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Top 7 Best 3-inch Lift Kit for Ford F150 Reviews in 2023

Purchasing the right type of lift kit for your Ford F150 is arduous, and it is not as easy as it might appear, especially if you are in search of a 3 inches lift kit. There are numerous 3-inch lift kits available today for your Ford F150, which can easily confuse you. So, you must pick the best 3-inch lift kit for Ford F150 to give your vehicle a decent makeover.

They are easily comparable, which you might find tough to settle on the final purchase decisions as noted through the quality, exhibition, overall user experience, and lifespan of the kit. The thing that you require at that point is the fundamental guide to help you locate the right type of lift kit for your Ford vehicle.

These kits would come with a suspension system and additional accessories to help enhance the ground clearance for the vehicle. The suspension kit encompasses the struts and shocks that allow you to drive the vehicle easily across every terrain or road.

The lift kit primarily comprises the parts for the suspension system. Increasing the vehicle’s lift to about 4 inches would modify your entire angle of approach and the angle of a break, making the drive easier and highly comfortable.

The lift kit for your F150 is installed by people easily in the comfort of their residences. Whenever part of the suspension is lifted, the vehicle becomes easier to drive in low-lying areas and even the hills.

There are extra accessories that you will get through the sway bars and the end links that would improve the performance of the vehicle along with its stability. These lift kits arrive with every part that gets installed easily by an individual, and you do not need any help from a professional to get them installed.

Best 3-inch Lift Kit for Ford F150 (Our Top Picks)

#1. Rough Country 3 inch Suspension Lift Kit With N3 Shocks

#2. MotoFab Lifts 3 inch Front Leveling Lift Kit

#3. SCITOO Lifts 3 inch Front & 3 inch Rear Leveling Lift Kit

#4. BDFHYK 3 inch Front Leveling Kit Aluminum Billet Strut Spacers

#5. AUTOPTIM 3 inch Front and 2 inch Rear Leveling Lift Kit

#6. AKM 3 inch Front and 2 inch Rear Leveling Lift Kit

#7. KSP PERFORMANCE 3 inch Front Leveling Lift Kit

Best 3” Lift Kit for Ford F150 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

We should start estimating the 10 best 3 inches lift kits for your Ford F150 from the numerous available items. The list would assure you that you should attain the desired 3 inches lift kit for your Ford F150 in just a few minutes. We mainly focus on their uses, longevity, viewpoint, effectiveness, and earlier user experiences. We are extremely confident that the list today will share a great viewpoint on your choice for the best 3-inch lift for F150 that would meet your requirements.

The list below is the top 7 choices for the lift kits we have brought for you today that would help you narrow down your choices:

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#1. Rough Country 3 inch Suspension Lift Kit With N3 Shocks

3 inch lift kit for ford f150

It is the brand you should explore if you are planning to buy your vehicle’s lift kit. The 3″ suspension lift kit would offer your model the required boost to horsepower easily.

The stronger build and the muscular suspension are worth noticing as the shocks inside the 3-inch lift kit for Ford F150 can easily get modified without additional tools, making things easier for owners who lack sufficient garage space to use this kit for their muscular vehicle.

These get included in the front gas tanks and the rear control arms for the lower section, adjusting everything to work well in combination. The kit is surely a great help if you are searching for the best way to offer your vehicle’s model the mixture of protection, performance, and style without spending a lot of time on the costs for installation.

It is the unique lift kit for the F150, making it the cost-effective option allowing the customers to customise their trucks as they find the best fit. However, they are still offering the perfect appearance at the most affordable prices allowing all to enjoy the perks brought about by the kit.

It is easier to locate the one matching your requirements as it comes with a massive range of lowers and shocks made available.

However, suppose you are searching for something unique, like a lift kit offering perfect ground clearance or off-road performances at a cost-effective price. In that case, the N3 shock absorbers are the kit you need as it comprises the knuckle for the front lift, maintaining the factory driveline angles and the muscular parts to ensure that your vehicle is at its top performance mode.

The anti-axle wrap from the Rough Country has stronger rear blocks with a lengthier lifespan than the casted ones. It is a strong piece maintaining the ride quality backed by a warranty for the entire life on the struts or shocks for about three years.

