7 Best Leveling Kit for Silverado 2500HD Reviews in 2023

As the term indicates, a leveling kit is equipment assisting you at leveling or even any uneven suspensions of your vehicle. The uneven suspensions become quite a trouble, making your Silverado appear dirty and extremely bad. So, today we will dive deeper into checking out the best leveling kit for Silverado 2500HD that enhances your vehicle appearance and offers the quality of your ride.

We bring what we consider is the best fit for your vehicle as an entire list of the best leveling kit for Chevy Silverado 2500HD, as these would prove more intense than you would have expected. You can easily explore more and simply be astonished as you can now enjoy the best ride with the leveling kit help.

We have explored varied forms of leveling kits which are perfect-fit for your Chevy 2500HD and have discovered a few which are perfect. You can check out the best leveling kits for Silverado 2500HD we have enlisted below and gear up to take your trucking to new levels.

Best Leveling Kit for Chevy Silverado 2500HD (Our Top Picks)

#1. TORCH 3 inch Front 2 inch Rear Lift Leveling Kit

#2. Kryptonite Stage 2 Leveling Kit

#3. ReadyLift 2.25 inch Front Leveling Kit With Forged Torsion Key

#4. MotoFab Lifts 1-3 inch Leveling Lift Kit

#5. Dynofit 1 to 3 Inch Heavy Duty Solid Leveling Lift Kit

#6. Rough Country 2 inch Leveling Kit

#7. WULF 1-3 inch Front 2 inch Rear Leveling Lift Kit With Bilstein Shocks

Best Leveling Kit for Silverado 2500HD (Reviews & Buying Guide)

We left no stone unturned throughout the market to bring the best leveling kit for Chevy Silverado 2500HD throughout the intense testing process, and the following are the ones you should check out. It depends entirely on the application as you will never get sad by the choices offered by the products.

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#1. TORCH 3 inch Front 2 inch Rear Lift Leveling Kit

best leveling kit for chevy silverado 2500hd

The leveling kit from TORCH arrives with adjustable torsion keys for lifting, offering you the better capability of customising the truck’s ride height. The leveling kit has shock extenders to help safeguard the factory-made shocks, preventing wear or tear.

You can start using the factory hardware that arrives with the truck, which would help in the process of installation seamless and not much time-consuming. The other most attractive trait of this leveling kit is that it arrives with adjustable torsion keys. Depending on your requirements, you can rise or reduce the front of your vehicle by about 3 inches.

The specific leveling kit also arrives with shock absorber extenders, which would help safeguard the factory-made shocks and prevent them from damaging them at installation, as it becomes important for you to pay a lot of attention during the installation of this kit.

The powder-coated surface is used on the kits, uniquely formulated to offer greater resistance to rusting, corrosion, or scratches for a longer lifespan. The kit arrives with the entire installation instructions to aid you in gaining a great knowledge of the whole procedure.

Some individuals are extremely happy with their purchases and have nothing wrong to mention regarding it since they have worked out for their vehicle, offering better satisfaction. We recommend this best leveling kit for Silverado 2500HD if you are searching for something that would enable you to customize the front side of your truck without the need for the funds.

Main Features
  • The torsion keys are convertible, offering better flexibility
  • It is extremely versatile
  • It arrives with the simple bolt-on installation
  • The lift blocks are narrow enough to help the driveline stay at the appropriate angle.
  • The U-bolts are zinc plated for greater capacity of the load


  • It has a massive impact on how your truck is appearing¬†
  • It enables better customization based on your requirements
  • The simple and easy process of installation takes almost two hours and even less
  • It arrives with the instructions manual for seamless installations
  • Resistant to rusting, scratches, and corrosion for more life.


  • It might leave behind puddles of water when it starts raining
  • It comes with a rough riding experience
  • The models would require lengthier U-bolts

Some individuals are happy with the surfaces they have made and have nothing wrong to mention regarding it since it has worked effectively whenever required. We would advise you to go with this leveling kit for Chevy Silverado 2500HD, rendering a greater height to your vehicle without any costlier expenses.

#2. Kryptonite Stage 2 Leveling Kit

best leveling kit for chevy silverado 2500hd

The leveling kits offered by Kryptonite are the safest, fastest, and cheaper way to start bringing the front of your truck close to the rear sides. The torsion keys are constructed to give them a better grip on flat surfaces, rendering a robust fit.

The convertible torsion key will offer around one to two inches of a lift offering better clearance ground, adding up to about 33 inches of wheels and even tires. Through the extensive engineering process, the kits would cost a lot cheaper than the convention leveling kit.

