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Best 5th Wheel Hitch For Ford Puck System Reviews in 2023

When compared to using a trailer hitch and ball for wheel towing, upgrading to the finest 5th wheel hitch is a huge improvement. The weight of the trailer is transferred to the center of your tow vehicle, over the rear axle, through a kingpin & horseshoe hitch head designed in the form of tractor trailers. Reduced weight on the trailer hitch removes a leading cause of trailer wobble and jackknifing.

Your tow vehicle will be much easier to handle and much less in length with best 5th wheel hitch for ford f350. Relocating the trailer’s pivot point in front of the pickup’s rear wheels enables for tighter bends and may easily shave six feet or more off the overall length of the vehicle and trailer.

Fifth Wheel Weight Capacity: What to Look For

Weight Capacity

This is a major consideration and may be divided down into two parts: the GTW (Gross Trailer Weight) and the VTT (Vertical Tongue Weight).

The king pin of a recreational vehicle exerts a force equal to the hitch’s VTW. The Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) is the total weight that the hitch can tow, which includes the RV plus all of its contents.

It’s vital to have both, although it’s more common to have problems with having too much GTW than too much VTW.


A best fifth wheel hitch for f250 for a short bed vehicle might be among the more expensive options for towing a trailer. A sidewinder system, which increases the space between the truck’s cab and bed, is often responsible for this cost rise.

Although certain static hitches may be used with short bed vehicles, sidewinder will generally need an additional investment.

Effortless Operation

When you have a 5th wheel hitch with a fully flexible hitch head, you can easily connect your RV to the tow vehicle. To accommodate for bumps in the road, the fifth wheel hitch can rotate a full 360 degrees while still connecting to the RV king pin.

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Some hitches include special locking processes that make them more convenient to operate in addition to the standard engaging and disengaging methods. Some of them even include a standby indication, but the standard mechanism is a set of specialized locking bars that show whether or not the RV is locked.


Some items are not designed to work with trucks that have been modified in any way, including the installation of exterior trim choices or aftermarket modifications such as stairs, wings, and other body parts. The hitch is often unaffected by such improvements, although the RV’s clearance may be reduced.



This kind is the most fundamental, and it looks quite similar to the trailer hitch that comes standard on the back of most pickup trucks. Few gooseneck hitches are made to fit on the bed of a compact pickup.


This hitch cannot be moved from its base, although the head may have enough adjustment to work with certain tiny bed vehicles. Utilizing a fixed fifth-wheel hitch on a short-bed truck is more frequent than using a gooseneck hitch, but it is still not the norm.


This is the typical best fifth wheel hitch for f250 with shorter beds. In order to keep the hitch over the rear axle when towing, it is attached on rails that slide forward and backward along the bed. This hitch is similar in appearance to a lockjaw hitch.

This is the optimum form of hitch for vehicles with shorter truck beds unless the manufacturer developed their fifth wheel hitch to fit with a certain brand’s mounting method.

Best 5th Wheel Hitch For Ford Puck System ( Our Top 5 Picks)

Top Pick
best 5th wheel hitch for ford puck system
Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitch Receiver Ball Mount from B&W

Top Pick
best 5th wheel slider hitch for ford puck system
Fifth Wheel Hitch, Reese 30047 16K, 16-Kaliber

Top Pick
fifth wheel hitch for ford puck system
B&W Puck System Companion RVK3305

Top Pick
best 5th wheel hitch for ford puck system
Hitch for Fifth Wheels, REESE Titan 30870

Top Pick
best 5th wheel hitch for ford puck system
CURT 16049 Q25 5th Wheel Hitch truck Bed Puck System

Best Fifth Wheel Slider Hitch For Ford Puck System (2023 Reviews)

In order to haul huge automobiles, the best 5th wheel hitch for ford puck system is often employed. The hitch, often mounted in a pickup truck’s bed, is used to attach the trailer to the towing vehicle securely. Keep in mind, however, that hitches aren’t the definitive factor in determining whether or not your vehicle can pull the trailer.

The best fifth wheel hitch for f250 will also provide for a solid connection, reducing the amount of trailer sway. Most of the time, the finest fifth wheel hitches are made specifically for Ford vehicles and are thus incompatible with other makes and models.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking to buy the ford puck system 5th wheel hitch. As a result, we have reviewed the top 5 items in this field. Come on. We need to get started.

#1. Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitch Receiver Ball Mount from B&W

best 5th wheel hitch for ford puck system

To start, we’ll take a look at the best fifth wheel hitch for f250, which is often regarded as the finest of its kind. This attachment for the wheels is solidly built, eliminating any possibility of sloppiness and ensuring a comfortable journey.

One of the best parts of the B&W RVK3500 is the completely articulating head, which allows for easy rotation to the side and back. This best 5th wheel hitch for ford puck system may be installed and removed quickly and easily without compromising the vehicle’s dependability, durability, or towing capacity. Also, the Cam latching handle makes it simple to open, regardless of how the ground may be while loading your vehicle.

