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5 Best Tuner For Ford F150 Ecoboost in 2023

The F150 EcoBoost engine is very popular among its users because it has impressive fuel-saving technology for economical drugs which can save up to 30% of the fuel. With all these fuel price saving methods it is quite liked by all. You can also customize it and even maximize its power and it gives better performance and higher fuel efficiency.

The best tuner for F150 EcoBoost will tune your vehicle’s drive as per your preference and also a handheld device to connect with your car and allow you to adjust some of those hidden settings. The best tuner will also offer you an upgrade opportunity which is not always possible with many hardware changes.

The engine tuner’s custom tunes are the aftermarket editions that offer an incomparable improvement in both torque gains and horsepower gains. The perfect tuner for the f150 EcoBoost will give a massive boost in the field of performance and horsepower and reduce fuel usage.

What is a Tuner?

A tuner is a device a size of a cell phone that allows you to write new tune files to the ECU of your car. The engine tuners work by connecting with your car’s OBD port and allow you to customize various features for your vehicles as per your prioritizing desires. This is a huge improvement in power consumption, better fuel economy, better towing, gas mileage, and custom-tuning using the car to the newly installed aftermarket parts.

The engine tuners are the best way to get maximum performance for your car and make the most of any upgrades that are necessarily installed. The tunes may increase your car’s emissions beyond the legal limitations. So always try to find and use the best tune for your car.

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The tunes come in different levels and shapes but the most basic ones perform the three important functions which are very basic like they all come pre-loaded with at least one tuning file, all allow the storage of at least 10 custom files and also they all read and clear the DTC codes.

If you go for the premium options in the market then you will get a better user interface, more car customization options, pre-loaded titles, live data monitoring, and logging functions, OTA from which updates, and also Wi-Fi connectivity, and cloud access as well.

The Ford F-150 has various engine options without standing aftermarket support which provides an amazing platform for anyone who wants to tune any of their car models. The EcoBoost engines, especially the 3.5litres, are the most popular and also provide the best room for tuning.

Top 5 Best Tuner For 3.5 Ecoboost Ford F150

If you are confused or unable to make a decision then here is a small help for you all. You can always go for these and make your vehicle super amazing.

#1Bully Dog GT Gas 40410 TunerCheck Latest Price
#2DiabloSport inTune i3 TunerCheck Latest Price
#3Hypertech 2100 Max Energy 2.0 Power TunerCheck Latest Price
#4Jet 15008 Performance ProgrammerCheck Latest Price
#5POWERTEQ Edge Evolution CTS3 Gas TunerCheck Latest Price

Review of the Best Tuner For F150 Ecoboost

Have you been ready to pick the best tuner for F150 Ecoboost? If yes, there is no better article for you than this one. Here, we have done detailed research on the market and came up with some of the best tuners available. These will now be damn easy for you to pick the right one.

#1. Bully Dog GT Gas 40410 Tuner

best tuner for F150 EcoBoost to buy

Bully Dog is a prime brand in the world of monitors and tuners. The diesel tuner as well as the GT gas unlock more horsepower and top so that they can meet the unique demand and put on the vehicle. From the experience of the uses, this is that the Bully dog 40410 is one of the smartest options for the Ford f150.

The Bully Dog gas tuners cannot modify or delete vehicle emissions. These products come with the guarantee of complaining about clean air and which is a 50-state complaint of the gas tuner. These tuners are incomparable with many other tuning brothers because it has the largest feature set and a wide range of vehicle applications from the single product part number. This can be used for two best reasons: wanting to add more horsepower and torque and help in fuel economy.

This tuner is suggested because, with preloaded tuning, customizable gauges to track performance, and a wide variety of hauling off and on-roading features, you can have plenty of power to do tough jobs or improved fuel economy for long highway hauls. Thus, Bully Dog GT Gas is one of the best Ecoboost for Ford in the present market.


  • Access four preloaded tones with the touch of a few buttons to maximize performance.
  • Monitors over 15 performance parameters at a glance.
  • Track critical performance data in real-time on easy-to-navigate virtual gauges.
  • Street-tested, dyno-proven.
  • Boost horsepower, torque, and throttle sensitivity.


  • A few users complained that it screws the electronic timing.

#2. DiabloSport inTune i3 Tuner

best tuner for F150 EcoBoost truck

Another tuner for f150 EcoBoost with amazing personal experience comes from Diablosport. Whether you are having a Chrysler, Ford, or GM vehicle in your driveway, the iTunes i3 from Diablosport will be enough to take full control of your vehicle. Many people use this tuner for their f150 in recent times and they couldn’t be happier about its performance.

