You Could Afford to Ride in a Bentley Believe it or Not

It can be costly and risky to take on the responsibility of buying a car. Not only is buying a car more expensive, but considering the fact that your options are limited due to your budget, you might not even be riding in your dream car. Take a Bentley for instance. Before you get infuriated when someone tries to sell you a pipe dream, telling you that you can afford a Bentley, carefully consider the perks to leasing a car.

No Large Down Payments

When you purchase a vehicle, unless your credit is damn near perfect, you won’t be able to avoid the down payment costs and those tedious, defined terms that are basically telling you that they’re going to break your financial legs if you want to be a wise guy and miss payments. It doesn’t matter what is going on at home, or how friendly you and the dealers are, your car will be repoed if you violate the terms and it will reflect on your credit history. A Bentley lease will require much less for a down payment, and smaller monthly payments.

More Options to Choose From

Whether you want your finger dipped in every pie, or you just want to experience the latest and the greatest, leasing a vehicle makes so much room for other things in your budget. Once you’ve finished your lease, the dealers could either sell you that car for a lower price, or let you swap out for a newer one, hassle free! There are so many models to choose from, with leasing which is a nice change of pace from buying a vehicle, that you’re stuck paying for, only to settle for a car because you can afford it.

Payments Comparison

 Yes, once you pay off the auto loan, that vehicle is yours and you won’t be making anymore monthly auto payments. You may have heard or read somewhere that when you lease a vehicle, you will technically be making payments for life if this is your lifestyle. The vehicle you purchased, however, goes down in value over time, whereas a vehicle you lease is generally in better condition. Let’s be honest, you were probably going to buy another car anyways at some point, or trade it in.

Other Perks of Leasing a Vehicle:

  • Easy to Trade-Off/Swap.
  • The contracts are not nearly as binding as it would be when purchasing.
  • If you use the leased vehicle for work purposes, you could report that on your taxes.

Author Bio:

Adam Nagoshiner had an accounting and business management background when he started with Amazon Leasing. Those skills and his vast knowledge of extoic cars puts him at the helm of managing the customer base and massive lease portfolios.

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