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Top 5 Best Car Lifts for Home Garage to Buy in 2023

Crunching, leaning over backwards, squinting to see while you frantically try to get the slightest repair in your vehicle while you have a torch in your teeth, tools in your hands, and squinting to see?

If at least some of what has been described here sounds all too familiar to you, then a vehicle hoist is something that you absolutely need to have in your house carport.

If you do the majority of your own repairs and you either have numerous vehicles that you want to stack or you are an ambitious technician who is just learning the basics, a reasonable car hoist is important.

I will lend you my assistance in your hunt for the most effective car elevators for residential garages so that you can be positive to find exactly what you are looking for!

Convenience is the utmost priority when designing car elevators. These useful gadgets can provide secure storage or help transform a garage into a home repair facility. They are perfect for gearheads who can’t tolerate the idea of anyone else handling their pride and joy, as well as those who easily require some extra floor area in their garages. DIYers can either work on their vehicles in a more comfortable and environmentally sound manner by raising their cars in the air, or they can simply arrange two vehicles where typically only one would fit.

However, selecting the most suitable automobile lift for use in a private garage can be a time-consuming and difficult endeavor. When searching for the very best car lifts for your home garage, it’s important to be aware of what features to look for, which models are available, and a whole host of other considerations. The good news is that this guide will explain everything to you in detail.

Different Kinds of Car Lifting are Designed for Home Garages

Here are the four most typical car lift types found in private garages

4-Post Lift

In both commercial garages and the workshops of private individuals, four-post lifts are among the most typical types of vehicle hoists to be found. These best 4 post car lift for home garage have one post located at each corner, which provides a safe and massive technique of trying to lift a car into the air. The operator merely manoeuvres their car up on the steps, puts it in the park, and then presses the button to initiate the hoist.

In most cases, these vehicle elevators are able to transport a greater weight without compromising their stability. Because of this, they are perfect for use in storage circumstances, such as when a householder wants to place one car underneath another for the purpose of storing. However, due to the massive steps and crossbars or overflow troughs that are included on these platforms, it can be difficult for the user to access the undercarriage and frame of the vehicle.

2-Post Lift

Best 2 post car lift  are generally considered to be the superior choice when it comes to maintaining, repairing, or customizing a vehicle. These lifters, as their name indicates, have two supports, one on each side, and limbs that stretch out from the posts in a splayed configuration. After that, these limbs will be positioned on the chassis underneath the car, at which point the hoist will be able to elevate the car off the ground while still allowing access to the area underneath.

Both symmetrical and asymmetrical configurations are available for two-post lifts. In designs that are symmetrical, the posts are positioned so that they are direct across from one another, and the arms are all the same length. Asymmetrical designs feature supports that are displaced from one another. This not only helps to balance massive, inherently imbalanced vehicles but also makes it possible to access the entrances of the vehicle. Be aware that the design of the arms on some models makes them symmetrical as well as asymmetrical, despite the fact that the supports on those models are immediately opposite one another.

Scissor Lift

The scissor hoist is yet another common device that is used for raising automobiles into the air. Lifts known as scissor lifts have crisscrossing frame configurations that, when in use, generate a shearing motion (this may even be referred to as accordion style). They feature massive platforms that are supported by the undercarriage of the vehicle and offer a safe raising technique that is performed at a low height.

Portable Lift 

The use of portable lifts in private garages is highly recommended. The majority of do-it-yourself garage keepers would value the fact that they are simple to assemble, use, disassemble, and store. Because they typically require two separate sets of platforms that raise in tandem with one another, vehicle lifts are technically considered to be two or more separate lift systems. Even though the elevator height isn’t particularly high, accessibility is undoubtedly a consideration.