Main Features
  • Instant boost to the horsepower
  • Muscular structure and suspension
  • Easy-to-install
  • Incomparable clearance to the ground


  • Easy at Home Installation
  • Offers better clearance to the ground
  • Great performance off the road
  • Knuckle for the front lift
  • Renders the most comfortable ride quality 


  • It is incompatible with the set of the other different vehicles

Before you go ahead into buying the best 3-inch lift kit for Ford F150, it is extremely vital to consider the type of kit it is, how it performs, and the way it would impact your off and on-road riding experience. The kit comprises several aftermarket vehicle parts constructed mainly to give your vehicle the perfect lift off the ground.

#2. MotoFab Lifts 3 inch Front Leveling Lift Kit

best 3 inch lift kit for ford f150

The front leveling lift kit from MotoFab is highly budget-friendly and the best option available in the online marketplace. The product renders 3 inches lift that helps you at raising your vehicle for about 3 inches off the ground. Made in the USA, the product is backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind and better customer satisfaction.

Installing this product is easier, and the installation process is over in one or two hours, which is comparatively faster than any other available kits. You need not require any disassembly of the coil or the strut during the product installation. The kit arrives with the required instructions and hardware.

Furthermore, the kit is machined through CNC and designed out of billet aluminum generated through the component used to construct an aircraft. They are powder coated, ensuring the product is long-lasting and does not rust, preventing corrosion.

The product is designed to offer the most comfortable and smoother ride.

Main Features
  • Constructed out of billet aluminum and is machined by CNC
  • It comes power coated, preventing the formation of rust
  • The instructions and hardware is included
  • Compatible across different makes and models


  • They are budget-friendly
  • The installation process is easier
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • The kit is not compatible with other brands

MotoFab gives your vehicle the perfect lift, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5, indicating that the customers look at this product as average, which is acceptable and good. Mainly, it is a cost-efficient product you can bring to your vehicle.

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#3. SCITOO Lifts 3 inch Front & 3 inch Rear Leveling Lift Kit

3 inch lift kit for ford f150

The lift kit from SCITOO will help give a 3 inches rise to your Ford F150 in both the front and rear ends. Currently, the seller has over 111 products ready to be shipped across the United States. The cost for the product is also considered pocket-friendly, which would narrow down your selection for the best 3-inch lift for F150.

The product is showcased and sold on Amazon, backed with numerous customer feedbacks. We have wrestled through numerous reviews regarding the store to judge whether the professionals are selling this product. It implies that the seller bagged huge sales and is marked as the top seller on Amazon. Therefore, it is the kit we even recommend for your Ford vehicle.

The kit comes powder coated to ensure that the product is long lasting and will not just rust off easily and retain its looks for a longer time.

The chassis will also not cause any wear or tear enabling the installation of the massive rims and tires. The nuts are built with greater firmness, making them the perfect material to get use for constructing the nuts.

Main Features
  • Preventing the chassis from wear or tear
  • Gaskets are formed with greater accuracy using the CNC machine equipment
  • It will not reduce or affect the performance quality


  • Precise leveling to the front and rear end
  • Increasing the ground distance leveling
  • Enables the installation of the larger rims and tires
  • Free from rusting and corrosion


  • A warranty does not back the product

We have made our analysis through several customer feedbacks and have performed extensive research on these products based on the ratings and the reviews. The product has a huge selling point making it the best choice for Ford owners.

The brand offers the best value for its products, where it has received positive customer reviews, giving them a better balance of quality and prices, offering products that render customer satisfaction.

#4. BDFHYK 3 inch Front Leveling Kit Aluminum Billet Strut Spacers

best 3 inch lift kit for ford f150

The build of this 3-inch lift kit for the Ford F150 is the use of aircraft-grade aluminum that has the potential of bearing about 35,000 psi offering the vehicle the best power–to–weight ratio across extreme conditions in driving. 

It is powder coated, offering better resistance to damages of any kind and corrosion as it refrains from warping and compressing under huge loads and the driving extremities.

The product installation process is easier and is completed in two to four hours without additional tools. Furthermore, these suspensions are recommended with the coil spring compressor, making the reinstallation and removal process easier for your springs.

Additionally, the product retains the factory quality of the ride, making it one of the ideal things about the product where all wish to offer the best ride experience. It even enables you to fit the larger custom tires and rims, enabling you to make your vehicle appear comparatively different.

