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7 Best Spark Plugs for 5.7 Hemi (2023 Reviews & Buying Guide)

If your automobile doesn’t have spark plugs, it can not start. Ignition plugs, like all other parts, eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

Those of you who drive Dodges powered by 5.7l Hemi engines know how important it is to locate the finest spark plugs for 5.7 hemi. Finding what are the best spark plugs for a 5.7 hemi from the numerous that exist for this kind of engine might be difficult. Our goal was to simplify your life by compiling a detailed list of the top spark plugs and spark plug wires for the 5.7 hemi engine.

When Is It Time to Replace the Spark Plugs?

Even though the manufacturer suggests replacing the spark plugs every 30,000 miles, various warning indications will show you it’s time. Indicators include;

Repeatedly misfiring engine

The spark plug’s ability to conduct electricity is reduced when it is worn out or corroded. Since they lack the ability to make plugs, this is problematic. This is the same as a misfire in the engine. Therefore, it may be time to replace the plugs if the engine often fails to ignite properly.

Motor Roughly Idling

Sounds like rattling or banging coming from the engine will become more common. As a result of their volume, these sounds might be difficult to dismiss. When you hear knocking or pinging from your engine, it’s time to switch out the spark plugs.

Trouble Starting The Car

If you’re having trouble starting your car, it might be due to old or dirty plugs. The engine can’t start because there aren’t enough ignitions. This is a reliable indicator that new plugs are required.

A lack of acceleration, worn or defective spark plugs, or an inability to spark can prevent the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber from igniting and staying ablaze. The car’s acceleration will suffer as a result. As a result, you may need to replace your spark plugs if your car has trouble getting up to speed.

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Reduced Fuel Economy

A indicator of malfunctioning or worn-out spark plugs is an increase in the frequency with which you must fill up the gas tank. The latter option will cause excessive and inefficient fuel use. As a result, your car’s engine will use more gas than usual. A decrease in fuel economy may be remedied by just replacing the spark plug.

Our Recommended Top 7 Best Spark Plugs For a 5.7 Hemi

Top Pick1
recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi
Bosch Automotive (8105) OE Fine Wire Double Platinum Spark Plug

Top Pick2
best spark plug for 5.7 hemi
Set of 16 Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep 5.7 Liter HEMI NKG Spark Plugs Mopar

Top Pick3
dodge ram spark plugs recommended
Bosch Automotive (8162) OE Fine Wire Double Platinum Spark Plug

best spark plug for 5.7 hemi
NGK (4469) LFR5AIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug

best performance spark plugs for 5.7 hemi
Champion RE14MCC4 (570) Copper Plus Replacement Spark Plug

Top Pick6
best spark plug for 5.7 hemi
ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

best spark plug for a 5.7 hemi
Autolite AP5263-4PK AP5263 Platinum Spark Plug

Best Performance Spark Plugs for 5.7 Hemi (2023 Reviews)

The spark plugs in your car’s engine are among the most important components. They are also very inexpensive, making them a popular accessory. It’s also important to choose a high-quality spark plug for your 5.7L Hemi V8 engine so it can function efficiently and save you money.

You can get the most out of your money and have a more relaxing commute each day with the help of this simple gadget. But did you know that not every spark plug will work in a Hemi engine?

Spark plugs for certain Hemi engines have a flat seat with a washer (the conventional style), while others employ a tapered thread design. We’ll go into the various spark plug material options shortly.

If you have a 5.7L Hemi engine, continue on, because I’m about to tell you about some of the greatest spark plugs available.

#1. Bosch Automotive (8105) OE Fine Wire Double Platinum Spark Plug

recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi

These connectors have already been gapped to ensure a proper fit. No cutting or drilling is required. Additionally, they include the 5.7-liter V8 Hemi models produced between 2009 and 2018. Plus, these best spark plug for 5.7 hemi come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and hues. The number of plugs in a set is determined by the style, and varies by the size to accommodate various vehicles and SUVs. Fantastic anti-seize and corrosion protection come included with both options.

In this case, the nickel plating on the outside is responsible. The rolled threats act as a barrier to prevent corrosion. As with all the other crucial components, the firing pin is made of platinum. However, Bosch’s Chinese factory produces these spark plugs, rather than the United States. The quality has improved greatly, although it is still inferior to that of German plugs.

  • The inlay of a firing pin and ground electrode made of platinum extends the life of the plug by a factor of three compared to the use of a copper plug.
  • Excellent ignitability and performance are provided by the fine wire design.
  • The platinum firing pin was given greater endurance by continuous laser welding throughout all 360 degrees of its circumference.
  • An assurance of quality service for five years.
  • Fits and performs like new since it is an OEM direct replacement part.