In addition, the fifth wheel hitch is not equipped with mounting rails, limiting its usefulness to towing alone. Its broad stance contributes to its strength and stability.

The RVK3500 fifth wheel hitch adapter from B&W Companion is widely regarded as one of the finest such products currently available.

  • The head may be pivoted in all directions, both forward and backward and from side to side.
  • With its cam-action latching handle, your vehicle may be quickly and easily released from any parking spot, no matter how uneven the ground may be.
  • Because of the polyurethane bushings, towing is a peaceful, rattle-free experience.


  • Incorporates a rotating joint in the neck and a movable jaw for effortless turning in all directions.
  • The latch is activated by a cam.
  • Adds strength and steadiness to the structure.
  • Bushings made of polyurethane.
  • Easy to put together and use.
  • It’s perfect for a pickup vehicle with a little bed.
  • Very simple to set up and take down.


  • Incredibly cumbersome.

#2. Fifth Wheel Hitch, Reese 30047 16K, 16-Kaliber

best 5th wheel slider hitch for ford puck system

The Reese 30047 is one of the cheapest and the best 5th wheel slider hitch for ford puck system we discovered for short bed vehicles. There is no guarantee that performance will suffer as a result of the cost reduction.

The Reese 30047 hitch is a more affordable option that provides a surprisingly sturdy setup because to its wide-stance, one-piece legs that don’t buckle or give. This fifth wheel RV hitch has a robust vertical range of 14 12″ to 18″ and a horizontal range of 6″ thanks to the dual jaw design.

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The Reese 30047 is the lightest and most user-friendly option on our list, and its installation is very simple compared to that of the other hitches. As long as you have rails to attach it to, this fifth wheel hitch will fit your vehicle.

The fact that the Reese 30047 is not a ford puck system 5th wheel hitch and is not optimized for use with any one manufacturer’s mounting method is a possible drawback. This hitch’s completely articulating head allows for a pivot of 4–5 degrees, which should be sufficient in most situations.

  • The item(s) you ordered may come in more than one package.
  • 16,000 lbs. A maximum pin weight of 4,000 pounds is supported.
  • Allows for a 6″ swivel on each side for more flexible hookups and simpler towing on unlevel terrain.
  • A range of 14 1/2″ to 18″ in height, as well as a pivot in both the forward and aft directions, and a side-to-side axis, allow for a great deal of customization.
  • A two-jaw locking mechanism with a grip for securing the jaws shut.
  • Extra support is provided by the wide base of these one-piece legs.


  • Extensive head movement.
  • Hitch that works everywhere in the world.
  • Integrated knees and a broad stance are a hallmark of this style.


  • Absolutely not a sidewinder; this is a sliding model exclusively.

#3. B&W Puck System Companion RVK3305

fifth wheel hitch for ford puck system

Another excellent option that would work well in your truck bed is the B&W RVK3305 for Ford Puck System. This fifth-wheel hitch from Curt is compatible with the Ford hitch platform and can be installed in a jiffy. In addition, the dual-jaw design makes it simple to attach or detach components. This fifth wheel hitch for ford puck system will be simple to disconnect the trailer hitches as you pull into a parking space.

In addition, it offers a gentle and comfortable towing experience, much like the other goods from this B and W brand. In addition, the hitch can support loads of up to 25,000 pounds and is lighter than similar items.

  • Compatible with Ford’s Original Equipment (OEM) hitch system.
  • The head may be turned both left and right, and even back and forth.
  • Even when parked on, the handle may be easily unlatched thanks to the cam action.
  • GTW of 25,000; VTW of 6,250.
  • In addition to being 100% American-made, the warranty is also guaranteed to last a lifetime.


  • Ideal for an industrial puck system.
  • Perfect for both small and long truck beds.
  • Unique bearing structure protected by a patent.
  • Assembling and setting up is a breeze.
  • Put to the ultimate test.
  • Modestly secure latching mechanism.
  • Is capable of adjusting in the vertical direction.


  • There is a large gap between the highest and lowest prices.

#4. Hitch for Fifth Wheels, REESE Titan 30870

best 5th wheel hitch for ford puck system

Once again, we have a product from Reese on our list, but this time its longevity is what sets it apart: the Titan 30870. In addition to its impressive specifications and sturdy build, the Titan 30870 also impresses with its use of cast metal components.

Cast metal is used throughout, from the head and locking jaw mechanism to the pivot beams, which greatly reduces the likelihood of failure. The Titan 30870’s 20,000-lb GTW and 5,000-lb VTW are both among the highest on our list.

With its sidewinder design, this best 5th wheel hitch for ford f350 can be moved up to 12″ to provide room for vehicles with shorter beds. It is compatible with any standard mounting system, however it does not come with rails for doing so.

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The cast iron components are a fantastic feature of this fifth wheel hitch, but they also make it heavier, more difficult to install, and more expensive.