Tips for Picking the Right Car Lifts for Home Garages

Even if the consumer is aware of the various categories of car elevators that are available for use in private garages, there are a few other essential aspects that they must be aware of and take into consideration. When shopping for best portable car lift for home garage . Consumers need to know the following information in order to make an informed decision about which model is best suited for their personal auto repair facility:


Before making a purchase, do-it-yourselfers need to question themselves why they require a vehicle raise and what role the lift will play in their garage. Homeowners will have a much simpler time narrowing down their options to one or two particular versions if they choose the appropriate sort of hoist based on their requirements.

A four-post hoist is an excellent option for householders who are looking for a dependable storage solution for their vintage vehicle. Those who want to rehabilitate their vintage Car, on the other hand, will require a two-post hoist that allows for a substantial amount of working space underneath the vehicle. It’s possible that individuals whose garages are on the smaller side or have lower ceilings will discover that scissor lifts or easily portable lifts are the most suitable options for meeting their requirements.


When shopping for a car lift for a residential carport, the lift’s capability is one of the aspects that should receive the utmost attention and consideration. And, as one might expect, this has a significant impact on the vehicle or vehicles that the hoist will be used to raise.

For instance, if a person is interested in collecting classic British racing vehicles, the hoist might only need to be able to support 3,000 or 4,000 pounds of cargo. On the other hand, if the same individual transports those small roadsters from the racetrack to the racetrack using a pickup vehicle rated for one ton, the hoist might need to be able to support 9,000 or 10,000 pounds.

Also, keep in mind that in order to reduce the likelihood of the lift failing, it is always preferable to select a lift that has a marginally greater carrying capacity than what is required.

Our Absolute Favorites

It was a lot of information, but now it’s time to go shopping for the car elevators that will make the most sense for your house carport. The following is a list of some of the finest vehicle lifts currently available, and nearly any house repair business would benefit from having one of them. When selecting a car from the models on this list, you should make sure to keep the most important factors in mind.

The installation of a car hoist

The correct implementation of your lift in your home garage is an extremely important element that contributes significantly to the overall safety of your lift. The safety of your life is not only dependent on the lift itself and how you use it. Whenever it pertains to a piece of equipment that is as massive and strong as a car hoist, there are a number of considerations that must be made prior to the construction process.

When it comes to installing a car hoist in a garage, one of the most common concerns that people have is regarding the amount of elevation space that is required. To put it another way, people want to know how high the ceiling of the garage should be. As is the case with everything else, the answer is dependent on your particular requirements and circumstances. However, this is a positive development. It’s not often that we get to choose the specifics of our garages, so it’s reassuring to know that there are a variety of lifts that can work within the constraints you have. This is because North American Auto Equipment explains that this opportunity doesn’t come around very often. Even if your carport is too tiny for a four-post lift with enough space to place another vehicle underneath it, you can still install a lift that provides many advantages for you and us.

Just a quick message to let you know that if your carport isn’t very big, you might want to think about installing a hoist in your entryway or somewhere else outside your home. It is not advisable to do this because the elevator you are using will be subjected to temperatures and other environmental factors for which it was not intended. If an elevator is installed in an outdoor setting, the warranty may no longer be valid.

Best Car Lifts for Home Garages in 2023 (Our Top Picks)

#1. APlusLift HW-10KOH 10,000L Two Post Overhead Auto Hoist

#2. TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Car Lift

#3. XK USA 10,000lbs L1100 2 Post Car Lift

#4. Mayflower Blacksmith 8,000lbs 4 Post Car Lift

#5. Atlas Automotive Equipment XH-9KOHX, 9,000 LBS 2 Post Car Lift

Best 2 and 4 Post Car Lifts for Home Garage (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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#1. APlusLift HW-10KOH 10,000L Two Post Overhead Auto Hoist

best portable car lift for home garage

Are you looking for an automotive hoist that not only performs exceptionally well but also provides the highest possible level of efficiency? The APlusLift carport vehicle hoist is the only solution you need to consider purchasing. Because of its top-notch and heavy-duty construction, it is dependable and is able to produce an exceptional amount of strength.

APlusLift’s 10,000-pound capacity carport car hoist for homes is built to last using only the finest components. It has two hydraulic pistons and is made entirely of steel (the columns are 13/64 inches thick and the carriages are 15/64 inches thick).

