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7 Best Cold Air Intake For 5.0 F150 Reviews in 2023

If you’re reading this, you probably want to give your Ford F150 more power and torque. You’re at the correct spot, then! Stock cool air intakes limit the quantity of cold Airflow to your engine, as you are undoubtedly well aware. In contrast to what we want, this causes fewer horses to be produced and muted intake noise. Your Ford’s gleaming new air intake will improve power, throttle response, and sound quality in addition to its appearance beneath the hood.

Without getting too caught up in the specifics, think of your F150 engine as a set of lungs. The engine must breathe oxygen into the combustion chamber to ignite the explosion that generates Horsepower and torque. All non-scientists agree that cold air has more oxygen than warm air. A larger amount of air is utilized in this process due to increasing the oxygen content, which improves the combustion cycle’s efficiency for the engine. Using the best cold air intake for a 5.0 f150 results in more torque and Horsepower with about the same level of fuel consumption.

Best Cold Air Intake For Ford F150 5.0 (Our Top Picks)

#1. K&N 57-2581 Cold Air Intake Kit (Preferable)

#2. Airaid 400-336 Cold Air Intake System (Recommended)

#3. Roush Cold Air Intake Kit F150 5.0L 11 UP (Great Quality)

#4. DNA Motoring OEM-ITM-004 Intake Manifold (Excellent Service)

#5. R&L AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake Systems (Highly Durable)

#6. Spectre 9976 Performance Air Intake Kit (Excellent design)

#7. Rough Country 10555 Cold Air Intake (Affordable)

Best Cold Air Intake For 5.0 F150 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you add oxygen to a fire, the flames will be stronger. Compared to the original air intake, cold air intake systems are intended to feed the engine more oxygen-rich cold air. As a result, the explosion is greater and has more force, which pushes the piston up and down and turns the crankshaft. The transmission then distributes the additional energy or power to the wheels.

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#1. K&N 57-2581 Cold Air Intake Kit

best cold air intake for 5.0 f150

K&N is the company that springs to mind when you think about cold air intakes. Unquestionably, K&N is among the most well-known names in the cold air intake industry, and for a good reason. Perhaps this brand would be at the top of the list is not shocking. K&N’s best cold air intake for 5.0 f150 offers the greatest selection of intakes on the market, ranging from systems created just to boost noise to systems touting improvements of 25 horsepower!

With this particular arrangement, you may get up to 12 more horses. Although it may not seem like much, you feel you have acquired much more. The dramatic improvement brings this on in a throttle response. With this method, the air reaches your engine more quickly, producing rapid power.

  • Extra Airflow of 50%
  • Pipe made of polyethylene
  • Oil-free Dryflow artificial fluid
  • Optimized Throttle Response & Towing


  • Provides 50% extra airflow than original equipment manufacturers’ systems
  • Engine protection of the highest caliber is included
  • Helps to improve horsepower & throttle sensitivity
  • Powerful polyethylene tubing system
  • Enhances engine sound
  • Heat shields are included
  • Simple installation with longer service life
  • Simple to maintain and configure


  • The filter makes harsh noise and becomes louder above 1700 RPMs

#2. Airaid 400-336 Cold Air Intake System

best cold air intake for 5.0 f150

By efficiently bringing in cooler air, the Airaid air intake system may enhance your F150’s performance by enhancing throttle response, torque, and horsepower economy. The air filters are one of their unique characteristics. It contains a filtering mechanism with hundreds of microscopic cotton strands that are visually pleasing. Keeping the intake air charge cold prevents hot air from entering the compartments.

Additionally, the high-efficiency design of the layered, oiled cotton medium protects your engine from contaminants. Even the smallest dust particles cannot escape the cotton-fibered filters’ protection, which efficiently keeps out all tiny impurities.

Also, this best cold air intake filter for ford f150 5.0 is reusable and dishwasher safe. It may also be cleaned with ordinary soap. It should be cleaned after every 5,000 kilometers of use. The anodized alloy metal-bodied pipes are extremely durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. They also help your F150 run better. It can survive extreme circumstances with amazing strength.

  • Alloy Steel Material
  • Cotton Fiber Air filters
  • Includes a MAF sensor
  • Up to 10% increased Horsepower


  • Offers an enlarged intake
  • Great performance for longer durability
  • Excellent fit and easy to install


  • None

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#3. Roush Cold Air Intake Kit F150 5.0L 11 UP

best cold air intake for ford f150 5.0

It was intended for this intake system to function normally for about 100,000 miles before requiring maintenance. The system is more competent because of the bigger air filter, which can catch more dirt than standard filters. Oil is also coated on the air filter, making it easier to capture dirt and debris.