The i3 is built around a reactive high-definition touchscreen which allows users to navigate menus while retaining a small form factor. The tuner is easily updatable via WiFi on both Windows and Mac-based operating systems. Diablosport has “multi-vehicle” licensing.

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As far as the experiences are concerned, some worry about the process of opening the toolbox. But the itune3 allows them to add power by simply connecting it to the OBDII part of your vehicle. So you will get a performance tuning upgrade that makes your throttle more responsive, optimizes drivability, improves fuel economy potential, and increases horsepower and torque.

Adding power is great, the intune i3 also allows it to do so much more than that. When connected you can scan and clear DTCs, calibrate your speedometer for different tire sizes, or gear changes, tune transmission shift points, and shift firmness, adjust speed and rec limiters, and much more.


  • Has an easy-tune mode.
  • Data logging features.
  • Works great on a mustang.
  • Gives great performance.
  • Long-life battery.


  • Might experience misfiring while you are accelerating.
  • No big difference in the tunes.
  • The charger might get a spark at times.
  • Relatively pricey.

#3. Hypertech 2100 Max Energy 2.0 Power Tuner

best tuner for Ford F150 EcoBoost

If you are willing to know about the choice of tuners from experienced users, then Hypertech 2100 Max Energy 2.0 is the best because the best choice for Ford f150 Ecoboost is Hypertech 2.0 because of its limitless features. This brand is a technology leader in hopped-up engine tuning computer-controlled vehicles.

Hypertech 2.0, is advanced in technology. There are so many developing power-tuning options that take advantage of electronic controls. The Max Energy 2.0 power programmer delivers more power per dollar than any other bolt-on.

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The best features of this tuner are tuning for towing and its speedometer calibrator. This tuner allows them to use the highest power level for towing while maintaining safe EGTs. It also ensures that there won’t be any damage to your engine or transmission when towing up to the maximum weight ratings specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

As far as the speedometer is concerned, Max 2.0 allows re-program for correct speedometer readings, when the tires are larger or smaller than the original equipment tires. These tuners also fix it, if your tires have a different speed rating than the factory-installed tires.


  • The most powerful tuning available for towing.
  • Emission certified 5-state legal.
  • TPMS threshold.
  • Great throttle adjustment system.


  • Some users commented that they didn’t notice any increase in the power.

#4. Jet 15008 Performance Programmer

best tuner for F150 EcoBoost

Most customers shop for this simple, easy-to-install tuner from Jet. The Jet performance programmer allows them to control and program their vehicle computer. It matches the driving style of the driver and that’s how JET Performance becomes one of the best tuners Ford f150 Ecoboost.

The Tri-power tuning allows a program for performance using lower-cost regular octane fuel. For optimal performance gains, one can also program mid-grade performance fuels. All three tuning modes in the device are designed to operate the engine at peak efficiency based on the octane level which is used for improving the horsepower and mileage.

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The reason why users rely on it so much is that it has advanced technology and design and how it is smart but not complicated to use. Jet Performance Programmer gives the ability to modify air and fuel ratios, ignition timing, shift option, shift firmness, speed limiter, and rev limiter. The programmer also corrects the speedometer and turns off the ABS trouble light if you change tire size or gear ratios.

The reason why users rely on it so much is that it has advanced technology and design and how it is smart but not complicated to use. Jet Performance Programmer gives the ability to modify air and fuel ratios, ignition timing, shift option, shift firmness, speed limiter, and rev limiter. The programmer also corrects the speedometer and turns off the ABS trouble light if you change tire size or gear ratios.


  • 3 different performance tunes.
  • It allows changing the wide-open throttle shift points in the automatic transmission.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Much more pocket-friendly compared to the options.
  • Users are allowed to modify the factory speed limit as programmed in their vehicle computer.
  • Factory-programmed RPM limiters can also be changed by increasing the limit to 10 RPM at a time.


  • The only problem with the programmer is that it doesn’t clear fault codes though it’s supposed to do so.

#5. POWERTEQ Edge Evolution CTS3 Gas Tuner

best tuner for F150 EcoBoost to buy

When the brand is Edge products, you cannot choose only one single option from that kingdom of smart devices and the reason behind choosing this Evolution CTS3 programmer is that all other options are recommended from the opinions received from the users.

After Edge Products introduced their all-brand-new, full-color touchscreen CTS3, I was lured to get it for my f150 Ecoboost. And the product proved that it is one of the best tuners for Ecoboost. With the great qualities of CTS2, it has got a new sleek exterior and cutting-edge screen.