  • Includes Round Tube Slider; Height may be adjusted from 14″ to 18″; Weight and pin capacities of 20,000 lbs. and 5,000 lbs.
  • This best 5th wheel hitch for ford f350 specialized handle comes with standard operating procedures; updated control lever does away with extra latch; prominent lock and load indicators have never been easier to see.
  • A cast head with better funneling for the king pin to the latch; a cast double jaw mechanism that is heavier for longer wear and superior tolerances and has no chucking in its jaw system.
  • Cast Pivot Beam has a quadruple vibration isolator system, which dampens vertical and longitudinal vibrations for a more comfortable ride and reduces looseness caused by misaligned pin mounting holes when used with standard rail kits.


  • Weights 20,000 pounds when fully loaded and just 5,000 when empty (GTW/VTW).
  • A sidewinder hitch.
  • Greater longevity.
  • Quick and simple to employ.


  • Expenses are going up.
  • weighs a lot.

#5. CURT 16049 Q25 5th Wheel Hitch truck Bed Puck System

best 5th wheel hitch for ford puck system

It’s also possible to have the CURT 16049 Q25 5th Wheel Hitch Puck System, which is an excellent choice as the best fifth wheel hitch for f250. A decent degree of excellence is guaranteed since this item comes from a famous manufacturer recognized for making high-quality hitches in this fashion. The maximum gross trailer weight that may be pulled by the CURT is 25000 pounds.

A big load is no match for the CURT’s Hitch System. The hitch may be pivoted in any direction thanks to its one-of-a-kind spherical axial bearing. As a result, you’ll have a relaxing trip that’s devoid of bumps and has smooth, silent curves.

In addition, the kingpin and jaw of this best 5th wheel hitch for ford f350 are in constant contact with one another thanks to the system’s dual jaw mechanism. Consequently, this provides a higher level of safety and an easy turn. It incorporates a self-aligning head that makes coupling easier and eliminates the need for precise alignment.

In addition to providing a safe and secure lock, the hitch also has a handy handle that may greatly facilitate the performance of a given activity. The nicest part about this fifth wheel is the three different colored lights that let you know when you’re ready to couple, uncouple, or tow.

  • The innovative spherical axial bearing in the head enables for effortless adjustment in any direction.
  • This 5th wheel hitch has an integrated 3-position indicator that displays the hitch and trailer’s connection condition. The hitch’s status as a fifth wheel is clearly shown, whether it’s connected, uncoupled, or ready to tow.
  • The single, short-throw lever on this CURT fifth-wheel hitch makes it simple to couple your trailer and improves ergonomics. The locking handle adds an extra layer of protection when traveling.


  • Solid build quality.
  • Designed with a double-jointed pivoting head for safe towing.
  • Provides a calm and stress-free towing experience.
  • Includes a 10-year guarantee.
  • Perfect for both short and long bed vehicles.
  • Designed with a self-aligning head to simplify connection.
  • Provides a simple setup process.
  • Constant and easy motion.
  • Ideal for an industrial puck system.


  • Despite how thick it seems, you can get through this.
FAQs About Ford Puck System 5th Wheel Hitch
What is the best 5th wheel hitch for puck system?

The finest 5th wheel hitch for the Ford puck system is the A25TM 16036, which has OEM puck system legs. Dropping the leg anchors into the Ford pucks and securing them in place with a quarter-turn of the handles is quick and easy. To further reduce any tossing sounds, the anchors are entirely adjustable.

Is the Ford and Ram puck system the same?

Ford and Ram’s original equipment (OEM) puck systems aren’t cross-compatible, regrettably.

Who makes Ford’s fifth wheel hitch?

Ford, Reese, and B&W are a few companies making Ford’s fifth wheel.

What is included in Ford fifth wheel prep package?

The Super Duty Bed Mount 7-pin Wire Harness with Trim Kit is a complete package that includes the inner and outer Frame L-Brackets, the under bed Hitch Crossmember, all necessary hardware, and the bed itself.

When did Ford start using the puck system?

With the introduction of the new aluminum-body F-Series Super Duty for the 2017 model year, Ford started providing a bed puck system with factory installation.

What is the point of a sliding 5th wheel hitch?

When hitched to a vehicle, a trailer’s connection point may be moved several inches back using a sliding 5th wheel hitch to provide for more space between the cab and trailer. When choosing a slider, make sure its weight capability is equal to or more than that of your hitch.

What size truck bed do you need to pull a fifth wheel?

Towing a fifth-wheel trailer requires a long bed, or 8-foot bed. The camper is positioned near the cab because fifth-wheel hookups must be kept in front of the back axle.


Most fifth wheel hitch for ford puck system can handle tongue loads of up to 7,500 pounds and trailer weights of up to 30,000 pounds. Only a one-ton dually with the appropriate hitch can pull such loads, but a 3/4-ton truck with a fifth wheel can still pull more than with a bumper. Maximum gross trailer weight (GTW) for a Class 6 Commercial hitch is 20,000 pounds, while the maximum tongue weight is 2,700 pounds (tongue weight).

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