The installation process is also more straightforward than before. It’ll take one to two hours to utilize the original mountings that came with your Ford F-150. The system may be installed quickly and then used. There is no need to tune anything!

Why not give your F150 a boost with this ingenious Roush Cold Air intake if you want to get the most Horsepower and speed out of it? This cold air intake kit considerably reduces intake limitation compared to regular versions, enhances engine performance, and necessitates no PCM calibration.

This best intake for f150 5.0 one has two key advantages: it maximizes fuel economy and power potential and lowers pressure loss. Additionally, its big size sets it apart from the competition by enabling it to travel through the greatest amount of Airflow to ensure the best performance. Speaking about the air filtering system, the air filter is dishwasher safe, reusable, and eco-friendly. It also needs no lubrication or further maintenance.

  • Fits 2018-2022 5.0L V8 Ford F150 Roush component number 422267
  • enhanced engine performance without the need for PCM recalibration!
  • The market’s most technologically advanced cold air intake kit
  • There is less intake limitation in forced induction applications than in the standard induction system.


  • Enlarged intake and airbox dimensions to provide optimal Airflow
  • No need to cut or modify the standard intake; the whole system, from the air inlet to the throttle body
  • includes all required components and instructions


  • While installing, it must be tuned with professional assistance

#4. DNA Motoring OEM-ITM-004 Intake Manifold

best cold air intake for 5.0 f150

One fresh DNA Motoring cold air intake for the f150 5.0 intake manifold is available now, and it may be the perfect replacement for previously damaged ones. Naturally, the main function of this intake manifold is to sweep air into a direct fuel injection engine, enabling more cool air to enter it. In addition, you will gain a lot from this excellent replacement and the new gaskets, which will assist in guaranteeing appropriate engine operation for your F150.

The substance is ABS plastic cemented with aluminum coolant fusion, which significantly lowers failure due to unwelcome corrosion and excessive vibrations. The Intake Manifold Gaskets are framed and molded into the intake system for improved efficiency. It is obvious that the injection molding process results in a durable construction with improved system performance.

The installation process will be simple. It comes in a single piece and with factory-direct replacement fittings. However, enlisting the aid of a specialist for fits may yield greater results. Although the features are basic and straightforward compared to others, the quality and service make it the top intake manifold for the 5.4 F150. Additionally, it can serve as a mount for the intake valves, throttle body, spark plug, and other engine parts.

  • provides twice as much oxygen
  • complies with the stock system without conflict
  • Construction of silicone air filters with improved wear resistance
  • Features a characteristic transparent cover to check the quality of the filter and can resist up to 400F.


  • The body is built of a robust plastic and alloy material
  • Ensures proper engine functionality
  • Matches up to OEM specifications
  • Includes aluminum coolant
  • Direct-Fit


  • In some cases, uneven fittings make it difficult to install spark plugs

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#5. R&L AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake Systems

best cold air intake for 5.0 f150

Do you own a Ford F150 AF Dynamic? The Ford AF Dynamic cold air intake system that money can buy is the finest! Although it is more expensive than average, man, does it deserve it! This approach is used by numerous of my friends, and what a difference it makes! You’ve probably noticed the “lag time” that comes with the F150 AF Dynamic’s stock air box. This system radically alters that; the turbo spools up quickly, and the throttle response has increased dramatically!

This stage 2 cold air intake for f150 5.0 overflows the factory intake by 44% and generates an astounding 32 horsepower and 35 lbs x ft of torque! The five-layer, progressive, oiled cotton gauze air filter provides maximum flow for greater Horsepower and torque. This also requires easy installation, which shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

  • The Cold Air Intake System is delivered with all installation requirements
  • The air box and OEM filter are replaced with brand-new, high-quality parts
  • Uses only top-quality silicone couplers, elbows, hoses, stainless steel button head bolts, washers, locknuts, and band clamps
  • Not Cheap Rubber Enables the Engine To Draw In Colder Air More Efficiently, Improving Throttle Response And Consistently Increasing Horsepower Output.