The leveling kit from Kryptonite is structured for grabbing the hexagonal surfaces of the torsion bar for a firmer fit. The Kryptonite leveling kits are mainly counterfeited, which gives them greater strength than any other OEM, and they come powder coated for the prevention of the vehicle through corrosion.

The torsion keys are convertible, offering two inches of lift and the proper clearance, adding to about 33 inches of the tires. They are primarily designed to retain the OEM ride and add greater pressure on the stock suspension elements. The innovative engineering of the Kryptonite would cost you a few thousand dollars less than the conventional kit, and the entire installation time is around one to two hours.

Main Features
  • Convertible keys enable the lifting of the front end by one to three inches coping with tires of any size.
  • The torsion keys are machined through CNC and are extremely stronger than the ones available in the market.
  • Black finish with powder coated matching the suspension made in factor for an attractive appearance
  • Constructed with 50-grade steel, offering better durability


  • It comes with better durability
  • The shock extenders come with the vehicle
  • The process of installation is easier
  • Better range of compatibility


  • The lower control arm needs to get removed

While checking this leveling kit for Chevy Silverado 2500HD, we performed extensive testing for the product; however, it did not leave us unhappy. We were satisfied to note that the better durability of this leveling kit and the features are extremely astonishing.

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#3. ReadyLift 2.25 inch Front Leveling Kit With Forged Torsion Key

best leveling kit for chevy silverado 2500hd

Suppose you are the owner of the Silverado. In that case, you should understand that the vehicle is heavier and requires a highly durable leveling kit, as we understand that there is no other option than the one offered by the brand ReadyLift.

They are constructed specifically for carrying out the extra weight that is ever carried by any conventional suspension. You will find the factory-made torsion keys tailored perfectly to replace the kit by boosting the scale adjustability.

Installing the leveling kit will help you gain a better amount of posture without causing any damage to the ride quality. These keys are mainly counterfeited to render a robust strength to the entire truck. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a kit that comes coated with powder for better protection and resisting corrosion.

Speaking regarding the installation process, the company remains trustworthy towards their promises as the entire process of installation is easier and takes around an hour. The extensions at the front are appropriately indexed to create adjustable convenience for the user.

Main Features
  • Installs easily in about an hour
  • Perfect for getting the perfect leveling
  • The torsion keys are counterfeited for greater strength
  • Comes powder-coated to prevent any corrosion
  • Offers you the factory-quality ride when the vehicle gets a raise


  • Renders the ideal leveling without impacting the quality of the ride
  • Greater precise indexing
  • Versatile and easier installation
  • Resistant to corrosion as it comes coated with powder


  • There are a couple of complaints regarding the missing screws
  • The paint’s quality is not impressive

The leveling kit is generally shipped with the entire set of hardware necessary to ensure that the buyer does not have to get some additional shopping done. The kit offers the perfect fit that guarantees the factory torsion on the bars after you have installed the kit. We have found that the kit is the main contender whenever someone searches for a leveling kit for the Chevy Silverado 2500HD.

#4. MotoFab Lifts 1-3 inch Leveling Lift Kit

best leveling kit for silverado 2500hd

It is the leveling kit offered by MotoFab, as it is one of a few constructed to render an easier installation process. It is mainly achieved using general hand tools in one to two hours.

Along with the DIY aspect, the Chevy Silverado leveling kit arrives with top-quality elements and fittings made out of machined billet blocks of animals and hardware for greater fabrication and accuracy.

It comes with N3 shock absorbers included here, as it is a huge profit whenever it arrives in this kind of kit. The brand speaks highly of the three-year warranty on the replacement; however, they are constructed to offer you greater grip and performance with the on and off-the-road time to arrive.

The other thing that would make this leveling kit the best one is that it is constructed in a manner that does not need any coil or strut disassembly to help you in the installation process.

It is a massive profit for those who lack the required tools or are uncomfortable with that operation. You need not worry about tearing out the suspension as you can do everything from the exterior end of the vehicle using the general hand tools a couple of times.

It is the ideal kit for leveling your GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado without question. You will surely gain distinctive quality products whenever you pick this kit.

The coil springs present at the front end of the vehicle are the primary ones responsible for handling the entire weight of the passengers and the cargo. When raising your truck using the leveling kits, you can expect that the springs can tackle the heavier weights without any issues due to their added clearance grounds.

Main Features

  • It arrives with the necessary hardware and an instruction manual
  • Greater compatibility with the Chevy and GMC 2007 and 2018 model
  • Cost-effective options available in the market


  • The process of installation is easier and is not time-consuming
  • Includes the necessary accessories
  • Easier convertible torsion keys
  • Makes your truck appear aesthetically appealing
  • Comes with a warranty of a lifetime


  • It comes without a bold
  • Cheap quality paint that gets scratched
  • The design is never impressive

We are quite astonished at testing this type of product that MotoFab offers. It never disappointed us as we were happy with this highly durable kit, and the traits were also amazing.