Vehicles weighing up to 10,000 pounds can be lifted with ease with this sturdy hoist. This vehicle hoist will continue working flawlessly even in the harshest environments.

The APlusLift house vehicle hoist has been outfitted with a number of safety elements in addition to its robust build. Automatic arm lock supports and a double-point security lock guarantee that cars remain safe during lifting and lowering operations.

It is equipped with a safety release valve to avoid damage from internal pressure spikes. A rubber door barrier and an up-limit button prevent the cylinders from being subjected to unnecessary force.

With the APlusLift two-post raise for the carport, raising a vehicle is as straightforward as hitting a button thanks to its intuitive and reliable control system. When more command is required, the simple hand-lowering mechanism can be used instead.

The strong hoist mechanism can be used without concern for overflowing because of the built-in release valve. In only 50 seconds, the structure rises to its maximum height.

For your vehicle’s security and steadiness, this car hoist was built. Since it’s entirely robot-welded, it’s impervious to unintentional harm and boasts top-notch build quality. Its broad base can transport up to 10,000 pounds without compromising efficiency, and its hydraulic raise system ensures a comfortable journey.

  • Tempered steel is used in its construction.
  • A weight of up to 10,000 pounds can be supported.
  • Height Restriction: 6’9″
  • Pressure in Square Inches (PSI) Minimum for Floor: 3,500


  • Built to last with a sturdy steel construction
  • The use of two independent hydraulic pistons increases both safety and steadiness.
  • Simple vehicle entry thanks to the spacious ramp
  • Its modest size and ease of use under low cars make it ideal for this application.


  • Inadequate assembly directions

#2. TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Car Lift

best car lift for home garage

If you need a dependable and secure car raise for your home storage that won’t take too much time to construct, the Triumph 4-post car lift may be the best option for you to consider. You can be confident that the hauling task you do will be risk-free and uncomplicated thanks to its sturdy construction and forward-thinking design.

The TRIUMPH 4-post home car hoist for use in a carport at home is designed with a significant emphasis on durability. Due to the fact that it is made out of sturdy steel, it is able to effortlessly support a weight of up to 8,000 pounds without shifting or becoming unstable.

Because it requires only one person to operate, anybody really can use it to swiftly transport their car in or out of their carport. This additional practicality makes it accessible to more people. Because the elevator is designed to have a lengthy life, you can be confident that it will continue to function safely despite the fact that it will be used quite frequently.

The TRIUMPH 4 Post Car Lift for Garage for Domestic Use is ideal because it allows you to make the most of the available room in your garage, even when it’s not being used to lift a vehicle. Since it is lightweight and compact, it can be moved easily and placed anywhere.

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The Triumph 4 Post Car Lift was designed to be simple to put together, so you won’t have to struggle through confusing instructions or put yourself in danger while attempting to put it together.

Your purchase of this vehicle hoist will come with all of the equipment you need for a speedy assembly, allowing you to immediately put it to use. Due to the low silhouette of its construction, it can easily be accommodated in confined spaces such as garages.

The 4-post Triumph car hoist was built with additional caution because of the importance placed on safety during the manufacturing process. The steel structure ensures optimal steadiness while carrying large cargo, making it suitable for use with any vehicle.

  • The Building Substance Is Aluminum, Which Is Very Lightweight
  • The maximum load allowed is 8,000 pounds.
  • Highest Raise Height: 6′
  • Minimum Pressure Square Inches (PSI) for Floors: 3,000


  • Constructed entirely of steel to withstand extensive use over the years
  • Because of its modest silhouette, it can fit underneath the majority of automobiles.
  • It comes with a castor component, which makes it very simple to move it around.
  • There is no need for a second individual to assist with the construction or use of this product.


  • There are NO directions included in the package.