The Evolution CTS3 reprogrammed the power stroke stock computer through the OBDII port for extra torque and power along with mileage and improved towing performance. If you are looking for a product to improve throttle response, that extra power when towing, race down the track, increase fuel economy, or just improve the overall drivability of your truck then this is best.


  • Power levels are designed for daily driving, towing, and performance.
  • Simple installation just plugs into the OBDII port. No wiring is required.
  • Monitor key vehicle parameters like trans temp, boost, RPM, and dozens more.
  • Full color, 5 capacitive touch screens with auto-dimming.


  •  Nothing much

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How to Decide What to take?

Buying tuners is somewhat like buying mobile phones because all of them will make phone calls and send text like the phones. It can be little to figure out what is suitable for you. Like phones, you can set them a part on three main factors like:

  • Most bangs for the buck. This category is for the users who are looking for a no-nonsense tuner that will provide the most power and torque gains at a reasonable price point. They are probably not planning to upgrade the stock parts on their rig.
  • Swiss army knife category. Here the users prefer good customization options for the tunes to go with the aftermarket parts installed on their truck but are probably not willing to break.
  • Borderline race tech. This is ideal for people who want a finger on the pulse of their engine all the time, require space-grade data logging, and are constantly trying to refine their tune to squeeze every last bit out.

FAQs About Best Tuner For Ford F150 Ecoboost

What makes the 3.5L EcoBoost F150 stand out?

The most significant change made to the tried and true F-150 formula with the EcoBoost model is the integration of Ford’s 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Throughout most of the F-Series’ long production life until 2010, F-150s only used naturally aspirated V6 or V8 engines. As  fuel efficiency and environmental impact became more important in the modern age, Ford added the EcoBoost engine to the F-150 lineup. Ford’s goal was to create an F-150 variant that saw better efficiency without sacrificing any performance. They largely succeeded in that mission. Although the EcoBoost has a lesser displacement than some of the larger V8-equipped F-150s, the use of turbochargers compensated for the difference.

What model years was the F-150 EcoBoost available?

Ford’s use of the EcoBoost motor began in 2011 with the 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 variant. Since then, Ford has offered a 3.5L EcoBoost F-150 variant every year, up to 2022.

In addition to the 3.5L EcoBoost F-150 model, Ford has also introduced other EcoBoost F-150 variants as well. Following the success of the 3.5 EcoBoost, Ford released a smaller and less powerful 2.7L V6 EcoBoost F-150 in 2015. Despite having 0.8L less displacement, the 2.7L EcoBoost still produces a respectable 335 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. The 2.7L EcoBoost F-150 has been available every year following 2015 and is still in production today.

How much horsepower does the 3.5L Ford EcoBoost F-150 make?

Ford has tweaked the 3.5L a couple of times, as it has been in production for a while. Each tweak has yielded a smidge more power and torque as well.

Upon its release in 2011, the 3.5L EcoBoost F-150 produced 365 hp at 5,000rpm and 420 lb-ft of torque. Peak torque was achieved at 2,500rpm, meaning that most of the torque was delivered low in the rev range. This makes the EcoBoost an extremely effective tow rig, as low-end torque is necessary to get a load moving. This first-gen 3.5L EcoBoost engine was used from 2011 until 2016, when Ford gave it a refresh.

The second-gen 3.5L EcoBoost was implemented in 2017 and is still in use today. With the refresh came a bump in horsepower to 375 hp at 5,000rpm. Torque saw a significant increase too, now at 470 lb-ft. Peak torque is still delivered at 2,500rpm, maintaining towing capability dominance.

Is the 3.5L EcoBoost F-150 cheaper than the Coyote V8 F-150?

The base price for an F-150 varies dramatically based on the model F-150 that you choose. The 2022 F-150 line includes the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, Tremor, and Raptor. Every F-150 variant being offered is available with the 3.5L EcoBoost engine, excluding the XL and XLT. The price of the inclusion of the 3.5L EcoBoost depends on the model.

What does detuning mean?

Detuning means getting your back to the previous condition, as it was before the modification happened. It means the vehicle will get back to its factory mood or reduce the effect of the tuning in those specific areas, where it has been worked.

How does the tuning process work?

At the core of the tuning process is a silicon integrated circuit and it works in SUVs or trucks to give the vehicle optimal qualities. It responds to the demand of the driver and improves performance.


It discusses the good and bad of products from different companies varying in price and technology. If you want something with highly advanced technology, then Hypertech or Bully dog is for you but if you want an overall modification in a low budget then you can think of Jet program performance.

Going through the buying tips and general inquiries, you can understand the world of tuning better and make sensible decisions. We hope this list of best tuners for Ford f150 Ecoboost will save you from the future inconvenience and your precious Ecoboost will get the desired modification.

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