What Makes a Good Truck Driver?

Truck drivers play a crucial role in keeping our economy afloat as they transfer materials and goods from one place to another. The trucking industry is continuously expanding, and employment of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers is expected to grow by four percent over the next four years. The industry would not be able to thrive without the help of over 2 million truck drivers across the United States. However, being a truck driver is not all that easy, and there are several characteristics that differentiate the good from the great. Let’s investigate some of the most meaningful qualities and skills that a truck driver should possess.

Excellent Driving Skills

This first quality should come as no surprise; to be a good truck driver, one must possess good driving skills! Becoming a skilled truck driver requires a great amount of practice and education. First, those who want to drive commercial trucks must pursue a commercial driver’s license (CDL). A CDL requires a greater amount of knowledge and skill than a Class C (standard) driver’s license, and they are also held to a higher standard when it comes to traffic laws and regulations. It is important to note that truck drivers must obtain their CDL in the state in which they reside, and it is illegal to be licensed in more than one state.


Patience is truly a virtue when it comes to truck driving. Truck drivers have a responsibility to drive long distances in order to get to their destination, oftentimes driving through long stretches of barren land and lonely roads. Additionally, it is inevitable that truck drivers will get stuck in traffic at one point or another, which can be very frustrating. Lastly, due to their excessive weight and size, truck drivers are required to drive at a reduced speed than all other vehicles on the road, which increases traveling time tenfold.


It is imperative that truck drivers remain alert while on the road as failing to do so poses a threat to not only the truck driver but all other vehicles on the road. Truck drivers must be very aware of their surroundings, weary of their blind spots, and conscientious of any obstacles or dangerous weather conditions. Staying alert on the road is vital to avoiding getting in a serious truck accident, of which there are several legal repercussions that a truck accident lawyer from Jacobs & Jacobs can assist you with.

Time Management

Time management plays a crucial role in being an excellent truck driver. For example, you must be able to keep track of your driving time and account for when and where you plan to take your rest stops. Being efficient with your time will help you accomplish what needs to be done.


A quality that might not be as commonly thought of is the ability to work independently. The majority of truck drivers carry out their duties alone, meaning that they must drive unaccompanied for long periods of time and learn how to problem solve without the convenience of a co-worker right by their side.


Driving can present itself with some unpredictable twists and turns. From intense foggy conditions to an animal running in the middle of the highway, truck drivers must prepare for anything. They must be adaptable and willing to take an alternative route if need be and tackle any challenge that comes their way. Being able to adapt to the unexpected will make the duties of the job far less stressful and intimidating.

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