#3. XK USA 10,000lbs L1100 2 Post Car Lift

best car lift for home garage

You can stop wasting time looking for a trustworthy car lift because the XK USA car lift is all you need for worry-free vehicle maintenance. You will have easy access to convenient automobile maintenance for the rest of your life thanks to this long-lasting piece of equipment that was designed with both professional and domestic users in mind.

The XK USA home garage car lift vehicle hoist is a high-quality item that is perfect for any garage because it allows you to store a large number of cars with ease and still has plenty of room for other activities.

Because it is so uncomplicated to set up and can be arranged in a matter of minutes, it is an excellent choice for anybody looking for an elevator solution that is both speedy and dependable. Because of the use of substantial steel in the construction, it is extremely durable and will remain in good condition for many years.

When it comes to the quality of the materials used, the XK USA 2-post vehicle hoist does not fall short. Because it is made entirely of solid steel, it possesses exceptional strength and resilience, making it suitable for use over an extended period of time.

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When raising large objects, the reinforced base plates give additional stability, while the friction caused by hoisting is reduced thanks to the self-lubricating ultra-high molecular nylon slider.

This car hoist comes with door shield protection material as an added perk, so you won’t have to worry about denting or scratching anything as you shift things around in your garage or workshop. The automated arm lock systems and double-point safety lock release on this Car Hoist make it ideal for transporting or storing vehicles with a high value for security.

Lastly, this car lift has a controlled lowering function that eliminates the risk of harming the lift’s mechanisms or losing control of the vehicle during the lowering process.

  • Strong Steel is used in the production process.
  • We can carry up to 10,000 pounds.
  • Maximum Lift Height: 6.5 feet
  • Elevated Pressure Minimum


  • It does not make a difference so long as the portico has a high ceiling.
  • Raises the car to a safe driving height
  • Incredibly easy to assemble in a couple of hours with only ordinary hand tools
  • Its compact form makes it easy to store away when not in use.


  • For trucks or other cars with wide bodies.

#4. Mayflower Blacksmith 8,000lbs 4 Post Car Lift

best car lift for home garage

Adding a dependable and powerful hoist to your carport as part of an upgrade? Mayflower Blacksmith is up to date on the situation. Their two-post, 9000-pound vehicle hoist is built to withstand weathering and is incredibly sturdy, providing an abundance of safety features to ensure raising activities to go as smoothly as possible.

The Mayflower Blacksmith car hoist is constructed to be sturdy and long-lasting, and it features two strong hydraulic cylinders that are able to support a combined weight of up to 9000 pounds. Because it is made out of high-grade steel, it is durable enough to withstand any weight that is placed on it. Additionally, the strengthened support limbs guarantee the utmost steadiness throughout the lifting process.

Featuring a double two-point safety lock and 18 securing settings for secure support during operation, this Mayflower Blacksmith car lift for carport 2 post 9000 pounds is built with user safety in mind.

Additionally, arm lock restraints turn on by themselves once the lift achieves a particular height, and drop-in-type elevating cushions provide additional protection for the rider. Rubber door barriers offer an additional layer of defense against the possibility of injury or property damage.

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This car hoist has had a blue powder coating applied to it in order to make it more durable and protect it from rust and corrosion that could be caused by prolonged exposure to the weather and rain. As a result, it is an excellent option for any storage environment that is subjected to severe circumstances or frequent use over an extended period of time.

Lubricating nylon sliders, this car hoist is intended for optimum performance and efficiency. This is made possible by the fact that the carriage arms are able to travel up and down in a seamless manner, even when carrying large weight capabilities.

This prevents users from ever having to think about the car breaking down due to extreme wear and tear on the moving components from constant contact.

  • Steel is the Substance Used in Architecture
  • The maximum load allowed is 8,000 pounds.
  • Highest Raise Height: 6.25′
  • Basement Pressure Requirement: 3,000 PSI


  • Large Lifting Two hydraulic cylinders and chain motor
  • Release for a double-sided, two-point safety latch
  • Do away with the requirement for a complicated electrical schematic.
  • The blue powder coating protects against tarnishing and ensures the product’s resilience.