  • Superior safeguards against seizing.
  • Perfect for the Hemi V8 with 5.7 liters of displacement.
  • They come in a range of sizes and hues.


  • China made

#2. Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep 5.7 Liter HEMI NKG Spark Plugs Mopar

best spark plug for 5.7 hemi

NKG Spark Plugs by Mopar are a popular choice for vehicles equipped with a 5.7L Hemi engine because of their durability and reliability. These dodge ram spark plugs recommended robust nickel construction increases conductivity, leading to greater efficiency for the engine.

Due to their superior ability to generate combustion sparks, Mopar spark plugs provide the highest fuel efficiency. This Mopar spark plug is a highly recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi if you are searching for a high-quality spark plug that won’t break the bank but will still significantly boost your engine’s power.

  • The 5.7L/345 V8 engine powers the vehicle.
  • This pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator is very tough and has excellent thermal conductivity. The copper core helps dissipate heat. Leakage is prevented via triple seals.
  • The plating of trivalent metals improves resistance to corrosion and seizing.
  • The ribbed design of the corrugation prevents overheating and fires.


  • When you purchase in bulk, you may save more money than if you were to buy a smaller amount.
  • The jacks can withstand a lot of pressure and movement without breaking.
  • It improves the general acceleration pattern.
  • If you take care of it, it will live longer.
  • Setup is a breeze.


  • Spark plugs made of nickel have a restricted range of applications.
  • Nickel plugs are flimsy and don’t last as long as Iridium ones.

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#3. Bosch Automotive (8162) OE Fine Wire Double Platinum Spark Plug

dodge ram spark plugs recommended

Do you have a Chrysler, Dodge, Charger, Durango, Ram, 1500, 2500, or 3500 Jeep, Commander, or Grand Cherokee? You may stop looking now that you’ve found spark plugs that are as good as, if not better than, the original equipment. Most Hemi drivers of these Chrysler vehicles use the Bosch Automobile Double Platinum Spark Plug (Bosch 8162). Absolutely, that is the case. For example, the Bosch 8162 Spark Plug is made from machined platinum and has a dual-platinum electrode.

  • The plug lasts far longer than comparable spark plugs on the market and is built to last.
  • Dual-Platinum Electrode


  • There are a few Chrysler Aspen 300 models where the plugs perform optimally.
  • It lasts three times as long as leading competitors’ products.
  • Utilize mostly in trucks and other high-powered automobiles.
  • Manufacturing with German technology is a good idea.


  • The shell is nickel-plated, therefore extra care must be used to avoid harming the thread.
  • Some Chryslers are not compatible.
  • A perfect fit for high-gear automobiles.

#4. NGK (4469) LFR5AIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug

best spark plug for 5.7 hemi

The spark plug set you see before you are among the most sturdy, trustworthy, and long-lasting options available. These best spark plugs for a 5.7 hemi were developed for use in heavy-duty engines and can withstand high levels of heat, moisture, and other environmental stresses without breaking a sweat. The Buyer’s Guide will inform us that iridium, the material from which NGK plugs are made, is inherently corrosion-resistant and has the longest lifespan in the industry.

The vehicle’s towing and carrying capacities will also improve, which is particularly useful for commercial vehicles. As a last bonus, these plugs enhance the throttle response and performance of the car when put correctly.

  • Dimension: 10.319.74.9 cm
  • It weighs 431 grams


  • Facilitate towing and hauling efficiency.
  • Constructed with the utmost care and featuring top-notch craftsmanship.
  • Increase velocity to get off to a faster start.


  • Up to four hours are needed for the installation.

#5. Champion RE14MCC4 (570) Copper Plus Replacement Spark Plug

best performance spark plugs for 5.7 hemi

Let’s go on down the list and have a peek at the Champion fires. They are a perfect match for the Hemi engines produced between 2002 and 2010, and their superior dependability and longevity are well-documented. In addition, the coated outer shell prevents rust and corrosion, and the copper core electrode greatly extends the life lifetime. These best performance spark plugs for 5.7 hemi made of copper won’t last as long as those made of platinum or iridium, but they should still get the job done.

Shipment/delivery issues are another small negative. Although there have been no reports of quality control problems, We must warn you that shipping might take quite a while. Champion’s low pricing, simple installation, and all-around great performance are worth the additional day or two of waiting.

  • The center electrode’s copper core enables precise regulation of temperature for increased durability.
  • Ultraseal coating on the outside of the shell provides maximum protection against corrosion and is protected by a U.S. patent.
  • Safe and Long-Lasting: Developed in accordance with accepted ISO and SAE norms.
  • Patented SAC-9 semi-conductor resistor provides maximum EMI/RFI suppression.
  • The Following Programs Can Use This: Automotive.


