Who Should You Sue for a Car Accident Caused by a Defective Part?

Most individuals who hear about car accidents immediately assign responsibility to the drivers. A car accident’s primary cause is a driver’s mistake, at least 90% of the time. Yet, it is possible that defective parts played a role in the car accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 2% of auto accidents are caused by malfunctioning vehicle parts.

Product liability laws cover car parts that are broken or malfunctioning. According to product liability laws, you are entitled to compensation from the negligent manufacturer if you think their defective product caused your injuries.

The legal team representing your case will review the manufacturer’s documentation for any indication that they knew about the defect before filing a car accident claim. In addition to seeking compensation for your injuries, your attorney may be able to file a lawsuit for punitive damages if they find evidence of a pattern of negligence.

Who Should You Sue for an Accident Caused by a Defective Car Part?

Design and production flaws are often caused by:

  • The car’s maker: The manufacturer is the company that built your car
  • Third party: Companies that produce a particular auto component, like airbags
  • An automobile dealership: Dealerships that handle the modification of vehicles, often pre-owned ones, in addition to selling cars to customers

Legally and morally, car parts manufacturers and distributors must guarantee that their products are safe for their intended uses. They are responsible for ensuring their cars are inspected and tested before being put on the market. If a manufacturer, distributor, or supplier’s defective item or design flaw causes you harm, you might be entitled to sue them for product liability.

Car manufacturers can be held accountable for injuries brought on by faulty auto components and designs. If a plaintiff can demonstrate that a flaw in a manufacturer’s product directly caused or contributed to injuries or fatalities in an accident, the manufacturer may be held accountable.

You must establish that the manufacturer continued with mass production and distribution while knowing about the flaws in their product. Whether the fault occurred in the design, production, or marketing, this still qualifies as negligence.

Manufacturers of cars with defective designs are subject to different product responsibility claims. The car manufacturer and model usually have a noteworthy recall when anything like this is found. Car owners must maintain their vehicles in excellent working order and arrange for recall services as soon as they are informed.

Filing a Defective Car Lawsuit

You could be entitled to compensation if your vehicle’s defects or design problems resulted in injuries. But first, you must meet some requirements for a faulty car lawsuit to be filed successfully:

  • That a potentially harmful flaw exists
  • That the vehicle was used as intended
  • That the car wasn’t modified from the condition it was sold in

If all three requirements are met, you may bring a product liability lawsuit against your car’s maker, distributor, or supplier.

What Should You Do If a Defective Car Part Causes an Accident?

Due to their complexity, car defect cases need a solid legal defense based on expert testimony. Additionally, several parties may be accountable for various flaws.

Reaching out to an automobile accident attorney is the best course of action. Your lawyer will assess if you have a strong case and what to do to get paid for any losses or injuries. Your personal injury lawyer will determine if they can establish carelessness and blame.

If an automobile accident results in injuries, you are entitled to file an insurance claim to recover your damages, depending on who is at fault for the collision. You can protect your rights better with an expert car accident attorney. You and your family can regain financial security and a path to recovery with the help of car accident lawyers.

Final Thoughts

Take photographs of the car and any obvious signs of defect, and gather as much information as possible if you were in an auto accident caused by a defective item. Do not fix the car until you have time to consult a car accident attorney. Store the car in a secure location until a thorough examination and investigation are conducted. You need all the evidence you can get your hands on for a successful defective product claim.

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