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#5. Dynofit 1 to 3 Inch Heavy Duty Solid Leveling Lift Kit

best leveling kit for silverado 2500hd

The leveling kit offers you the capability of customizing the better clearance of the ground for your vehicle at just a fraction of what the other kits would start costing you. You can start installing this type of leveling kit by adding a couple of clearances of the ground for your truck, raising it to around three inches at the front and two inches at the vehicle’s rear side.

The leveling kit installation is easier and is performed easily as you just have to follow your intuition. You do not require additional tools, as only a wrench set is required.

Using heavier screws and bolts would make the alloy body leveling kit. It is the perfect choice for those searching for additional ground clearance whenever they are off-roading or require a firm hold to the ground.

The other attractive feature required here is the leveling kit, which is not needed for the disassembly of the coil or strut, which will allow you less worry about tearing it from the suspension of your truck.

The leveling kit arrives with easier-to-follow instructions and hardware, allowing an easier DIY installation job.

The kit comprises a set of front coil springs constructed to handle the additional weight of the passengers and cargo without any additional complexity.

The shocks also come with a lifetime warranty from the brand, as you are not forced to purchase any replacement parts for the next couple of years after installing the leveling kit.

Main Features
  • Made out of cold counterfeited steel with greater durability
  • Black powdered coated finishes offer better resistance against corrosion and rusting
  • Seamless lift to your vehicle about three inches better ground clearance
  • The feature of bolt-on installation offers an easier installation


  • The kit is easy-to-install
  • Comes with better durability
  • Great surface balance
  • Aesthetically pleasing matching the shock suspension
  • Robust and durable for long-term usage


  • Shock extensions are a bit thinner compared to factory shock ends
  • It comes fitted with only eight lugs

It is the leveling kit that one can expect for their Silverado. But you might even remove the shock brackets before causing the binding issues to the torsion keys.

#6. Rough Country 2 inch Leveling Kit

best leveling kit for silverado 2500hd

The leveling kit from Rough Country, made specifically for your Chevy Silverado, is one of the best leveling kits available in the market. Along with offering a better height, you will gain better chances of selecting the three varied modes that allow you to configure your vehicle, making it the best performing on and off the road.

The leveling kit for your Silverado is astonishingly easier to install and arrives with a comprehensive guided installation.

The leveling kit is made especially for your Chevy 2500 HD trucks that have proved quite famous among truck owners searching for more than just the OEM. However, they strongly focus on avoiding any changes, allowing them to use the trucks for applications on and off the road.

The brand has a greater eye for the details of its leveling kit, which would set them apart from any other kits in the market. The torsion keys are counterfeited, extremely strong, and made out of cast iron which appears that they need not get damaged even after long-term use. Their lifespan is longer, so you would hardly require a replacement soon.

The leveling kit offers greater accuracy for the black oxidized and fabricated hardware and their torsion keys, which are custom-constructed for the ideal fit matching at all times. It even features a three-piece design which is easier to follow and guarantees an incredible outcome.

The shocks in this kit are of higher quality, giving it a better edge over several competitors. They are not the thing one would expect at this range of prices which is why they are pushing them to become one of the top-rated lift kits available in the market.

Along with its feature-rich contents, the leveling kit for your 2500HD vehicles is installed using the most fundamental set of tools that would take less time.

Main Features
  • Convertible torsion keys offer better flexibility for raising your truck to three inches.
  • It offers better clearance ground.
  • The finish comes coated with powder to prevent corrosion or rust
  • Shock extenders are bottom-mounted, continuing their use for factory shocks
  • Built made out of alloy steel for the astonishing durability


  • Improved compatibility
  • Unmatched durability
  • Suitable for every terrain
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Seamless installation
  • Worth every penny of your investment
  • Dependable, stronger, and highly durable


  • The model is compatible with models of 8-lugs

The leveling kit is an all-inclusive package and has everything you need for the appropriate installation process. We adore the kit as it arrives in varied pairs of shock extenders rendering better lifting purposes.

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#7. WULF 1-3 inch Front 2 inch Rear Leveling Lift Kit With Bilstein Shocks

best leveling kit for silverado 2500hd

We are satisfied that you would attain a better deal of repair for your truck at considerably lower prices. Keeping everything in mind, we have worked on the new suspension leveling kit requirement.

After funneling down the options laid out to you in the market, it is decided to take advantage of this leveling kit for your Chevy Silverado 2500HD. It is the kit we recommend as numerous people rely on it, and the main reason behind it is its cost-efficiency and quality.

