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5 Best Programmer for GMC Sierra 1500 Reviews in 2023

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 05:45 am

If you are a proud owner of one of the latest Sierra models, then I can bet you that you have all kinds of electronic systems built into the dashboard. What if I tell you that your device can plug into any vehicle’s computer and improve its performance? Yes, you heard it right, with the best tuner and programmer for GMC Sierra 1500, you can have all these experiences and be able to gain extra torque and HP, improve towing, and also Run full diagnostics for troubleshooting.

GMC Sierra has impressive speed numbers on the dashboard, and the conventional ECU chip will also restrict you from increasing the speed after it reaches a certain limit. This is a special programmer which comes into play. It will also solve the problem by increasing the overall speed limit and allowing you to hit new highs.

The first and most important thing to consider is the type of tunes that the tuner or programmer comes with. There are two types of tunes you can look for: preload dyno-proven and custom tunes.

Once you have decided on the types of tune file, the next important thing to consider is the functionalities of the module.

There are basically two ways you can get a custom tune file. One is through mail-order, or you can get a dyno tune file created for your device at a tuning shop.

Monitoring, Data Logging & Diagnostics

Once you have decided on the types of tune files you want your device to have, the next important thing to consider is the functionalities of the module.

To perform tuning, you need to consider a programmer that will make it easy for you to monitor engine parameters while you are driving. Like this, you can tell if the performance tuning made any difference. You need a tuner with HD color and a large display for easy readability.

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The next important feature, adding performance tuning, is data logging capability. Will the unit allow you to record your truck’s performance for reference later on?

Once you have checked those two features, you should now consider diagnostic capability.

The best part is that they won’t cost you any because the market is full of decent offers right now but for inexperienced drivers, it can be a little bit challenging to find the right one so here is a list of some of the best programmers for GMC sierra 1500 you can find here 5 Market leading with this amazing technology with best price ratio.

Top 5 Best Tuners and Programmers for GMC Sierra 1500

#1Brand New Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tuner For Gasoline & Diesel Engine TrucksCheck Latest Price
#2Hypertech 2000 Max Energy 2.0 Power ProgrammerCheck Latest Price
#33rd Generation DiabloSport 8245 inTune i3 Platinum Performance ProgrammerCheck Latest Price
#47202 DiabloSport Predator 2 Performance Programmer For Gm Gas TrucksCheck Latest Price
#5Jet 15008 Performance Programmer for GMC Sierra 1500Check Latest Price

Best GMC Sierra 1500 Performance Programmers & Tuners Reviews

Choosing a GMC Sierra 1500 programmer can feel like a daunting task! There are so many options out there that it takes time to figure out where to start. But you don’t have to worry because we’ve done the research and created this guide to help you find the best GMC Sierra 1500 programmer & tuners for your needs!

#1. Brand New Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tuner For Gasoline & Diesel Engine Trucks

best tuner and programmer for GMC Sierra 1500

Let’s begin the list with one of the most affordable offers provided in the market the Flashpaq F5 which is indeed very affordable and also carries excellent value because it is relatively small and this compact size makes it easier to fit on your GMCs windows, pillars or the dashboard and secondly it is back by a 2-year powerful warranty which will give you peace of mind after purchase.

Now when you handle this programmer it does not particularly feature pact because it does include some necessary settings and options which is as compared to the previous editions like the user interface has been significantly removed. Now with that option, you can get instant gains in HP and torque and maximize the efficiency of your truck. This is overall good because it has a positive impact on performance and is quite modest but for the price, it’s already.

  • Multiple Turning Options: When you connect the device to the port and then turn it on you will see that the four turning options will tune with your GMC Sierra. These are the extreme tune, performance tune, tow tune, and mileage tune. You can easily choose any option of your requirement.
  • Scand Trouble Codes: With this tuner, you can detect and clear the trouble quotes by functioning as an OBD scanner. This will eliminate the need to add separate devices and will save both hassle and time.
  • Fast Processing: As it has high-quality RAM the tuner works regionally and gives a very fantastic performance.
  • Friendly User Interface: After plugging the device into your OBD II port, it will read data for a few minutes and show you the options to tune the vehicle’s engine. This is a very unique device that can take care of many things on its own without any continuous changes.

