How Driving Inspires Creative Writing

People are very different creatures, and each of us can react differently to the same situation, phrase, and activity. Some of us use cars only when we are too tired to use public transport and when we need to get somewhere really quickly. Others can spend hours in the garage, fixing and improving some elements in a car. And, of course, there are absolutely unexpected cases; when driving a car, one can feel inspired and feel creative sparkles that can initiate the process of writing. It happens pretty often when people are listening to music, enjoying their time by the sea or in the mountains, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that some people get inspired by driving. In this article, we would like to tell how and why exactly driving can be helpful for creative writing.

Life is movement.

The worst thing for our creativity is the feeling of being stuck. But at the same time, when you are doing some boring routine work, it gives you the possibility to think. Actually, many people think about their plans and things they want to do when they’re doing the most tedious or simple things, like washing up, cleaning something, or driving. And pretty often, they got some exciting ideas. So if you feel stuck over some difficult essay and you have a car, or maybe a friend who can lend you their car, you can try this technique. For sure, you will get some brilliant ideas that further can be used to write your paperwork.

Driving helps you to relax.

One of the main conditions of being able to create something is a stable state of mind. In other words, you have to be calm and stressed out if you want to write something creative. The rhythm of life in the 21st century is so quick that it is very difficult to find this calmness. One of the best ways to do it is driving. Let’s imagine you have to travel long distances every day in order to get to your work. Of course, when traveling during rush hour, you can become very emotional because of all the waiting and honking and a lot of other cars around you. But if you travel between the cities or on a not-very-crowded street, then it is a perfect time for calming down and starting to listen to yourself and your thoughts. When you are relaxed and focused it is easier to concentrate on some tasks you have. Of course, sometimes you can end up having the thought, let me pay someone to do my homework, and if you see that it is the best solution for the moment, then it can also be considered a creative solution.

Car can take you to a place you’ve never been before.

Another great thing that a car gives you is mobility. Thanks to it, whenever you want you can go to any place you want. Sometimes, in order to feel creative again, you need to change the environment and the scenery in front of you. Even a little trip to another city with your friends can make you feel happier and more relaxed and, therefore, start feeling creative again. Another thing is that even though you might have a perfect creative idea for your essay, there is always a chance that some mistakes or typos can spoil the whole paperwork. That is why we always recommend you to look for some app or service to proofread your work. If you read it more than twice, there is a high possibility that you will miss some details, and it can be very important.

That is why if you have the idea, “I need someone to edit my paper,” it is a correct thought, and you should definitely do it. The presence of your friends will also do the trick. When we are surrounded by people we feel comfortable with, it can increase our creativity. While having a funny conversation with your friend, some brilliant ideas can strike you.

Driving involves both hemispheres of your brain.

From the point of view of our brain work, driving is also a very developing activity. We use both our hands and legs, we use our vision, we have to be really concentrated, and therefore, our brain works intensively while driving. During this intensive, new neuron connections usually form, and it is an essential condition for creativity. If we don’t use some instrument or equipment, it can start working worse or even stop working at all. The brain is a perfect example of such a mechanism. You need a lot of practice to start doing something good, and your mind should be active and willing to do it. So, if you want to be a creative writer, you should use every opportunity to do some activities that will ensure it.

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