Unusual tunings using amg tuning parts

No matter how good the car itself is, there will always be craftsmen who can only do better. Car tuning is one of the ways to breathe a second life into an already ordinary car or give even more exclusivity to an already unusual car. You can buy amg mercedes parts at Mercteil AMG Parts. For a fair price, you get top-quality parts. And today we will talk about two unusual Mercedes tunings that turned works of art out of seemingly ordinary cars.

The Mercedes-AMG C 63

The Mercedes-AMG C 63

At the end of the model’s life cycle, Manhart decided to make the most powerful station wagon, based on the 510-horsepower version of the AMG C 63 S Estate. Without any hybrid components and serious tricks, the specialists of the tuning studio increased the engine output by one and a half times. As a result, the family station wagon has become a genuine sports car in terms of its characteristics. In their traditional style, Mahnart specialists focused on technical improvements.

A New MHtronik Powerbox engine management program, a carbon fiber intake tract, a more efficient intercooler, and fuel injectors, combined with new turbos, have increased the power of the 4-liter V8 from the stock 510 to 712 horsepower. Torque rose from 700 to 920 Nm, requiring a reconfiguration of the 9-speed AMG Speedshift MCT gearbox. After all the improvements, the car, which received the name Manhart CR 700 Wagon, became a competitor to the purebred sports car Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series.

And let the coupe is equipped with a 730-horsepower engine, but the modified AMG C 63 S Estate is more practical – the station wagon can take five people with luggage on board. As an option, you can order a racing exhaust system that will replace the sports exhaust with catalysts, which the tuners install on the model as part of the improvements. Outwardly, the 712-horsepower wagon does not betray its character, except for the signature gold graphics on the body, which contrasts with black paint and a new black grille.

The show car received 20-inch Concave One alloy wheels with new tires, as well as adjustable H&R suspension springs with lowering. The interior of the demo car remained standard, but Manhart is ready to modify the interior in accordance with the wishes of specific buyers for example amg performance seats. The company does not name the cost of turning the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Estate into a Manhart CR 700 Wagon but separately announced amg performance parts that will cost customers about 40,000 euros. Of course, without taking into account the cost of the original car.

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Track model

The mechanics of the German workshop RENNtech presented their next project, in which the tuners took up the refinement of the Mercedes-AMG GT. Moreover, the tuning studio, which specializes in the modernization of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG cars, has chosen the most extreme limited-edition Mercedes-AMG as its platform. We are talking about a model from the Black Series line, a specific copy of which was made the most powerful in the world among its own kind.

The car, which received the name RENNtech R3 AMG GT Black Series after the mercedes amg tuning, is distinguished primarily by increased engine power. The output of the 4.0-liter V8 petrol turbo engine from the standard 730 horsepower was immediately increased to 1066 forces.

This was achieved through new turbines, a reprogrammed control unit, a sports intake, amg aerodynamics package, and a non-standard exhaust system. There are no details about the modifications to the 7-speed “robot” AMG Speedshift DCT 7G with two clutches, but it is known that the regular clutch has been replaced by a reinforced part.

Visually, the RENNtech R3 AMG GT Black Series can be distinguished from the standard sports car by the branded RENNtech Track Series forged wheels and additional carbon fiber aerodynamic body amg kits that complement the stock parts. Recall that the release of the track supercar Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, which debuted in mid-summer 2020, is already over. Production of the coupe began on October 27, 2020, at the Sindelfingen plant with just over 1,700 vehicles produced, making the AMG GT the most mass-produced model in the Black Series lineup.

We told you about two extraordinary Mercedes AMG tunings. You don’t have to have millions of dollars to make your car look better. You can buy all the parts you need at affordable prices.

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