This also includes preventing the downships when driving on hills or the monitoring vehicles parameters as well as adjusting the speed limit and controlling the fuel management because the system is straightforward. You can never face any kind of problems and you will be used to it soon.


  • Compact size – fits on the dash, window, and pillar
  • A low-budget device with decent value
  • Includes a two-year (powertrain) warranty


  • Modest impact on performance

#2. Hypertech 2000 Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmer

best tuner and programmer for GMC Sierra 1500

If I told you you are looking for a power programmer for your vehicle which gets installed in a very few minutes and offers many options then you can go for this one because this comes with TPMS threshold adjustment which allows you to increase and decrease the speed and improves the fuel economy.

Some best function are:

  • Raise the top-speed limiter to match the speed rating of high performance tires
  • Raise the engine’s rpm limiter for increased performance
  • Adjust individual automatic transmission shift points and shift firmness
  • Recalibrate speedometer and odometer for non-stock tire sizes and/or gear ratio changes
  • Lower the cooling fan on/off temperatures to match the thermostat rating
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and turn off “check engine” lights
  • Adjust settings or return to stock calibration at any time
  • Increased Horsepower: The vehicles are programmed for setting down the engine once the horsepower reaches the redline. This can be a problem when you want to increase your speed so the best solution to this problem is using hyper-tech 2000 because it changes the gear power by increasing its RPM engine.
  • Cooling fan options: Here, one can easily adjust the pulling fan settings so that they can match a lower-temperature thermostat. It is a very helpful feature because this can carry heavy loads as you can keep the temperature cooler and avoid the engine heat.
  • DTCs: DTCs (Diagnostic trouble codes) are some of the fantastic features of this device because it allows you to keep your GMC Sierra in good condition every time and they will also notify you to check the engine light to avoid problems.
  • Multiple Throttle Options: With this beauty, you can drive the way you want to because it gets your vehicle multiple throttle options.

You can also choose one of the several options which include: hyper mileage, sports options, and performance options.

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  • Calibrates speedometer
  • Provides customize tuning
  • Adjusts speed to save fuel
  • Updates easily via the internet


  • Works for one vehicle only

#3. 3rd Generation DiabloSport 8245 inTune i3 Platinum Performance Programmer

best tuner and programmer for GMC Sierra 1500

The best thing you can do with this device is you can customize the tunes by using the CMS software. In addition, there is a whole lot that you can do with this device for enhancing your vehicle’s performance. All these include improvement in adjusting the throttle and also checking the limits top speed, calibrating the speedometer, and checking DTCs.

The Platinum i3 is designed for those who won the best in both words; preloaded, high performance which tunes in addition to the custom by tuning the capability and the i3 platinum is already equipped with best tuning write out of the box.

It is an ideal product for people who want their vehicles to stay tuned. You can tune multiple vehicles.

  • Updates Online: The software can update on its own without having to take the trouble of updating it manually and the sales are an excellent option because it allows the tuner to work at its best.
  • Detects Problems: This device can detect issues and will notify you about them through messages so that you can take care of things beforehand.
  • 4 Tune Options: This allows you to pick one out of the four tuning options. There is an economy tuning to decrease the fuel consumption by adjusting settings to the minimum without affecting the drive and there is an extreme tuning to set the maximum power by adjusting the power. There is a towing tune to carry and drag heavy loads which increase the vehicle’s overall power, and there is a performance tuning that provides a balance for regular devices.
  • Custom Upgrade: This is usual for people to make modifications in their vehicles as many of them add new hardware and this device is perfect for that group of people as it lets them prepare the custom tuning option by setting the chip master software. In addition, this software is straightforward to install and use and this makes the job easy.


  • Accepts custom tunes from software for a better personal experience
  • Full colored touchscreen
  • Notifies you of engine issues via messages
  • Adjust a variety of settings such as speed limits, tire sizes, gears, etc


  • A little bit expensive

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#4. 7202 DiabloSport Predator 2 Performance Programmer For Gm Gas Trucks

best tuner and programmer for GMC Sierra 1500

If you want something to have full control over your vehicle’s performance and you need that remote in your hands then this is the right fit for you. This device offers data logging capabilities which will let you adjust the speed and set the limit while giving you multiple tuning options.

