so you don’t have to go to one in person to sell your car. After you accept CarGurus’s offer, all you have to do is sit back and relax while the company arranges a time to pick up your car.

CarGurus, like the others on our recommended list, may make payments straight to the lien holder if you have an outstanding car loan. The lender must provide the vehicle’s title to the dealership you’re buying from.

With CarGurus’s best-in-class tool, it will be easy to sell your car. You can sell your car through a shop or directly on CarGurus. This best place to sell cars helps private buyers and shops do business with each other and does not take cars as trade-ins. Instead, you have to contact any dealers on the online market willing to take your trade-in.

#4. Autotrader

Best Features

  • Autotrader’s side-by-side vehicle comparison features make it simple to zero in on the best possible offer.
  • Photos, specifications, reviews, and prices are all available for each vehicle on Autotrader.
  • New, used, CPO, and antique automobiles are all part of Autotrader’s extensive selection.

Autotrader is a website that helps people buy and sell new, used, and approved cars. The site is a great place to start if you want to sell or trade-in your car. It has a lot of tips that can help you through the process. Cox Automotive owns Autotrader and is part of a group of names, including Kelley Blue Book.

If you want to sell your used car fast and for a good price, it helps to let many people know about it. Autotrader says it is the most popular third-party car-selling site on the web and that it gets more than 14 million approved buyers monthly.

CarGurus is a famous site that brings together buyers and sellers by giving them access to a wide range of ads and more advanced search options. By putting your car on CarGurus, you can reach many people and possibly get fair offers. The site also has tools to help you set the right price for your car and information about the market.

#5. CarMax

Best Features

  • Many different automobiles to pick from
  • Affordable Rates
  • A purchase that goes off without a hitch
  • One hundred days of risk-free purchasing
  • Multiple avenues for financial support.
  • Distributed retailing on a national scale

CarMax is a national store that sells used cars and also buys cars. They give you a quote based on how good or bad your car is, and if you agree to it, you can sell it straight to them. CarMax is known for its easy process and quick deals, which can appeal to people who want to sell their cars without trouble.

In the same way, CarMax is known for having good deals right away. CarMax’s prices were fairer than the Kelly Blue Book’s trade-in value. If you want to ensure you’re getting a good price for your car, check out what CarMax offers.

Your vehicle’s license plate number (VIN) can get you a quick price online. The online price maker looks at how similar cars have sold in your area. A physical check and review may be needed if your car is rare or old. You must bring your car to a CarMax lot near you to finish the deal.

#6. Vroom

Best Features

  • Vroom’s automobile rates are set, so there’s no need to negotiate. Time and effort are both spared.
  • Vroom will ship you a car at no cost inside the continental United States. If you don’t live in close proximity to a Vroom facility, this is a fantastic perk.
  • A limited warranty covering mechanical problems is included in purchasing every Vroom vehicle for 90 days.
  • All cars through Vroom can be returned within 7 days.  

Vroom is yet another web-based auto dealer that pays cash for used cars. If you provide some basic information about your vehicle, you’ll get an instant offer for seven days. After that, vroom will pick up your vehicle for free if you decide to take them up on their offer.

The Vroom online offer tool, may not be compatible with your vehicle. If that’s the case with your make and model, a Vroom expert will take a look at your vehicle and send you an offer via email right away.

If you want to know where can I sell my car? Vroom is also a place to trade in your car. After accepting an offer, you can choose a new car from Vroom’s online catalog. Your state’s sales tax on automobiles will be lessened by the amount of your trade-in, if any.

#7. Peddle

Best Features

  • For both buyers and sellers, Peddle provides a simple platform. 
  • Peddle is a nationwide service that connects buyers and sellers of used vehicles from all over the United States.
  • Used-car sellers may rest assured knowing they’ll receive a reasonable offer from Peddle’s pool of buyers. 

Peddle is a nationwide online car-buying service and the best place to sell cars quickly. Over 100,000 customers have given the company a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot. But, unfortunately, you can’t trade in your old car for a new one at Peddle, as the company only buys automobiles.

Simply complete the online form with information about your vehicle and its condition to receive an estimate. Peddle’s offers expire after seven days. After that, if you’re interested, Peddle will come to get your car for free and pay you in cash or a check. If the offer amount is high enough, a visual inspection may require you to submit photos.