Main Features
  • Easily lifted to your vehicle.
  • The kits are machined through CNC and constructed out of aluminum and black powder coated
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Enhances the look of your vehicle
  • Maximises the ground clearance
  • Best value for money
  • Can easily fit the larger tires and rims


  • It is not compatible with the extended models

After a proper analysis of the vehicle, it is discovered that the product is the ideal one offering everything mentioned. The installation process is easier and is finished in about two to four hours without additional tools. It Is amazing as it appears the best.

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#5. AUTOPTIM 3 inch Front and 2 inch Rear Leveling Lift Kit

best 3 inch lift kit for ford f150

It is the most reliable kit that comes with all the things you would require during the installation process, as you need not make any guesswork when it comes to the installation of the parts.

It arrives at the most cost-effective prices, which makes it tough to match with anything else, especially when you buy them separately without making it an expensive choice.

It is the ideal solution made for drivers to drive across terrains of all kinds. It helps to increase the ground clearance while maintaining the factory-quality ride is what you can expect through the suspension of the vehicle. The kit ensures that the tires are in the ideal balance with one another and the ground since it is vital to level the front side of your vehicle.

It would help you retain the factory quality by effectively preventing vibrations of any kind or even knocking the sounds from taking place between every part due to the misalignment of the suspension system.

The materials used in this lifting kit ensure better durability, as you need not worry about getting rusted whenever it is exposed to water. It is the ideal kit for you if you become fed up with older shocks. The design comes with a lifetime replacement with a warranty of three years across every part, making for the perfect purchasing potential.

But, you need to hire a professional mechanic who will install this kit for you as it will render better success when you have the tools all prepared.

Main Features
  • The manuals for the instructions are included here
  • Enhances the clearance to the ground
  • Maintains a factor-like and smooth quality ride.


  • Ensure that the tires are in perfect shape with one another
  • Prevention from any kind of vibrations
  • Constructed out of the composite materials


  • You should hire a mechanic for better installation

It is worth mentioning that the brand offers better value for the products where the users are mainly rendering positive ratings and offering the perfect balance of quality and price, appearing that they offer high-quality products with a better value and better customer convenience.

#6. AKM 3 inch Front and 2 inch Rear Leveling Lift Kit

best 3 inch lift kit for ford f150

It is the perfect set of kit that would help you lift the truck at both the front and rear end. It is well-suited for the several makes and models of the car. It is constructed with the same type of material used for constructing an aircraft that is sturdier and has better resistance to corrosion of any type. The top-quality black powdered kit will improve its corrosion resistance, making it highly durable.

The front and rear leveling kit is the ideal one in the marketplace. It is the ideal product that would aid in lifting the front and the rear end of the truck. It will also help increase the distances between the ground, offering a comfortable and smoother ride quality. The product even comes with the requisite instructions and hardware.

The process involved in the installation of this product is simpler. It is done in just one to two hours which is faster and more efficient than any other kits available in the market today, and you need not require disassembly of the coils or the strut during the product installation process. Furthermore, the product is machined through the CNC and constructed out of billet aluminum generated through the material used for constructing the aircraft.

The kit comes coated with powder to ensure the product remains resistant to corrosion or rust. There would also not be a chance to wear or tear the chassis for installing the massive rims and tires. The nuts have a stronger build, making them one of the ideal ones for constructing the nuts.

Main features
  • Prevention of the wear and tear of the chassis
  • Gaskets are constructed with higher accuracies and the machine tools of CNC.
  • The comfort level is never reduced


  • It helps better level the front and rear ends of the vehicle.
  • Maximises the ground and vehicle distances
  • Enables you the installation of the larger rims and tires
  • It is free from any corrosion and rusting


  • It comes with a warranty of any kind

In our analysis, we have discovered that the product offers the most comfortable and smoother ride quality. The installation process is easier and finishes in about one to two hours without difficulties. The product quality is astonishing, and it appears the best.

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#7. KSP PERFORMANCE 3 inch Front Leveling Lift Kit

best 3 inch lift kit for ford f150

It is the perfect fit for your Ford F150, giving 3 inches of lift to the vehicle. You can easily replace the arms of the kit if you suspect friction of any kind. These leveling kits will offer 3 inches of lift from the front and the rear. It will help lift your vehicle, and the ratio of it is 1:1 due to the geometry of the entire suspension, as during the installation process, an alignment is required here.