This is pretty remarkable in adding horsepower to your vehicle as the 30 horsepower preloaded with programs on the device makes it easy to control as well as modify the vehicle according to your own will.

This will be a nice upgrade for your GMC Sierra because this will enhance your horsepower as well as boost in fuel. The next thing which makes it impressive is that it has the ability to save the factory settings which means one can easily revert to stock whatever they want.

  • Custom Tuning: With the Chip Master software, one can set the settings and prepare custom-tune files by connecting with the computer and using the CRM software. This software is straightforward and can be used without any trouble. You can keep 5 such files on it and then upload one that you need to enhance your experience with.
  • Adjusting Options: There are many steps that you can take to uplift your vehicle’s performance and these include adjusting settings by changing tires and installing smaller bigger tires and changing the limit speed and maximum speed. These settings can help you save fuel by making your vehicle energy efficient and allowing you a better experience overall.
  • Data Logging: The best way in which you can enhance your vehicle’s performance is by monitoring the setting closely and diagnosing the issues. Diablosport 7202 lets you monitor many things such as engine temperature, vehicle speed, throttle position, fueling events, and also the engine RPM. You will get all the settings without opening the car hoot.


  • Faster RAM
  • Faster processor
  • Colored touchscreen
  • DCTs


  • Can be a bit difficult to use, especially for beginners

#5. Jet 15008 Performance Programmer for GMC Sierra 1500

best tuner and programmer for GMC Sierra 1500

If one is searching for a programmer which can let you customize the vehicle as per your driving style then this is the right choice for you because besides increasing the vehicle’s power and torque, it lets you monitor your engine temperature, throttle position, speed, inlet air temperature and many more.

The impressive feature is the plug-and hyphenly installation. One needs to give their OBD II hot and love in the module to start. The programmer also has tuning modules which is very good and it also improve the horsepower and the torque percentages.

After installing it into the truck one can modify the important parameters like speed limiters, fuel ratio, rev limiter, ignition timing, and air.

  • Ignition Timing: If there is blood ignition timing then it can primarily affect the overall performance of the vehicle and this leads to poor acceleration, consumption of a lot of fuel, misfiring and many such problems Jet 15008 standard is used for improving the ignition timing and increasing power.
  • Built-In Trouble Code Scanner: The sensor which is present in the scanner can detect the performance problem and the message if a problem occurs such as if the vehicle misfires or canister vent valve problem. This lets you solve the problem before it arises and the device also makes it easier for you to find a solution.
  • Easy Modification Options: When you can easily install the programmer this will allow you to modify many options and you can easily set the ignition timings according to your needs by opting for the best engine pick-up settings and set rev and speed limits by controlling the fan and maintaining ideal temperature of the shifting points and even control the air ratio intake. This will allow you to get the most out of your truck.


  • Trouble-free installation (manual provided)
  • Corrects the speedometer when you change the gears or tires
  • Saves fuel
  • User-friendly interface
  • 2-year warranty


  • You can only use it in one vehicle

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FAQs About Best Programmer for GMC Sierra 1500

Q. What is performance tuning?

Performance tuning is the modification of a vehicle to boost its performance features. In other words, it is a reconfiguration of your vehicle’s software to enhance horsepower and torque. In most cases, tuning is done for engine parameters. Some of the things that you can get out of performance tuning, aside from increased horsepower and torque, are smoother response and better fuel economy.

Q. When should I tune my GMC Sierra 1500?

The intervals for tuning differ from one truck to another, depending on what parts you have added to your truck. But you may likely need a tune-up after installing intakes and exhausts.

The best tune-up intervals recommendations, however, are available in your owner’s manual. Your ignition system may need tuning more often if you are the kind of driver who pulls heavy loads or does a lot of stop-and-go driving. You will also know you need maintenance and tuning if your truck stalls a lot.

Q. How much will I pay for a tune-up at a tuning shop?

The cost of a tune-up usually ranges from 40 to 150 USD. But the cost of the performance tuning could increase significantly, depending on what goes into the tune-up.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about what is the best programmer for GMC Sierra 1500, then according to us the Hypertech 2000 Max energy 2.0 is one of the best programmers because it offers many tuning options and it is also easy to update and install. It also offers a variety of adjustments and settings which can make you feel more comfortable and you should pick one according to your needs.

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