Peddle is unlike other car recycling companies because it specializes in used cars and even buys junk cars. The company predated Peddle for several years, launching in 2004 as Junk My Car. There are no restrictions on vehicle age, unlike Carvana and CarMax, and the company even accepts junk vehicles.

How to Sell Your Car for the Most Money Online: Step-by-Step Guide

If you do it right, selling your car online can make you money. However, it’s important to have a plan if you want to sell your car for the most money. This step-by-step guide show how to sell your car for the most money.

Step 1: Find out about the market. 

Start by looking into the prices and trends of cars like the ones you want in your area. Websites like, Autotrader, and CarGurus can tell you a lot about the average price of a car. Think about your car’s make, model, year, miles, state, and anything else that makes it special. This study will help you set a price for your car that is reasonable and competitive.

Step 2: Get your car ready 

Clean your car inside and out to make it more appealing to people who might want to buy it. Fix any small problems or do regular maintenance to make sure your car is in the best shape possible. Gather all important papers, like the title, maintenance records, and guarantees, to be open with buyers and build trust.

Step 3: Take good photos. 

Take photos of your car from different angles to get clear and detailed shots. Use natural light and a clean background to show off the best parts of your car. Include pictures of the outside, the inside, the engine, and other special features or extras. High-quality pictures will interest more people and help potential buyers know what to expect.

Step 4: Write an interesting description 

Write a description of your car that is both interesting and true. Show its most important features, health, history of repairs, and any new updates. Be specific but brief, and focus on what makes your car unique. Use correct language and writing to show that you are a professional. A well-written description can bring in serious buyers and make it more likely that you can sell your item for a higher price.

Step 5: Choose the Best Place to Sell 

Choosing the best place to sell your car quickly is important to reach the most people and get the most money for your car. Think about sites like, Autotrader, and CarGurus, as well as more specific sites like Carvana and CarMax. Compare their prices, the number of people they reach, and any other features they offer, like pricing tools or ways to advertise.

Step 6: Make an interesting list 

Follow the instructions given by the site you choose when making your post. Use the good pictures and interesting descriptions you made earlier. Give complete and exact information about your car’s features, background, and other extras. Use bullet points to make important information easy to read. A well-written post will attract more people and make it more likely that you’ll get better offers.

Step 7: Respond Promptly and Negotiate

Once your ad is live, you should answer questions and requests from possible buyers. Quickly and honestly answer their questions. You can expect to negotiate during the sale process, so be ready to talk about the price. Use the market study you did as a guide, and be strong but open to change. Set a fair base price to ensure you don’t sell your car for less than it’s worth.


If I still owe money on my car, will CarMax buy it? 

Yes. You’ll need to tell CarMax about your loan so it can pay off the lender. If you owe more than you can give, you must pay the gap.

How can I maximize the money I receive when selling my car online?

To maximize your earnings, conduct market research to understand the average prices and trends for similar cars in your area. Clean and prepare your car, take high-quality photos, write engaging descriptions, and choose the best online platform to reach a wide audience.

What are some popular online platforms to sell my car for the most money?

Popular online platforms for selling cars include, Carvana, CarGurus, Autotrader, CarMax, Vroom, and Peddle. Each platform offers different features, reach, and pricing tools, so it’s important to compare and choose the best suits your needs.

How can help me sell my car for the most money? is a well-known online marketplace that connects car sellers with potential buyers. By listing your car on, you can reach a wide audience and utilize their tools and resources to set a fair price. Their partner network may also provide you with immediate cash offers.

When selling my car, how much should I ask?

Your car’s resale value will be determined by several factors, including its age, condition, mileage, and model. A car’s value can be roughly estimated with the help of an online car valuation tool.


Choosing the right site when you think of where can I sell my car for the most money can make a big difference in how much money you make. Platforms like, Carvana, CarGurus, Autotrader, and CarMax all have different features and benefits. You can find the best place to sell your car for the most money by carefully looking at how many people it can reach, how easy it is to use, and what price tools it has. Remember to study the market, set a competitive price, and give correct information to draw buyers and barter well. Good luck on your trip to sell your car!

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