  • Enhances Filtration Efficiency By Up To 95% Compared To OEM Paper Filters
  • 5 to 10 percent more Horsepower
  • 6 to 8 percent more torque and better gas mileage for your car
  • Professional Installation 
  • For Intense, Deep, Sporty Sound Is Strongly Recommended
  • Factory Warranty for 60 days
  • Utilizes computer systems from original equipment manufacturers


  • There is no detailed instruction manual included

#6. Spectre 9976 Performance Air Intake Kit

best cold air intake for ford f150 5.0

You may need to replace your air intake manifolds and gaskets if you have engine performance problems, such as decreased power, a leak in the cooling system, or an overheated engine. The air intake manifold with gaskets from SceptreAutoparts is a viable substitute. The item enhances engine performance in Ford series and F150 vehicles. We can tell from the structure that it is composed of a durable plastic substance. The structure’s small size and low weight help to reduce additional stress on the assembly.

The gasket or seal is molded into the intake system for increased efficiency. Along with the gaskets, O-rings are also a component of the package. O-rings outperform gaskets in high-pressure situations and offer better sealing, even though they both have the same function. You get both in one, which is a bonus!

A thermostat is also part of the system to monitor the temperature of the air flowing through the intake manifold. It significantly aids in maintaining the engine at its ideal temperature so that it runs smoothly. Installation is quick and simple because it is a straight replacement fitment with original fittings, necessitating no extra modifications.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Includes temperature sensor
  • Kit contains Original O-ring and screws


  • Optimized throttle response
  • Better air filtration mechanism
  • Increases Horsepower and torque up to 10% more
  • Simple installation tool kits are required
  • Shields the engine from dust particles


  • The joints are too delicate; overtightening can cause a fracture

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#7. Rough Country 10555 Cold Air Intake

best cold air intake for ford f150 5.0

The Rough Country Cold Air Intake Kit is a simple yet effective system that ensures the vehicle functions properly. Engine performance is increased, and wear is reduced owing to improved oxygen delivery to the engine provided by the newly developed air supply system. The powerful Airflow enables better combustion, which boosts horsepower and acceleration.

Premium plastic casing is readily available and works with carbon or aluminum pipes. If necessary, washable housing lets you return it to its initial condition after traveling a long distance. Installing the gadget is straightforward and requires no specialized tools or skills.

The Rough Country intake is sent already put together and prepared for use. Given that it contains an inbuilt oil filter that provides the maximum protection against microparticles, it is suggested for dusty environments where extensive filtering is required. This filter lengthens both the lifespan and the power of the engine.


  • Creative architecture
  • Thorough field testing
  • Excellent quality control
  • Full engine compatibility with 7.3 Powerstroke


  • Durable plastic housing
  • Re-washable high-performance filter
  • Straightforward installation


  • None

What advantages can cold air intake systems offer?

Here is a quick guide to help you know the advantages of cold air intake:

Quickens the pace

You can notice a gain of 25 HP or more, depending on your car and the type of intake system you select. An ECU tune is suggested to get the most out of your intake system. Additionally, by supplying more air to the combustion cycle, cold air intakes improve the engine’s response to acceleration, enabling your car to achieve the target speed more quickly.

Long-lasting and more effective filters

Unlike the disposable paper filters featured in stock intake systems, most aftermarket intakes have a washable filter. Aftermarket cold air intakes should only require cleaning every 25,000 to 50,000 miles instead of frequent filter replacement.

Greater fuel efficiency

Most engines use an explosive combination of gasoline and air to power the vehicle. Your car will burn more gasoline as compensation if it has trouble supplying the required air. Stock intakes place a higher priority on quietness than on fuel economy.

A more combative tone

Although it could encourage us to drive more quickly, this isn’t truly a performance advantage. When you plant your foot, the enhanced Airflow into the engine produces a satisfying grunt. Most people enjoy the noise a performance intake makes, but if that’s not your thing, there are several noise-canceling options.

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What’s wrong with the factory-installed cold air intake system on my truck?

Technically, nothing unless you’re concerned about getting the most performance possible out of your F150. You need a basic understanding of chemistry to comprehend why most truck lovers gush over this update. Because cooler air is colder and denser than warmer air, it can store more oxygen molecules in a more compact arrangement. Due to its density, cold air naturally contains more oxygen than warmer air.

Due to their inadequate positioning, most standard intake systems wind up breathing warmer air, frequently the exhaust system’s air. Although they frequently have a lengthy lifespan, they are undoubtedly not built for peak performance. Because of the poor combustion caused by the heated, low-oxygen air, your engine has to work more and produces less power.

