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8 Last-Minute Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers

Last updated on August 11th, 2023 at 02:08 am

Motorcycle riders are notoriously easy to shop for because there are so many motorcycle-related gifts and accessories marketed specifically to those who love to ride. If you have a motorcycle aficionado in your life and you still need to buy them a present, we’ve got you covered. From stocking stuffers and essential safety accessories to gifts that will make their jaw hit the floor, here are some of the best last-minute gifts for motorcycle lovers:

Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

If you’ve ever tried to communicate while riding a motorcycle, you know how challenging it can be. Hand signals can only convey so much, and most riders can’t hear each other over the sound of the engine. Give the gift of helmet communication with a wireless Bluetooth headset. It connects to their phone, GPS, and radio so they can listen for directions and communicate in real time with their fellow riders. They can also use it to call for help in an emergency without physically interacting with their device.

Make sure the device fit properly inside the helmet. You can also grab Bluetooth speakers for helmet with adjustable boom mic for your full or half face motorcycle helmet.

Helmet Carrying Strap

Every rider needs a quality helmet, but they tend to be bulky and difficult to lug around. Riders need to handle their helmets with care, but most helmets don’t come with straps. So, how is a person supposed to carry their helmet around? The best option is to get them a helmet carrying strap that fits over their shoulder. They can carry the helmet at their side while they walk around. This keeps it out of the way without exposing it to unnecessary damage.

Helmet and Jacket Stand

Helmet and Jacket Stand
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They’re also going to need a place to rest their helmet when they walk in the door. It’s never a good idea to leave a helmet lying around on the floor or sitting on a table where it could get knocked off, especially if they have young kids or pets. A simple one-peg rack is all they need to store their helmet at the end of the day.

Hydration Pack

Riding a motorcycle accelerates the dehydration process, especially on a hot day. However, many riders can’t stop and drink water whenever they want. Reaching for a water bottle isn’t really an option when they have both hands on the handlebars and dehydration can affect the person’s ability to navigate the road. This can lead to delayed reaction times and major fatigue. The solution is to use a hydration pack that fits on like a vest. The straw is within reach of their mouth – no hands required — so,they don’t have to come to a stop to take a sip.

Aerodynamic Backpack

If the rider in your life has a real need for speed, they can’t carry their possessions around in just any backpack. It needs to be waterproof with a sleek outer lining that won’t catch the wind for better fuel efficiency and less drag. The inside should come with plenty of pockets and inserts to help them stay organized on their trip.

Motorcycle Cover

Leaving a motorcycle outside without protection is never a good idea. It leaves it exposed to UV rays, dust and excess moisture from the rain, snow, and fog. This leads to corrosion and rust, which will quickly render the bike unrideable or with major extensive repairs. Rust can cause the engine to seize due to overheating and a lack of lubrication. Every rider should have a waterproof cover in case they need to store their bike outside for the night. Find a cover with a fitted sleeve that will keep moisture at bay.

Anti-Theft Lock

Regardless of where they keep their motorcycle, it’s always best to lock it up at night. A small anti-locking device attaches to the handlebars to prevent anyone from hot-wiring the bike. These locks are nearly impossible to remove without a key. Thus, leaving the thief unable to ride the motorcycle even if they manage to haul it away with a truck.

Anti-Theft Lock
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Action Camera

Riding a motorcycle is supposed to be exciting, so you might as well help the rider in your life capture the experience on camera. Vlogging or video blogging has become increasingly popular with the motorcycle community. Holding a camera while riding is impossible, so they will need a mountable dash camera or action camera that attaches to the handlebars or their helmet. They can capture every moment of their journey for insurance purposes or create a video for YouTube or TikTok.

Skid Plate

If they’re interested in taking their motorcycle off-road, they’ll need to install skid plates to protect the body from damage. They are perfect for keeping dirt and debris at bay when things get messy on or off the road. City riders will love having the extra protection as well when navigating tight spaces.

Every rider is unique, but safety should always be their number one concern. These gifts are sure to put a smile on their face while keeping them safe on the road. With a Bluetooth helmet communicator, you can be sure to always be able to reach them in an emergency. You may come to appreciate it just as much as them.

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