  • Superior toughness and dependability.
  • The longevity-boosting copper core extends the useful life of the product.
  • Anti-rust coating prevents shell from deterioration.


  • There may be a delay in delivery.

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#6. ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

best spark plug for 5.7 hemi

ACDelco has been serving the needs of motorists for well over a century. ACDelco’s products, like the Professional Iridium Spark Plug, are without equal when it comes to reliability and efficiency. The recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi is a wonderful match for this spark plug.

To promote more efficient ignition and combustion, ACDelco designed the Iridium Spark Plug with a fine-wire electrode. When this fuse is used, there is less carbon buildup on the spark plug. Since this is the case, the engine is able to function better in harsh circumstances.

  • Engines benefit from the improved idle stability and performance offered by iridium.
  • The use of iridium enables the development of more compact and powerful electrode designs, leading to better cold starting and faster acceleration.
  • An iridium fine-wire electrode not only helps increase fuel efficiency, but also helps enhance ignition by removing carbon deposits from the plug’s tip as they develop.
  • The electrical components in a car are protected from interference by a single-piece seal designed to suppress radio waves.
  • Suppressor seals prevent combustion leakage and regulate spark energy, extending the life of the electrode. A gap guide should be used before installing new spark plugs to ensure that the gap is right.


  • Superior in terms of improving gas mileage.
  • This is perfect for cold starts.
  • completely airtight to prevent the escape of flammable gases during burning.
  • This lighter’s seal acts as a radio frequency suppressor.
  • Inside the car, the static is neutralized by the suppressor.
  • The output is perfect due to the Iridium structure.


  • Used engines should take this advice.
  • After extensive usage, it is necessary to inspect the gap.
  • Sometimes you need to leave a gap.

#7. Autolite AP5263-4PK AP5263 Platinum Spark Plug

best spark plug for a 5.7 hemi

We provide the most cost-effective set of spark plugs for the 5.7-liter V8 Hemi engine. It’s a great buy for the price, and it comes in a pack of four. The first thing you’ll notice is how simple the setup is. There is no need to read any manuals since everything is clearly labeled. Another advantage is the short delivery time of these best spark plugs for a 5.7 hemi. Now, Autolite produces this product in Mexico to keep the cost down.

By the way, you shouldn’t be concerned about the quality. Even if the powertrain is improved by the addition of these plugs, the fuel economy is not improved. There won’t be much of a difference in fuel economy between smooth and rocky roads.

  • Having a plug with a full platinum tip means you won’t have to worry about gap erosion reducing the plug’s lifespan.
  • The side electrode’s yttrium-improved, high-nickel alloy helps to keep the gap constant, extending the life of the plug.
  • The shortened length of the central electrode allows for a more rapid and cleaner discharge at lower voltage, leading to less effort required for starting the engine and more efficiency in moving it forward.
  • Due to the platinum-to-platinum firing and platinum-alloy pad on the ground electrode, the durability and service life of the device are greatly increased.
  • The steel casing has been nickel-plated to prevent corrosion over time.


  • A time estimate of one hour is given for installation.
  • Fastest shipping and delivery periods in the market¬†
  • Lowest possible price.


  • Not a lot has changed in terms of fuel economy.
FAQs About Best Spark Plugs for 5.7 Hemi

How often should you change spark plugs in a 5.7 Hemi?

According to most automotive experts, spark plugs should be replaced at least once every 30,000 miles.

Are Champion spark plugs good for a 5.7 Hemi?

You can tune up your vehicle or increase its performance with this 16-pack of Champion Copper Plus Spark Plugs.

What spark plugs give you more horsepower?

As a result of their heat resistance, copper spark plugs are ideal for high-performance vehicles. Turbocharged and high-compression engines often have them factory-installed. Vehicles manufactured before the 1980s often employ copper spark plugs because they work well with the distributor-based ignition system.

What’s the best spark plug for performance?

Spark plugs made from iridium are now the finest option available. When compared to double-platinum spark plugs, iridium ones provide even greater improvements in fuel economy, performance, dependability, and lifespan.

How many spark plugs does a 57 Hemi have?

The 57 Hemi has 4 sets of 4 spark plugs which totals 16.


Spark plugs are a key component to the overall efficiency of an engine. No matter what, you must not change your mind. Find the finest spark plugs for the Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi by reading our helpful article. Our aim is to equip you with everything you need for a smooth transaction. Spark plugs for Jeeps, Dodges, Rams, and Hemis may be found at any time. The whole transaction was well worth the cost.

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