The leveling kit arrives with its own set of leveling lift torsion keys made out of steel with two gas shock absorbers, tubes of nitrogen, and more. The weight is just around 50 pounds, and the installation is very easy.

The kit is well-suited for trucks with front suspension, torsion bars, and leaf springs. It is installed easily at the front or rear wheel of your truck.

Main Features
  • The construction is made out of aluminum billet for better durability
  • Convertible lift for better versatility
  • Bolt comes coated with zinc for additional weight capacity
  • Shock extenders are powder-coated, enabling the use of the stock shockers


  • Rapid shipping and easier installation
  • Round-the-clock customer services
  • Better compatibility
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Adapts to almost all types of terrain
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Comes with a lifetime warranties


  • The building is a bit complex
  • It is compatible only with the two-wheel drives

The varied features offered by the product are astonishing, and the built quality is also the one you should go for if you are searching for a leveling kit.

Factors to consider while choosing the best leveling kit for your Silverado 2500HD

When you purchase a leveling kit, you should consider a couple of factors, making it the possible choice for Silverado owners. They ensure that the kit you plan to buy fulfills almost every category where you should have the ideal driving experience.


The Silverado 2500HD has a body weight of around 7000 pounds. Therefore, it is quite natural that this kit is constantly under a lot of pressure. To ensure that this kit can withstand that type of pressure, the materials you need are reliable and strong.

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The leveling kits consist of varied forms of materials. Instead of aiming at the type of material, you should check whether this element delivers its committed strength.

Furthermore, it ensures that the material of the kit has a better resistance against the varied components to ensure better longevity.

The lift expected

Before researching the market, you should know the lift you need. There are varied forms of leveling kits available offering different lifting experiences to around 3 inches. A few kits also offer convertible lifts, while the rest offer fixed ones.

Better Compatibility

It does not matter if you have purchased the expensive gear from the market only since it does not fit your truck without ensuring the model’s compatibility with your vehicle. 

Fortunately, you know the make and model of your truck; therefore, you are done halfway.

Additional Components

When selecting a leveling kit, go through the list of the components in the package since a few do not offer the required parts. For instance, a few kits do not comprise the bolts, which are compulsory for better installation. Else you need to purchase them separately, which would be expensive.

Weight lifting capacity

However, the kit you select comes with the proper instructions for the carrying capacities, as it can never establish a better lift. Therefore, it is better to check the kit’s manual to ensure that it holds your vehicle decently.

Cost Involved

The budget you have created will play the most significant role in your selection. The cost range for the standard ones would depend on the features available and the build quality, and the costs would vary from 30 to 200 dollars depending on these factors.

FAQs About Best Leveling Kit for Silverado 2500HD

How much does it cost to level a Silverado?

The purchase and installation of the leveling kit on your own might cost between $400 to $2000. You can get help from a professional where you might spend about $800 to $4000. The purchase and installation of the kit might even cost between $400 to $4000 as you are doing a DIY job.

Will a leveling kit hurt ride quality?

The body leveling kit has no impact on the suspension gear system. But it impacts the way it is handled. It increases the vehicle’s centre of gravity, making them tippy around its edges. The body leveling kit is another relatively cheaper mode for adding the required space for the bigger tires and wheels.

Do you need to do an alignment after a leveling kit?

If you have rendered a recent modification to your vehicle in any manner, then proper wheel alignment is a must-have. It is extremely common for modifications to the suspension to affect the camber, toe, and caster angles.

How do I know what size leveling kit I need?

Suppose you are a continued follower of the Silverado community. In that case, you will come across the latest models each year, and there is a growing debate regarding the leveling sizes for the kits used. Therefore, there is no single answer as it depends on the make and the model.

But there is always a way to determine the size of your leveling kit, which you might require. Initially, you will require a tape measure. After you have found the wheel’s mid-section, you can start from there. 

You can then place both numbers and gain enough differences in their heights between both ends.

Are Leveling Kits hard to install?

Although it is extremely simple, it is considered a huge mechanical process, so it is suggested to go through every instruction before getting started and check it all while ensuring that all the tools are prepared for you. The ideal thing about these leveling kits is that you generally need not replace several of their parts for the best installation.


Locating the best leveling kit for Silverado 2500HD is a bit on the rough end. But, after going through our guide today and the detailed information section, you should not face any issues with this. We have brought together the best ones available in the market that would make the entire selection process easier.

The list that we have compiled comprises the ideal leveling kit for your Silverado as it depends on the key features. The top-quality leveling kit enables you to enjoy better ride experiences due to the astonishing features available. There is also a huge amount of driving boost to your off-roading abilities with the installation of this kit.

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