A mysterious test mule wearing amazingly minimal camouflage has been sighted on a winding mountain road. 

The prototype, which is only partially revealed, is believed to be a performance version of the 2023 Nissan Z.

With a revised nose that may solve one of the most contentious aspects of the sports car’s style.

A shot that was uploaded on the website forum NewNissanZ.com clearly depicts a 2023 Z with a covered front end. 

The huge rectangular opening has been a divisive feature of the Z’s look. 

A chrome bumper physically divided the aperture on that 2023 Nissan Z vehicle.

Nissan used a lighter finish to the inset to help lessen the visual impact of the grille.

A members of the forum were quick to point out that the test mule’s Recaro seats further set it apart from the production Z.

One characteristic that distinguishes the 370Z Nismo from the standard 370Z is the racing buckets.

Which causes considerable that the prototype is a Nismo variant of the new 2023 Nissan Z.