What is the use of High Output Car Alternator?

An alternator is a type of electric generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy using an alternating current to supply a vehicle with power. This mechanical device is essential to the vehicle’s electrical system.

The alternator powers the electrical components of a vehicle including the stereo, headlights, windshield wipers, powered windows and, in modern vehicles, heated seats and dashboard instruments such as; GPS, back-up camera or reverse monitor. It is also responsible for charging the engine while it is running and recharging while the vehicle is idle.

Besides certain hybrid models, all vehicles have an alternator inside their standard internal combustion engine. Each alternator’s function is the same regardless of the vehicle, unless a vehicle has a high output alternator installed.

The difference between a standard alternator and a high output alternator is that a high output alternator is capable of producing more amps or power than a standard alternator.

There are many benefits to having a high output alternator versus a standard alternator. The advantages of a high output alternator are; 

Longer battery life

The depth of the battery’s cycling or emission of energy is reduced by the production of a high ouput alternator’s output of power. This typically happens at lower speeds (25 to 35 mph) and when a vehicle is idling. This advancement creates a longer battery life.

Extended alternator life

Using only 35 to 50 percent of the rated output, a high output alternator significantly reduces the amount of strain on the alternator thus prolonging its lifespan.

Increased fuel efficiency

With a standard alternator, a vehicle typically uses 65 to 85 amps of electrical power while operating.  The high output alternator reduces that rate of amps, decreasing fuel consumption and making it more efficient 

The use of high output alternators depend on what is wanted to be accomplished. For example, some may use a high output alternator to offer a bigger vehicle’s engine more power or supply mass amounts of power to a quality sound system. The high output alternator can offer a better operating structure for vehicles that need more power by increasing the amperage of the vehicles system.

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