The kit is machined by the CNC and made out of aluminum of aircraft-grade quality, as the product offers better durability with the help of the extended U bolts with the thicker thread and washer. It can even increase the spaces between the chassis and ground to safeguard the suspension while driving through rough terrains. 

The installation process will take around two to four hours as the product will come with an instruction manual. You can modify the bolts based on the requirements.

Main Features
  • The kit comes machined through CNC and designed with billet aluminum
  • The kit is powder coated and compatible across varied models


  • They are highly cost-efficient
  • The installation process is easier
  • A lifetime warranty backs it


  • The kit is not compatible with every model

We have analysed the products to match the varied terrains to confirm that they never offer a comfortable and smoother ride. The installation process is surely highly simple and is completed in just one to two hours without issues of any kind. The product’s quality is amazing as it appears good.

Buying guide for the 3-inch lifting kit for F150

It is never possible to confirm all the things necessary for humans. It is never a joke here, and we have brought this fundamental guide that will help you buy the kit for the Ford vehicle, as you might not have become confused about making a purchase decision.

You should never need to master that one product. You should purchase it. You should aim at the couple of main points which are discussed here. You should consider the following easier things which would make this shopping easier and smoother:

Understand your Needs

The initial step involved here is at figuring out your requirements and needs. If you do not have an awareness of any type, then it is more likely that you will purchase the bad products at a negative time with sufficient investment. Therefore, initially, it is recommended that you should carefully consider your needs while searching for the 3 inches leveling lift kits for your Ford F150.

You should enlist a few things that would help you get satisfied while making the process of the purchases. You should understand the priorities, which are the essential thing included here.

Budgeting and costing

Before you start purchasing anything, it is one of the best things you should consider regarding budgeting. It would rely on the raw materials, transportation, manufacturing, and other operational costs being the important, valued brand.

You should prepare for the expenditure whenever you have a greater demand for top-quality products. It would involve the importance of the budget. It is extremely true when you are planning to buy the Ford F150.

Choose the right brand.

Due to the emotional connections, we are frequently predisposed to certain organizations. It is the general practice of directly impacting a few individuals and hurting people. It can help you make the best purchase decision after having the money in your bag.

You should remember that not all brands are well-suited for one another across every circumstance. As an outcome, you should take better precautionary steps to help determine whether you have picked the right type of vehicle.

There are two primary categories involved in terms of people. One can easily depend on the specific branding, while the others would remain unconcerned. 

Check out the features section.

Irrespective of the purchases, it is the kit you need to buy while checking out the features here. You might not have perceived that they would pick the product that could meet the requirements.

The section that includes the features will help people determine the real differences. You can easily compare them with identical products based on their features. With the work, one would gain a better idea regarding the product quality, making it head out to the last verdict. One would easily have a much better knowledge of the work’s quality, making it easier to reach the final decision.

One has a great knowledge of the quality of the work results, making them easier to move toward the last decision. One can also establish a deeper knowledge of the work’s quality terms of the work which makes things easier for all to reach the final decisions.

Inspect the merits involved.

Each of the items has its own set of pitfalls and benefits. It is the real duty that one should inspect carefully to find out before they purchase anything. You can become calm in determining the expected major drawbacks while buying the best 3-inch lift kit for Ford F150.

FAQs About Best 3” Lift Kit for Ford F150

How high can you lift a Ford F150?

The lift kit can help you lift all four ends of your Ford vehicle as you can install the tires more easily.

Can you fit 35s on a 2-inch lift F150?

You should become physically fit with the tires to help prevent them from rubbing unless you are changing vehicles of any kind. People would often recommend the lift kit to help you raise the tire.

What does a 3-inch lift do?

The three-inch lift to the vehicle is mainly affected by the center of gravity by about half an inch. The lifts to the body would lift the truck to about three to five inches.

What size tires are best for a 3-inch lift F-150?

Thirty-four inches of the tires is the best pick for you here as you will get the intense appearance without adding the larger lifts. Ensure that you have sufficient wheel travel, which is important with these tires.

What tool do I need to lift my Ford F150?

You would require the jack stands, jacks, torque wrench, screwdriver, and even the socket wrench.


Finally, you should never forget to consider the cost you pay for the 3 inches lift kit for your Ford F150, which is explainable against the value you offer. Are you pleased with this? Does it meet the demands?

We hope that our guide today has helped you determine the kind of lift kit you are searching for!

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