In contrast, a cold air intake system is intended to draw in colder air from spots inside the engine compartment or close to the fender of the wheel well. Better power and more effective combustion are made possible by the cooler, oxygenated air!

For my cold air intake system, are oiled or dry filters better?

Sadly, there is no “one size fits all” response to this query. Both filter types have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately boils down to preferences and trade-offs. Oiled filters are constructed from many layers of cotton gauze that have been lightly doused in filter oil that has been specially prepared for the purpose. The oil traps the particles like a pile of dirt. A non-oiled filter, on the other hand, is only constructed of multiple layers of paper and can capture considerably tiny particles, as little as ten microns.

Oiled filters are naturally less constrictive than non-oiled filters, allowing for more Airflow to the engine. Increased Airflow into the engine, especially chilled air, promotes more effective combustion and enhances overall engine performance. One drawback is that the oiled filters may easily become filthy and require routine maintenance to have the surface re-oiled.

Since this one truly comes down to personal opinion, we advise you to try both if you enjoy fiddling. Use the filter type included with your cold air intake equipment if this isn’t your cup of tea to bother with.

More air, yes, but colder air as well

Your engine breaths air that the heat of the engine has warmed because of where the factory air intake on your F-150 is situated underneath the hood. Warm air is less dense and contains less oxygen. The radiator fans on your truck are another source of the heated intake air. Additional warm air is drawn into the engine compartment through the radiator as the fans turn on while your engine warms up. Your intake air temperature will rise even more as a result.

Cold air intakes aim to draw in colder air that your engine has not heated. They separate the air intake region from the under-hood heating elements. Cool outside air can enter the intake through a box-shaped construction or wall surrounding it. Compared to warm air, cold air is denser and contains more oxygen. A more thorough combustion produces greater power. Another advantage of cold air intake systems is that.

What Is the Best Intake for My F-150?

For your F-150, a variety of cold air intake systems are available. Here are some things to take into account while you look for a system:

  • How Many Miles Are on Your F-150 Engine? Make sure the intake system you choose is customized for the F-150 engine. Almost every F-150 made from 1997 has an intake system available from American Muscle.
  • Cost – Prices for these intake systems differ widely, so use your budget as a benchmark.
  • Choose the sort of filter you are comfortable using, whether oiled or not, as we explained in the section above.
  • Are You a California Resident? If you live in the Golden State, a CARB-certified intake system is required if you want to pass your smog test and operate your F-150 on public roads. The systems permitted for street usage in California may be found by reading the product descriptions for each system.

FAQs About Best Cold Air Intake For 5.0 F150

How much HP does a cold air intake add to a 5.0 F150?

According to some estimates, cold air intakes may increase your car’s Horsepower by 5 to 20. Depending on the make and type of your car, this number will change. This won’t be enough force to jolt you back into your seat, but it will give your car or truck some more zip.

How much Horsepower does a Roush cold air intake add to F150?

ROUSH’s cold air kits unlock hidden power potential and fuel efficiency that would otherwise be constrained, making them a more effective air intake than the original air filter assembly. A considerable boost of 10.5 horsepower and nine lb-ft of torque is attainable without custom calibration.

Is a short or long cold air intake better?

Though it costs more and requires more installation work, cold air often produces more electricity. Short RAM is more affordable, simpler to install, and occasionally produces less power. Some individuals favor the way the short ram intake looks. Some people enjoy that the short ram intake usually sounds louder when applying many throttles.

Does cold air intake use more fuel?

Cold air intakes assist in lowering your car’s fuel usage. This is because improved combustion makes it possible to generate more energy while using less fuel.

Does cold air intake increase speed?

Of course, installing a cold air inlet offers benefits. Your vehicle will likely have more Horsepower (somewhere between 5 and 20), in addition to maybe having a faster audible speed. Cold air intakes can boost efficiency since more air in the combustion chamber means you’re utilizing the fuel that’s fed through to its utmost capacity.


You may modify your F150 and other heavy trucks in many ways to improve their performance. The first modification that car owners make to their vehicles is to swap out the factory-installed intakes with cold air intakes. The engine’s overall efficiency is substantially improved by replacement, and air filters are a terrific tool for boosting power and performance.

However, you should comprehensively understand the characteristics and fitting requirements for your vehicle before choosing the air intake manifold. The endless variety of options could be perplexing to some people. Look carefully at these top intake manifolds for 5.0 F150s to make your decision between them simpler.

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