  • The instructions for the installation are not up to par.

#5. Atlas Automotive Equipment XH-9KOHX, 9,000 LBS 2 Post Car Lift

best portable car lift for home garage

If you have a restricted amount of space but are an avid car aficionado or work as a professional technician, Atlas has two post-car elevators that will meet your requirements. A sturdy construction combined with height-adjustable settings offers a way to make the most of your available storage space while maintaining a high level of personal protection.

Powder coating provides resistance to rust, corrosion, and damage, and is featured on the chassis of the Atlas two-post car elevators. The columns’ base plates have been strengthened, making them more secure and risk-free, and the raised arms have load-bearing latches for an additional layer of protection. In addition, each hoist is put through quality control testing before being delivered to a consumer.

Atlas two-post car lifts come equipped with heightened safety features that offer additional protection against damage that may be incurred as a result of inappropriate use or mistreatment while the vehicle is on the rise. The season Backup Smart Lock guarantees that all four limbs are securely secured in position before commencing any action on the vehicle. This affords the user the highest level of protection possible against inadvertent disconnection while the vehicle is in use.

Unfortunately, not everyone possesses the time or resources necessary to employ a professional for installation support, but fortunately, setting up an Atlas car hoist is not overly complicated. You only need some common household instruments like wrenches, drill blades, and a couple of supports to get the job done (not included).

The height setting on Atlas car elevators is customizable, allowing you to personalize the amount of elevation you require based on the requirements of your particular application as well as accommodate your vehicle in confined areas. Because this choice is accessible to you, you will have an easier time working on a variety of vehicles, regardless of the size or structure of those vehicles.

  • The Substance Used in Manufacturing Is Stainless Steel
  • The maximum load allowed is 9,000 pounds.
  • Highest Raise Height: 11 feet 6 inches or 11 feet 10 inches
  • Basement Pressure Requirement: 3,000 PSI


  • Maximum weight for which the post lift is rated is 9 tons.
  • Power supply with 220-volt, single-phase current
  • There are two height options, ranging from 11’6″ to 11’10”
  • When links become loose, a supplementary locking mechanism is activated immediately.


  • There are no guidelines to follow

FAQs About Best Car Lifts for Home Garage

How much does it cost to put a car lift in your garage?

The average cost to have a two-post or four-post motorized hoist professionally installed is less than $1,000. When it comes to raising vehicles, in-ground car lifts and systems are the priciest choices, with some options costing as much as $10,000.

How high does a garage need to be for a car lift?

Two-post lifts typically need 11-12 feet of headroom, while four-post lifts need even more space.

Which is better: 2 posts or 4 post lifts?

Diffusely per week, we get this inquiry. Most reputable businesses have already determined the best sort of hoist for their needs. Most reputable repair facilities have both two- and four-post, above-ground elevators available for customer use. Many of our residential clients, in contrast to these business establishments, will only purchase a single elevator. There is no one perfect answer to this question, but by weighing the benefits and drawbacks of both types of elevators, you should be able to select the most appropriate one.

How thick should concrete be to install a car lift?

There is an optimal level for the concrete floor that must be met before a vehicle hoist can be installed there. It is recommended to have at least six inches and no more than twelve inches of reinforced concrete, although the minimum required amount is four inches.

How much room do I need for a 4-post car lift?

A car hoist can only be installed in your carport if you have enough room for it. Standard 4-post vehicle hoist dimensions are 103 inches broad by 173 feet long. The standard length for a passenger vehicle is 16 to 17 feet.


Now that you’ve come to the conclusion of your study, you can purchase Cheap car lifts for home garages with confidence thanks to the information I’ve compiled for you.

After putting each of these cars lifts through their paces for you, I have finally settled on my top pick: the APlusLift HW-10KOH 10,000L Two Post Overhead Auto Hoist.

This car lift has the best combination of pulling strength and capacity, small size, simplicity of operation, and safety features, making it ideal for use in a private garage.

My other suggestions won’t let you down, either.

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